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Whenever you order a pay-per-view never mind an Impact Wrestling PPV, the phrase "card is subject to change" is usually mentioned in the description.

This is often due to the fact that the initial matches that were featured might have changed at the last minute.  

Whether it's due to injuries, a cancellation, a wrestlers departure from the company these are the 10 TNA/Impact Wrestling Pay-per-View Matches That Almost Happened.


10. Magnus And Desmond Wolfe vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (No Surrender 2010)

Following a successful feud with Beer Money in the summer of 2010, the team of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin also known as the Motor City Machine Guns became TNA tag team champions for the very first time in their careers. 

Around this time, another team was starting to growing in popularity on impact wrestling's B show, Xplosion and that was the team of Magnus and Desmond Wolfe. 

Shelley and Sabin we're set to defend their TNA Tag Team titles against the Brits at the 2010 no surrender pay-per-view, unfortunately a medical issue would prevent this match from happening.

As it turns out Desmond Wolfe had contracted hepatitis, which kept him on the shelf in regards to in-ring competition.

Without a tag team partner for Magnus, the company decided to go and rehash the feud between the Motor City Machine Guns and Generation Me (the Young Bucks) for the tag titles in the opening contest for the Pay-Per-View.  

The match like all the other bouts they've had up to that point was impressive and the sneak attack by the Young Bucks following the match would be the perfect setup for their rematch at Bound for Glory as well as their Full Metal Mayhem match at final resolution 2010. 


9. Hector Garza vs. Scott Hall (Final Resolution 2005)

While the last name Garza is perhaps best known today thanks to WWE superstar Angel Garza, about a decade and a half ago Garza's father Hector would be wrestling for TNA/Impact at the height of the company's popularity.

At Final Resolution 2005, Scott Hall was scheduled to take on Hector Garza in a match however issues arose weeks earlier when the Mexican pro wrestler was pulled at an airport in Houston Texas where he was found to have illegal drugs.

As a result of this, Hector plead guilty to the charges and was unable to get another work visa to perform in the United States and ended up missing the event which led to company booking Jeff Hardy to take Garza place in his match with Scott Hall. 


8. King Of The Mountain Match For The TNA World Championship (TNA: No Place Like Home)

It's no secret that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of plans for a lot of companies in the wrestling business as this next entry proves. 

In March of 2020 it was announced by Impact management that TNA would be returning as a one-night-only event known as 'TNA: There's No Place Like Home' and it would take place around WrestleMania weekend; While there were no matches announced for the event, it has come to light that one match in particular would have taken place that would have explained that storyline that's currently going on in Impact. 

According to a recent interview involving former NFL star turn impact pro wrestler, Moose was set to take part in the one night only TNA event by wrestling in a king of the mountain match for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship that was going to be announced the day before the show.

Due to the whole coronavirus thing the company decided to instead have Moose show up on the Rebellion event and have him just walk out to the ring with the TNA Championship and proclaimed himself as the new champion despite the belt being inactive since 2016.

The decision to do this resonated well with fans and moose himself as he would go on to have an egotistical if not delusional gimmick as "The Real World Champion" but it won't be the last time that the coronavirus would affected a match for Impact Wrestling that was supposed to happen in 2020.

Moose Claims IMPACT Was Going To Bring Back King Of The Mountain Match, Reveals Why They Scrapped Plans | EWrestling

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7. Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn (Hardcore Justice 2010)

In the inaugural hardcore Justice pay-per-view in 2010, the main event was scheduled to see then TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam take on his old rival from ECW Jerry Lynn as a way of bringing their feud from Extreme Championship Wrestling from the late 90s and early 2000s to the TNA fanbase.

Unfortunately Jerry suffered a back injury while preparing for his up-and-coming match with RVD and as a result he was unable to participate at the event; As a compromise former ECW Superstar and tag partner to RVD, Sabu was chosen as the person to take on Rob Van Dam in the main event and it was about as violent and spectacular as you would imagine it would be from two of ECW's greatest Stars. 

Thankfully Jerry Lynn would heal from his injuries a year later and he would go on to continue his rivalry with RVD which went on from destination X 2011 all the way to Bound for Glory 2011 in a Full Metal Mayhem match in front of a large and ruckus crowd in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, home of the original ECW.


6. Kurt Angle vs. EC3 (Lockdown 2013)

On the February 27th 2014 edition of impact Kurt Angle would accepted his induction into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame when EC3 attacked him; This eventually would lead into both men being scheduled for a match at the lockdown pay-per-view unfortunately due to a tear that happened in Kurt angle's MCL he was unable to take part in the event.

As such, EC3 would issue an open challenge to anyone to face him inside the cage and the challenge would be accepted by a returning Bobby Lashley, however EC3 wanted no part of Lashley and instead just walked out of the cage in full retreat but unfortunately for EC3 the match between him and Lashley would happen on the next episode of impact but the match thrown out via disqualification due to the interference of Jeff Hardy's out to alter ego Willow. 

Thankfully for fans of Impact Wrestling the feud between Kurt Angle and EC3 would resume after Angle returned from his injury; The feud would even go into 2015 with EC3 picking up the victory over Angle which also saw him win his first of many TNA World Championships.


5. Eric Young vs. MVP (Slammiversary 2014)

Back in 2014, Montel Vontavious Porter also known as MVP was the authority figure in TNA at the time and on an episode of Impact he would turn heel on the fans by attacking Eric Young and proclaiming himself as the new number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at that year's Slammiversary pay per view.

While all signs seemed to point to this match taking place, it never came to fruition due to MVP suffering a torn meniscus at the last minute so plans had to change.

According to reports the original ending to the match was to see MVP become the new TNA World Champion but now with him taken out of action, the company had to think fast and sure enough they did, on the night of the pay per view two new matches (Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe and Kenny King vs. Austin Aries) were set to take place with the winners of those matches moving on to the main event to take on Eric Young for the world title in a three way steel cage match.

EY would walked out of this match still the champion but on the next night on Impact, Bobby Lashley would get another opportunity at the TNA World Title thanks to MVP and by the end of it, Lashley would win his first of many world titles in Impact Wrestling.


4. Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash And Scott Hall vs. AJ Styles, Tomko And Kurt Angle (Turning Point 2007)

The main event at Turning Point 2007 was scheduled to see Samoa Joe teaming with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall against Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Tomko...I say scheduled because the match didn't occur like that as Scott Hall no showed the event as 'The Bad Guy' was apparently suffering from food poisoning and therefore couldn't make it.

What occurred before the match, was Samoa Joe addressing Hall's absence in a very controversial promo which I've already talked about in a previous article, check the link below for info on that.

In the end, the match would go on but with Eric Young taking Hall's place in the match and the good guys coming out on top. 

Top 5 Turning Points Moments In Impact Wrestling History - WWE Wrestling News World


3. Team Elgin vs. Team Edwards (Lockdown 2020)

2020 was a wild year in the world of professional wrestling plain and simple but the affects of the real world would come to affect the wrestling world and this is another prime example of that.

As part of a line up of events set to take place at Wrestlemania Weekend, Impact Wrestling made the decision to bring back Lockdown after so many years but this time as an Impact Plus event.

One of the matches that were already announced for the card was an all female Lethal Lockdown which included Madison Rayne and three other wrestlers taking on then Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace, Alisha Edwards and two other partners.

The other Lethal Lockdown match saw Michael Elgin and his team of Ethan Page, Josh Alexander and Taya Valkyrie set to take on Eddie Edwards and his team of Tommy Dreamer, Daga and the Impact World Champion, Tessa Blanchard.

But as you can probably guess the match didn't happened thanks to the global pandemic were currently still experiencing which made any and all traveling to events cease for the time being.


2. Eddie Edwards vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Michael Elgin (Rebellion 2020)

For the third time on this list we have another case of the Covid-19 pandemic screwing over wrestling fans as another match set to take place at Wrestlemania weekend was cancelled.

At Rebellion 2020, the main event was scheduled for Tessa Blanchard to defend her Impact World Championship against Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin with all three coming off from the Lethal Lockdown match that would've occurred the previous night but of course you now the reason why this didn't occur.

Instead, Impact broke up Rebellion into a two night event with Eddie and Tessa appearing via zoom to do interviews with Josh Matthews while Big Mike Elgin would show up for the event and indeed wrestle in a three way match for the world title but it wasn't for the Impact world title but the TNA world title as Moose would came to the ring as champion (as mentioned in entry #8) and 'defend his title' against Elgin and Hernandez.

The interview with Josh Matthews by the way would be the last time at least for time being that Impact fans would see Tessa Blanchard on Impact programming.


1. Austin Aries vs. Alberto El Patron (Redemption 2018)

So we end today's list by talking about the main event for the first pay per view under the Callis/D'Amore regime.

At Redemption 2018, Austin Aries was set to defend his Impact World Championship against Alberto El Patron but much like all of the other entries on this list that didn't happen.

The problems began when after an altercation between El Patron and Aries at a sit down conference, Alberto failed to show up to his scheduled match at the Lucha Underground vs. Impact event where Aries and Alberto were set to work together to take on the team of Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix aka The Lucha Brothers.

While Alberto claimed he didn't show up to the event due to a family emergence, the executive producers: Don Callis and Scott D'Amore weren't buying it as a result he was let go from the company later the same day as the Impact vs. Underground event and Aries took on Pentagon and Fenix in a non title three way match at the show.

Just days later, Aries mentioned that he wanted to wrestle both members of the Lucha Brothers again and so he declared that at Redemption he would defend his title against both of them in a triple threat match.

Pentagon would go on to win the match and the title, Aries would leaving the company before the year came to an end and Alberto would become pariah in pro wrestling soon afterwards.

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