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Since it's inception back in 2019, Rebellion has led to some memorable matches and moments for Impact Wrestling and this year's was no different.

Rebellion 2021 saw a lot of new champions crowned and history being made, so of course a there has to be some interesting facts about this pay per view...Here are the five that I could find.


5. Jamin Olivencia Narrated The Cold Open For The PPV

The opening video package for Rebellion shows not only shots and footage of various Impact stars who would be competing at the event but it also shows a man decked in all black clothing giving an intense narration throughout...So who is the narrator in this cold open you might be asking?

Well as it turns out, the man doing the narration in the video is Jamin Olivencia, a seasoned pro wrestler best known for his work in Ohio Valley Wrestling where his become their Television, Tag Team and World Champion with the latter seeing Olivencia become the longest reigning OVW champion at 241 days.

In addition to that and his brief appearances in the WWE and ROH, Jamin has also competed in TNA and GFW where's faced off against names like Stevie Richards, Sonjay Dutt and Moose.

Since Impact still has a partnership with OVW, it's possible that Impact management requested someone to do the narration for their major event and OVW decided to seen one of their former champions for such a task.

EMOTIONAL Opening to IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion PPV! Kenny Omega vs Rich Swann Title vs Title! - YouTube


4. The Promoting For This Event Was Really One Sided  

The hype and intrigue surrounding the PPV was one of the best in recent memory and it's easy to see why with the stakes surrounding the main event plus the new and returning faces at the PPV, unfortunately this hype was mostly generated by Impact Wrestling.

Despite, both Impact and All Elite Wrestling working together since late 2020, fans and critics alike can say that the partnership certainly isn't what they had expected as it's been a one sided deal or at least looks that way from what's been presented between both brands with AEW airing 'paid ads' on Impact programming hyping up their show and Impact basically being treated with little attention by Tony Khan and his company. 

To hammer that point event further, if you go back and watch the episodes of AEW Dynamite leading into April 25th, you'll notice that there is no mention or acknowledgment of Rebellion or the title unification match despite the fact their world champion will be at that show and could of very well lost his title.

As a result, Impact had to promote the heck out of this show and in typical Impact fashion they were successful.

W Morrissey

3. W. Morrissey's Appearance Was Spoiled Hours Early

Looking at his current run within the company, W. Morrissey (formerly Big Cass in the WWE) has done quite well for himself especially with how Impact has presented him as an intense, unfeeling monster during his matches with Willie Mack, Rich Swann and Eddie Edwards.

At Rebellion, Morrissey was revealed to be the mystery partner for Violent By Design after the leader of the group, Eric Young was taken out with injury in the previous set of tapings, however it is possible that news of Morrissey appearing on this show was probably made known to you in advance.

Thanks to news articles that came out hours before the pay per view, it was revealed that W. Morrissey was going to be at Rebellion thereby spoiling the surprise of finding out who'd the mystery partner would be.

Possible Spoiler For Impact Rebellion | 411MANIA


2. Taylor Wilde's 1st PPV Appearance In 11 Years

2021 has seen it's far share of wrestlers who most never would've expected to see on Impact Wrestling and that's certainly the case for Taylor Wilde.

Wilde was part of the Knockouts from 2008 up until her departure from the promotion in December of 2010 where she achieved many accolades including being one half of the inaugural Knockouts Tag Team Champions with Sarita back in 2009.

So, when the announce was made that Wilde would be returning Impact, many were surprised as Wilde retired from professional wrestling back in February of 2011 and while stories regarding the WWE wanting to appear in the Mae Young Classic tournament years back have made the rounds, the idea of her stepping back in the ring after more then a decade away lead to many wondering could she still go.

Since officially reappearing at Rebellion, Taylor has keep herself busy feuding with Tenille Dashwood whilst looking to become Knockout Champion once again.

swann-omega-2 (1)

1. The Event Marked The First Interpromotional Title vs. Title Match In 13 Years

The unification title match between Rich Swann and Kenny Omega at Rebellion was historic simple as that, whilst the match wasn't completely flawless it's arguably one of the most high profiled matches in Impact and AEW history with the match being the first of it's kind in over 13 years.  

Nigel vs Adam

To put that into prospective, the last time a title vs title match occurred between two wrestling companies was all the way back in 2008 when Ring of Honor champion, Nigel McGuiness (aka Desmond Wolfe in TNA) took on reigning NWA World Champion, Adam Pierce (yes, that Adam Pierce currently in the WWE).

While the Pierce/McGuiness match ended in controversial fashion, the title bout at Rebellion thankfully didn't with Kenny Omega picking up the win which made him the first person to win the Impact World Championship while not being under a Impact Wrestling contract as well as the first and to date only person to be AEW and Impact champion at the same time.  

Swann vs Omega is Latest in Long History of Title Vs Title (

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