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Winner and NEW:

Winners and STILL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS FinJuice via Small Package 

Winner and NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION JOSH ALEXANDER via Divine Intervention 

Winner and STILL KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION Deonna Purrazzo via Queen’s Gambit

Winner: Brian Myers via Roster Cut

Winner: Trey Miguel is the Last Man Standing 

Winners: Violent by Design via East River Crossing

Winners and NEW KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering via pinfall 

Live Coverage: 

The show opens with both ARW World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact World Champion Rich Swann entering the building earlier today.

The bell rings and we are underway. Ace decides to back up and let the challengers duke it out but TJP backs Ace into the corner leading Josh attacking TJP and getting stunned with a kick. The match is fast and furious as TJP is able to lock in the Octopus lock for a split second. The match eventually spills out to the floor go a second but TJP and Ace are back in the ring. Ace gets the upper hand on TJP sending him to the floor and does the same to Josh Alexander leading to a Frosbury Flop onto both.

 Ace brings TJP back into the ring for a one count. Ace then gains control of TJP’s wrist and looks to give him a paper cut but the referee takes the card away. TJP takes advantage and looks for the detonation kick but Josh Alexander slides back in to break it up. Josh then takes advantage and takes out TJP leading to a nearfall. Josh then looks for Divine Intervention but Ace puts on the brakes. TJP slides back in and prevents a Powerbomb or buckle bomb attempt from Josh. Ace then takes control and takes down both of his challengers. TJP gets back up and hits Ace in the face with a running boot. This leads to Josh taking down TJP with a superplex. Josh continues the onslaught and hits a running crossbody onto TJP. Ace then takes care of Josh leading to a Mamba Splash from TJP and as he goes for the cover Josh slides back in for an ankle lock on TJP. All guys are now locked up in submissions but Josh is able to shake of TJP. Josh turns his attention to Ace allowing for TJP to slide back in for an octopus lock. Ace then comes back and hits the fold for a nearfall. TJP then stacks up Ace and Josh for a double face wash then a running knee. Fulton then plays a factor allowing Ace to take down TJP. Josh gets back into the action and hits divine intervention for a two count. Josh and Ace then trade shots before Josh throws Ace into the corner. Josh puts Ace on his shoulders and looks to go up but Ace wiggles free. Ace then attacks the arm of Josh but Alexander is able to lock in the ankle lock leading to the Mamba Splash from TJP but Fulton pulls TJP out of the ring this leads to an opening for Josh to hit Divine Intervention to win the X-Division Championship.

We then hear that Eric Young is injured and out of the match. He has hand picked a replacement for the match though. We then see him talking to the mystery replacement.

The mystery replacement of Eric Young is W. Morrissey. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Joe and Eddie start off the match and they lock up with Joe having the power advantage. Rhino then tags in and takes control of Eddie’s arm. Eddie breaks free and tags out to Sabin. Sabin then gets control of Rhino leading to a tag from Eddie. Rhino breaks free and tags in Deaner. Eddie is able to tag in Willie who hits the back of DeAndre leading to Storm being tagged in. Storm takes it to Deaner leading to Storm coming off the ropes and countering an armdrag and throws Deaner into the corner. Deaner tags out to Morrissey. James takes it to him as he slaps him a a couple of times leading to Storm going to the top. Morrissey kicks him off the top and brings him back into the ring and beats down Storm. Deaner tags in and stomps away on Storm. Joe comes in  and looks for a Powerbomb but Storm counters and looks for something only to be cut down with a clothesline for a two count. Rhino comes back in as he cuts down James with a clothesline leading to a working hold and focuses on the head and neck area. Storm is able to hit a running neckbreaker and both guys tag out. Willie takes down Deaner and hits a rolling slam then a leg drop for a sit out choke slam for a two count. Sabin and Mack double team Deaner with an irish whip clothesline. Deaner then sits Sabin up on the top but Sabin slips out and takes down Deaner. The match now has broken down a bit as Eddie hits a five onto the remaining members of VBD. Back in the ring Team IMPACT takes it to Deaner leading to a nearfall as Morrissey breaks up the pin. Morrissey tags back in and clears the ring. He then takes out the legs of Sabin as Joe takes out everyone else. Willie looks for a dive but Morrissey takes him out. Deaner goes up top but gets cut off by Sabin. Chris then suplex a Deaner onto everyone and all guys are down. 

Joe then drags Willie back in the ring and looks for a clothesline but Willie hits a stunner and Joe rolls out of the ring. Morrissey gets back in the ring and goes face to face with Willie. Morrissey cuts Willie down and hits East River Crossing for the win. 

After the match Morrissey beats the hell out of Willie. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Matt looks for a handshake but Myers flips him off. This leads to Matt attacking Myers with a forearm shot and looks for the reboot early but Myers slides out leading to Brian attacking the arm. Cardona then hits a suplex on the apron and both guys are down. The match spills to the floor and Cardona continues the onslaught but Brian hides behind a stage hand allowing him to get the advantage. Myers brings him back in the ring and lays into the back of the neck. Cardona fights back for a bit only for Myers to get control of the match and drops an elbow for a two count. Myers then locks in a working hold only for Cardona to fight back to his feet. Myers then pushes Matt to the turnbuckle and sits him on the top turnbuckle. Cardona then puts a thumb to the  eye and hits a dropkick.

 Cardona maintains control with multiple clotheslines and looks for the reboot again but Myers slides to the floor. Cardona then hits reboot through the the ropes then follows Myers to the floor to hit Radio Silence on the ramp. 

Cardona then throws Myers into the ring but Brian rolls back to the floor. Cardona follows him but Brian cuts him off on the apron. Myers then takes down Matt on the floor 

and hits a top rope elbow drop for a nearfall. Myers then looks for a DDT but Cardona counters into a double underhook leading to a hotmess unpretteir from Cardona for a two count. Myers then takes advantage of Matt helping him up for an enzguri. The match is then eventually called off as Cardona buckles his knee. Myers then hits a short arm clothesline leading to a Roster Cut for the win.

Looks like we are getting an Impact official and AEW official for the main tonight.

The bell rings and we are underway. Rachel and Tasha will start off the match. They lock up and Tasha locks in a sideheadlock but Rachel fights out and takes down Steelz with multiple clotheslines. Tasha tags out to Kiera who locks up with Rachel. Ellering gains control of Hogan and drives her into the corner allowing Jordynne to tag in. Grace takes it to Hogan for a one count. Grace then throws Hogan into the corner end looks for the Grace Driver but Kiera is able to escape. Fire N Flava get the best of Jordynne leading to a kick to the head for a two count. Tasha tags in and they double team with a double superkick. They go for a double suplex but Grace puts a stop to it. Tasha then tags out to Keira who hits a running kick to the face for a two count. Hogan holds Grace in the corner as Tasha tags in to continue the attack. Tasha then stomps on Hrace in the corner then Hogan tags in to do the same. Tasha tags back in only to tag out to Hogan they look for a double move but Hogan accidentally kicks Tasha. Grace tags out as Rachel cleans house and takes out both ladies. She then hits a jumping elbow in the corner on Hogan and takes down Tasha off the apron leading to an STO then a spinning legdrop for a nearfall. 

Jordynne tags back in and hits a top top senton onto Hogan who is on the knees of Rachel. Tasha breaks up the pin. Rachel and Grace look to still be in control but Fre N Flava regain control for a double dropkick on both ladies as Kiera gets a two count on Grace. Jordynne then blocks another double suplex. Grace puts Tasha on the apron but Tasha blocks a dive leading to Grace lifting Tasha over the ropes and she hits a cutter on Rachel. Hogan then climbs to the top and dives onto everyone on the floor. 

Back in the ring both ladies are down as Rachel tags back in and looks for a double move but Tasha pulls Grace out of the ring. Hogan then takes it to Rachel and looks for a fisherman’s suplex but Rachel turns it around into a sit out Powerbomb for the win.

The bell rings and we are underway. Trey hits a shotgun dropkick on Sami and looks to continue the attack but Sami grabs Trey and drops him onto the floor. 

The refutes begins his count but Sami follows him to the floor and stomps on him and allows the referee to begin his count again. Trey gets back up and looks to throw Trey over the rail but Trey slips out the back and hits slice bread #2 on the floor. Trey rolls back in the ring and looks for 619 but Sami moves out of the way but Trey comes back and runs Sami into the rail. Trey then goes for a dive but Sami moves and he goes headfirst into the guardrail. The referee starts the count again but Trey is able to somehow get back up. Sami then throws Trey over the guardrail. Sami looks to pick him up but changes his mind and goes to the back for a production box. Sami looks to drive it into Trey who moves out of the way but Sami is able to grab Trey and drop him on the box. 

Sami then opens the box and pulls out the chain and wraps his fist with it. Sami then hits him in the back with it. Trey looks to fight back but Sami boxes his ears then drives a wrench into his mouth. 

Trey then breaks the count at eight as Sami was pulling chairs out from under the ring. Sami then throws a chair into the face of Trey as the referee begins his count. Trey breaks the count as Sami drags him back into the ring filled with chairs and a table. Sami then drives Trey face first into the pile of chairs. Sami then looks to hit Trey with the wrench on the chairs but Trey moves out of the way. Trey then begins to fight back and drops Sami on the chairs as Trey wedges a chair in the corner. Sami is able to make it back to his knees and Trey stops him from getting to the table. Trey then sets up the table but can’t turn it over. Sami then gets the better of Trey as he drives Trey back first into the leg of the table. Sami then throws a chair into the face of Trey. Sami then sits Trey on the top and pulls the chair out of the corner and throws it at Trey. Sami sets the table up and meets him on the top. Both men then crash and burn on the table which didn’t break. Both guys make it back to their feet Sami in the ring and Trey falling on the floor. Sami then follows Trey to the floor and sets up another table. Sami then looks to Powerbomb Trey off the steps onto the table but Trey fights it leading to Sami hitting a Piledriver on the edge of the steps. Sami then puts Trey under the steel steps as the referee starts his count. Trey crawls under the ring and hits a running cutter through the table in Sami. Trey is able to beat the count and wins the match. Trey is the last man standing.

We then hear comments from Rich Swann ahead of tonight’s main event. 

The bell rings and we are underway. Finally and Anderson start off the match. They lock up and Anderson pushes Finaly back into the corner. David is able to come back with control of the arm and rolls through still holding on the arm as he tags to Juice. They then continue the onslaught with double team moves. Juice then takes it to Karl and tags in David who comes off the top rope with a sledgehammer. Juice then hits a snapmare leading to a low uppercut. Karl is then able to turn things around and tags out to Gallows. David is then able to tag out to Juice for a bit who makes a quick tag to David who attacks the arm of Gallows. The Good Brothers regain control of the match as Karl and David are now the legal men. David spills to the floor and with the referee distracted Gallows gets a cheap shot in. Karl tags out to Gallows who stomps on David then throws him back in for a running boot to the side of the face. Gallows then takes him down with a headbutt then drops him again for a two count. Gallows then locks in a working hold and grinds down on him leading to multiple knees the to the back. Gallows then rakes the face of Finaly leading to him hammering elbows down on David. Gallows then pulls him back in for a working hold. Finaly looks to fight back but Gallows puts a stop to it. David then breaks free then puts his boot up as Gallows charges back in. Finaly then takes down Gallows. 

Both guys tag out as Juice gets the hot tag and takes out both Karl and Gallows. Back in the ring Juice lays in shots then a spinning leg leading to a shot in the corner for a two count. Juice tags out and takes out Gallows leading to a double move for a nearfall. Juice tags back in as they whip each other into Karl and and nearfall. They then take out Gallows once more and sets Karl up for a doomsday device but Gallows puts a stop to that. The Good Brothers then hit an assisted elevated neckbreaker for a two count. 

They then look for Magic Killer but David puts a stop to it and leads to a small package from Juice to pick up the win and retain the titles. 

We then hear comments from Don Callis ahead of the main event. 

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Deonna goes around with a waist lock. Tenille then grabs control of the wrist and back and fourth we go now. Deonna then gets the upper hand as she grabs the arm of Tenill who breaks the hold with a rope break. Deonna then charges her but eats a neckbreaker on the ropes. Tenille then goes for quick covers but Deonna is able to fight back and whips Tenille into the ropes leading to a Gory Bomb submission and drops her in the corner. Deonna then hits a short arm clothesline for a two count. Deonna then stalks her as she locks in a working hold with her knee in the back. According to Matt Striker some would call it the sugar hold. Tenille then escapes the hold and hits her in the midsection and follows up with multiple forearm shots. Deonna looks to come back after being rocked but Tenille is able to take down Deonna. Both ladies are down but Tenille gets to her feet first. Deonna counters and sends Tenille into the corner. Deonna follows her in but gets caught into the tarantula. Tenille then hits a crossbody off the top for a nearfall. Deonna then is able to comeback and lock in a waist lock. Tenille looks to break free but Deonna is able to hit a German suplex. Deonna then locks in another waist lock but Tenille breaks free with a butterfly suplex. She then hits two running low crossbodies for a two count. Tenille makes it back to her feet first and curbstomps Deonna into the mat. Tenille then locks in the Muta lock but Susan and Kimber distracts the referee.

 Kaleb takes care of Kimber while Tenille slaps Susan. Doe then takes advantage and takes down Tenille as she then goes up to top for the falling headbutt but comes up empty. Tenille then hits the spotlight but gets a nearfall as Kimber makes the save. Deonna then drives Tenille face first into the mat and Tenille comes back looking for a butterfly suplex but Deonna counters into a fujiwara but Tenille makes it to the ropes. Deonna then continues her dominance and is able to hit the Queen’s Gambit for the win and retains the gold. 

After the match Deonna and company attack Tenille leading to Taylor Wilde making the save and takes out Susan and Kimber. 

It’s main event time. Title vs Title. Who will walk out with all the gold? The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Kenny gets a hold of Swann’s arm. Swann then comes out of the hold and gains control of the arm. Kenny grabs Rich’s hair then takes him down and steps on the back of Swann. Kenny then steps on the apron for a break and Swann is pulled back. They lock up again and Swann goes behind but Kenny gets the better of Swann and slaps him across the face. Kenny then goes back into the ropes. Back in the ring Swann doubles over Kenny but Omega comes back with a sideheadlock. Swann then shoots Kenny off into the ropes. The match then spills to the floor as Swann hit a twisting diving plancha to Kenny. The match comes back in the ring as Swann takes it to Kenny with multiple shots to face in the corner. He then begins to kick Kenny multiple times in the back. Swann looks to continue the offense but Kenny fights back and takes control hitting a belly to back driver then he drops Swann back first on the apron. Kenny then follows him to the floor and looks to hit a move but Swann blocks. Swann then comes at Kenny leading to Kenny tossing Swann on the apron and he compresses his vertebrae on the apron.

 Kenny gets Swann back into the ring and continues the offense for a nearfall. Kenny the locks in a working hold but Swann gets to the ropes. Kenny then drives his elbow into the neck of Swann. He then chops him down before grinding his boot into the face of Swann. Kenny then hits Swann with the pendulum backbreaker and stretches him across his knee for a nearfall. Kenny then drives his knees into the back of Swann multiple times. Kenny then throws Swann into the ropes and hits him in the small of the back and follows up with a chop to the chest. Swann then tries to fight back with multiple elbows and Swann counters the crusher with a kick to the face followed up with a frogsplash for a nearfall. Kenny comes back with a chop then shots to the back of Rich. Swann comes back with chops but Kenny turns it around with multiple forearms. In the end Swann gets the better of the exchange leading to a frankinsteiner for a one count. Swann then goes to the top but Kenny puts a stop to that. Kenny then goes to the stop but Swann stops him. They are now fighting at the top leading to a NASTY back bodydrop attempt as Kenny lands on his neck. Swann then hits a frogsplash for a two count. Swann then lights him up with strikes but Kenny kicks Swann into the corner leading into a powerbomb for a nearfall. Kenny then hits the v trigger on the ropes and looks to the one wing Angel but Swann escapes. Kenny then takes down Swann attacking his neck. Kenny then hits another v trigger in the corner. Kenny then looks for an avalanche one wing Angel but Swann escape leading to a NASTY spill. Swann then slaps the face of Kenny and chops his chest now Kenny fights back with a v trigger and a snap dragon suplex. 

Kenny then hits another snap dragon and looks for it again but Swann blocks and counters into a cutter. Swann looks for a handspring cutter but a Kenny pushes the referee in the way. Now Aubrey from AEW is the referee. Kenny grabs a chair but Aubrey takes it from him. 

Swann hits the handspring cutter on Kenny leading to nearfalls from both competitors. Kenny looks for the v trigger but miss and Swann hits a spinning driver for a nearfall. Swann then kicks Kenny in the face and looks to go up for the splash but misses and eats a v trigger and goes from the electric chair to the German for a nearfall. Kenny then hits the j driller for another nearfall. Kenny then pulls down the knee pad and hits a close v trigger TWICE. Kenny goes for a third but Swann just crumbles. Kenny then hits another v trigger on the back of the head of Swann. Swann then fights back Kenny puts a stop to it only for Swann to hit a suplex. Swann goes for the splash again but comes up empty leading to another v trigger for the one wing angel and wins the impact world title. 

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