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Tonight was the go home show for the IMPACT Plus special Homecoming but we still were hungover from Slammiversary. 

If you couldn’t catch tonight’s show well I brought home a to go box of Results and Recap for ya.

Here are the Full Results and Recap:


This match was the appetizer to the two hour course meal that was IMPACT on AXSTV. This match really was a test for Maclin who has been undefeated and running through opponents since his debut. Spider Trey used all of his spider abilities but the match would spill out to the floor and lead to a double countout. After the match Steve took out his anger and frustration on Miguel some bouncing him all over the ringside area. Steve would then look to take Trey out with a chair but Petey would make the save and the referees had to pull them apart. 


Gia Miller trying to get tonight’s big scoop. Tommy looking for the next challenger for the world title:

The Good Brothers defeated Jay White and Chris Bey:

This match kicked off tonight’s two hour course meal. The leader of the Bullet Club, Jay White made his in ring debut as he stayed off the match with Machine Gun, Karl Anderson. White had early control of the match and on Anderson before tagging out to Bey, who began to pick up some speed until Daddy Dangly, Doc Gallows entered the fray. In the end the recipe stayed the same, a Magic Killer, 1-2-3 and The Good Brothers walk away with the win.

Fallah Bahh and Tasha Steelz are going to Homecoming:

Taylor Wilde defeated Kaleb With a K:

This the second course of the meal as a returning Taylor Wilde takes on Kaleb With a K. This was nothing to really praise about and was just a typical intergender/Kaleb With a K match. The highlight of the match was when Taylor hit a step off apron tornado DDT onto the floor.

 In the end Taylor would hit a German Suplex with a bridge for the win. 

Looks like Chris Bey really needs TWO shots:

The Walking Weapon demanded a challenger and Scott D’Amore was happy to oblige:

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo has a new training partner and is going to Homecoming:

FinJuice, Fallah Bahh and No Way defeated Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju and Shera:

Time for our third course of the night. I hope y’all saved some room as we had two more courses to go. This match was a result of FinJuice picking up the win against Ace and Fulton last week. It also seems like the unholy alliance of Rohit and Ace is lasting BEYOND Slammiversary as they helped in the beat down of FinJuice last week. The two big Hosses of Fallah Bahh and Fulton started off the match leading to EVERYONE on team Fallah taking out the big man. The match then began to break down as everyone was taking out everyone and in the end FinJuice, Fallah and No Way picked up the win. 

Tommy Dreamer told Kenny and Don that the world title will be on the line in two weeks at Emergence: 

Jay White and Chris Bey got the jump on FinJuice:

The Elite Hunter is in the IMPACT Zone:

Tommy Dreamer has the perfect partner in mind for the six man next week:

Kimber’s time has come:

Brian Myers got rejected by Francine for Homecoming:

Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeated Violent By Design:

This was the second to last course of the night as Rich Swann and Willie Mack took on the former tag champs, Violent By Design. VBD did get the jump on Swann and Mack for a few seconds but Mr. All Night Long and Chocolate Thunder was able to regain control. Throughout the break and coming back VBD was in control especially when the Man Beast Rhino tagged into the match. In the end Swann and Willie were able to pick up the win. 

Everyone what their odds were for the Homecoming tournament plus another team was confirmed while another was teased and Morrissey played the role of party pooper: 

Tommy asked Eddie Edwards to do the inevitable next week:

Moose defeated Chris Sabin:

This is our main course of the night. This is a rematch from Slammiversary where Moose is looking to rewrite the winning recipe. Sabin looked to be in control at the onset of the match but the tide began to change when they got to the outside. Moose would swing Sabin head first into the steel steps. Back in the ring it looked to be Sabin’s advantage but Moose put all of that to a halt with a big time dropkick and took back control. I would personally have to say that this match was a thousand times better than their Slammiversary match. In the end Moose was able to hit the Lights Out Spear for the win but Sabin got right back up and a brawl ensued to close the show.

After the show we learned the full Homecoming Tournament Bracket for this Saturday’s Homecoming IMPACT Plus Special:

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