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This past Saturday The men and women of the IMPACT Roster cordially invited us to bell of the ball as the IMPACT Zone hosted the Homecoming Dance. It was at Homecoming that Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and “The Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt were crowned King and Queen plus Eddie Edwards was able to snap the undefeated streak W. Morrissey in a Hardcore Match.

Now we look towards Emergence on IMPACT Plus this month. The date for this IMPACT Plus special was announced tonight on BTI. 

Here is the official tweet from IMPACT Wrestling:


Crazzy Steve defeated Fallah Bahh:

These two men meet in the Homecoming tournament this past weekend and looked to renew hostilities once more. Steve and Fallah focused on getting the crowd behind them with chants. Fallah told Steve that the power of Christ compiles you and looked for holy water. The match finally got some traction as Steve had the early advantage and dominated. Bahh fought back for a bit getting a nearfall and the crowd is firmly behind Steve and Decay. Steve would eventually get back into the match after biting Fallah Bahh and in the end Steve would hit a jumping DDT for the win. Decay used their intimidation tactics to help Steve pick up the win. 


Chris Bey defeated Juice Robinson:

This was the first match of the night. FinJuice are looking for revenge and retribution after White and Bey viciously attacked them last week. The started off red hot as Bey hit a running dropkick to Juice into the corner. Bey was able to maintain control for quite sometime and sent Juice to the floor. Bey would even transition from being in a delayed vertical position into a sleeper hold. In the end Bey was able to capitalize on the chaos between White and Finaly at ringside to hit the Art of Finesse for the win. After the match Jay gave Bey the seal of approval handing him a Bullet Club shirt. 

Violent By Design want their babies back:

We then hear from Fire N Flava ahead of their tag match: 

We then recapped the events of Homecoming.

Mickie James returned to the IMPACT Zone and announced Deonna’s opponent for NWA Empowerrr:

Taylor Wilde explained her disappearance and challenged Tenille Dashwood to a match next week:

Kimber Lee gave her soul to Su Yung:

Jake Something Became Number One Contender to the X-Division Title:

This was the second match of the night and determined a challenger to the X-Division Championship. This match got off to a fire start and erupted into chaos. Spider Trey was on a roll and hit a neckbreaker through the ropes on Daivari while on the apron Rohit hit Trey with the Mumbai Drive leading to all three who were on the apron get hit with a running crossbody from Jake Something. 

Something maintained control of the ring for a while until Rohit and Daivari put a stop to it. The match then began to pick up some speed as momentum continued to shift. In the end Jake Something hit the Black Hole Slam for the win and is the number one contender to the X-Division Title. 

The line to the X-Division Title is getting a little crowded:

Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering defeated Fire ‘N Flava:

This is the third match of the night as Fire N Flava look to get back on track after coming up short TWICE against new champions Decay. Fire N Flava looked to get the jump on their opponents here but Grace and Ellering were having none of it. They quickly used their power early on and dominated the match. Fire N Flava were able to turn things around for a while when Kiera was tagged in. They used what brought them to the dance already which is their speed and mind games. In the end Grace and Ellering got back in the bike and took out Tasha and hit their finisher on Kiera to pick up the win. 

After the match someone hit the ring and took out Kiera Hogan. The new Knockout looks to be aligned with Tasha. Fire N Flava are done. 

We then hear comments from The Elite Hunter ahead of the six man tag main event:

Tag Title Match is now a three way:

Steve Maclin defeated Jah-C:

This was the fourth match of the night and was just another squash match. After the match Maclin looked to attack Jah-C with a chair but Petey makes the save.

Welcome to another edition of All About Me:

Moose and Sabin are in the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal next week:

This was the main event of the night. This match got off to a hot start with everyone pairing off with a member of The Elite. The action spilled out to the floor but Sami was able to bring Kenny back into the ring and the bell finally ranged. Sami took it to Kenny but would eventually tag out to The Elite Hunter and continued the assault and momentum. The tide would eventually turn in favor of The Elite. The momentum swung back and forth for a minute but The Elite regained control and began working over Eddie Edwards. Eddie would fight back leading to a one on one encounter with Kenny and Sami. 

In the end Sami Callihan hit a piledriver to Kenny on the apron while Eddie hit a Boston Knee Party to Karl Anderson for the win. 

After the match W. Morrissey blindsided Eddie and hit him with a Powerbomb to close the show. 

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