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Last night’s edition of of BTI was an HISTORIC episode as we witnessed a war between Josh Alexander and TJP for the X-Division Championship. On IMPACT Wrestling we continued to build towards Against All Odds as we saw a Tables Match, the debut of New Japan Legend Kojima, and the fallout from last week’s main event. 

I don’t know where you were last night but shame on you for missing the current first place match of the year candidate. 

 Since you are probably here because you missed the action. I guess I can recap it for you.

Here are the results and recap:

Josh Alexander RETAINED the X-Division Championship:

This match kicked off on Before the IMPACT and finished up on IMPACT. This match has been highly touted by the IMPACT Roster and did not disappoint. From bell to bell this was an INSTANT CLASSIC. It was back and forth until Josh Alexander was able to catch TJP slipping and gained the first fall. After Alexander gained the first fall TJP threw everything he had at Josh INCLUDING the kitchen sink but it still wasn’t enough. TJP would eventually get a fall at the last second setting up overtime. Josh would then hit a piledriver to pick up the second and final fall to retain the gold. After the match some members of the roster congratulated him while others wanted the next shot. Josh told Scott D’Amore since Kenny has the world title he is the new King of the Mountain in IMPACT.

Here is a fan reaction to the match:

There is a long line looking to topple the King of the Mountain:

Jake Something defeated Rohit Raju:

Unfortunately for these two they had to follow the match of the year candidate that was the Ironman Match. But they didn’t look to be out done and both guys had something to prove. We learned last week that their careers have been paralleled since the beginning. Last night they pulled out all the stops but in the end Something was able to drive Rohit into the table to pick up the win. Is it now Jake Something’s time?

Morrissey wanted Swann’s head last night:

Havok was looking to create HAVOK in the Knockouts Title picture:

Rich Swann needs to focus less on dancing and more having eyes in the back of his head:

Good thing Swann has a friend in Willie Mack:

Tenille continues to pray on fractured teams:

Chapter One: Presentation:

Welcome to the Hunger Games:

Fire N Flava RETAINED the Knockouts Tag Team Championship:

This was a rematch from Under Siege where Fire N Flava reclaimed the titles. The narrative of the match remained the same that Jordynne is the weak link of the team since they have beaten her on multiple occasions. We also saw speed vs power but in the end they were not only able to out quick Grace but outsmart her too as they picked up the win and retained their titles.

Sami Callihan wasn’t having none of Don Callis last night:

Maclin is coming soon:

Kojima defeated Deaner: 

This was my first time seeing New Japan Legend Kojima in action last night. This served as more of a tune up match for Kojima before his match with Joe Doering at Against All Odds. Kojima was able to get all of his signature offense in before Eddie Edwards came down to even the odds and allowing Kojima to pick up the win.

Looks like Violent by Design will be using the Freebird Rule:

Sami Callihan defeated Moose via Disqualification:

This was the main event last night. This match was hot right out of the gate as Moose was looking to choke out The Death Machine. Moose continued the onslaught and looked for a cannonball on the outside but crashes s burned against the guardrail. Towards the end of the match Sami would hit the Piledriver but still couldn’t but Moose away. Same IYH Moose as he would hit Go to Hell and could put away Callihan. In the end Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers would make their way to the ring to take out Sami giving him the DQ victory. 

After the match Scott D’Amore announced that Tony Khan will be in the IMPACT Zone next week and we could possibly get a triple threat for the world title at Against All Odds.

It was announced after the show went off the air that a limited number of fans will be in attendance for Slammiversary on July 17th:

More matches were announced for Against All Odds:

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