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Tonight Impact Wrestling held this month’s Impact Plus special, Victory Road on Impact Plus and YouTube Ultimate Insiders. 

Four titles were on the line tonight and a bombshell was dropped to close the show. 

If you made a wrong turn on the path to Victory Road. Have no fear as I have a shortcut to victory.

Here are the full results: 

Steve Maclin defeated TJP and Petey Williams:

This match kicked off the show tonight and was a fast and furious car wreck. For the weeks leading to Victory Road both TJP and Maclin seem to have it out for the originator of the Canadian Destroyer. In the end everyone hit their finishers on each other leading Maclin to pick up the win.

Laredo Kid defeated John Skylar, Jake Something, Trey Miguel and Black Taurus:

This was a special bonus match for the show. This was another showcase of the X-Division as the match was action packed. Magic was created between Laredo Kid and Black Taurus plus Jake Something put on a HUGE display of strength chokeslaming Kid into Miguel. 

In the end Kid was able to hit a belly to belly moonsault on John Skylar for the win. 

Taylor Wilde defeated Tenille Dashwood:

Since her return to Impact Wrestling back in April Tenille Dashwood has been a thorn in Taylor Wilde’s side. Tonight they settled the age old score. The match began with a feeling out process but Wilde picked up the pace a bit. As the match progressed chaos ensued at ringside leading to everyone being ejected and in the end Wilde was able to avoid The Spotlight and hit a German Suplex for the win. 

After the match we went backstage to learn that Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan are the gatekeepers of Impact:

Matt Cardona defeated Rohit Raju:

Victory Road took things to the EXTREME in this grudge match. Cardona was out for blood since Rohit took out his fiancée, Chelsea Green. Cardona blindsided Raju during his entrance but the numbers quickly turned against him as Shera gave Rohit the upperhand. After multiple steel chairs and a trash can Cardona was able to hit Radio Silence for the win. Chelsea Green would then return to get some revenge on Rohit. 

Bullet Club defeated FinJuice:

The saga that is Bullet Club vs FinnJuice continued tonight as the big man of the club, Hikuleo teamed up with Chris Chris Bey to take on FinJuice. Juice can in with a bullseye as The Bullet Club targeted the injured leg which occurred last week. The match gained some steam as Finaly was tagged into the match. He was quickly squash by the giant, Hikuleo with a HUGE powerslam. Hikuleo was able to secure the victory as he hit a MASSIVE sitdown slam. 

Moose and W. Morrissey defeated Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan:

The enemy of my enemy is my friend and who needs friends when you have an alliance. The self proclaimed Impact Gatekeepers got off to hot start but their fire was quickly extinguished when they ran into the brick wall that is W. Morrissey. The tides were shifting back and forth and Eddie even took a page out of The Death Machine’s playbook and hit a Piledriver on Moose. Morrissey up the ante and powerbombed Alisha Edwards through the ring 

allowing Moose to hit the Lights Out spear on Sami go the win. 

Decay defeated Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans:

This was the first title match of the night and it was for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Since the split of Fire N Flava Tasha Steelz thought she found the perfect replacement and muscle to handle the monster that is Havok. Tonight Decay was out for blood and their titles as they had been stolen by Tasha. To start the match it was the immovable force against the immovable object. Decay was in control for most of the match as Steelz and Evans was fighting from behind since the get go. In the end Rosemary hits the mist on Savannah leading to Havok hitting the tombstone piledriver on Tasha to retain the gold. 

The Good Brothers defeated Rich Swann and Willie Mack:

This was the second and back to back championship match of the night. Swann and Mack are not only out for gold but also revenge. The Brothers took out Willie and nearly decimated Swann in Bunkhouse Brawl. Swann and Mack came out swinging but were quickly put in their place by The Good Brothers. They dominated majority of the match but Willie was able to turn the tide but in the end Anderson hits a Gun Stun followed by The Magic Killer for the win as they retain the gold. 

Josh Alexander defeated Chris Sabin:

This was a high stakes X-Division Championship match as a lot was riding on the line. Josh Alexander was looking to cement himself as one of the greatest X-Division Champions of all time while Sabin was looking to break his record and go for lucky number nine. This kicked off into high gear as Sabin looked to use his speed to his advantage. Alexander was able to hang in and took control with an ankle lock. Alexander went for a high risk moonsault but no water was in the pool. In the end Alexander was able to rally back to retain the gold with the C4 Spike.

Christian Cage defeated Ace Austin:

This was the main event of Victory Road. Last month at the Impact Plus Emergence special Ace won a fatal four way to become the number one contender. Tonight The Ace of WrestleDeck looked to become the youngest Impact World Champion in company history. Once the bell rings the match was all Cage gaining a nearfall. As Cage was firmly in control of the match Ace had a trick up his sleeve in the form of Madman Fulton which allowed Ace to gain control. Fulton would again get involved in the match but this time he would get caught and ejected from ringside. Cage looked to have the match in the bag after hitting a spear but came up short. Fulton would return to ringside and attack Cage but in the end Cage would hit The Killswitch to retain the gold. After the match Josh Alexander came to the ring and shocked the world by enacting Option C and will give up the X-Division Title to challenge for World Title at Bound For Glory. 

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