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This Friday at 7pm eastern standard time, Impact Wrestling presents Emergence, a show that sees a few stars from TNA's past interacting with the wrestlers of the current roster and a number of matches that look on paper to be 'Match of The Year' quality.

As you can tell from the title of this article, I'll be giving my thoughts on who will win their respective matches at Emergence and why; So with that all said, let's get into it...


Tasha, Savannah, Fallah & No Way vs. Decay

Since losing the Knockout tag team titles back at Slammiversary to Decay, Tasha Steelz has found a new partner in Savannah Evans who has already be a very affective equalizer as evident by Tasha's victory over Havok on this week's edition of BTI.

Fallah Bahh, who also has a new partner in No Way has teamed with Tasha once again and her new muscle to take on the sick and sadistic group currently holding the KO tag team titles

Prediction: Decay Wins

This one is a tough to predict but I'll go with Decay as either Fallah or No Way can take the pin thus keeping Tasha and Savannah protected and it make Decay look strong as they'll be picking up the win.


Rohit Raju vs. Matt Cardona

Following his loss in the number one contender's X Division title match, Rohit Raju had a heated exchange with Matt Cardona which led to their respective parties coming in to try and break things up.

After an upset loss to journeyman wrestler John Skyler (thanks to Rohit) and beating Shera on this week's episode of Impact, Cardona it set to face off against the former X Division Champion this Friday.

Prediction: Rohit Raju Wins

Cardona picked the victory on last night's episode of Impact and as so often happens in wrestling the person who wins a match leading into a major bout on pay per view (or this case Impact Plus) is the one who often loses said match, plus Rohit hasn't had a major victory in quite sometime and that is why I think Rohit will win.


Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams

Steve Maclin nicknamed 'Mr. Mayhem' has been on a path of destruction since arriving in Impact Wrestling and has remained undefeated in the process. 

On an episode of Behind The Impact (BTI) Maclin took on Trey Miguel in a match that ended in a double countout but is best remembered for Petey Williams saving Trey from getting hit with a steel chair which led to a huge brawl between the Petey and Maclin.

Soon after that, Maclin would attack Petey following the latter's participation in the intergender tag team tournament at Homecoming and the animosity has continued to build between Petey and Maclin , so much that it's resulted in this match taking place.

Prediction: Steve Maclin Wins

This one is pretty easy to predict, Maclin has been so dominate up to this point, why end the streak now especially when Maclin's first loss in Impact could be beneficial for another wrestler on the roster who could use the rub. So in my opinion, Maclin defeats Petey Williams.


Madison Rayne vs. Taylor Wilde

We must of gone back into a time machine because it's a TNA match from 2009 taking place in 2021.

After her surprise return and assist to Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne announced that she'll be facing off against an old foe and former Knockouts Champion at Emergence.

Prediction: Madison Rayne Wins

This partnership or whatever it is that is going on with Tenille and Madison just got restarted and this is Rayne' first match since her "Retirement" plus with Tenille and Kaleb at ringside, you know shenanigan's are going to happen and it will most likely led to Madison picking up the win.



Jake Something vs. Josh Alexander For The X Division Championship

After winning a number one contender's match a few weeks ago on Impact, Jake Something has earned the right to face "The Walking Weapon" Josh Alexander for the X Division Championship at Emergence with both men somewhat similar in that their big, freakishly strong and very agile for men of their size.

Prediction: Josh Alexander Retains The X Division Title

In my opinion, Josh Alexander's reign as X Division Champion still has more to give before it comes to an end and quite frankly I don't see Josh losing the title at Emergence.


VBD vs. The Good Brothers vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack For The Impact World Tag Team Championships

After reclaiming the tag team titles back at Slammiversary, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows aka 'The Good Brothers have been on a roll both on Impact and AEW and at Emergence they are schedule to defend their titles against two members of Violent By Design (who invoked their rematch clauses to get this shot) and the team of Rich Swann and Willie Mack (who got their shot thanks to Impact's EVP, Scott D'Amore).

Prediction: The Good Brothers Retain The Impact Tag Team Titles

Both Gallows and Anderson just won the tag team titles not too long ago so what exactly would be the reason for them to drop the belts now especially when one of those teams (Swann and Mack) could have gotten the belts at Slammiversary instead of waiting until now to make this happen; Plus it won't make any sense for VBD to lose the belts at Slammiversary and then get them back just a few weeks later.

So that's why I say the Good Brother will retain.



Deonna Purrazzo & Mathew Rehwoldt vs. Trey Miguel & Melina

With their highly anticipated match at NWA Empowerr just on the horizon, the reigning Knockouts Champion and Homecoming Queen, Deonna Purrazzo will team with his king...The Drama King Mathew Rehwoldt against the team of Melina and Trey Miguel, who a backstage interaction on this week's go home episode

Prediction: Trey Miguel and Melina Wins

It is likely that the Drama King would be the one to eat a pin fall or submission loss to Trey Miguel thereby making him and Melina look strong and giving the latter some momentum into her match Purrazzo plus this also protects Deonna as she isn't the one getting pinned or submitted. 


Moose vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sami Callihan vs. Ace Austin In A Number One Contender's Match

Announced days earlier via Impact's Twitter account, the last four wrestlers to be eliminated from the number one contender's battle royal: Moose, Ace Austin, Sami Callihan and Chris Sabin will be facing off against each other at Emergence to see who will be the new number one contender for the Impact Wrestling World Title.

Prediction: Ace Austin Becomes The New Number One Contender 

The idea of either Moose or Callihan getting a shot at the world title later on around Bound For Glory would seem more likely and I don't think Sabin will be getting it despite the impressive work his been showing the upper mid card, Therefore I think Ace Austin will be the one to become the next contender.

The reason being that Ace is the one who will most benefit from working with Christian in a major world title match out of all the four competitors in the match, even though I don't see Ace walking away with the belt if he does face Cage for the belt.


Brian Myers vs. Christian Cage For The Impact World Championship

"The Most Professional Wrestler" Brian Myers shocked everyone when he came out victorious in the battle royal and became the new number one contender for the world title and following the events of the premiere episode of AEW Rampage, Christian Cage defeated Kenny Omega to become the new TNA/Impact World Champion.

Prediction: Christian Cage Retains the Impact World Title

I mean does this one really need any explanation...Christian just won the belt a week or two ago and the much like when I talked about Maclin suffering his first loss, If Christian is going to lose the belt, it needs to be someone who really needs the rub of not only beating Christian Cage but also becoming champion and sadly in my opinion I don't see that happening for Myers.

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