Impact Wrestling Results (3/28/13) - Sting Can't Tolerate Hogan Anymore

Impact Wrestling Results - 3/28/2013
From Jonesboro, Arkansas
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package recapping the whole Aces & 8s story. Ray called Hulk out and told him to fire the group. Hulk had another plan. He sent out an army... the TNA army. That was no match for Aces & 8s. Hulk, last week, said he needed the TNA World Title back to TNA. A Fatal Four Way Match was made. Jeff Hardy won and is the #1 Contender. Can he get the belt back? How will Bully react to his first challenger?

The camera shows the arena at Jonesboro and it looks huge! They are standing on their feet. Music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy! Jeff interacts with the fans from the ramp and then goes around the ring to meet them. The fans are going crazy. He gets in the ring and taunts from the corners. Hardy looks around at the fans as he has a mic in his hand. He says, "Hello creatures!" Last week, Hardy wasn't 100%. He isn't 100% right now, but he is better. He tested himself against Kurt Angle, Magnus, and Samoa Joe and he is #1 Contender! It is also Open Fight Night! Jeff has to call somebody out. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Here comes Aces & 8s through the crowd. Bully leads the faction with Devon close by. Ray tells the fans to sit down and shut their mouths. They boo him. Ray is sick and tired of Jeff's voice. He is tired of Jeff bi%ch and moan. Do you know who we are? The group makes their way to ringside. Ray is on the steel steps. Ray tells Hardy that they are The Aces & 8s. Does Jeff want to call Ray out? Why does he want to call him out? This title wouldn't be on the line and he doesn't want to see anything bad happen to Jeff in front of his moan creatures. Ray is on the apron now. Mr. Anderson gets on the apron too. He asks Bully if this guy is going to get another second chance? This guy is getting another second chance. No way! Anderson says this guy gets second chance after five chance and so on! Remember all of the free passes Anderson and Bully got? No? They didn't because they don't need free passes. As long as Jeff doesn't burn buildings down... as long as he sells the merchandise... he is excused. Anderson calls Jeff a disappointment. Jeff lost to Ray. Jeff will be another disappointment in Corpus Christi. Jeff had enough. He knocks Anderson off the apron. Aces flock in and attack Jeff to the mat. Ray gets in and calls the shots. They hold him and D-Lo takes shots. Ken gets in and punches Jeff. Bully takes his chain out and starts swinging. All of a sudden, Team TNA! Kurt, Magnus, Joe, and Young run into the ring and fight Aces off. They leave the ring. Ray tells Aces to "Not worry about it." Jeff gets up and grabs a mic. He calls out Mr. Anderson. Tonight, they will battle!

Video plays showing the tag team match of Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Daniels and Kaz interfered. Aries and Roode retained. Influence then attacked the tag champions.

Chavo and Hernandez are walking in the back. Chavo doesn't understand how they lost. Hernandez says it was Daniels and Kaz. He then mentions it is Open Fight Night. Oh, they are going to get their payback.

Music hits and here comes Chavo and Hernandez to the ring.


Chavo has a mic and gets the crowd fired up by asking them how they are doing. Not to cry over spilled milk... but they were robbed. They were cheated out of the tag titles. Not by Aries and Roode, but by someone else. Tonight is about payback. It is Open Fight Night, holmes! They went to Hulk and he added a stipulation. That is, whoever wins will be the #1 Contenders for the TNA Tag Titles. Come on Bad Influence! We are going to kiss your @ss all over here.

Music hits and here comes Kaz-amania and Daniels. Daniels dances his way to the ring and Kaz struts right behind him.

Chavo and Hernadnez vs. Bad Influence to determine the #1 Contenders for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Kaz and Chavo meet in the middle of the ring and Kaz pushes Chavo back to the corner. Kaz backs up, but Chavo does a hiptoss. Chavo continues with the attack as he tags Hernandez. He gets in and body slams Chavo on Kaz. Hernandez continues to attack Kaz, but he gets away and tags Daniels. Hernandez takes Daniels right down to the mat as soon as he gets in. He tags Chavo. They double team Daniels. Daniels backs up in the corner and tells Chavo to get away. Chavo goes toward him and punches him in the face. He whips him in the ropes, but Daniels reverses it. Daniels runs to him, but Chavo lifts him up. Daniels falls right on the outside hitting the back of his head on a beam. Chavo runs in the opposite direction, but Kaz takes him out by lifting the ropes. Kaz enters and here comes Hernandez. Chavo enters and they take Influence down as Daniels gets back in. Chavo and Hernandez meet on the entrance ramp. They fly over the ropes and land on both Kaz and Daniels. Chavo and Daniels are the legal men. Hernandez and Kaz slowly leave the ring as Daniels takes control of the match. He sends Chavo in the corner face first and then hits a stunner/chinbreaker.


Kaz has Chavo down and puts his foot on his torso for a cover. Chavo kicks out. Kaz starts dancing and then gets Chavo up. He twists his arm. Kaz knocks Chavo down. Daniels enters by jumping over the ropes and stomping on his gut. Kaz jumps over the ropes and hits a leg drop. Kaz covers but Chavo kickso ut. Kaz applies a headlock, but Chavo gets out of it. Kaz whips him in the ropes, but Chavo comes back with a hurricanrona. Kaz quickly tags Daniels. Chavo gets up and takes Daniels down. Kaz enters and Chavo takes him down too. He tags Hernandez. Hernandez takes down the same stars and then whips both in the same corner. He runs and does a big splash. Chavo hits the splash in the corner too. Hernandez gets Daniels on his shoulder. Chavo does a suplex to Kaz, but Kaz lands on Hernandez other shoulder. He drops them down. He covers Daniels but he kicks out. Daniels gets up and takes control. He knocks Hernandez down and covers. Kaz holds the legs of his so he can't kick out but the referee sees. Daniels gets Hernandez up, but Hernandez comes back with a kick in the gut and then a powerbomb. He tags Chavo. Chavo climbs the corner. Kaz runs to him and pushes him off the corner. Daniels covers him but he kicks out. Kaz turns around as he is on the ramp. Hernadnez is behind him and does a battering ram. Kaz falls off into the steel guard rail. Daniels sets Chavo up for the Angel Wings, but he turns and Hernandez jumps over the ropes and takes Daniels down. Chavo climbs the corner and hits the Frog Splash! Winner and #1 Contenders for the TNA Tag Team Titles: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

They celebrate in the ring as their music plays.

The camera is backstage showing a door that has "Women" on it. Taryn Terrell comes out covering her chest. She says it is Open Fight Night and knows who she is going to call out and she knows what she might wear. She closes the door as she goes back to her room.


A little Impact Insta-fact shot is shown on the screen saying that this year's Lockdown PPV had the largest crowd in TNA history.

A video plays from last week where Brooke Hogan fired and then hired Taryn Terrell. She was a referee but is now an active wrestler!

Taryn Terrell's music plays and she makes her way down the ramp. She gets in the ring and grabs a mic. She is quite excited. This is her first night as a Knockout. Time to get physical. She can fight whoever she wants. There has been someone who insulted her and mocked her. She is calling out Gail Kim. Kim's music plays. Taryn continues to call her out. Gail can't be scared of her. Kim finally comes out and slowly walks down the ramp. She doesn't look scared. Gail walks off the ramp and around the ring. She asks for a mic. She gets one. She gets in the ring. First off, rookie mistake, Taryn. She is going to call out the best female wrestler that ever lived? Do you really want to embarrass yourself on national TV? Not only did Taryn rub Gail the wrong way... she also rubbed others the wrong way. This person wanted to call Taryn out. This person is a former Knockout Champion. It's Tara! Tara's music plays. Jesse is at her side. Tara says she is going to snap her in half. Taryn looks at her. Gail attacks her from behind in the head. Taryn falls to the mat. Tara gets in and joins in on the attack. Gail holds Taryn from behind and Tara kicks her. Music plays and here comes Velvet Sky! Sky runs to the ring. She fights Tara and then Gail. She closelines both of them down. She knocks Tara out of the ring and Gail slides out before Sky could touch her again. Sky's music hits again as she helps Taryn. Tara, Gail, and Jesse meet on the ramp. They walk backwards away from the ring.


Sky and Taryn are backstage. Sky tells it how it is with Tara and Gail. Sky was attacked by them before. She knows how it feels. She wanted to help out. Taryn starts walking away. She runs around the corner and attacks Tara and Gail as they are walking down the hall. Sky enters and tries to hold Taryn, but she continues fighting.

A Gutcheck video plays. It shows people who were part of the challenge. Do you have the chance? Do you want the opportunity? They all fought for their spot on the TNA roster. You are shown in the ring, on the camera, and on the mic. The ultimate opportunity is closer than you think. It returns next week!

Jeremy Borash is backstage. He introduces Adam Pierce and Magno. These two guys will face off next week. They meet face to face. Who will win?

Sting is walking backstage. He goes to Hulk's office. There is a guy who stops him. He says Hulk doesn't want him nearby. Really? Sting's frustration grew. He knows the guy is dong his job, but he is going to have to find another way. He is getting to that level!!


Video plays that aired earlier tonight where Aces attacked Jeff Hardy, but Team TNA ran to the scene. Jeff made his match with Anderson for later tonight.

Hulk Hogan is backstage in his office. He is talking to Jeff. He tells Jeff that he made his rematch for April 11. If Jeff stood up and beat 3 men, he is willing to fight for this company. He handpicked Bully and cost Jeff the title. He is sorry. Jeff says that is fine. Jeff made many mistakes. Everyone does, but he lives for the present. Jeff will get it back. Hulk tells him to handpick his stipulation for the match. Jeff can't refuse that. Music plays in the background. It's Sting's. Hulk notices and gets up. He says Sting shouldn't be here.

Sting gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Sting says Bully swerved the whole world. He swerved him. He told Hogan he can trust Bully, but he was wrong. He was all wrong. He needs to be on the same page with someone though to fix it. He is trying to get on the same page, but the guy won't talk. That's Hulk Hogan. Since it is Open Fight Night, he is calling him out! Silence roams for a couple seconds, but music plays and it's Hogan! Hulk comes out with a crutch. He drops it though and continues down the ramp. Hogan isn't happy. Hogan gets in the ring and walks around Sting. He has a mic.

Sting tells Hogan that he tried to apologize but Hogan didn't listen. Sting will try again. This will be his third and if he doesn't accept, things may go nuclear. Hogan told Sting that he soft-shooted the whole thing. Hogan should have followed his gut. Everyone in the company, Dixie and Sting included, went on their way. They wanted to help the relationship with Hulk and Brooke. He made a decision that that ruined this company. He listened to Sting. Sting tells Hogan that he said it. Hogan said he made the decision. Stop pointing fingers. Take accountable. Hogan says he will take credit that he walked Brooke down the aisle and he picked Ray to fight, but he is tired of it. He made the decision. He is tired of Sting and him talking, so get the hell out of my ring, brother! Sting stares at him and then turns. He turns around in Hogan's face and says, "Make me." Hogan and Sting drop the mic. Hogan rips his shirt, but guards come out and stop Sting. They push him back. Hogan starts yelling at him. Sting is against the ropes. The guards tell him to go. He leaves the ring and walks backwards up the ramp. Hogan continues to point his figure and yell. Sting grabs the crutch that Hogan left on the ramp. He drops it and continues his way back. He says, "Soon enough" before going through the curtain. Sting walks backstage. The camera follows him as well as the guards.


A video replay shows the Hogan and Sting segment that just occurred.

During the break, cameras were rolling. Sting was walking backstage. Matt Morgan pops out and starts clapping. He calls Sting another Hogan mistake. Sting stops, makes fists with his hands and then let's them go. Sting continues to walk away.

Mike Tenay, Taz, and Todd Keneley are shown at the commentator's desk. A video plays talking about AJ Styles. AJ had a bad year or two. He can't get a TNA World Title match till Bound for Glory. AJ will do his things his way. Taz tries to invite AJ into Aces, but James stops AJ and tells him to straighten up or he will knock his teeth down his throat. AJ has nothing to say.

Music hits and here comes James Storm. He gets in the ring with his cowboy hat and trench coat. He grabs a mic. Two weeks ago, AJ made his big return. It wasn't the return he was looking for though. Last week, he (Storm) tried to talk to AJ, but he just walked off. Since tonight is Open Fight Night, he thought he would take the time to call out AJ Styles. The crowd claps. Storm stands in the ring and waits. He looks at the referee and he shrugs his shoulders. Storm looks around at the fans. He sees AJ standing on the top of the stairs of a section in the crowd. Storm knows AJ's head is messed up. Storm was going through the same thing, but he picked himself up. He tells AJ that he needs to do that. There are two ways James tells AJ to do this. They can drink and talk about it in this hand or the other hand is where he will close it to make a fist and fight about it. Either way... the choice is AJ's! Storm waits. Here comes Wes, Garett, and Doc. They enter the ring and knock Storm down. They put him in the corner and attack him. AJ walks away. Eric Young's music plays and he runs in the ring. He tries to fight, but they knock him down. Aces still have the upper hand. Kurt's music hits and he gets in the ring. He attacks Doc. The others come back. Wes and Garett leave the ring. They meet Doc. Kurt gets on the mic. He tells them that they should never run away from him. Shut up and look at him when he talks. They have three and there are three in the ring. Let's make it a 6 man tag! Aces walk around the ring to get in the corner.

Kurt Angle, James Storm, and Eric Young vs. Aces & 8s (Doc, Wes Brisco, and Garett Bischoff)

Garett and James start. They lock-up but Storm throws Garett in the ropes. He holds onto the ropes. James kicks him in the gut and then whips him in the ropes again. He knocks him down. He brings Garett in the corner. He kicks him in the gut. He brings him to the center of the ring. James tags Young. He enters. They double team Garett. Bischoff is down and Young covers. He kicks out. Young punches Bischoff as he is on the mat. Young bounces off the ropes, but Bischoff pops up and closelines him down. He punches him in the face and then brings him to his corner. He tags Wes. Wes enters and takes Young face first into the corner. He applies a couple shoulder blocks and then whips him in the opposing corner, but Young flips over and lands on the corner. Wes runs to him, but Young hits him. He gets in and runs in the ropes. He knocks Wes down. He covers but Wes kicks out. Young takes Wes face first into the corners and then tags Kurt. Kurt has Wes in the corner and punches him in the face and then kicks him in the gut. Wes slides down in the corner. Kurt kicks his face and then chokes him. He turns and shows what he thinks of Aces with a hand gesture. He turns and whips Wes into the ropes. Kurt takes him down. He tags Young. Young enters and Wes is up. Young punches him in the face and then takes him to the corner. He kicks him in the gut. He takes him out and does a body slam. He drops his elbow on Wes and covers. Wes kicks out. Both get up. Wes whips Young in the ropes. Aces hit Young from behind. He falls down. Wes tags Garett. He enters and attacks Young in the corner. He tags Doc in. Young is fading as Doc goes for the attack.


Wes has Young in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Young is feeding off the crowd. He gets up and then drops down for a chinbreaker. Wes releases it. Young tags James in. James enters and attacks Aces on the apron and then Wes in the ring. Garett runs in and James takes him down again. Doc reaches and punches James and he falls. Garett and Wes get up and attack Storm. Wes tags Doc. He enters and whips him in the corner. Doc runs and smashes him. He then chokes him on the middle rope. Garett gives a small head shot. Doc takes him to the mat and covers. James kicks out. Doc has James sit on the mat and works on the head. He tags Garett. James gets up and fights back. He punches and then runs in the ropes. Bischoff kicks him down. He gets on top and punches him in the face. Garett gets him up and tags Wes. They double team Storm in the corner. Wes whips Bischoff into Storm. Bischoff then whips Storm into Wes. Wes closelines him down. James crawls to the corner. Wes taunts and then gets James up. He does a suplex. He covers. Storm kicks out. Wes applies a headlock.

Storm gets up and punches Wes in the gut. Wes whips Storm's head back to the mat though. He gets James up and Doc tags in. He takes a shot to Storm's gut. Storm goes into the corner. Doc continues with the body shots. He gives a headshot and Storm falls. Storm slowly gets up. Doc runs to him, but James kicks him and then elbows him. James runs into the ropes. He comes and knocks Doc down with a shoulder tackle or closeline. James jumps and tags Kurt while Doc tags Wes. Kurt enters and takes Wes down. Garett enters and he takes him down. Doc enters. Kurt does a german suplex to him while Wes gets a belly to belly suplex. Kurt brings Bischoff in for the Angle Slam. He goes to Wes, but D-Lo comes to ringside. Kurt focuses on him. He turns and Bischoff has a chain in his hand. He goes to punch Kurt, but Kurt tackles him and goes for the Ankle Lock. Wes, from behind, does a roll-up. He gets the win. Winners: Aces & 8s

They all exit the ring before Kurt can get his hands on them. They meet D-Lo in the crowd. Storm and Young meet Kurt in the ring. Aces are shown in the crowd. When you join Aces, you never walk alone!

Bully Ray, Devon, and Mr. Anderson are in the clubhouse. They have beers and cling to Bischoff, Wes, and Doc. They go to drink, but Devon says they can't forget D-Lo. Bully agrees. And to D-Lo. Ray tells Anderson that Hardy has the balls tonight to call out Aces. Ken knows. He can't take it. He is going to destroy Jeff before he can get to April 11th. Ken starts hitting the table. Beers start flying. Bully grabs his title. Ken has the ball peen hammer and starts hitting the table and objects around him. Ray starts to laugh but says he loves this. Ken is fired up. He leaves. Devon tells Ray that he is glad he isn't Jeff.


A video package showcases the new X-Division rules. It also showcases Kenny King and his title defense last week. King won but isn't too happy about the new format.

Jeremy Borash is backstage. He promotes TNA's One Night Only PPV event. He shows Sonjay Dutt and and tells him that he has to win two men in order to get another shot against Kenny King for the X-Divsision Title. Those two men are Mason Andrews and Petey Williams!

Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley, and Taz are shown at the commentator's desk. They announce the matches coming in two weeks. They go back to a video package from TNA Lockdown. It was Bully vs. Jeff in a Steel Cage for the TNA World Title. Hulk gave Bully a pep-talk. He told Ray to make sure people remember him no matter what happens. Aces enter the ring. Bully turns on Jeff and attacks him with Aces. He is the President of Aces & 8s. He is the TNA World Champion. A video plays from earlier tonight where Jeff Hardy hit Anderson but Aces ran in and attacked him. Jeff issued the challenge to Ken. That match is now.

Jeff Hardy's music plays and he comes to the ring. He taunts from the corners. Aces & 8s music plays and he comes through the crowd. He makes his way to ringside. He drinks a bottle of water and then smashes the plastic. He gets in the ring.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell sounds and they go right after each other but Jeff kicks Ken back into the corner. Ken fights back and has Jeff in another corner. He whips him in the corner. Ken runs to him, but Jeff pops up and does a hurricanrona and Ken goes through the ropes to the outside. Jeff gets on the apron. He jumps and falls right on Ken. Jeff gets him up and takes him face first to the apron. He gets in the ring to stop the count. He goes to Ken, but he trips Jeff and he falls right into the steel steps. He rolls on the apron. Ken gets up and walks to Jeff. He chokes him on the second rope. He walks back up the ramp. Jeff gets up. Jeff runs to him, but Jeff does a back body drop. Ken gets up and Jeff kicks him in the gut.


Anderson has Jeff down and is working on the arm. As he has him down, footage plays showing what happened during the break. Ken reversed the Twist of Fate into an Alabama Slam. Back to the action right now. Jeff tries to fight back, but Ken has the arm locked. Jeff gets to his feet and punches Ken in the face. He whips Ken in the corner. He runs to Ken, but Ken kicks him in the face and then does an armbreaker. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Ken stays on his knees. He gets up and kicks Jeff in the back and on the arm. He works on the arm again with a lock. He twists and turn sit. Jeff gets to his feet and punches Ken in the face again. He does an armdrag. Both stand and Ken punches Jeff in the face. Jeff punches back. They exchange punches. Jeff blocks one and does a multiple set. He goes to whip Ken, but Ken reverses it. Jeff comes back and knocks Ken down and then does the double leg drop to the gut through the legs and then the low dropkick. The two combo move set. He covers but Ken kicks out. He puts Ken in the corner. Ken is able to reverse the whip. Jeff, in the corner, has Kenny run toward him, but Jeff kicks him in the face. He falls. Jeff climbs to the middle rope and falls down with a leg drop. He covers. Ken kicks out. Both get up. Ken is able to lift Jeff on his shoulder and does a senton roll. He covers. Jeff kicks out. Both get up. Jeff climbs the corner. He goes for a Whisper in the Wind, but Ken elbows him in the head. He covers 3 times but nothing Jeff kicks out all three. He can't take it anymore. All of a sudden, Earl Hebner goes down. He must have got hit. Ken grabs the ball peen hammer from Garett who is at ringside. Ken goes to swing it, but Jeff ducks. He does a Twist of Fate. He grabs the hammer and Earl gets up and turns. He doesn't know what to believe. Jeff doesn't care. He swings it right into the gut of Ken. He then hits Garett in the gut with it who is on the apron. Winner by DQ: Mr. Anderson

Jeff goes to the outside, looks under the ring, and grabs a chair. He goes to the apron as Ken is crawling away. He hits Ken with the chair and then sets him up on the ropes. Jeff sets the chair up and then runs, jumps on the chair and lands on Ken. Ken falls and then rolls in the ring. Jeff goes to the outside again and grabs a table. He sets it up in the ring. He then grabs a ladder from under the ring. He sets it up. He goes to Ken, but Ken hits Jeff and goes for a suplex through the table, but Jeff stops him, and hits the Twist of Fate. He puts Ken on the table. Jeff climbs the ladder. Just then, Bully enters, takes Ken off the table and lifts the table up to tip it over. They leave. Ray takes the title and leaves with Ken through the crowd. Jeff has a mic. He has made up his mind. It will be tables, ladders, chairs, stairs... Corpus Christi... Full Metal Mayhem! Bully's mouth drops as he looks on. Jeff taunts from the ladder as the crowd fades.

  • Hello everyone! Welcome to the Impact Wrestling “Open Thread” Watch Party! Impact starts in 30 minutes! It’s nice to see another live show!

    • I’m here live, so I won’t be chatting much, but KB will send in some tidbits I relay to her!

      • How does the crowd look, Jesse? Full house? I can’t wait to hear how it went.

  • Hello everybody

  • Tonight might mark the first night I’ll watch Impact all the way through

    • I know it changed a lot, but what makes you turn it off?

      • Well, the logic gaps in booking are irritating when they happen and I feel like they were spinning their wheels with Aces and 8s until they revealed the leader

        • It did take them awhile to reveal the leader. I thought they would have revealed it at the beginning of the year. I can’t complain though because the story they told last week blew me away.

  • I’m not a big fan of it these days like I was when I first discovered it

  • Austin Aries and Bully Ray are the sole reasons I watch

  • To draw a comparison, to me WWE is like The Avengers (a multimillon dollar blockbuster) and TNA is Ghost Rider (a universal flop)

    • Alex

      I wouldn’t quite use that Comparison. I’d say that WWE is like The Dark Knight while TNA is Arrow. Both are good in their own way, despite their few flaws. However in the case of Arrow, its probably best if people stop comparing it to The Dark Knight

  • I yearn for the old TNA impact with the 6 sided ring and the great matches

    • I’m quite split about the 6 sided ring. I talked more about it on my audio show, but it looked like a toy, but it was quite cool!

  • I’m watching a Damien Sandow promo on the best of smackdown/raw 2012 and I just had a thought-what if Vince thinks his audience is stupid so he created a character that just flat out points it out? lol

    • Well, we do know Vince thinks that we have a short-term memory. I may have a bad memory at times, but in the wrestling world, I remember a lot! Haha

  • BrooksOglesby

    I’m generally not too big on TNA, but Bully Ray’s explanation of the “hoax” with Aces & Eights was one of the most impressive reveals I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if it was really planned to that level beforehand, but it really did a great job of presenting it like it was. Definitely tuning in this week.

    • i think that was a last minute change by tna

    • Hey, Brooks! I know how you feel about TNA, but if I would want you to watch one thing about it, it would be the explanation of the hoax. I do actually think it was planned out as I looked back at Eric Bischoff’s tweets and found something interesting. I just hope TNA continues to roll the ball with this. I know they kick the ball before it goes to its destination.

  • I think TNA takes its roster more seriously, like you won’t see characters ilke Sweet T, Brodus Clay and FAHN DAHN GO

    • I disagree, they have trashed the X Division and treat their wrestlers like crap. The contracts alone shows that! At least in the WWE has different characters for different personalities.

  • Jesse is giddy, and I’m jealous. He said the house is crazy loud. He has great seats, and if his signs are not taken, he could cause a stir!

  • Jeff Hardy is incredibly overrated in my eyes I never saw what creative teams see in him

    • Or understood, rather

      • I’m with you on this. Hardy being the golden boy in TNA is a huge pet peeve of mine!

        • It’s similar to John Cena being number 1 in WWE to me

          • Exactly! The women and children love him.


        • Alex

          I agree with the both of you. lol

    • jeff hardy is awesome

    • Alex

      Mostly that he sells t-shirts. Its not what creative sees in him its what the kids and women see in him. They are the ones that buy the majority of his merchandise.

      • Sadly true. I’m ashamed to be female when pushes like this happen.

  • Alex

    Jeff Hardy’s eye paint is so annoying.

  • I saw Jesse’s Bad Influence sign. Hope this means we might see his ‘Hulk Hogan fears Richard Gray’ sign before it’s confiscated.

  • Anderson is sucking on mic!

  • The calvary

  • Alex

    I like Chavo, especially his days teaming with Eddie. However, its sad when you stop an realize that Vickie, who had no experience in the wrestling business, went on to become a bigger star than Chavo ever did.

    • What rips at my heart is that we had to lose Eddie to see what a star Vickie could be.

      • Alex

        Very true sadly.

  • Quite an interesting opening. Nothing special, except for Bully Ray’s mic. Knew something had to be set-up in terms for a main event. Won’t be the last time Aces show up tonight.

  • An Austin Aries action figure…might have to pick that up ha

  • Ian P.

    Why is Chavo talking that? Ugh…. So sad.

    • Alex

      The real sad part is that for all the years he lived this business that his aunt (with no wrestling experience whatsoever) went on to become a way bigger star. lol

  • The Breaker

    I hope Bad Influence wins. Best tag team in the business right now IMO.

  • ok 2 weeks ago the aces and eights took the whole lockerroom and this week they runaway like a bounch of cowards and it makes no sense at all

  • Ian P.

    That entrance stage is retarded just for that reason as to what just happened to Daniels.

    • Ian P.

      Another WCW recycled idea.

  • The Breaker

    What the heck is Taz talking about… Bad Influence: The Movie??

    • Alex

      I tend to do with Taz, what I do with heel Micheal Cole. I just keep the tv on mute.

  • Ian P.

    Will there be a Latino Aces & Ocho in the future too?

  • BrooksOglesby

    Have they always done the “Thursday Night” Impact Live? Good call on their part. Branding it as a certain night will get people to associate the night with the show. I’ve woken up plenty of times and as soon as I realized it was Monday, I remembered that Monday Night Raw would be on that night.

    • Honestly, it’s not something they’ve done all along. It’s fairly new as far as I can recall.

    • They always down Impact Live, as far as I know. Never heard them incorporate Thursday Night in there. Maybe I never caught it.

  • I am quite surprised about that tag team match. I haven’t been a fan of tag team matches in general, WWE and TNA, but this one turned out well. Chavo and Hernandez are growing… a little.

    • I was quite impressed with the match. Much better than we see from the tag division in the WWE!

      • I remember the tag team match when I went to Raw. I remember how the whole crowd was then. They weren’t too impressed.

      • Alex

        In WWE they would have already begun planting the seeds to their break up in the middle of the match. I’m glad that such great tag teams like The Road Warriors, Demolition,The Wild Samoans, The Midnight Express, and The Fabulous Freebirds didn’t form in this modern era. Otherwise they would have never stuck around for long.

  • Pretty decent tag match

  • The Breaker

    Although they have good chemistry together and can definitely go, Chavo & Hernandez just aren’t interesting to me.

  • The Breaker

    Jessie is useless and has to go.

  • I don’t understand that whole Impact Insta-Fact thing. Yes, it’s cool but we know they had to copy that from WWE. It’s nice seeing facts like these, but sometimes stuff shouldn’t be copied. No one likes the WWE ones.

    • Alex

      Hopefully at least their facts will be right. There have been times when WWE just straight up lied about their facts.

      • Or they repeat the same ones all the time. I don’t think WWE is gaining viewers every week… in fact, they can barely keep them leading from hour 2 to 3.

        • Alex

          Not unless The Rock shows up, they cant keep them ratings up like that. I remember when they mentioned the top five twitter wrestlers and left out Zack Ryder who has more followers than Miz (who they put in 5th place).

  • Taryn has the look to be part of The Beautiful People. Sky is there. Formation of a new one?

  • Alex

    TNA needs to stop doing the Gut Check. They barely have the money to pay the wrestlers they have now. Plus other than Joey Ryan (who lost this Gutcheck), none of them have been on tv frequently anyway.

    • I like the Gutcheck idea, but I agree about the number of wrestlers. They really have way too much. They need to focus on what they have first. I wouldn’t mind if they sent them to OWV, but most of the times, they aren’t.

  • The Breaker

    I have a difficult time buying into Gut Check. Are we supposed to believe the whole thing is a shoot, even when it is very obviously scripted at times?

    • gut check is a joke and rigged and we saw it the last time when the loser of the match and less talented one got the tna contract

  • The Breaker

    So Sting isn’t supposed to be here, but they’re playing his music? lol

  • The Breaker

    Are they seriously teasing Sting vs Hogan? I’m worried.

    • Alex

      Nooo, TNA wouldn’t do that again . . . . would they?

  • Hogan went on and on about how Hardy shouldn’t be champion when they were in the UK. Now he’s talking up Hardy on the show. What a hypocrite! Hogan has enough of a pull to push the show the way he thinks it should go, and if he says he doesn’t, he’s lying. That backstage segment was the worst thing I’ve seen from Hogan since WCW.

    No, I didn’t watch the sex tape. No one should be exposed to that!

  • I know lots of people will be fired up with that Hogan/Sting segment. While people can go ahead and complain about Hulk, I am still going to praise Sting. He still can work on the mic!

    • its all stupid and its a setup and in the end there going to end up as friends

      • Sting is great! It’s Hogan who needs to get out of that ring and out of TNA.

    • Alex

      Sting is awesome. I’ll never change my mind about that.

    • Benjamin

      I liked it just don’t think they should be kicking off the second hour,

  • The Breaker

    Useless recap!

  • Alex

    I think AJ Styles should be the savior who takes down Aces & Eights, but I don’t want to see them do it exactly like WCW did with Sting vs the NWO back in 90’s with AJ being silent and hanging around rafters for a whole year.

    • Benjamin

      up to Slammiversary it’s extremely likely

      • Alex

        Probably. I want to give TNA the benefit of the doubt, but that hasn’t done me a lot of good over the years. haha

  • Aces are getting quite the TV time tonight. They opened and they have two matches. Who would have thought months ago when Aces only appeared once after attacking someone like Eric Young?!

  • Benjamin

    Jake Roberts saying on Twitter how he isn’t a fan of all these Ace’s & Eights run-ins and beatdowns and i have to agree with him

    • Unlike nWo, A&8’s are not getting every win, and while they’re strong, I don’t see them taking down TNA, so I think it will work out in the end.

      • aces and eights is just another nwo in just about every single way

  • Jesse has been taking tons of pictures at Impact. He’s texted me some, but I’m excited to see the whole gallery put together.

    • Sweet! I know a writer is attending the event! We are taking over, haha.

      • We will have to go back and see if any of the WNW signs have made it on screen.

        • Sadly I don’t have DVR to even check, but I sure hope they appeared.

          • I know where Jesse is sitting – saw his Bad Influence sign – so I will go back to look.

            How do you write live results without DVR?!?!

          • You aren’t the first person to ask that. It’s either I write it or miss it, haha.

  • The Breaker

    Anderson’s character is so weird.. and I don’t mean that in a flattering way.

  • The Breaker

    I don’t see very many people buying the One Night Only PPV so close to WrestleMania.

    • Benjamin

      yup if only like 17,000 people bought Lockdown a ppv they promoted for 2months, I dont know whos going to buy a ppv that was only mentioned for the first time tonight. Then there’s your point about WrestleMania.

  • Petey Williams is back! For how long is unknown but TNA is starting to see the talent they let go.

    • it could be for just next week and thats it

    • Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Doug Williams, Jay Lethal, etc., should be back and ruling the X Division!

      • Doug Williams… the technician of the X-Division. I actually liked that gimmick.

        • Doug is fantastic in the ring, and great with the fans, something people don’t give enough weight to.

  • wonder how long Petey Williams will stay in TNA

  • How do you think Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy will end? A real win/loss or some interference?

    • Benjamin

      Hardy hits Swanton and then a run-in

    • The Breaker

      Both. He’ll beat Anderson clean and then Aces will come down to take him out.

    • I don’t see a clean ending because of A&8’s!

  • Ref bump. Poor Earl!

  • The Breaker

    So much for never walking alone as part of Aces & Eights!

  • Pretty sweet Impact if you ask me. The crowd was hot! I am glad they focused on the Open Fight Night concept. Usually they do one or two of those but it was almost the whole show. We seen some good wrestling and also a lot of hype for the show in two weeks. Sadly, next week will be taped, but I am real excited for two weeks! Full Metal Mayhem! Jeff and Ray really have the experience with that!

    • yea decent show tonight but i hated some of the booking tonight and no x-division match or knockouts match come on now

  • Benjamin

    Solid show

  • A woman behind Jesse had a seizure!

  • lbp365

    Well, Bully ray true should have won the title before the UK trip and tauted an injury come back at Lockdown, but now moving foreward the show is good for what they could have done to make up past mistake. And actually (hate to say it) a legends match Hulk vs. STING at Slamerveristy may work and the Hall of fame one member don’t have to b on TNA roster such as Lou Thez along with Jeff Jarrett or Ken Shamrock , but only two. And please!!!!!!!!! Storm vs AJ the new American title a Must!!!!!!