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The eyes of the wrestling world will be on Impact Wrestling as Rebellion will be airing live on pay per view, the Impact Plus App, FITE TV and PlayStation On April 25th at 8pm eastern. 

With so many twist and turns and special appearances leading into this major event, allow me to give you the rundown for Impact Wrestling's 2021 Rebellion PPV Card while at the same time giving you my predictions on who I think will win on April 25th and why...So with that all said, let's get into it.


Fire N' Flava vs. Jordynne Grace and Rachael  Ellering For The Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships

Former WWE Women's Champion, Jazz gave her farewell speech on the April 15th episode of Impact following her loss to Deonna Purrazzo at Hardcore Justice; While giving the speech Jazz along with her tag team partner, Jordynne Grace was interrupted by Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz who went on to disrespect the legendary pro wrestler but this would lead to an impromptu tag team match which saw Jazz and Grace picking up the win.

Scott D'Amore would give Jordynne Grace a shot at the tag team titles but since Jazz was leaving Impact per the stipulation of her match at Hardcore Justice, Grace would need to find a new partner and she got that in the form of a returning second generation wrestler, Rachael Ellering who came out and saved Grace from a beat down by the champions

Predictions: Fire N' Flava Retain The Knockouts Tag Team Titles

While the team of Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace look like an interesting duo, they really haven't built any real dynamic as a tag team and the idea that Impact will put the belts on a recently put together team seems unlikely.

That is why I think Fire N' Flava will be looking to put the exclamation point or rather period on this match and retain the gold.



Violent By Design vs. Eddie Edwards, Willie Mack, Chris Sabin and James Storm

Violent By Design have been leaving a trail of destruction since their formation but they've also made some enemies along the way; Former X Division and Impact World Champions: Willie Mack, Chris Sabin, James Storm and Eddie Edwards are looking to get some payback on VBD following the loses that occurred at Hard To Kill and Hardcore Justice and the assault Violent By Design gave 'Wildcat Chris Harris' on an episode of Impact.

Predictions: Edwards, Mack, Sabin and Storm Win

With the news that Eric Young suffered an tore ACL in the previous tapings, it's very possible that EY will either be replaced by someone who will be a new member of VBD or he'll be doing a small amount wrestling while relying on his partners to win the match.

But considering that Eric Young picked up the win on Eddie Edwards on the Go Home episode of Impact, I think the babyfaces are going to pick up the win in this match.


TJP vs. Ace Austin w/Madman Fulton vs. Josh Alexander For The X Division Championship  

The X Division has been on a roll for much of 2021 and the reigning X Division Champion is one of the reasons for that.

Since winning the Super X Cup Tournament and later winning the title upon his return to the division, Ace Austin along with his monster/tag team partner Madman Fulton have been making their presence felt.

Former Tag Team Champion, Josh Alexander is looking to take the next step in his career by moving away from the tag division into Impact's high flying X division, which his done remarkably well thanks to his matches with Ace Austin and former X Division Champion, TJP who much like Alexander is looking to take the title away from the man formerly nicknamed 'The One True Ace'.

Predictions: Josh Alexander Becomes The New X Division Champion

I had a tough time choosing between Austin and Alexander for this match as I could see either one of those two walking out victorious (sorry TJP).

If I had to chose, I'm gonna go bold and predict that 'The Walking Weapon' Josh Alexander will become the new Impact Wrestling X Division Champion.


Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona

Former best friends turn bitter enemies...

The self described 'Most Professional Wrestler' Brian Myers has been looking to start a new chapter in his career however his managed to encounter a familiar face from his past in Matt Cardona.

Since his arrival to Impact back at Hard To Kill, Cardona has slowly become a fan favorite and has made things pretty good for himself in his short time with the company, but his former tag team partner is under the belief that Cardona is here to steal the spotlight from him and after months of backstage segments and a few interactions in the form of tag team matches and run-ins, a challenge was made by Cardona for Myers and himself to face off and Myers accepted and said that the match would happen at Rebellion.

Predictions: Matt Cardona Wins

While I believe this feud will go on a little while longer, I do have a feeling that the former Zack Ryder will be picking up the win in this match at Rebellion, with Myers getting his win back on an episode of Impact.


Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel: Last Man Standing Match

Who knew you could make a wrestling feud simply from a comment made by a former WWE Champion, well apparently Impact Wrestling can...

Upon returning to Impact in early 2021, Trey Miguel has become more intense than his ever been before and it's that same intensity and talent that has led to Sami Callihan trying to recruit Trey as tag team partner or more specifically an apprentice.

After weeks of reminding Trey that he doesn't have 'the passion for this business' (something Triple H mentioned in an interview when talking about Miguel), Sami would go on and attack Trey after the latter refused the formers offer to be partners and this would lead to both men facing off in a last man standing match.

Predictions: Trey Miguel Wins

This bout is a must win for Trey Miguel in my opinion due to the fact that this high profiled match is coming a month or so after his return and if the company is looking to make Trey a future star in the business then I think this would be the match to make that happen.

Plus, the last couple of years have shown that Sami can lose some high profiled matches and still be over with the majority of fans.


Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb With A K vs. Deonna Purrazzo For The Knockouts Championship

The Virtuosa has been dominate since regaining the Knockouts Championship at Turning Point 2020 where she's defeated names like Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie, ODB and most recently Jazz at Hardcore Justice.

On that very same event Impact's resident Aussie and social media influencer, Tenille Dashwood shocked everyone and became the new number one contender after winning a multi women hardcore match; In the weeks that followed Dashwood has been building some momentum going into her match and looks to finally be the one to dethrone 'The Iron Lady Of Impact Wrestling'.

Predictions: Deonna Purrazzo Retains The Knockouts Championship

The idea of Dashwood surprising everyone and becoming the new Knockouts Champion would be something but I don't think that Deonna Purrazzo will be losing that Knockouts Championship any time soon.


The Good Brothers vs. Finjuice For The Impact World Tag Team Championship

At the Sacrifice event, David Finlay and Juice Robinson also known as Finjuice shocked everyone by defeating Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows aka The Good Brothers for the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Titles.

While Finjuice have been wrestling for New Japan, The Good Bros have been defeating teams like Triple XL and Decay and on the go home episode of Impact, Gallows and Anderson look determined to become the tag champions once again.

Predictions: Finjuice Retain The Tag Team Titles

I'm not too much of a fan of wrestlers hot potatoing championships especially if there's no need for it and that's my feel on this match as Finjuice recently won the titles and having the belts on them could do great things for Impact in terms of getting the brands name back out there in the minds of NJPW fans who've been jaded from Impact thanks to decisions made during their first partnership with New Japan.

So that's why I think Finjuice will walk away still as the tag team champions


Rich Swann vs. Kenny Omega For The Impact Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling World Championships

Now it's time to talk about the main event!!!

Much like David Finlay and Juice Robinson, Rich Swann shocked everyone when he defeated Moose to not only win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship but becoming the Unified Impact World Champion.

Per the stipulation of the match, Swann would go on to challenge Kenny Omega at Rebellion with the Impact and All Elite Wrestling Titles both on the line.

In the weeks following Sacrifice, Omega and Don Callis have been trying to get into the head of Rich Swann but the current Impact Champion has tried his best to not let this get to him; On the Go Home episode of Impact, the majority of the locker room including a returning Moose are hoping that Rich Swann walks away victorious but the self proclaimed 'God of Professional Wrestling' is looking to add the Impact and TNA World Titles to his collection of Championships. 

Predictions: Rich Swann Retains The Impact World Title and Wins The AEW World Championship

First and foremost, let me just say that I really hope we don't get a convoluted and screwy finish to this match.

Second of all, I could easily see Omega walking out with TNA and Impact titles as it would make sense from a business and social media buzz perspective.

However for my predictions, I'm going to go against all of that and I'm stay loyal to the brand and chose Rich Swann to walk out victorious.

If Omega wins, I wouldn't be surprised but I also would like to see Swann pull off the biggest upset in modern wrestling history and end Rebellion not just as the reigning Impact Unified World Champion but also as the new All Elite Wrestling World Champion.

So Who Do You Think Will Their Respective Matches At Rebellion? Be sure to let me know and If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow, Wrestling New World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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