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Tonight we witnessed the fallout from an unforgettable Slammiversary PPV from this past Saturday. If you missed this past weekend’s show I highly recommend that you take time out of your day to go and watch it. 

Tonight the men and women of the IMPACT roster look to not only deal with the fallout from Slammiversary but also build towards Homecoming on July 31st on IMPACT Plus. 

Here are your Results and Recap of tonight’s show:

Before the Impact:

Trey Miguel and Petey Williams defeated Kal Herro and Tony Gunn


This was the opening match of the night as both guys looked to regain momentum after coming up short in the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary. Before the match we saw a tease of Bey joining the Bullet Club. The crowd was firmly behind Chris Bey in this match but at the beginning we had a stalemate leading to a pinky promise to but each other’s legs down.

Chris Bey defeated Rohit Raju via Art of Finesse:

The match then began to pick up speed but every time that Bey would get some offense Rohit would be right there to shut it down. Rohit was working the crowd for a majority of the match but down the stretch Bey would pick up momentum but Rohit came back to lock in Crossface. In the end Bey would hit The Art of Finesse to pick the win and bounce back from his lost at Slammiversary.

After the match Chris Bey got the offer of a life time but it comes with an expiration date:

It’s safe to say that Don Callis doesn’t like Jay White:

Mickie James is back in the IMPACT Zone to invite Deonna Purrazzo again to NWA Empowerrr. Mickie did apologize but also felt she was right. Deonna told Mickie to apologize and really mean it before she accepts her offer:

IMPACT brought out the big guns to help Mickie seal the deal:

The Drama King is coming to the IMPACT Zone:

Matt Cardona, Chelsea Green and Jake Something defeated Brian Myers, Tenille Dashwood and Sam Beale:

This was the second match of the night as everyone was now involved as we add in Jake Something and Sam Beale. I get why they kept it a mixed tag but this match would’ve been a great addition to the Slammiversary card. This match started off slow as Something and Beale exchanged blows. Once Cardona and Myers tagged into the match momentum shifted in favor of the heels. This was a very quick match as it broke down into chaos leading to the returning Taylor Wilde taking out Kaleb with a K. This would lead to Chelsea Green hitting The Unprettier for the win. 

After the match we see Eddie Edwards challenging W. Morrissey to a Parking Lot Brawl and it was on:

We then go backstage as we learn that Tenille Dashwood has dumped Myers before Homecoming. Myers is now left search for a date to Homecoming.

Jay White is here in the IMPACT Zone:

Is Jay White the REAL Belt Collector?:

Jay White is here for David Finaly of FinJuice:

Jay White is also here to let The Elite know that it’s no longer 2013:

Two Eras of The Bullet Club come head to head:

Jay White reminds Omega how their last encounter went down:

Welcome to the Bullet Club Chris Bey:

The IMPACT World Champion interrupts the X-Division Champion:

The Good Brothers challenge White and Bey to a match:

This was the third match of the night as the returning FinJuice took on Ace and Fulton. Ace Austin was looking to bounce back from his lost in Ultimate X at Slammiversary. A win over NJPW’s FinJuice could shoot them up the tag team ranks and Fulton could avenge his lost from Slammiversary. The match started out slow with a feeling out process but all of that changed when Fulton tagged in. Fulton was able to run roughshod over FinJuice and take control of the match. Momentum of the match was constantly switching back and forth leading to Juice Robinson stacking up Fulton for the win. After the match Ace, Fulton, Shera and Rohit lay waste to FinJuice:

Violent By Design sent a STRONG message to Rich Swann and Willie Mack:

A Slammiversary rematch is set for next week’s main event:

Decay defeated Fire ‘N Flava:

This was the main event match of the night which was also a rematch from Slammiversary. Fire ‘N Flava were looking to regain their Knockouts Tag Team Titles from Decay. Fire ‘N Flava are known for their banter and Hogan looked to use that to get into the head of Decay. Both ladies went back and forth leading to Hogan and Rosemary getting nearfalls on each other. The tone of the match began to change when Havok was tagged into the match. Fire ‘N Flava were able to regain control of the match and had a strangle hold on Decay  more importantly Rosemary. In the end Havok and Rosemary hit a Leg Sweep and Spear combo for the win and retention.

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