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Happy Veterans Day in America to all of the men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect us and this great country of ours. 

Tonight we continued to build towards Turning Point LIVE on Impact Plus and Ultimate Insiders on YouTube on Saturday November 20. 

Here are the full results and recap of tonight’s show:


Savannah Evans defeated Rachael Ellering:

Savannah Evans continues to build her momentum and star power since Knockouts Knockdown. Plus Ellering is looking to bounce back after being on the back burner and allowing Jordynne to shine. This was two powerhouses of the Knockouts Division going at it. Evans is all power while Ellering is power but with technical skills as well. This was a good match between the two but Ellering tried to play Evans’ game and it costed her. Evans would hit a Urangi for the win. 


Bullet Club Became #1 Contenders:

This was the opening contest of the night. These two teams have being feuding with each other for MONTHS as they jockeyed for position to challenge The Good Brothers for the tag titles. This match comes about after Bullet Club ruined the match between The Good Brothers and FinJuice last week. FinJuice dominated most of the match with their speed and tag team offense 

but the shenanigans of Bullet Club was just too much for FinJuice to overcome allowing The Club to pick up the win and become number one contenders. After the match we got a brawl between champions and challengers plus a stare down between Gallows and Hikuleo. 


Time to settle the score once and for all:

Minoru Suzuki defeated Kaleb With a K:

This was the second match of the night. This match came about after Kaleb With a K disrespected Suzuki last week after the show. This was basically a squash match as Suzuki prepares to face Josh Alexander next week who was walking the match backstage. 

We heard from Moose on the number one contender’s match:

This was the third match of the night and before the match could even begin The IInspiration came out on stage to get a better look at all the action. This was another quick and squash match as the Undead Bridesmaids got barely any offense in. 

Rhino and Heath look to purge the poison from Rhino’s body:

The IInspiration make their IMPACTonAXSTV in-ring debut … NEXT WEEK: 

Chris Sabin issued a rematch for Turning Point:

Mercedes Martinez defeated Madison Rayne:

This was the fourth match of the night and came about as Madison felt that Mercedes disrespected her last week after her match. Madison was looking for revenge while Mercedes was looking for momentum into Turning Point. This was a great back and forth match between these two knockouts. We even saw some catch can wrestling from Rayne. It was the 20 plus year veteran, Mercedes Martinez that outsmarted Madison and stacked her up for the win. After the match Rayne would attack Martinez leading to Mickie James to make the save. But Martinez would catch Mickie off guard and drop her sending the first shot. 

Will the X-Division Championship at Turning Point become a triple threat?

Sam Beale looks to teach Brian Myers a lesson next week:

This was the fifth match of the night. This match came about after Rohit felt disrespected as an unsigned big name talent ie Rocky Romero jumped the line and got a title match over him. This was a great match from beep to bell. Rohit was looking for something to prove tonight and came out looking like a million bucks. 

Hernandez looks to cheer up Johnny Swinger with a win over The Demon next week:

Chelsea Green wants the Digital Media Championship: 

Eddie Edwards Became Number One Contender: 

It’s main event time and it was time to crown a number one contender to the IMPACT World Title. Cardona was so close winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet as he and Moose were the final two. Edwards and Moose have had beef for MONTHS now plus he took out Sami and attacked his wife. Morrissey was Moose’s ally but Moose turned on him and also promised him the first shot. This was a really solid match between all three guys. This was each man’s match to lose. The thing that shocked me the most was the crowd being fully behind Morrissey. Eddie Edwards would pin Cardona to become number one contender and will challenge Moose at Turning Point. 

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