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Tonight we continued to build towards the Impact Plus Special Emergence which takes place on Friday August 20th. Tonight we also had a 20 man Battle Royal to determine the next contender for Kenny Omega’s IMPACT World Title. 

Now it’s time to catch up and recap the events of tonight’s episode. 

Here are the full results and recap:


Tonight we got to get a look at two new wrestlers looking to cut their teeth in IMPACT and earn their spot. The match got off to a good start back and forth which sees Joeasa get the upperhand as he drop kicks Adonis out of the ring. We came back from break and Joeasa was still in control but Adonis was able to bounce back with a little bit of Old School. The then began to slow down a bit but Adonis would come up empty on the Swanton and Joeasa began to capitalize. I wasn’t feeling this match too much but towards the end they really began to peak my interest. In the end Sam Adonis rolled up Joeasa and grabbed the tights for the win. 

Winner: Sam Adonis via Roll Up 


Kenny Omega vs Christian Cage for the IMPACT World Title tomorrow night to open the debut of AEW Rampage:

Tenille Dashwood defeated Taylor Wilde:

This is the first match to kick off the show. Since her return to the IMPACT Zone Taylor Wilde has already beaten Kaleb With a K and now she sets her sights on her nemesis Tenille Dashwood. She is looking to get revenge for Dashwood preventing her from crossing the border. This match started off strong with some great chain wrestling and ultimately ending in a stalemate. Tenille could never seen to get out of the blocks as Taylor looked to have her number. With the help of Kaleb Tenille was able to finally gain control. In the end Madison Rayne made her shocking return to the IMPACT Zone to help Tenille Dashwood pick up the win.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood via The Spotlight 

We then come back from break and hear from some of the competitors in the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal Main Event.

Josh Alexander defeated Daivari: 

This was the second match of the night. Daivari challenged him last week after coming up short in a Number One Contender’s Match. This match kicked off with a bit of chain wrestling and Alexander went right for the Ankle Lock. As the match started to pick up ever so slightly Jake Something, the Number One Contender to Alexander’s title made his presence known as he came out on the ramp. The one thing about Josh Alexander is that he is a MACHINE he just keeps coming and coming at you. Alexander continued his dominance during and after the break but Daivari swung the momentum in his favor when they spilled out to the floor. In the end Josh was able to come back and hit the C4 Spile for the win. After the match Something came down to the ring and took the X-Division Title and had a stare down with Alexander.

Winner: Josh Alexander via C4 Spike

We then hear from the IMPACT roster about who they think will win the IMPACT Title on the debut of Rampage. 

We then hear some comments from The Good Brothers ahead of their tag title defense at Emergence:

Kimber Lee and Su Yung took Kiera Hogan to the Undead Realm: 

Kenny Omega and Don Callis felt like they are being SABOTAGE:

FinJuice defeated Bullet Club via Disqualification:

This is the third match of the night. FinJuice was looking for revenge for the attack on them last week. Finaly was also looking for some momentum heading into his NEVER Openweight title match the Saturday at NJPW Resurgence. David and Jay started off the match and Finaly came in hot bouncing him around the ring and dropkicked him out of the ring. Bullet Club would then regain control but only for a split second as David took out Bey and tagged in Juice. Bey would then capitalize off the distraction from White and Bullet Club regained control. In the end FinJuice would hit The Doomsday Device leading to a DQ as Jay White hit Juice with a steel chair. After the match Jay would drive Finaly face first into the steel chair.

Winners: FinJuice via Disqualification

We then hear from Tasha Steelz about the Fire N Flava split:

Melina will make her IMPACT debut next week:

Christian Cage is looking to end The Belt Collector:

John Skylar defeated Matt Cardona:

Cardona seemed to be in control for a while but once they spilled out to the floor Skylar took control. Cardona regained control but not for long as Shera and Rohit came down to the ring and distracted him which allows John Skylar from my hometown of Columbia South Carolina to pick up the quick win with a roll up. 

Winner: John Skylar via Roll Up

This was the main event a Number One Contender’s Battle Royal to determine a new challenger to the IMPACT World Title. Eddie Edwards was the first one to enter the fray. We come back from break as Moose and Sami enter the crowded ring. As the match got started Morrissey was looking dominant taking out the likes of Hernandez but eventually everyone turned their attention to Morrissey and took him out of the Battle Royal. 

We came back from break and no else has been eliminated yet. Steve Maclin came down to the ring and prevented Petey from hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Sam Beale and eliminated him from the match. Rich Swann eliminated Deaner leading to Deaner who helped Rhino to eliminate Rich 

but Willie got the last laugh as he eliminated Rhino. Fallah Bahh eliminated Fulton who saved Ace. 

Moose then eliminated Fallah Bahh. In the end Brian Myers eliminated both Moose and Chris Sabin to become the Number One Contender. 

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