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Last night’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling saw the fallout from this past Saturday’s Under Siege PPV on Impact Plus. We heard from Kenny Omega and Moose. We also saw the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships to be defended not once but TWICE.

If you weren’t able to catch any of the action then I got your back. 

Here is the full results and recap:

Last night’s edition of IMPACT was dedicated to former ECW original New Jack:

Rohit Raju defeated Jake Something:

This was the opening match last night and a continuation in the feud between Jake Something and the duo of Rohit and Shera. This match stems from Rohit costing Something his qualifying match against Chris Bey and his match on BTI last week against Shera. I tweeted last night that is this was a do or die match for Something as he has done nothing but take Ls for most part since becoming Jake Something. Last night was no different as we got a great match between the two as usual but the numbers were too much for him and Shera costed him the match. After the match Something just snapped and beat the holy crap out of Shera leading to him spearing Shera through a table. 

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb can’t seem to take a hint or Taylor’s case a flat out no:

Jordynne Grace wants to get back on track:

Tenille Dashwood defeated Kiera Hogan: 

This was the second match of the night as both Knockouts were fresh off their tag team wins at Under Siege. This was a good match as Kiera was relying on her speed. When Tenille wasn’t losing for Kaleb she had some shining moments as well. In a surprising finish Tenille was able to pick up the win. After the match I don’t know what Tenille did backstage to warrant this but she got a beat down from the ENTIRE Knockouts Division. 

It seemed to be all about Jordynne Grace last night:

We then learned that New Japan Pro Wrestling Legend Satoshi Kojima will be making his IMPACT debut next week:

We had heard comments from FinJuice before their main event title defense:

Petey Williams defeated VSK:

This was the third match of the night. This was another showcase match for both guys as VSK was coming off a lost against El Phantasmo two weeks ago and Petey came up short in the number one contender’s match at Under Siege. I said this two weeks ago and again last night that VSK is someone to watch. In the end Petey was able to hit the Canadian Destroyer to pick up the win.

We then heard from former Impact World Champion Rich Swann after he made his return to save Willie Mack at Under Siege only for him to get his head kicked off:

Fallah Bahh is now debt free:

Moose and Kenny Omega went face to face:

Sami Callihan ended up making the save for Moose: 

Sami and Moose will never be best friends:

Rachel Ellering defeated Jordynne Grace:

This match seemed puzzling as both of this Knockouts are tag partners. It seems like Fire N Flava’s words are getting to Grace’s head as she was the one who took the pin and lost the titles at Under Siege. This was a very technical match for the most part and during the back half it got very physical. In the end they went back and forth trading nearfall after nearfall but Ellering was able to sneak out a win. 

Brian Myers blames Matt Cardona for all of his recent failures:

FinJuice retained the Tag Titles:

This was the main event match of the night. This past Saturday at Under Siege Ace Austin and Madman Fulton became number one contender’s for the tag titles and called their shot last night. This was a great match that saw a lot of back and forth. At times it seemed that Ace and Fulton would capture the gold but in the end FinJuice was able to put the big man Fulton down for the count to retain the gold. 

Rhino and Joe Doering defeated FinJuice to become the NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS:

After a hard fought title defense against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton FinJuice were interrupted by Violent by Design. Unbeknownst to FinJuice. Rhino was cash in his Call Your Shot trophy for the tag titles. The team of Rhino and Joe Doering made quick work of the champions to win the tag titles in a SHOCKING fashion. 

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