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In wrestling, some signings could end up doing well for themselves or in other cases produce great things for the company in regards to an increase in profits and word of mouth from the general public.

However, not every wrestling signing works out the way fans, management or even the wrestlers themselves turned out; some are disappointing, others fail to live up to expectations and as a result they’ve gone down in wrestling history as massive flops.



10. Desmond Wolfe

Best known for his time in Ring of Honor and as a commentator for NXT, Nigel McGuiness came to TNA in late 2009 under the name of Desmond Wolfe; Wolfe would appear during a backstage interview with Kurt Angle which led to Wolfe leaving his mark on the Olympic Gold Medalist by attacking him and focusing his efforts the surgically repaired neck of Kurt Angle at the end of night.

This of Course, led to a two month feud between Wolfe and Angle that resulted in two of the best PPV matches in 2009 at Turning Point and Final Resolution. Although he didn't win any of those two matches, his performances in both bouts added with his success in ROH led many to become optimistic on what would happen next for TNA's newest talent.

But, like most things that had promise by the start of 2010 for TNA, things quickly began to fall apart and get wasted under the new regime of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Wolfe would be associated with names like Ric Flair but it sadly didn't go anywhere and neither did his partnership with Magnus when the two of them were a tag team.

But the final nail in the coffin came when Wolfe was pulled from active competition for medical reasons thus, canceling a tag team title match that featured Wolfe and Magnus taking on Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin for the tag team titles at No Surrender 2010. 

As it turns out Wolfe/McGuiness test positive for Hepatitis B; Wolfe would leave TNA in 2011 before retiring from the ring in December of 2011 due to Hepatitis.


 9. Seiya Sanada

When critics mention Impact Wrestling and mishandled Japanese stars. the first name that comes to mind is Okada, however this wouldn't be the last time something like this would happen as Seiya Sanada's run in TNA proves that to be true.

Unlike Okada's TNA run, the company wasn't afraid to push Sanada as the next international star as his first appearance for the company at Lockdown 2014, saw him walk out with the X Division Championship after beating Austin Aries for the belt at the Kaisen: Outbreak event in early 2014.

The first few months of Sanada's time was pretty good all things considered as he competed with names like Chris Sabin, The Bad Influence, The Wolves, plus he even defended the X Division title in a 2 out of 3 match series at Sacrifice as well as successfully defending the belt in a memorable ladder match to start off Slammiversary 2014.

This is where things begin to fall apart for the Japanese superstar as he would drop the X Division title back to Austin Aries before a heel James Storm tried to coherse Sanada into becoming his protege by having him turn on his mentor, The Great Muta on a special episode of Impact. Soon afterwards Sanada would join forces with Storm and other wrestlers to form a stable known as "The Revolution" and he would be now be refereed to as "The Great Sanada".

At Bound For Glory 2014, the main event saw The Great Muta and Tajiri taken on Storm and The Great Sanada in a tag team match with the work rate being decent at best, but the action sadly didn't match up with the build that was leading into this pay per view.     

By April of 2015, James Storm has kayfabed dismissed Sanada from The Revolution as a way for the company to write off the character and the wrestler.


8. Black Reign/Dustin Rhodes 

Universally known for being the son of the late great Dusty Rhodes and for his portrayal of the bizarre one known as 'Goldust', Dustin Rhodes would head to other promotions like WCW and AEW reaching some level of success or infamy but in between those two runs was Dustin's time with TNA in the mid 2000's. 

While first run in TNA from 2004-05 was decent enough it, it's Dustin's second run in TNA that makes this list. After making his return by helping Christian Cage to defeat "Wildcat" Chris Harris, Dustin would reveal in sit-down interviews that he had a split personality and that he was going to let it loose on the entire locker room.

This new personality was seen at Hard Justice 2007 when Chris Harris went one-on-one with 'Black Reign' a darker, more methodical version of Dustin Rhodes complete with a black wig, black and sliver jumpsuit and would later adopt things to his gimmick like a unique looking hammer and a pet rat named 'Misty'.

The gimmick much like Dustin's run in the company around this time came when the son of the American Dream was suffering from addiction and weight problems, which he claims was the worse period in his life and it's clear to see if you got back and watch many of his matches at this time. 

Black Reign would get into feuds with other wrestlers like Frankie Kazarian, Rhino, Abyss and Eric Young until he stopped showing up to events thus leading to the company releasing him from his contract; To this day, Dustin has refused to talk about his time as Black Reign which tells you all you need to know.



7. Magnus/Nick Aldis

Considering how his taken every opportunity to talk smack about the company that gave his first mainstream opportunity in the U.S., it's not to surprising that Nick Aldis also known as 'Magnus' would be on this list.

Magnus started his run in TNA as 'The Modern Day Gladiator" complete with a helmet and other gladiatorial attire achieving a number of victories but seriously lacking in the charisma department, not to mention that fans didn't seem to care for the gimmick or the wrestler himself and as a result he was taken off of TV in order to get repacked.

When Magnus returned he became apart of the heelish trio of British wrestlers known as "The British Invasion" alongside names like Douglas Williams and Rob Terry. Surprisingly this and Magnus' time as a tag team partner for Samoa Joe in 2012 are seen as some of the high points of his time in the company, unfortunately when it came to his singles run that's another story.

First, Magnus became a part of "The New Main Event Mafia" which went about as well as anything in wrestling that gets rebooted without any proper thought; Soon afterwards, Magnus would get thrusted into the main event/world title scene and it was clear that he wasn't ready just yet.

By the start of 2014, Magnus would become the world champion after defeating Jeff Hardy in the one and  only "Dixieland match" and he was set to defend his belt against AJ Styles to crown the undisputed champion, which Magnus did...only to get reviled by the fanbase for being (in Kayfabe) the guy would ended the TNA career of the Phenomenal One and being referred to as a "Paper Champion" by wrestlers, the fans and commentators certainly didn't help.

A storyline with real life wife, Mickie James and a blink and you miss it return in 2017, would eventually see the end of Magnus in TNA/Impact and his since been able to rebuild his career thanks to his time in Billy Corgan's NWA.


6. Scarlett Bordeaux

The most recent entity on this list, Scarlett Bordeaux's time in Impact is a text book example of a company overhyping a brand new star, only for said star to disappoint and fail to live up to those expectations.

After a number of vignettes promoting her debut on Impact, Scarlett made her debut on the July 26 episode where she demonstrated her charisma on the microphone against then backstage interviewer Alicia Atout, calling herself "The Smokeshow" telling Alicia "Shut up five, A ten is talking". And ending with Bordeaux's promise to "make wrestling sexy again." before licking the microphone in a very sexual manner.

If anyone was hoping to see Miss Bordeaux wrestle soon after her debut, would be disappointed as she spend the rest of 2018 to early 2019 in backstage segments with names like Fallah Bahh, KM, Grado and the Desi Hit Squad on her pseudo backstage talk show creativity called "The Smoke Show".

On the March 29th edition of Impact, Bordeaux finally had her in-ring debut against former WCW superstar, Disco Inferno aka Glenn Gilbertti in a winning effort.

Scarlett then took part in an over the top rope knockouts battle royal before officially partnering up with Fallah Bahh in tag team matches.

Bordeaux would wrestle in her first and only PPV match for Impact at the Rebellion PPV where she took on Desi Hit Squad member Rohit Raju, this following a heated kayfabe discussion between the two on Twitter a few days before that almost led to Rohit being fired by Anthem's Executive Vice President Ed Nordholm.

Weeks afterwards Scarlett would be released from the company following financial disputes with Impact in June 2019.

While Scarlett certainly got the fans attention whether she was backstage or in the ring, the company's hype for 'The Smokeshow', ironically went up in smoke before fans or mainstream audiences had a chance to see what see could really least until she and Karrion Kross appeared on NXT.


5. Aaron Rex

Some wrestlers who jump ship from WWE to Impact do very well for themselves like Gail Kim, EC3, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy just to name a few; while others end up being a waste of a signing, such is the case with Aron Rex.

After cashing in and failing to win the world title from a one armed John Cena to being relegated to The Miz's stunt double to being a Hulk Hogan cosplayer, the writing was on the wall that Rex's time with the WWE was going nowhere and thus he needed a change in scenery.

After being released from the WWE in 2016, Aron Rex would join Impact Wrestling three months later and cut promo in which the former intellectual savior of the masses said he would be "doing things his way".

Rex wrestled in matches against names like Drew Galloway, Trevor Lee and Eli Drake before making it to the finals of a tournament to crown the very first Impact Grand Champion at Bound For Glory, Rex ended up winning the title in match against Eddie Edwards who was substituting for Galloway (who was injured).

After working a feud surrounding the Grand Championship with Jessie Godderz and eventually losing it Moose in a matter of seconds, Rex would return to TV as a hybrid of Ric Flair, Liberace and Gorgeous George complete with a man servant in the form of former X Division champion, Rockstar Spud.

The gimmick change didn't help as Rex would depart Impact and the wrestling scene for a time in April of 2017.


4. Trytan

In 2005, a number of vignettes aired on Impact (then known as TNA) prompting the arrival of Trytan, a Terminator inspired knock off whose theme song would eventually be used for the heelish British faction known as "The British Invasion".

Trytan would appear on a few episodes stalking and distracting the alpha male, leading to their match at Destination X.

The end result was a match so difficult to watch that it would make Undertaker vs. Goldberg at the Super Showdown look like John Cena vs. CM Punk at Money in the Bank 2011.

As if seeing two big men stumble around each in front of a pay per view audience wasn't bad enough, the lights went out for a few seconds only for them to come back on and an unknown masked man dressed in all black is seen inside the ring attacking Monty, whilst Trytan is nowhere to be found; the Alpha Male then hits his trademark 'Pounce' maneuver on the masked man and pins him for the win (even thought he wasn't suppose to be in the match to begin what)?!

The masked man was never seen again after Destination X and aside from a tag team match with Simon Diamond at Slammiversary 2005's preshow nothing else materialize in regards to Trytan's career as he left the following month.

By the way, the person who played the masked man was Dennis Knight also known as Midgeon aka Naked Midgeon. 


3. Brandi Rhodes

Although she's best known as one of the minds behind All Elite Wrestling's Women's Division and the wife of Cody Rhodes, many may forget that she signed with Impact Wrestling for a short time and it's wasn't a success.

Announced in 2016 as the newest member of the roster by TMZ and Impact themselves, Brandi Rhodes was being built up by the company as a break out star looking to make green.

Unfortunately for Impact, the only green Brandi Rhodes produced was her in-ring skills (or lack thereof) and her difficult to watch matches on Impact and Xplosion.

Thankfully her husband debuted with the company soon after and Brandi spent the rest of that time in mix tag matches with Cody (possibly to cover up her short comings in the ring).

In 2017, Brandi Rhodes parted ways with Impact over the company's alleged demand of wanting some of the percentage she made over a non wrestling appearance, she refused and 2 years later AEW would be born with her at the helm of the woman's division alongside with names like Dr. Brit Baker and former Knockout Allie.


2. Alberto El Patron 

Speaking of names that did terribly after jumping from WWE to Impact Wrestling, you can't do a list like this without mentioning Alberto El Patron.

In March of 2017, El Patron would debut for Impact Wrestling facing Bobby Lashley for the world heavyweight championship later that night and ended up winning the title all be it in controversial fashion, only to relinquished the title over said controversy and eventually winning it back in a unification title match to be the last TNA World Heavyweight champion and the new GFW World Heavyweight champion in the main event against Lashley at Slammiversary 2017.

However, Patron's title victory and public image would be tarnished as Alberto would get stripped of the championship and suspended over a domestic violence charge involving himself and his fiance. 

Things only got worse following Patron's comments on Twitter telling his former colleagues from WWE to come to his bar so, he could kick their asses and then buy them a drink afterwards to posting videos while drunkenly ranting and cursing out C.O.O, Triple H.

Alberto would return to the company latter half of 2017, but on April 7th 2018 he no showed an event that would of seen him team up with then world champion, Austin Aries against Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix.

Unsurprisingly, Alberto was fired by the new Impact management of Scott D'Amore and Don Callis this led to Aries cutting a promo backstage in the locker room before changing the tag match into a triple threat match and eventually repeating the same feat again less than 48 hours later at the Redemption PPV which saw Fenix, Penta and Aries square off for the title in the main event.


1. Hulk Hogan And Eric Bischoff 

Well Who Didn't See This Coming....

Debuting in late 2009 but officially taking control of the company in early 2010, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff promised change to TNA/Impact Wrestling and oh boy they weren't lying.

For Starters, old and rejected wrestlers from WWE's past like Orlando Jordan, The Nasty Boys, Sean Morley and The Band (Scott Hall and Sean Waltman) would end up taking the spotlight away from TNA's home grown talent. 

Speaking of TNA's home grown talent, many of them like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Eric Young, Awesome Kong and the entire X Division would be reduced to mid carders on their own show in favor of names like Lacey Von Erich, Ric Flair and a number of ECW stars who were long pass their prime.

By the time both men left, the company was already set on the path to making a myriad of bad decisions and financial troubles; Despite the efforts of Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan and Jeff Jarrett (in 2017) TNA had become the "joke" of the wrestling world and an easy target for ridicule by the ever growing smarky internet wrestling community.

And let's not forget how New Japan Pro Wrestling fits into this story as well. It has become well known today that the reason for NJPW and Impact Wrestling's partnership coming to an end was the terrible booking of New Japan star, Kazuchika Okada who was used as Samoa Joe's henchman during Joe’s feud with "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero and a number of Xplosion matches where he lost every single one.

This caused New Japan to cut their ties with Impact Wrestling and for almost a decade this issue has yet to be resolved with NJPW even jumping off of AXS TV in 2019 when it was revealed that Impact's parent company bought stake in the channel, that just shows how bad this breakup was.

While their were a few good things that happened under this regime, the devastation they created during their run in the company has made both Hogan and Bischoff the number one TNA/Impact Wrestling signing that flopped.

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