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Tonight the road to victory is a tremulous and painful. Tonight tag team action is on full display as we have three tag matches, personal scores will be settled and three titles are on the line. 

Here is everything advertised for tonight’s show:

Preview (via IMPACT) - At Emergence, Christian Cage successfully defended his newly won IMPACT World Title against “The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers. But there’s no rest for the weary as “The Instant Classic” must now turn his attention towards his next title defense at Victory Road! Earlier in the night, Ace Austin pulled out the hard-fought victory over three of IMPACT’s top stars, Moose, Sami Callihan and Chris Sabin, in what was an edge-of-your-seat #1 Contenders match. With a coveted IMPACT World Title opportunity in his possession, Ace Austin will stop at nothing to claim the throne. Can Christian Cage continue his earth-shattering title reign or will Ace Austin prove that a new IMPACT World Champion is “Inevitable”?

Preview (via IMPACT) - Since winning the X-Division Championship in April, Josh Alexander has conquered each and every competitor that has stepped up to challenge him. As he looks to cement his legacy as the greatest X-Division Champion of all time, Alexander issued an open challenge to any former X-Division champ. Following a successful title defense over Jake Crist, Alexander was then confronted by possibly the most highly-acclaimed X-Division star in IMPACT history, Chris Sabin. While Sabin praised Alexander’s incredible in-ring ability, he made it clear that as a former 8-time X-Division Champion, Alexander cannot call himself the best until he defeats him. With that, the high-stakes match was made and Josh Alexander will defend the X-Division Title against Chris Sabin at Victory Road!

Preview (via IMPACT) - Do bitter enemies make better partners? Find out at Victory Road when Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan team up against the unstoppable alliance of Moose and W. Morrissey! After Moose targeted Sami Callihan, it was perhaps his greatest rival, Eddie Edwards, who came to his aid. One week later, Callihan returned the favor as Edwards was on the receiving end of a two-on-one beatdown from IMPACT’s most powerful new duo. But despite their success, Edwards made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Callihan moving forward. Things changed when Callihan came to the aid of Eddie’s wife, Alisha Edwards and the world witnessed the impossible – Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan fighting alongside one another. Brace yourself for this star-studded tag team collision at Victory Road!

Preview (via IMPACT) - David Finlay and Juice Robinson take on Chris Bey and Hikuleo as the battle between FinJuice and the Bullet Club continues! During the singles rematch between David Finlay and Chris Bey on IMPACT!, Juice Robinson made his shocking return after being taken out of action by a mystery attacker. But his return was upstaged by the massive IMPACT debut of the Bullet Club’s Hikuleo. Will FinJuice successfully push back the invading Bullet Club or will Hikuleo’s destruction lead him and Chris Bey to a huge victory? One thing is for certain, these two teams will stop at nothing to gain the upper-hand in this epic war!

Preview (via IMPACT) - Since joining forces with Savannah Evans, Tasha Steelz has made it her goal to reclaim the Knockouts Tag Team Championships – by any means necessary. At Victory Road, she’ll have the chance to do just that when she and Savannah Evans challenge the reigning champions, Havok and Rosemary! After Tasha was defeated by Rosemary on IMPACT!, Evans distracted Decay,allowing her partner to escape the IMPACT Zone with the Knockouts gold in her possession. While they may not be the actual champions, could this mind game be enough to swing momentum in their favor when they battle Decay with the titles on the line?

Preview (via IMPACT) - The IMPACT World Tag Team Titles are on the line at Victory Road! After Rich Swann and Willie Mack defeated The Good Brothers in a non-title match, the reigning champs attempted to eliminate the threat by putting Willie Mack through a table. While the attack may have sent Willie to the hospital, it didn’t keep him down for good! After Willie made his return and joined Rich Swann in a vengeful attack on Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore granted them their rightful title shot this Saturday night! Will we see new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions crowned on the road to Bound For Glory?

Preview (via IMPACT) - Did Rohit Raju go too far when he took Chelsea Green out of action with a devastating Tiger Knee? matt Cardona certainly thinks so. Following their tag team match that saw Rohit and Shera defeat Cardona and Chelsea, “The Desi Hitman” sarcastically apologized for his actions, further enraging an already angry Cardona. One week later, Cardona would retaliate by attacking Rohit in the parking lot, leading to a wall-to-wall brawl that had to be broken up by security. This Saturday at Victory Road, Cardona has his chance at revenge when he takes on Rohit in a No DQ match!

Preview (via IMPACT) - Taylor Wilde finally has the opportunity to take out the person responsible for costing her months of in-ring competition when she battles Tenille Dashwood this Saturday! It all started when Tenille had Kaleb With a K report Taylor to border security, preventing the Canadian from entering the United States to compete at IMPACT Wrestling. When Taylor made her valiant return, she was met with a blindside attack at the hands of The Influence. But now, Taylor has backup in the former Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering! Will Taylor Wilde prove that Tenille Dashwood isn’t able to defeat her on her own? We find out at Victory Road.

Preview (via IMPACT) - As Steve Maclin’s path of destruction reaches new levels of violence, he faces his toughest challenge yet in the form of not one but two opponents, Tjp and Petey Williams! After TJP ensured that Maclin defeated Petey in their Emergence rematch, the X-Division standouts squared off in singles action. But when Petey was victorious, there was no time to celebrate as Maclin demolished both men with a brutal post-match attack. Only one thing can be guaranteed when these three rivals step into the squared circle at Victory Road – total, utter mayhem!

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