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Tonight was the final stop before Slammiversary. We are just two sleeps away from our world changing FOREVER.

Here are the Full Results and Recap of the Slammiversary Go Home Show:

The action kicked off on Before the IMPACT as Chris Sabin went one on one with the owner of Swinger’s Palace, Johnny Swinger.

Chris Sabin defeated Johnny Swinger:

This was tonight’s BTI exclusive match. Swinger was looking to get revenge on Sabin for destroying Swinger’s Palace when he and Moose got into a brawl. Sabin was also looking for momentum ahead of his grudge match against Moose at Slammiversary. Sabin was able to overcome all the tricks, Swinger hiding behind the Swingerellas plus Hernandez and was able to pick up the win and momentum heading into Slammiversary. 

Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering defeated Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K:

This was the first match of the night. This match came about when Tenille attacked Momma Jazz last week on her show “All About Me.” This angered Jordynne and Rachel who challenged them to a tag match. This match was a great and solid opener and would’ve made a great addition to the Slammiversary card. Grace and Ellering have been saying for the past two weeks that they are back on the same page and they proved it tonight. Not only did they pick up the win but debuted a sick new finisher. 

After the match we went into a video package hyping the main event of Slammiversary, Sami Callihan vs Kenny Omega in a No DQ match for the IMPACT World Title:

We then took a look at the reigns of The Virtuosa, Deonna Purrazzo heading into her title defense at Slammiversary:

Deonna Purrazzo signs her contract and more tease for her mystery opponent and other signees:

Havok defeated Tasha Steelz:

This was the second match of the night with Slammiversary implications. Rosemary and Havok will challenge Fire ‘N Flava for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship and each of this Knockouts were looking for momentum ahead of the title match. Tasha wanted no part of Havok and looked to walk away but bumped into the Demon Assassin, Rosemary. Tasha would eventually have to reentering the ring and face Havok as Kiera was shouting words of encouragement. Havok seemed to be in control in the beginning of the match and using the intimidation factor but Tasha would use her speed to gain control. In the end Havok was able to use her power to regain control and hit a Tombstone Piledriver for the win and momentum heading into Slammiversary.

We then take a look at the UNSTOPPABLE force W. Morrissey since coming to IMPACT ahead of his match at Slammiversary:

It seems like Susan has known about Su Yung this entire time:

Steve Maclin defeated Kal Herro:

This was another squash match to put over the pure strength and dominant force that is Steve Maclin. 

After the match Maclin got on the mic and said that he done waiting. 

After the match we see Rosemary proposing a bonding exercise with Havok and Father James Mitchell will help them with this exercise:

We then take a look at the history of the Ultimate X match ahead of the return of the death defying match at Slammiversary this Saturday:

Josh Alexander, Trey Miguel, Petey Williams and Chris Bey defeated Ace Austin, Rohit Raju, Madman Fulton and Shera:

This is a HUGE eight man tag team match with Slammiversary implications. Everyone in this match but Madman Fulton and Shera are in the Ultimate X match for the X-Division Title this Saturday at Slammiversary. This is all about soften off their opponents ahead of the match. For weeks now it has been the good guys against the bad guys as Ace and Rohit along with their monsters have teamed up to give them an advantage in Ultimate X. This match was fast and furious as usual when it comes to the X-Division. The match would eventually break down into complete chaos as everyone was taking out everyone Chris Bey picking up the surprising win. After the match we had gang warfare but Chris Bey was able to take out not only Fulton but Shera with a steel chair. Chris Bey has also chosen a new side, Team Bey. 

Myers looked to re-enlist the services of Hernandez who turns him down. But it seems that he has found someone else to fix his Cardona problem:

Brian Myers tells Jake Something that he is a Professional but a brawl ensued but being the professional that he is Myers had a backup plan:

Slammiversary is shaping up to be a hot mess:

We then take a look at the grudge match between Moose and Chris Sabin at Slammiversary:

Moose defeated Hernandez:

This was a quick and decisive match that did no favors for Hernandez. In less than five minutes Moose hit the Lights Out Spear for the win. After the match Sabin made the save for Hernandez.

We then hear from Don Callis and Kenny Omega ahead of the No DQ IMPACT World Championship match

Joe Doering defeated Willie Mack, Fallah Bahh and Doc Gallows:

Time for the Battle of the Hosses. Last week their partners faced off and Karl Anderson picked up the win and momentum for The Good Brothers. Tonight can Doc Gallows make it a clean sweep as he faces Joe Doering, Fallah Bahh and Willie Mack. Befor this match got underway we got a face to face stare down between Doc Gallows and Joe Doering. This match lived up to the hype and we got nothing but hard hitting and stiff shots. This match went all over the ring and ringside area as Gallows went after Fallah and Doering after Mack. Gallows and Doering would then trade opponents. In the end Joe Doering hit a short arm clothesline on Fallah Bahh to pick up the win and momentum for Violent By Design heading into Slammiversary.

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