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Today wrestling fans seems to enjoy the stories that go on behind-the-scenes just as much as the wrestling matches they see inside the ring.

Many interesting road and backstage stories have been mentioned about various companies like WCW, ECW and of course the WWF/E but, you rarely hear any TNA/Impact Wrestling stories that don't usually paint the company in a negative night.

Well considering that this company has been around for almost 20 years it's unsurprising that there are bound be dozens of TNA/Impact stories flying around but, many of them haven't been told until now or some have been forgotten by wrestling fans the world over.

This list contains some of those wild and unbelievable stories that will intrigue you, make you laugh or leave you shocked at how something like this was able to happen...


11. Can I Have Your Autograph?

While Nyla Rose is best known for her work in All Elite Wrestling, it may come as a surprise to hear that she was once in Impact Wrestling and she had quite an interesting run-in with the fans.

According to a article, Nyla Rose was working as a member of the ring crew for Impact Wrestling after a friend of hers suggested that she'd help; After that was finished she and the other members of the ring crew attended a meet-and-greet. 

During this event, a fan saw Nyla dressed in all black clothing and asked her for her autograph; Confused and understandably so Nyla signed the autograph for the fan which eventually led to more fans at the meet-and-greet noticing and wanting to have her autograph as well.  

The Reason: well as it turns out some of the fans had mistaken Nyla Rose for WWE superstar, Tamina Snuka who is known for wearing all black clothing when it comes to most of her appearances on TV and as such Nyla played along by signing Tamina Snuka's name on the autographs.   

Apparently former TNA X Division champion, Zema Ion (aka Joaquin Wilde in NXT) was on stage when he noticed Nyla (who he knew) signing autographs and responded with a befuddled head shake and said 'What are You Doing' to which she responded with 'I don't know'. 

Soon afterwards she admitted that she wasn't who the fans thought she was although it unclear if those fans kept or threw away those autographs, but considering that Nyla Rose would become known to mainstream audiences years later, it probably be a nice souvenir to have in hindsight.


10. Lacey Von Erich: Heat Magnet

If you were watching TNA in the late 2000's and early 2010's then there's a chance that you've might of seen Lacey Von Erich on your television screens; Lacey, as you can tell from her last name is a member of the famous or infamous (depending on who you ask) Von Erich Family as she is the daughter of the last surviving member of the original family, Kerry Von Erich. 

In late 2009, Lacey had made her debut in TNA attacking the Knockouts Tag Team Champions of Taylor Wilde and Sarita before aligning herself with the company's platinum blond heels "The Beautiful People". 

But while she became a newest member of the group, it didn't take long for her to get into trouble especially with a former member.

During a 2017 interview on the Stone Cold Podcast, Lacey recalls the time when she did a radio interview in 2010 when someone asked her about the departure of Angelina Love, who had temporarily left TNA in late 2009 to fix some issues regarding her work visa. 

In the interview Lacey mentions how many people in the back didn't like Angelina and she went even further by saying that she (Angelina) wasn't a good fit for the Beautiful People and said that she would never like to meet her...oh yeah I should mention that Lacey had never met or spoke to Angelina before this radio interview so she made her comments based on the hearsay of others in the locker room at the time. 

This information regarding Angelina Love being disliked as well as Lacey's comment about the former Knockouts Champion made the higher-ups in TNA upset and requested her to apologize to Angelina who was coming back to the company and who just so happened to of heard Lacey's interview.

Fortunately for Lacey, she and Angelina Love would make up following the whole misunderstanding.


9. Don't Drink My Beer!

Cowboy James Storm is best known in TNA/Impact for his work with tag teams like America's Most Wanted and Beer Money, but what a lot of fans may not know about Storm is that he's an amazing prankster and this moment here is prime example of that.

During a match on Xplosion, James Storm and Bobby Roode were set to take on the team of Eric Young and Orlando Jordan when during a point in the match, EY reportedly drank some of James Storm's beer.

Now for some context....during an sit-down interview with NWA star, Nick Aldis aka Magnus, Storm talks about how he and Bobby would wrestle Young and Jordan in a series of matches on house shows where Eric would do a spot where he would grab Storm's beer, be told by both members of Beer Money to not drink the beer but he would drink it anyway and Storm would chase him all around the ring...well this time was different.

Before coming out for their match on Xplosion, Storm took it upon himself to empty his beer out the bottle and replace with Jagermeister. For those who don't know Jagermeister is a beverage that has 56 herbs and spices in it, not to mention that it's also a digestif meaning it's suppose to help you digest food after eating a meal.

So when it came time for the match, EY decided to grab Storm's beer as per usual; Storm and Roode desperately telling EY not to drink the beer but Eric Young, who was smiling and completely unaware of Storm's trick decides to drink from the bottle and reportedly made a face that looked as if EY was going to puke with Jager dripping off of his beard.

When it comes to Eric Young's predicament at that moment, the cowboy says it best: "Sorry About Your Damn Luck!".


8. Don't Mess With The Franchise 

According to a recent interview with former TNA interviewer, Goldy Locks on Hannibal TV many of the wrestlers who worked in TNA at the time would end up getting into some kind of wild altercation or insane situations that would probably become ‘headline gold' for wrestling articles and YouTube videos the world over and of course one of these stories just so happen to involve the franchise.

During the interview, Goldy recalls a time when Shane Douglas and herself went to a nearby Ale House where the franchise was seen doing things like interacting with a female who wasn't his wife, drinking, popping pills etc., however it was during this occasion when a male customer in the ale house apparently called Shane Douglas and a company of other wrestlers the F word and not the four letter one.

Trying to be nice, Goldy decides to tell the guy to cut it out when the man suddenly spat on her. While she doesn't mentions if she slapped the guy right back following that disgusting display, she does mentions that thirty minutes later the same guy who come back and continue to run his mouth using that F word at an inebriated Shane Douglas who had reportedly taken a few somas earlier in the night.

Realizing that this guy needed to be taught a lesson plus with a combination of drugs and alcohol in his system led to Shane Douglas grabbing the guy before slamming through a plaint glass window right out of the Ale House; Douglas would process to beat up the guy immediately afterwards until the cops arrived and arrested the franchise.

Word of advice: Don't piss off a pro wrestler, especially when their intoxicated.

Goldy Locks on the Shane Douglas Bar Incident


7. Overseas Illness

During a Knockouts Round Table Special In January of this year, former knockouts, Brooke Tessmacher and Christy Hemme mentioned an experience they had overseas that left them feeling horrible.

As the story goes, while on tour in the United Kingdom for some Impact shows, Brooke, Christy, Gail Kim and Tara went out to a bar in Ireland to have some Guinness and apparently some of the ladies got sick with the Norovirus which is a virus that causes the person or people suffering it to experience vomiting and diarrhea which according to Brooke and Christy is exactly what happened to them for hours, they even were put in another room with a sign that said 'Quarantine' with an X on it...that's how bad it was.

To make things even worse both ladies where scheduled to participant at the end of tour which as you can imagine didn't feel too well for Miss Tessmacher who spent the previous two hours vomiting and social distancing; However both Tessmacher and Hemme admitted to binge watching 'Sons of Anarchy' while be isolated from everyone else, so at least they had something to keep them occupied.    

Knockouts Round Table - IMPACT Wrestling


6. Packing Hit

Okay so this incident didn't necessarily happened on Impact Wrestling's watch, but the two individuals involved where signed to Impact around this time, plus the story itself is so crazy that it deserves to be mentioned.

During a 2018 event for the Chicago based Indy promotion known as AAW, reports began to come out that the promotion nearly avoided disaster as the company not only came close to losing the venue that they had set for a second event the next day but also could have resulted in one of the wrestlers being shot.

During a hardcore match between Jimmy Jacobs and Sami Callihan, The Zombie Princess (Jacobs) was getting buried under a lot of plastic chairs that couldn't be folded; In heat of the moment, Callihan not only continued his assault on Jacobs but also began breaking some of the chairs to the annoyance of the people in charge of hosting the venue, with one of the them even grabbing a microphone and telling Sami to stop breaking the chairs.

Sami was then being escorted out of the building with a police entourage except the police who were leading Callihan out of the building where off duty police officers who most likely had no clue what was going on.

Still feeling the adrenaline from the whole match and believing that the cops were informed that the whole thing was a work, Sami began shoved the police officers until one of them revealed to the Ohio native that he had a gun on him and that he wouldn't hesitate to fire if Callihan kept up his antics.

In the end Sami was thrown out and nearly shot by a policeman, AAW was almost kicked out of the building during a very important show and the fans were angered by these turns of events until a tag team match that occurred later in the night was able to quell the audiences’ anger.

Between this and the baseball bat incident that happened months earlier on Impact, it's a wonder how Callihan was still able to find any work in pro wrestling following these two disastrous moments. 

Indie Show Nearly Shut Down After Sami Callihan Match (


5. The Nature Boy Goes Off

While the former 16 time world champion has gone on record to say that he regretted his time in TNA and only signed with the company for a nice payday...there are some fans who enjoyed his work in the promotion whether it's his time as a manager for AJ Styles, creating the TNA equivalent of the Four Horseman in "Fortune" to his feud with Jay Lethal which led to their legendary 'Woo Off' in 2010.

One other person who probably didn't enjoy Flair's time in the company would have to be the former WWE United States Champion, Orlando Jordan.

Back in 2010, a group of TNA wrestlers went to a nearby bar to party and one of those was Jordan and his boyfriend, who also made few appearances on Impact television as well; Jordan apparently was making out with his boyfriend in a manner that made many uncomfortable.

Seeing this, Ric Flair decided to go and tell the both of them that they needed to tone down their affection for one another in public to which the two them agreed.

Fast forward a hour or so later at that same bar, Jordan's boyfriend was apparently seen dancing in a very sexual and provocative manner which caused the Nature Boy to lose his shit and cut a vicious promo on the both of them with Flair going as far as to say that Jordan's boyfriend was an embarrassment and that Jordan needed to "sit that f#### down". 

Some criticized Flair for using that kind of homophobic language to handle the situation while others praised him for protecting the business but condemned him for the language; Jordan's boyfriend would never appear on TNA in any capacity following this incident and this also got Orlando into a lot of heat with those in the back.

More On The Ric Flair-Orlando Jordan's Boyfriend Incident - Wrestling Inc.


4. The Pizza Incident

In the mid 2010's TNA created a segment known as 'Gut Check' which was the company's attempt at finding young wrestlers and giving them a chance to wrestle and prove themselves to the fans and management, if the judges all agreed then that wrestler would get a contract and be signed to the TNA roster...similar to WWE's Tough Enough.

According to Nick Aldis and James Storm who were retelling this story, mentioned there was a time when one of the contestants for Gut Check apparently saw that the catering department had just brought out boxes of hot and delicious pizzas and this wrestler decided to take one of these boxes which he would presumably eat for a later time.

When word of this was made public to some in the TNA locker room, many saw this as a sign of disrespect as the guy wasn't even on the Impact roster yet and he just taking something without permission.

In order to get back at this person, Austin Aries being the slick S.O.B that he is decided to take the box out and gave everyone in the locker room a slice of the pizza; Aries then wrote a letter that said something about having respect for the locker room and put the letter in the box before putting the box back.

When this wrestler came back to the locker room, he was furious because he didn't get the contract during his Gut Check segment and was hoping to eat some pizza, but instead of piping hot pizza what he got was an empty box and letter on why you shouldn't disrespect the locker room courtesy of the 'Greatest Man That Ever Live', at which point the wrestler left both in frustration and on an empty stomach.

It's unclear who this wrestler was but considering that Magnus/Aldis said that this person was male, had a bodybuilder physic and he was refused a contract during his time at Gut Check, it probably easy to figure out who the NWA superstar was referring to. 


3. We've Got The Belt!

In May of 2020, Impact Wrestling and former NFL star, Moose came out at the Rebellion event with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and as of the time I'm writing this article no one knows where Moose got the belt from although many have speculated that he must of stolen the belt from the TNA/Impact vault; In any case this wouldn't be the first time the TNA world championship was unexpectedly taken.

In 2012 at a house show in Ottumwa Iowa, it was reported that the actual TNA World Title and a replica version of the belt were stolen while the stagehands were too busy unloading the trucks; News of this unexpected title theft was both shocking and hilarious in equal measure forcing the company to investigate in order to find those responsible for the robbery.

After taking time to review the surveillance footage, the local Iowa police discovered that two men: 33 year old Joel Ryan Luke and 39 year old, Forrest Courtney Jamison were the perpetrators behind the title theft and they were arrested with Joel being charged with theft in the second degree and Forrest being arrested as an accessory after the fact.

Both men were freed after their combined $8,000 bond was paid off with both of the titles located and returned to the company...You have to wonder if Moose hired these guys in 2020 to commit the same act again in order to get the TNA belt? Who knows.

Two Men Arrested For Stealing TNA World Championship Belt |


2. Hit And Run

Once again 'The Cowboy' James Storm appears on this list and let's just say that this next story here is a real doozy because apparently when he wasn't pranking people with Jager, Storm found time to prank a former ECW and TNA world champion.

According to Storm, he, Billy Gunn and Rhino were traveling to Tennessee in order to take part in a number of TNA shows that were running in the area, that is until they got pulled over by a policeman who had asked for license and registration.

Rhino, who was driving the car didn't know where the registration was because this was Storm's car and Storm was allegedly acting as if he was under the influence because he was throwing French Fries inside the car.

The officer then began to ask a few questions with one of them being if Storm had been drinking, to which Rhino said no but Storm replied seconds later saying that he was actually on steroids.

Startled by this news, the officer pulls Rhino from the vehicle and tells 'The War Machine' to take a breathalyzer test; Storm, not content with the fact that he "admitted to taking steroids" decided to pull out a bullet casing from his vehicle and put it in front of the window where he then told the officer that he (Rhino) has got a gun on him, which as can you imagine, made the situation go from bad to worse.

Rhino was then taken to the police car to get handcuffed and his told that he'd be going to jail, however unbeknownst to the officer the cowboy came from behind and attacked him.

At this point, Rhino had one of his hands handcuff and asked Storm what did he just do, only for the former tag team champion to say that "Dude let's get out of here. We'll rip the camera out of his car and they never know it was us". 

Rhino responded with a simple "FU, I'm leaving" and proceeded to run into the woods as fast as possible.

Storm managed to catch up to Rhino and tell him that this whole thing was a prank and that the officer that he had hit was actually his brother, who looked nothing like him. Both Gunn and Rhino went on to admit that they thought that Storm had gone completely crazy and Rhino was going to the nearest house to phone the police. 

Rhyno, Billy Gunn, James Storm, and the Legendary Police Rib (


1. Too Much Heat

During a show in Zurich Switzerland, a six man tag team match between Kurt Angle, Booker T and Scott Steiner vs. Hernandez and Beer Money was set to take place, however before the match could even happen Big Poppa Pump decided to get himself some heat with the fans by a cutting promo on them and even going so far as to wipe his ass with their flag.

According to Nick Aldis who was backstage with Shawn Davari when this all happened, he mentions that Steiner had asked him earlier if he did something to their flag do you think the would get heat? Aldis responded by saying "If someone did something to the American flag, would that get heat?"...I should also mention that Magnus or Nick Aldis was British and they were in Zurich Switzerland where their flag is the Swish flag, so why Steiner decided to ask Aldis this question is completely unknown.

Anyhow, Steiner does the act as previously mentioned and the fans we not pleased with Scott's actions towards their flag but what makes this even worse is that apparently a good portion of fans had glass bottles with them and the heat Steiner got seemed so bad that it looked like the fans were going to hurl their bottles both into the ring and at Steiner himself.

Booker T along with his wife Sharmell were making there way to the ring when they see that something is going wrong following the whole flag incident and they decide to rush back into the backstage area and Booker refused to wrestle in the match and allegedly left.

Realizing that they needed a new person to take Booker's spot in the match, referee Earl Hebner went to the back to look for someone to take part in the match.

The two people Earl saw were Aldis who was wearing sweating pants and no shoes and Davari who was wearing slacks and dress shoes; Hebner in his haste decides to pick Davari to take Booker's spot and allegedly the match went on without a hitch. 

Not sure who won that bout but I can only hope the babyfaces did because if Steiner had won, the crowd could of possibly gone into full on riot mode.  

Cowboy James Storm & Nick Aldis | What's Causin Aldis 002 - YouTube

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