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  • Non-Title: Rich Swann (X-Division Champion) def. Ethan Page by pinfall
    • After the match, Sami Callihan comes out and gives Swann an oVe shirt, saying that he has always been there for him and it's time to join the group. Swann puts the shirt on but then double-crosses oVe and leaves Sami and the Crist Brothers laid out.
  • Ace Austin def. Jake Atlas by pinfall
  • Alisha Edwards cuts an in-ring promo about her contract expiring at the end of the month and not being sure what she wants to do with it. Desi Hit Squad interrupt and tell her to "stay at home" because they're not into this women's revolution stuff. However, Eddie Edwards runs out and attacks them with a kendo stick. Eli Drake is out next and seemingly there to attack Edwards but instead, he goes after the Hit Squad and clears them out. Drake and Edwards then have a staredown.
  • Jordynne Grace/Kiera Hogan/Rosemary def. Dark Allie/Su Yung/Undead Bride by pinfall
    • After the match, Rosemary puts a leash on Allie and drags her to the back.
  • Scarlett Bordeaux does an in-ring interview and calls out Disco Inferno (Glenn Gilbertti) for being a misogynistic pig. Disco says that women's wrestling hasn't been good since Bra & Panties matches and says she will probably be a bad wrestler. Scarlett slaps him and threatens to destroy him next time they meet.
  • Non-Title: Lucha Brothers (Tag Team Champions) def. The Rascalz by pinfall

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