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To the benefit and sometimes detriment of it's credibility, TNA now Impact Wrestling has seen some of wrestling's most biggest and influential names appear within the company and in the process have left their mark for better or for worse. 

For some of these legends who have appeared or got their start in Impact, they would knowingly or unknowingly end up having their final matches under the company's banner with many of those matches going down in history for both good and bad reasons.

Whether this is due to injuries, old age catching up to them or even death, the names on this list are seen as legendary figures in professional wrestling and they've the luxury or disdain (depending on who you ask) to have their final pro wrestling match within an Impact Wrestling ring.


10. Scott Hall

Whether you know him as Razor Ramon or the Bad Guy, Scott Hall is easily one of the most recognizable and charismatic names to ever wrestle inside the square circle; His matches with "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental championship in the mid 90's to his work in WCW with the New World Order have made Hall into a legend during the 90's wrestling boom period.

In 2002, a number of wrestlers including Hall himself would get caught up in the infamous "Plane Ride From Hell" which lead to the bad guy being let go from the WWE and soon afterwards he would be a part of TNA from the early NWA days to the mid 2000's where he wrestled names who become future stars in the wrestling business like Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles.

In 2010, Scott Hall alongside former NWO members, Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash reunited as a group in TNA and began referring to themselves as "The Band" where  trio somehow managed to become TNA World Tag Team Champions in May of 2010 after cashing in a feast or fired briefcase that had a tag title shot inside.

Hall and Nash would defend the titles against Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal of Ink Inc at that years Sacrifice pay per view and even against Matt Morgan (the guy who they beat to win the belts off of) in a 2-on-1 handicap on the June 9th 2010 edition of Impact.

The handicap tag title match would be Hall's final match in Impact as he would be gone 5 days later on June 14th 2010 due to legal problems and he hasn't competed inside a wrestling ring since.

Hall And Nash Win The TNA Tag Team Title - YouTube

The Band vs. Matt Morgan - YouTube


9. Curt Hennig 

Curt Hennig's work as Mr. Perfect in the 1980's and early 1990's as part of the WWF are for the most part amazing with Hennig wrestling against names like Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior and the list goes on...

Even his stint in WCW and his return to the WWE at the 2002 Royal Rumble have become the stuff of legend but for some fans they know Curt Hennig/Mr. Perfect for the incident that saw him get fired in 2002. 

Much like the previously mentioned Scott Hall, Hennig was released from the WWE  following chaotic series of events on a plane following a U.K. PPV; But in Hennig's case he got into a mid air fight with Brock Lesnar which could of risked the lives on many on aboard..

Following the incident, Hennig would debut in TNA in 2002 looking worse for ware from a physical standpoint, but that didn't stop him from battling names like Jeff Jarrett, Ron Killings (R-Truth) and The Disciples of The New Church.

Curt Hennig would wrestle his last match against David Flair on the January 8th 2003 edition of NWA TNA where the former Mr. Perfect defeated David in a "Axe Handle On A Pole" match; Sadly one month and two days later Hennig would succumb to his reliance on drugs like cocaine and painkillers at the age of 44.

Curt Hennig vs David Flair TNA - YouTube


8. Chris Harris

A well respected name in the annuals of tag team wrestling when it comes to Impact, 'Wildcat' Chris Harris is remembered by a generation of fans for his work with 'Cowboy' James Storm as part of AMW (America's Most Wanted) where they ruled over the tag team division from much of the early to mid 2000's and became six time NWA Tag Team Champions in the process.

Following the break up of AMW in 2007, Chris Harris would be gone from the company before getting the offer to work for the WWE but the less said about that the better; Storm meanwhile would go on to form another great team in Beer Money Inc. with Bobby Roode leading to five TNA World Title reigns and more than a dozen classic tag team matches.


Much to the surprise of many, Chris Harris made his return to Impact in May 2011 as the mystery partner for 'Cold Blooded' Matt Hardy against the team of Storm and Roode for the TNA Tag Team Titles at Sacrifice 2011 but they were unsuccessful.

Harris would make a return to Impact in 2021 and put his bad blood with James Storm to rest but since that tag match at Sacrifice 10 years earlier, the Wildcat hasn't competed anywhere else.

tna.sacrifice.2011_ - video Dailymotion


7. Stephanie Trinity 

A forgotten pioneer when it comes to women's wrestling in early TNA, Stephanie Trinity indirectly inspired many of the things that have been common place in the Knockout's Division such as intergender wrestling, females fighting for the X Division Title and doing insane high flying spots among other achievements.

Despite this though, you'd be hard press to find any fans today remembering her work which is a shame as her popularity as a valet, wrestler and stunt women for a number of big budget Hollywood movies back in the day made her one of the top female stars at a time when the idea of women's wrestling being taken serious in the U.S. was still a pipedream.

After leaving TNA to have an uneventful run in the WWE, Trinity would unexpectedly return to Impact in 2013 where took on an old enemy from her past.

At the first ever Knockouts Knockdown event,  Trinity competed against ODB in singles action which is even more amazing when you consider that ODB's first match in TNA was against Trinity on an episode of Xplosion back in 2004.

The match itself was pretty basic but it was a bit ironic that Trinity kicked started ODB's career in TNA only for that same competitor to be your final opponent in that very same company before hanging up the boots for good.

03.10.04 XPLOSION - Trinity vs ODB - YouTube

Knockouts Knockdown PPV: ODB vs Trinity - video Dailymotion


6. Ric Flair 

Ric Flair has had a wrestling career that is just as prestigious as it is controversial but it's his work in TNA from 2010-12 that had garnered the most disapproval.

While Flair's run in the company isn't as bad as many would have you believe, it certainly wasn't a great time for the Nature Boy as his made it clear as a day in interviews years after he departed the promotion.

While Flair most notably wrestled names like Mick Foley and Jay Lethal during his run, his last professional wrestling match occurred on the September 15th 2011 edition of Impact where Ric would take on 'The Icon' Sting in a match where if Sting lost then his career would be over but if Flair lost then Sting would face Hulk Hogan at Bound For Glory.

The match between Sting and Flair was good for two guys pass their prime however Flair would suffer a tear on his left triceps during a superplex spot in the match but in the end, Sting would make Flair tap out to the Scorpion Death Lock and after witnessing fellow wrestling legend, Jerry Lawler suffering an on-air heart attack on an episode of Monday Night Raw, the Nature Boy announced in an December 2012 interview that he would never wrestle again, so far Flair has kept to his word.

Sting vs. Flair : The Legends Match - YouTube


5. Chris Candido 

This entry is particularly saddening as the match in question would lead to the unfortunate passing of one of wrestling's most underrated but talented stars.

Former WWF and ECW Tag Team Champion, Chris Candido debuted for Impact back in January of 2005 where he competed against names like Dusty Rhodes, AJ Styles and Sonny Siaki among others during his time.

Candido would also become the manager to Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens of The Naturals and he would helped the team become tag team champions after defeating America's Most Wanted on the April 26th 2005 edition of Impact.

Aside from wrestling other names like Shark Boy, Petey Williams, Elix Skipper and Diamond Dallas Page Candido would compete one more time in a match which ultimately proved to be the last one in his entire life.

At Lockdown 2005, Candido and Lance Hoyt (aka Lance Archer) would compete in the opening contest against Apolo and Sonny Siaki in a tag team match during which Chris suffered a leg injury that saw him received a dislocated ankle and a broken tibia and fibula; Unsurprisingly, he would need surgery to fix the problem however months after having the operation done, Chris Candido was rushed to the hospital where he would die soon afterwards at the age of 33 from a blood clot due to the surgery.

Never afraid to pay respect to a great wrestler, the promotion would honor Chris Candido on the April 29th edition of Impact as well as on their Hard Justice pay per view where the company had a ten bell salute whilst having a pair of boots, one of the NWA tag team titles and a photo of Candido set on top of a steel chair in the middle of the ring.

Lockdown 2005: FULL PAY PER VIEW! | IMPACT Wrestling Full Events - YouTube

Chris Candido Tribute Music Video The Wrestling Channel - YouTube

hogan-tna (1)

4. Hulk Hogan 

To many Impact Wrestling fans, Hulk Hogan is synonymous with the failures that would ultimately plague the former TNA Wrestling from much of the 2010's and thus leading to years of rebuilding the company's image under the D'Amore/Callis regime.

For better or for worse, the Hulkster would also competed in a handful of matches in TNA mostly notably in a tag team match with Abyss against Ric Flair and AJ Styles in 2010; While people may think that Hogan's surprisingly good pay per view match with Sting at Bound For Glory 2011 was his last official match it's actually his second to last pro wrestling match.

As it turns out Hulk Hogan's last professional wrestling match occurred at a house show in Nottingham England on January 26th 2012 where Hulk Hogan, Sting and James Storm defeated Bully Ray, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle in six man tag team action.

Hulk Hogan would remain in the company whilst playing a supporting role in storylines involving Bully Ray, his daughter Brooke Hogan and Aces & Eights until his departure on the October 3rd 2013 edition of Impact.


3. Chyna 

Yes that's right...Chyna the ninth wonder of the world, the former muscle of DX and the first and only woman to win the Intercontinental Championship did indeed wrestle for Impact albeit just once.

During the ever going feud between Kurt Angle/Jeff and Karen Jarrett, the Olympic Gold Medalist recruited someone to help him take care of his ex wife whom on more than one occasion has involved herself in Kurt's matches leading  to the King of Mountain coming out on top.

On the go home episode of Impact before Sacrifice 2011, the newly named network representative for Spike TV Mick Foley introduced Kurt's partner for the up-and-coming mixed tag team match involving the Jarrett's; Foley revealed it to be none other than Chyna which led to the shock and disbelief of everyone including Karen herself.


And so at Sacrifice 2011, Jeff and Karen Jarrett took on Kurt Angle and Chyna in mix tag team action and while Jeff and Kurt kept the match competitive, Karen did everything in her power to avoid being tagged in out of fear of wrestling with Chyna.

Eventually Chyna would be tagged in and after slamming her old rival from the WWF around the ring, Chyna set her sights on Karen who looked petrified as the realization began to set in; the former IC Champion would squash Karen literally in the corner before both she and Kurt would apply the ankle lock submission on both Jeff and Karen before both tapped out ensuring Chyna's first and only match in TNA would be with her on top.

Mick Foley Is The Network Representative - YouTube

Chyna Returns To Wrestling: Sunday At Sacrifice - YouTube

Chyna DESTROYS Jarretts in Rare TNA Appearance! (Sacrifice 2011) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments - YouTube

mtc1ote4njmxotcwotqwnzkz (1)

2. Randy Savage

Perhaps the most well known entry on this list, the Macho Man Randy Savage had his final wrestling match as well as his final appearance in a wrestling ring for TNA in 2004.

At Turning Point 2004, Jeff Jarrett along with partners, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash took on the team of AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Randy Savage in six man tag team action...well sort of as Savage had not appeared in the building just yet, so for most the contest it felt like a 3-on-2 handicap.

The Macho Man would make his in-ring debut when he came out and started punching out Jarrett and the rest of Double J's team before Savage was able to pick up the win in his first and only TNA Wrestling match.

The story is that Hogan was planning to debut for the company around this time and Savage got word about this and left the company soon after his appearance at Turning Point, but as we know Hogan didn't arrive in Impact in would have to wait six more years for that and we all know what came out of it.

While some speculated that Savage could of possibly made a return later on in the WWE, no one will ever know for sure as the Macho Man would die at age 58 from a heart attack while driving on the road on May 20th 2011 but at least his last appearance in a wrestling ring saw Savage come out victorious and you can't ask for more then that. 

"Macho Man" Randy Savage MAKES THE SAVE at Turning Point 2004! | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments - YouTube


1. Gail Kim

I didn't want to end this list on a downer, so instead let's talk about a legend who in fact did have a great match in Impact Wrestling to end their career and that legend is Gail Kim.

One of the most decorated and respected names in women's wrestling, Gail Kim has seen the majority of all of her success in TNA/Impact Wrestling where she became a multiple time Knockouts Champion, multiple time Knockouts Tag Team Champion and the first woman to be inducted into the TNA/Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Despite all of these achievements and retiring from in-ring competition after Bound For Glory 2017, there was just one last thing for Gail to do before calling it quits as a pro wrestler and that's passing on the torch.


On April 28th 2019 Gail Kim became a thorn in the side of former Knockouts Champion, Tessa Blanchard and eventually this whole issue would lead to Gail coming out of retirement to face off against Tessa in a dream match many fans never thought that they would see happen.

While the first TNA Knockouts Champion proved that she still got it, sadly it wasn't enough to save her as she would tap out to Tessa in the middle of ring; Ultimately, Gail would able to leave the ring on her own two feet and take a final bow in front of a large cheering crowd who just witness the final match of a wrestling trailblazer.

Impact wrestling Tessa vs Gail - YouTube

Gail Kim's Emotional Backstage Reaction After Her Epic Match at Rebellion - YouTube

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