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Following the events of the historic Rebellion pay per view in April, the landscape in Impact Wrestling has changed just a little bit and as such the road to Slammiversary is beginning to shape up with the first stop being the newest Impact Plus Special, Under Siege.

Airing on May 15th exclusively on their app, Impact has managed to build quite a card for the new Impact Plus Special in only a matter of weeks and in this article I will be giving you my predictions on who I think will win and why.


Austin & Fulton vs. TJP & Williams vs. XXXL vs. Rohit & Shera In A Number One Contenders Tag Team Match

Following the events of the number one contenders match for the X Division Championship (more on that in a few minutes), a backstage segment regarding the losers of that contender's match all appeared in Swinger's Palace where they argued over who should be next in line for a shot at Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles.

By the end of the night, a match was made official on Impact Wrestling's Twitter account with XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romero) taking on Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju and Shera and the makeshift team on TJP and Petey Williams for a shot at the tag team titles later down the road.

Predictions: Ace Austin and Madman Fulton win

So this one was kind of hard to predict as three of the four teams involved I could see challenging for the tag team titles but I had chosen one I would go for Ace and Fulton due to the fact that seeing those two take on FinJuice would be an amazing contest for the tag titles and I could see them possible taking the belts of Finlay and Robinson out of all of the other teams in this match.


Kimber Lee and Susan vs. Taylor Wilde and Tenille Dashwood

After the follow out from the Kimber Lee/ Taylor Wilde match on the previous week on Impact, Susan did what all Karen's do and that's speaking to the manager or in this case the coach, Coach Scott D'Amore that is.

Susan, who was accompanied by Kimber Lee in Scott's office showed footage of the match between Wilde and Kimber which led to Susan asking for a tag match between herself and Lee against Tenille Dashwood and Taylor Wilde.

Predictions: Tenille and Taylor Win

The match itself I believe will be a good one but will continue on building up the storylines regard the "partnership" between Tenille Dashwood and Taylor Wilde as well as the possibly division's going on between Kimber, Susan and Deonna.

Also becomes I think a win between Dashwood and Wilde will help in revealing who will be winning the Knockouts title match, but more on that later.


Brian Myers vs. Black Taurus

A week after losing in a qualifying match to his former tag team partner on an episode of Impact, Brian Myers was seen in the backstage area when he was confronted by 'The Demon Assassin' Rosemary who read Myers his fortune via tarot cards. 

Refusing to believe what the former Knockouts Champion was telling him, he was then hit with a thunderous headbutt by Black Taurus; Soon the rest of Decay would come together and revealed Myers' fortune again with a tarot card that symbolizes death.

Predictions: Black Taurus Wins

Since Hardcore Justice, Black Taurus and the rest of Decay haven't been getting much victories, so this match could be a perfect way to turn things around for the group.


W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack

Since his debut at Rebellion, W. Morrissey (formerly Big Cass in the WWE) has been filling the Impact Locker with an aura of intensity that is very prevalent in his promos and his matches.

One person who has caught Morrissey's eye in the last couple of weeks is Willie Mack as the former X Division Champion was the man who got pinned in the eight man tag team match win Morrissey picking up the victory; In a backstage segment, Willie issued a challenge to face the big man to a match at Under Siege which was soon made official via the Impact Wrestling website and social media accounts.

Predictions: W. Morrissey Wins

This one is pretty obvious, Morrissey just debuted for the company a couple of weeks ago and Impact seems to have big plans for the wrestler formerly known as Big Cass so it makes sense for him to pick up the victory, plus Willie Mack isn't doing anything else right now so Morrissey picking up the win in this match seems like a foregone conclusion. 


Jessicka Havok vs. Deonna Purrazzo For The Knockouts Championship

'The Virtuosa' Deonna Purrazzo has been dealing with a number of issue as of late; She's had to deal with a returning Taylor Wilde who is looking to face Purrazzo somewhere down the line, rumors of dodging Wilde which has led to some speculating divisions between the champion and her associates: Kimber Lee and Susan and to top it all off, she also has some challengers looking for a shot at her title.

One of them is (in theory) the previously mentioned Taylor Wilde, there's also Rosemary who fought Deonna for the title back at Final Resolution 2020 and finally Jessicka Havok, the former Knockouts Champion and someone Deonna hasn't beaten. After defeating Rosemary on the go home episode of Impact before Under Siege, Havok became the new number one contender and even dropped Deonna Purrazzo with a tombstone piledriver following an attack by the champion after the match.

Predictions: Deonna Purrazzo Retains The Knockouts Championship

As much as I would like to see Jessicka Havok become Knockouts Champion again, the big idea most Impact fans (myself include) see is that Deonna will continue to retain her title up until Slammiversary where Taylor Wilde will face Deonna and become the new Knockouts Champion.

So with all of that being said, it doesn't look like Havok will be victorious; She could win the match via DQ or Countout mostly due to Deonna and her associates but I don't see Havok walking away with the Knockouts Title.


El Phantasmo vs. Josh Alexander For The X Division Championship

Since his debut on Impact a few weeks ago, New Japan wrestler and member of the Bullet Club, El Phantasmo has been impressive in his matches thanks to his athleticism and high flying skills; After winning the number one contender's X Division title match on the go home episode of Impact, Phantasmo is set to take on Josh Alexander for the X Division Championship.

Predictions: Josh Alexander Retains The X Division Championship

The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander recently just won the X Division title at Rebellion so it would make little sense to take the belt off of him this soon, especially against someone who's only had two matches on Impact.

I expect this match to be Match of the Night as well as successful title defense for Josh Alexander.


Fire N' Flava vs. Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering For The Knockouts Tag Team Championship

In one of the biggest surprises of the night, Jordynne Grace (who recently re-signed with Impact) and Rachael Ellering defeated the team of Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz aka Fire N' Flava to become the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions at Rebellion.

In the weeks since Rebellion both teams have faced off against each other via singles matches and at Under Siege the rematch will be taking place with Kiera and Tasha looking to prove that their lost the previous month was a fluke.

Predictions: Grace and Ellering Retain The Knockouts Tag Team Titles

Both Ellering and Grace beat Fire N' Flava to win the KO tag team titles a few weeks ago, so the idea of taking the belts off of them and giving back to Hogan and Steelz aka 'hot potatoing championships' seems pretty ridiculous, that's I think the champions are going to retain.


Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers vs. Eddie Edwards and FinJuice

Like him or not, Kenny Omega became the Undisputed World Champion of not one but two promotions when he beat Rich Swann in the main event at Rebellion to not only retain his AEW World Title but at the same time won the Impact and TNA World Championships.

Since that historic match Omega has been on a roll while his friends, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows haven't been so lucky when it comes to high profiled matches over the last number of months in their battles with Juice Robinson and David Finlay aka FinJuice.

After costing him his opportunity to fight in the six way contender's match, Eddie Edwards along with current Impact World Tag Team Champions, FinJuice are looking to get their hands on Omega and The Good Bros.

Predictions: Omega and The Good Brothers Win

The momentum seems to be on Omega's side, not to mention that Gallows and Anderson desperately need to pick up a win over FinJuice over their previous losses at Sacrifice and Rebellion, plus neither the tag champions or Eddie Edwards lose an credibility if they lose in this match.

So that is why I think Omega and The Good Bros will win.


Chris Sabin vs. Chris Bey vs. Sami Callihan vs. Matt Cardona vs. Trey Miguel vs. Moose In A Number One Contenders World Title Match

Following the events of the title vs. title match at Rebellion, the Impact Wrestling locker all stormed around Scott D'Amore's office and later the ring to with the aim of wanting to get a shot at Kenny Omega, hoping to bring back their world titles back to the promotion.

D'Amore instead announced that in weeks to come a series of qualifying matches will be taking place on Impact with the winners moving to compete in a six way number one contender's match at Under Siege for a future shot at the world champion.

The first to advance was a returning Chris Bey who defeated Jake Something thanks to some outside interference by Rohit Raju, next up was Matt Cardona who despite still suffering from the leg injury he sustained during his match with Brian Myers at Rebellion managed to will himself enough to pick up the victory over Brian.

Eddie Edwards took on Sami Callihan in the next qualifying match but results were controversial as 'The Draw' Sami Callihan advanced due to Disqualification after a run in attack by Omega and The Good Brothers which helped to step up the previously discussed six man tag match.

Chris Sabin would pick the victory over Rhino on the next episode of Impact followed by an impressive match up between Trey Miguel and Rohit which saw Trey come out with the win and finally Moose was able to make sound work of 'The Cowboy' James Storm to advance into the contender's match. 

Predictions: Either Sami Callihan or Moose Win

In the last number of weeks Don Callis has been in backstage segments with Sami Callihan and Moose with both men making their intentions clear that they going after Kenny Omega and the Impact Unified Championship and let's be honest, Callihan and Moose seem like the most plausible wrestlers in this match who could take on Omega and look like they could actually beat him for the title.

So for that reason, I'm going with either 'The Draw' or 'The Wrestling God' to come out with the victory and challenge Kenny Omega for the Impact Unified Championship sometime in the future. 

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