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Last night’s edition of Impact Wrestling saw the 1000th match for the Cowboy James Storm as he went toe to toe with Eric Young. We also saw the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and two matches were announced for Hardcore Justice.

If you missed the final Tuesday night edition of IMPACT before the move to Thursdays next week well don’t fret I got you covered. 

Full Results and Recap: 

Fire N Flava defeated Havok and Nevaeh:

This match was first announced on Before the Impact and if Havok and Nevaeh were to win they would become the #1 contenders to the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. This match opened the show and we have seen these two teams go at each other for the better part of almost a year now. These teams were feuding before the tag title tournament then made the finals which saw Kiera and Tasha win the titles. We then saw them retain against Havok and Nevaeh. Fast forward to now Havok and Nevaeh have been losing lately and Tenille trying to steal one of them to be her partner wasn’t helping things either. Last night things came to a head as Fire N Flava would pick up the win leading Nevaeh turning on her long time friend Havok.

We then went backstage as we were treated to an AMW(America’s Most Wanted) reunion:

We then saw Jazz beat the brakes off of Senator Susan for her involvement in her match Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo last week:

Sami Callihan defeated Larry D:

This was the second match of the night. I have to be honest in saying that I didn’t have too much interest in this match going into last night’s show but boy did they prove me wrong. Sami and Larry D pulled out a good match. I was wondering how Sami was gonna hit the piledriver on such a big guy but Sami opted for the hanging piledriver to pick up the win. 

After the match Acey attacked Sami and we expected Trey to make the save as Sami did last week but no Trey in sight. In the end Sami was left in the ring smiling and clapping.

We then see recaps of FinJuice in NJPW as the Impact World Tag Team Champions but the Bullet Club doesn’t seem impressed:

Sami Callihan wants to MENTOR Trey Miguel?!?!?

Brian Myers defeated Suicide:

This was the third match of the night and it was a relatively short match. Myers was able to put away Suicide away quickly with the Roster Cut. 

After the match Myers would decline his former friend Matt Cardona’s challenge to a match.

We then see Jazz looking for Scott D’Amore when she bumps into Tommy Dreamer. In the end a match was made for Hardcore Justice with HUGE stakes:

Ladies and Gentlemen....The Tonys:

In a Swinger’s Palace first and probably last Don Callis and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega stop by to place a bet:

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton defeated TJP and Josh Alexander:

This was the fourth match of the night and stems from the X-Division Championship last week between TJP and Ace Austin. As we already know TJP and Josh Alexander don’t like each other it was their lack of communication that was their downfall.

Chaos reigned supreme backstage between these guys:

Can you crack the code?

James Storm defeated Eric Young:

This was an HISTORIC main event as James Storm was clocking in at 1000 matches under the TNA/IMPACT banner. EY brought his family and Storm brought his friends to ringside. In the end this broke down but with the help of his former tag partner Chris Harris Storm was able to announce Last Call of Young and pick up the win.

After the match Storm would get emotional and thank Bob Ryder for taking a chance on him and Harris back in the early years of TNA.

Two matches were announced tonight the IMPACT Plus Special that will air Saturday April 10th at 3pm EST:

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