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Over the years there have been one or more things that have helped to make Impact's prominent event, Bound For Glory stick out more than most; Some like BFG 2014 took place in Japan, some like 2016 & 2017 occurred during a low point in the company and others during the promotion's reconstruction period but Bound For Glory 2020 occurred during a pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly changed a lot of things for many people including professional wrestling with many wrestlers losing booking opportunities and some of their jobs (both wrestling or otherwise), however this predicament left a large number of wrestlers needing a place to compete/work and Impact among other companies where happy to provide.

This is best seen at that year's Bound For Glory as established stars from the past competed with the future stars of the sport which led to an incredible night of in-ring action even if many had to see from their TV or laptop screens.

With all that said, here are 10 Interesting Facts About Bound For Glory 2020.



10. Various MMA and Wrestling Personalities "Appeared" At Ken Shamrock's Hall Of Fame Induction 

The World's Most Dangerous Man and former Impact World Champion, Ken Shamrock got inducted into Impact's Hall of Fame before this event took place.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many of the special guests were required to appear via sites like Zoom. Those special guests include names like MMA legends Chael Sonnen, Bas Rutten and world renowned MMA reporter Ariel Helwani congratulating Shamrock on his work both in MMA and Pro Wrestling.

The legendary names didn't end their as 'The Hardcore Legend' Mick Foley and Bret "Hitman" Hart also appeared and gave their well wishes to Shamrock but perhaps the most publicized name to congratulate Shamrock is none other than WWE Superstar turned Hollywood actor, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

In the link posted below, The Rock recalls his memories with Shamrock during the WWE's Attitude Era and thanked him for everything.

This was a big deal for Impact because The Rock had never made any appearances for another wrestling promotion after achieving mega stardom in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Era plus this meant that Impact can now say that they have footage of The Rock and Bret The Hitman Hart in their video tape library.

The Rock, Bret Hart, Mick Foley & More Congratulate Ken Shamrock! | Bound For Glory 2020 Highlights - YouTube


9. Eric Young Became The Sixth TNA Original To Main Event BFG

Months following his release from the WWE during Black Wednesday, Eric Young not only returned to his old stomping grounds of Impact Wrestling but he proved that he didn't miss a beat since his departure in 2016 with EY continuing his World Class Maniac persona upon his return at Slammiversary and re-injuring Rich Swann's leg before going on to defeat Eddie Edwards to become the new Impact World Champion.

At Bound For Glory 2020, Eric Young was making history for two reasons, 1. This was the first time he ever main evented Bound For Glory and 2. This made EY yet another TNA Original to have main evented Bound For Glory.

The other TNA Originals who main evented Bound For Glory are Jeff Jarrett who did it in 2005 and 2006, Samoa Joe in 2008, AJ Styles in 2009 and 2013, Bobby Roode in 2011 and James Storm in 2014.

This makes Eric Young the sixth OG from the TNA era to have ever main evented one of the biggest shows in the company's history.

Rich Swann OUT FOR VENGEANCE vs Eric Young This Saturday at Bound For Glory LIVE on Pay-Per-View! - YouTube

WWE's Black Wednesday: The Exodus That Affected Pro Wrestling - WWE Wrestling News World


8. An Incident Involving The Good Brothers and The North Happened A Day Before The Event

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander shocked a lot fans when they regained the Impact Tag Team Titles at Bound For Glory in fatal 4 way tag team match but as it turns out the duo of Page and Alexander were involved in an incident a day before their match.

As documented on an episode of Ethan's Page's Vlog on his YouTube channel, both members of The North walked into a bar which was filled with people, two of those people where Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows aka The Good Brothers.

The Good Brothers found it awkward to see The North in the same bar as them but they decided to go with the flow, that is until a moment in which 'All Ego' Ethan Page could be seen drinking some whiskey before immediately spewing it right into the face of Luke Gallows which lead to The North being escorted out the bar but not before some shoving and heated words were exchanged between both teams.

Bound For Glory 2020 Backstage Vlog - YouTube


7. The North Make History At BFG

So after the whole bar incident the day before, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander got the jump on the tag champs, the Motor City Machine Guns before the four way tag  match could officially begin with the Canadians dropping Alex Shelley on his head, leaving Chris Sabin to have to go at it alone.

In the end, The North would pin The Good Brothers to become the new Impact tag team champions once again but what makes this so interesting is the fact that The North became the first ever tag team in BFG history to walk out of the PPV with the Impact tag titles in two consecutive years as Ethan Page and Josh Alexander retained their titles in a three way tag team match back at Bound For Glory 2019.

However, the celebration wouldn't last as Gallows and Anderson did get the last laugh when they defeated The North to become the tag team champions one month later at Turning Point.

Alex Shelley ASSAULTED AND INJURED by The North! | Bound For Glory 2020 Highlights - YouTube

The Good Brothers vs The North: FULL MATCH (Turning Point 2020) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

rohit raju

6. Rohit Raju Re-Signed With Impact Hours Before The Show

Rohit Raju (also known as Hakim Zane on the indies) has been a mainstay within the company for many years through his work with the Desi Hit Squad all the way to winning his very first X Division Championship at Emergence Night 1.

During his time as X Division champion, Rohit carried himself as someone better than everyone else in the locker room as seen through many of his promos before and after his matches; Rohit was also booked as a smart, chickenshit heel who would use every tool, opportunity and loop hole to exploit if it meant he would come out with the victory and especially with the title.


Raju's calculated and underhanded ways may have seen him achieve success but it also lead to him making a whole lot of enemies and at Bound For Glory Rohit was set to defend his title against Trey Miguel, TJP, former champions Willie Mack and Chris Bey, and former Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace who actually pinned Rohit to win the title on Impact until Raju found a loophole that allowed him to keep the title and make Grace's title victory null and void.

While Rohit was set to defend the belt at BFG, very few knew about the fact that his contract with Impact was set to expire that is until it was revealed hours before the PPV, that Raju had re-signed a multi year deal with the company which made it all the more clearly who would walk out of Bound For Glory with the title.

X-Division Set to LIGHT IT UP Tonight at Bound For Glory LIVE on Pay-Per-View! - YouTube

X-Division INSANITY in Wild BFG Opener! | Bound For Glory 2020 Highlights - YouTube


5. Brian Myers' Ring Attire On This Night Was Inspired By An Impact Hall Of Famer

The self-proclaimed 'Most Professional Wrestler', Brian Myers took part in that year's call your shot gauntlet at Bound For Glory with the winner receiving a trophy that could be used to get a title match anytime of the holder's choosing; Myers would do well for himself in the match eliminating numerous wrestlers throughout but sadly wasn't able to make it to the final two or win the match.  

Before Brian Myers actually got to the ring, fans at home could see that the former WWE Tag Team Champion was wearing an all black singlet complete with black hooded jacket and black face mask barring his logo...So why is this important you might be asking, well as it turns out the inspiration for Myers' look on this night came from none other than Former TNA World Champion and Impact Hall Of Famer, "The Monster" Abyss.


As can be seen in the tweet posted above, Brian Myers mentions that his look was inspired and also used to honor the former TNA Wrestling star who had left the company back in early 2019 to join the WWE as an executive, but nevertheless was such a beloved star within the promotion for many years.

Even today, Myer's ring attire still pays homage to the man or monster who entertained and terrorized Impact Wrestling for decades.


4. Heath Gets Injured During The Gauntlet  

The Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match at Bound For Glory had a number of memorable moments including a jacked looking Davari competing, Swoogle (aka Hornswoggle) appearing for the second year in a row, Jessicka Havok doing a Hurricarana on one of the participants and of course James Storm making his shocking return to BFG since his last appearance back in 2017.

However one of the bigger talking points as it relates to this match would have to be former WWE Tag Team Champion, Heath suffering a injured in the midst of it all. At some point, you could see Heath starts moving gingerly in this match before being eliminated by Sami Callihan.

Now Heath wasn't injured before entering the match and many viewers at home were unable to tell at what point did Heath suffer the injury but it was confirmed by new sources and Heath himself on Twitter that he was injured although the claims that he suffered a hernia as a result were never truly confirmed. 

Now that Heath has returned to Impact almost a year following the injury, It will be interesting to see what he does next.

BFG EC3 vs Moose

3. EC3 Came Back To Feud With Moose

EC3's return to Impact at the very end of Slammiversary early that year made fans excited to see what he would do now that his back in the company that made him famous and that answer came in the form a very lengthy feud with Moose.

While Moose was parading around as the TNA World Champion (even though he didn't the title but that's a story for another time), EC3 set his sights on Moose and the TNA title with the belief that if he destroys the title that helped to make him Ethan Carter (the preppy, spoiled nephew of Dixie Cater) he could be able to rebuild himself or to put in his own words "Control His Narrative".

To add more complexity to this cat-and-mouse like storyline, EC3 wished to unleash a more violent side of Moose that hadn't been truly unleashed yet and as it turns out EC3 felt this way both in storyline and real life.

According to an article by Wrestlezone, EC3 admits to only returning to Impact with the sole purpose of helping Moose reach the next level within his career by convincingly turning the muscular wrestler with the over the top delusional gimmick into a no nonsense beast of a man.

Considering how Moose has been since his match with EC3 at BFG, I'd say that the former WWE superstar was successful. 

EC3 Aims to DESTROY Moose at Bound For Glory THIS SATURDAY Live on Pay Per View! - YouTube

Moose DEMOLISHES EC3! | IMPACT Wrestling Best of 2020 - YouTube

EC3 Only Returned To IMPACT To Work With Moose, Hopes He’s Truly Unleashed In Match Against Kenny Omega - Wrestlezone (


2. The Company Filmed A Second Ending To The World Title Celebration

There are a lot of great things that can happen for a wrestling promotion when it's a closed venue for one thing you don't have to worry too much about spoilers getting leaked or in other cases being able to film material that may or may not be used for future in point Bound For Glory.

In the main event Rich Swann returned from his previous injury to defeat his rival, Eric Young to become the Impact World Champion for the very first time within his career; After the match you can see a host of wrestlers hoisting Swann up as he holds the title proudly, names like Scott D'Amore, Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards, The Rascalz among others celebrating with the new champion.

However as it turns out a few people seen in that celebration were going to be taken out or least that's believed to be the case with Rich Swann's post match victory. 


For the last several months leading into Bound For Glory, Trey, Dez and Wentz of The Rascalz were eating losses left and right while also getting the occasional victory from time to time: Why is that? Well as it turns out the trio of high flyers weren't looking to re-sign with Impact as their contracts were coming up, so the company kept them around for the duration of their obligated time but used them to help get others wrestlers on the roster over.

According to Tommy Dreamer who talked about this with Wentz/Nash on his House of Hardcore Podcast, the company filmed another take of Swann's victory after the match but this time without The Rascalz, as the company wished to use that footage for future reruns.

The Rascalz would continue to wrestle in Impact until the group had their final match with Rich Swann on the November 17 tapings and while Dez & Wentz signed with the WWE, Trey Miguel would be brought back to the company on the January 26th 2021 edition of Impact, where he continues to shine within the X Division.

Tommy Dreamer Details Bound For Glory Re-Shoot | IMPACT News (


1. Kylie Rae's Absence From The Show 

While Bound For Glory 2020 certainly got a lot of people talking, by far the biggest point of discussion was former AEW star turn Impact Wrestling Knockout Kylie Rae mostly due to the fact that many were wondering what had happened to her as Kylie scheduled to take on Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship in a highly anticipated match.

As it turns how Kylie Rae was dealings with her mental health and anxiety and so therefore could not be able to make it to the event, though it's unclear when this information of Kylie's absence was revealed to Impact management. 


Due to this unexpected turn of events, the match would go on but with Deonna's opponent being a returning Su Yung, who hadn't been on Impact programing in months but her alter ego, Susie was and she was also best friends with Kylie Rae as well so that was more then enough connection by the company to make the match happen.

While the match itself was an amazing contest between both ladies and saw Su become champion again, some complained that the company promised a title bout with Purrazzo and Kylie only to be swerved with Su Yung and felt least until the truth about the whole story was revealed by media outlets.

"Smiley" Kylie would go on to announce via her Patreon account that she would be leaving pro wrestling to focus on her mental health and did so for a couple of months before returning to the ring in promotions like Warrior Wrestling and eventually signing with the NWA after being let out of her previously signed Impact contract in 2021.

Kylie Rae & Deonna Purrazzo Are READY For Bound For Glory! | IMPACT! Highlights Oct 20, 2020 - YouTube

Su Yung IS BACK and Out For REVENGE Against Deonna Purrazzo! | Bound For Glory 2020 Highlights - YouTube

How the NWA signed former IMPACT Wrestling star Kylie Rae - Reports (

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