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For the past few weeks since I’ve started the Impact Talent Showcase I focused on all the current champions. Now this time around I want to showcase the Impact Hall of Fame. 

All in ring competitors in the Hall of Fame will be showcased.

The first one up is the first ever Impact Hall of Famer, “The Icon” Sting. 

Sting is known as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and his career has spanned over five decades. He has wrestled for WCW, NWA, TNA, UFW, WWE, Mid South and currently AEW. 

Sting was born Steve Borden on March 20th, 1959 in Omaha, Nebraska. Before becoming a wrestler he was a body builder and co-owed a Gold’s Gym before going to a WWF show in Los Angeles.

Borden began his wrestling career in 1985 under the ring name of Flash and teamed up with Jim “Justice” Hellwig who later became known as The Ultimate Warrior. These two were part of a four man stable known as Power Team USA in independent All-California Championship Wrestling. The stable also included Garland “Glory” Donahoe and Mark “Commando” Miller plus their manager Rick Bassman. 

Borden and Hellwig would eventually move onto Continental Wrestling Association (CWA) in Memphis, Tennessee. Soon after their CWA debut they became known as the Freedom Fighters and turn heel as the fans turned against them. During their time in CWA they were managed by “Coach” Buddy Wayne then Dutch Mantel. They would eventually leave in 1986 after an uneventful run. 

In 1986 the duo would move to the Universal Wrestling Federation where they were known as the Blade Runners. This is also the time that Borden changed his ring name from Flash to Sting and Hellwig became Rock. They would soon a stable known as Hotstuff & Hyatt International which included “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt. Along with “Russian” wrestler Kortsia Korchenko the trio became Gilbert’s henchmen and feuded with the Watts.

Hellwig would leave the promotion in mid 1986 and left Borden without a partner. Borden would later team up with Gilbert and won the UWF Tag Titles twice in 1986 and a third time with Rick Steiner in 1987. 

Sting and Steiner would go on to lose the titles to the Lighting Express after Gilbert accidentally hit Sting with his boot. This would lead to them falling out and Steiner siding with Gilbert and Sting with Terry Taylor’s old partner, Gentleman Chris Adams. This would turn Sting into a babyface. 

Sting would then make his arrival to NWA in July of 1987 and have a breakout moment in a six man tag team match that ended in a 15 minute time limit draw. Sting teamed with Michael P.S. Hayes and Jimmy Garvin against Gilbert, Steiner and Larry Zbyszko. 

Sting would then move on to face Ric Flair for the NWA World Title at Clash of the Champions I in March 1988 which would end in a 45 minute time limit draw and no one was declared a winner. Sting would then continue to be booked in title matches as he teamed with Koloff at The Great American Bash in July 1988 challenging fellow Horsemen Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson for the NWA World Tag Titles. 

Fast forward to mid 1989 and Sting and The Great Muta battled over the NWA Television Championship after he won it from Rotundo at a live event. Muta would eventually win the vacated title at a live event against Sting in September.

In the main event of Great American Bash Flair would retain the title against Terry Funk which lead to Muta attacking Flair and Sting making the save. 

Flair and Sting would eventually win a Thunderdome Cage match at Halloween Havoc. This resulted in a now face Four Horsemen stable of Flair, Sting and the Andersons (Arn and Ole). Sting would end 1989 becoming the number one contender for Flair’s title. 

The four horsemen would then asked Sting to relinquish his title shot on February 6th, 1990 at Clash of Champions X: Texas Shootout which lead to him being excommunicated from the group. Sting would later suffer a legitimate knee injury while interfering in a steel cage match featuring the horsemen. WCW would later choose Lex Luger as his replacement for the WrestleWar PPV.

Sting would then recovery from injury and defeat Flair, who promised to drop the title to him on July 7th, 1990 at The Great American Bash. He would then to go on a feud with both Flair and Sid Vicious. His first reign would come to an end on January 11th, 1991 in a rematch against Flair at Starrcade.

Sting would then go on to team with Luger to face The Steiner Brothers at SuperBrawl I for the world tag titles. This match was considered the best match in 1991 and around the time of NWA and WCW splitting up. They would go to lose the match thanks to Koloff attacking Luger. In August of 1991 Sting would beat Steve Austin to win a tournament for the vacated WCW US Title but only held it for 86 before losing to Rick Rude at Clash of Champions XVII.

Sting would go to win the WCW Intercontinental Title and have legendary feuds with Vader, Harlem Heat and the New World Order. Sting would stay with WCW until the final episode which aired on March 26th, 2001. After the company was bought by WWF his contract wasn’t bought out so he waited for his contract to expire in March of 2002. 

He would eventually make his TNA debut in 2003 but only making sporadic appearances afterwards. He debuted on the June 18th one year anniversary show and teamed with Jeff Jarrett to defeat A.J. Styles and Syxx Pac. He would go on to challenge for the NWA Title but won via disqualification against current champion Jeff Jarrett. 

After making his final appearance on March 31st he would return in January of 2006 to feud with Jeff Jarrett. Sting would go onto make his first national television appearance in five years on January 28th and announced his retirement. 

He would then come out of retirement and eventually win his second NWA World Title defeating Jarrett via submission at abound For Glory with his career on the line. Sting would then lose the title to Abyss via disqualification on November 19 at Genesis. 

Sting would continue to feud with Abyss and Christian Cage leading to a culmination of a Lethal Lockdown match at the Lockdown PPV. Sting’s team would pick up the win with the help of Jeff Jarrett.

Sting would eventually go onto win his first TNA World Title against Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory 2007 but would only hold it for two days dropping it back to Angle. 

He would then win the world title an additional three times as well as the TNA World Tag Team Championship alongside Angle once. 

Sting would then wrap up his run in Impact Wrestling in 2014 where he lost a title vs career match against Magnus. He would then sign with WWE and make his debut at that year’s Survivor Series costing Team Authority the main event match. 

His first match with the company would be in a losing effort against Triple H at WrestleMania 31 and he would then return to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in another losing effort. It was during this match that he would suffer a career ending injury. 

Sting would then be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the following year as the headliner of that class. After his speech he would announce his retirement. 

Sting would then come out of retirement again when he made his AEW debut on the December 2nd, 2020 edition of AEW Dynamite. 

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