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Last night’s edition of IMPACT was the Hard to Kill Go Home Show. The show got to see Knockouts action, a contract signing, and a brawl from the competitors in the main event of Hard to Kill to close the show.

If you missed last night’s Go Home Show here are the results:

Kimber Lee defeated Taya Valkyrie:

This match kicked off the show and was essentially used to get Taya some last minute momentum heading into her Knockouts Championship match against Deonna Purrazzo but in strange turn of events Deonna Purrazzo and Susan attacked Rosemary causing a distraction and leading to a win for Lee who used the Alligator Claw which used to be the finishing move of Mae Young.

We then teleported over to Kenny’s bus as the bullet club was looking for momentum heading into Hard to Kill THIS SATURDAY 

We then got to see and hear from the Tonys again as they took note jabs at IMPACT and promoted New Year’s Smash Night 2

Rohit Raju and Chris Bey defeated Manik and Suicide:

Since losing the X-Division Championship to Manik at Final Resolution last month Rohit and Chris have been trying to prove that TJP is under the mask. Last night it was the Desi Finessers vs the IMPACT Avengers. During the match Rohit looked to unmasked Manik only for the other masked marvel Suicide to make the save. This lead to Bey finessing his way to picking up not only the win for his team but momentum heading into the triple threat X-Division Championship Match at Hard to Kill.

After the match match we slipped  backstage as Taya was frustrated how her match ended but also wanted to be in Rosemary’s corner for her match against Tenille 

This match didn’t take long at all to break down as Both Joe Doering and Rhino were ejected for getting involved. I like what EY is doing here and is playing the role of savior and curing people like Joe and Deaner of their sickness. The match itself felt rushed and very pointless what they did last week was good enough to sell people on the match.

After the match we get our first look at the new Knockouts Tag Team Championships as we have a contract signing between Keira Hogan/Tasha Steelz and Havok/Nevaeh 

Brian Myers is now complaining about the lack of opportunities that he is given in IMPACT and has found himself some opportunity pie as he looks to finish what he started against Josh Alexander. 

Rosemary defeated Tenille Dashwood:

Ladies and Gentlemen Decay is putting the band back together...well 2/3 of the band is back together. Crazzy Steve ended up helping Rosemary pick up the win against the social media influencer Tenille Dashwood which set up a mixed tag match between the two teams for Hard to Kill.

We then heard from IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann as he talked about his main event matchup against the Machine Gun Karl Anderson

Moose defeated Matthew Palmer via Referee Stoppage:

All things seem to be right in the world of Moose. At Genesis it wasn’t about winning the “I Quit” Match it was about sending a message to IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann which he heard loud and clear. Swann came to the ring and save his best friend Willie Mack’s career as he gave Moose a title shot and Moose uttered the words “Thank You, I Quit.” Last night with no outside distractions Moose was laser focused and made an example out of Matthew Palmer for what happened last week. Some day very soon we will see the clash of two world champions.

IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann defeated IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Karl Anderson:

This was the main event of the night and due the actions of last week both members of the competitors teams were banned from ringside. In this highly competitive and high octane bout Rich Swann was able to pull one over on Anderson as he rolled him up for the 1 2 3. After the match a brawl ensued between all six men ahead of their HISTORIC six man tag team main event match at Hard to Kill THIS SATURDAY

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