Impact Wrestling Rating Hurt By DirecTV Losing Spike TV

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This week's Impact Wrestling did a 0.85 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 1,108,000 viewers on Spike TV.

Impact Rewind, which preceded Impact, did a 0.21 cable rating with an average viewing audience of 231,000 viewers.

The numbers were clearly hurt by DirecTV subscribers losing Spike TV. DirecTV is the second-largest carrier in the world.

  • Ellen

    I am so happy I didn't switch to Direct TV!!

    • Ruehl925

      I love Directv. Its the best experince when it comes to TV.

  • robert

    tna can't catch a break it starts to get good and loose direct tv

    • Louis

      I agree 100% right when storylines got better next MSNBC and the WWE on Thursday might just kill it.

  • Nick

    Who is the first largest carrier?

    • James

      Time Warner Cable I think

    • Randy

      Time Warner

  • AnacondaVise

    I love Direct TV and don't blame them for this. Viacom is being unreasonable.

  • PFElton

    I don't believe in making excuses for poor ratings, but this is certainly an exception. That number would have probably been .2 or .3 higher.

  • Richard Gray

    I switched to DirecTV a couple years ago and I think they offer a great product in terms of channel availability, High Definition Programming and sports. As a huge sports fan the NFL Direct Ticket is what sold me. However, they are without a doubt a very scammy bunch and you have to keep an eye on your bill at all times as they will try and sneak hidden fees on you. Not to mention calls every couple of months in attempt to up-sell you more channels. Even if they didn't have the exclusive NFL Direct Ticket rights I'd probably keep them because I know if a new channel/service comes out they will have it but I don't put anything in regards to money past them.

  • _JIM_

    DirecTv is trying to make this up to their customers by giving us a measley $5 off out bills until this is resolved and also are giving us their crappiest movie channels until the end of the month. WOW THANKS A LOT!! I would much rather watch Impact, have Nickelodean, and the other 10 channels or so back than watch any of the 1940-1989 movies that EMC offers. If they honestly think this makes up for it they are completely out of touch with their customers, and employees for that matter. As I used to work for them and they cared even less about their employees than they do their customers. All they care about is the almighty dollar. Which is why they are risking the happiness of their customers in an attempt to lowball Viacom and get their programming for less than half of what every other cable or satellite provider pays for the same channels. If it wasn’t for the sports packages I would’ve been gone the minute I quit working for them and had to actually start paying for their service. I complained via email and received a B.S. response saying they have a 99% success rate in negotiating with their distributors. This SHOULD definitely knock that number down, but I’d bet the farm that it won’t budge in the slightest.