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Against All Odds returns as an Impact Plus Special on June 12th with this event being the first since the 2019 Impact episode of the same name and the first time Against All Odds has become a must see event since the last pay per view back in 2012.

Over the years, this event has given TNA fans a number of matches that gone down as some of the best in company history and today I'll listing off the ten best matches to occur at this event over the years. 

roode vs hardy vs bully vs storm

10. Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Against All Odds 2012)

The main event to the last Against All Odds event to occur on pay per view saw four of the best tag team wrestlers in modern pro wrestling facing off against each other for the companies most richest prize. 

Following a series controversial finishes including to the world title match at the Genesis PPV, 'Sting who was the authority figure at the time decided to make a match where Bobby Roode would have to defend his title against three challengers at Against All Odds with 'The Icon' as a ringside enforcer.

The three other challengers were : 

  • Jeff Hardy (The guy Roode beat via DQ to retain his title at Genesis)
  • Bully Ray (An equally detestable heel and temporary ally to the champion) 
  • And James Storm (Bobby's former tag team partner and the person he beat to win the title back in late 2011)

At first it seemed that Roode and Bully would work together to take out both Hardy and Storm as they did in the weeks leading to this event, but those plans were thrown out the window quickly when Bully immediately headed outside of the ring and basically watched 'The Cowboy' and 'The Charismatic Enigma' beat the crap out of the champion until the time was right to capitalize.

The action in this match was awesome from all four competitors with highlights including a number of close calls throughout and even a moment where former tag partners Roode and Storm hit a double team suplex on Bully and teased something that resembled the classic 'BEER...MONEY' chant but 'The IT Factor' stopped any chances of that happening after blasting Storm in the face with some punches.

The finish came when Bobby took his TNA World title and attempted to use before Sting got involved which led to Roode spitting in Sting's face and out of impulse Sting fired back with a belt shot to the head...only it hit Jeff Hardy and not Roode. 

Never afraid to capitalize on any opportunity in front of him, Roode covers Hardy while screaming to Sting "Count You Son of B###h" to which a reluctant Stinger does which leads to another successful title defense for 'The IT Factor of Professional Wrestling". 

againstallodds2011 (1)

9. Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne: Last Knockouts Standing Match For The TNA Knockouts Championship (Against All Odds 2011)

By 2011, Mickie James was feuding with then Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne and after losing to 'The Queen Bee' at the Genesis pay per view thanks to some interference by Madison's bodyguard Tara, Mickie was given another chance at the Knockouts Championship at Against All Odds in a Last Knockout Standing Match.

One of the overall running themes in this match has to do with Madison Rayne's black loaded glove which she's been using for months now to knock out her opponents; Mickie, being a victim to Madison's loaded glove in the past tries in various points in the match to rip the glove away from the champion.

The action between both ladies are good although moments like Mickie's nasty fall from the top rope onto the floor and the sound the steel steps make after Madison accidentally punched it did look a bit scary, but there was some unintentionally funny moments as well like Taz's bizarre commentary in this match, Madison going for the cover at one point despite it being a last knockouts standing match and Madison yelling at the referee to count even though his in the middle of counting.

The finish came when Mickie was able to finally rip the glove off of Madison's hand and used to knock out Tara, however Mickie would end up getting dropped by Madison thanks to some Brass Knuckles that she had kept in her boots and just like that Madison is the last knockout standing and remains the Knockouts Champion.

Madison Rayne vs Mickie James (TNA Against All Odds 2011) - IMPACT Wrestling

Cage vs Angle

8. Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Against All Odds 2008)

Believe or not, Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Championship at Against All Odds actually happened two times, once in 2007 and again in 2008; However for this list I've chosen their match from 2008 for this list as the story going in and out of this title match is quite interesting.

Following AJ Styles' betrayal on Christian Cage in the main event of Final Resolution January 2008, a number one contender's match was made on an episode of Impact to see who would challenge Kurt Angle for the world title at the next pay per view, which of course was won by Christian.

However, while Cage may have come out with the victory in that match, another element was thrown into the mix as Samoa Joe (who was one of the people in that contender's match) was added in as the outside enforcer thanks to some interference in the previously mentioned contender's bout.

Throughout the title match Kurt Angle could be seen countering almost everything that the challenger had to give while at the same bringing his trademarked level of aggression, Christian on the other hand was able to match the Olympic Gold Medalist with his speed and resiliency which led to many moments where the champion wondered what the heck he had to do to put this guy away.

Unsurprisingly, there was some outside interference in this match, ranging from Kurt's wife Karen getting herself involved, AJ Styles trying to attack Christian only for Samoa Joe to neutralize him and finally Kurt using a steel chair on 'The Instant Classic'.

In the final few moments of this match, Kurt looks to use the steel chair again only to have Tomko (Christian's ally for many years) grab the chair from Angle and then stun the fans in the Greenville, South Carolina by dropping Christian with a neckbreaker, allowing Kurt to retain his title for the second consecutive time against 'The Instant Classic' on pay per view.


7. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson: Ladder Match For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Against All Odds 2011) 

Once again we return to Against All Odds 2011 for this list but this time will be talking about the world title ladder match between the challenger Jeff Hardy and defending champion, Mr. Anderson...Anderson.

Following Mr. Anderson's stunning championship win over Jeff Hardy at Genesis 2011, "The Antichrist of Professional Wrestling" got his rematch for the title in the form of a ladder match, with one of the ladders standing out due to the colorful and air brushed looking nature of it.

The actions starts of with Hardy spitting right into Anderson's face which causes the reaction you might expect and from there both men use the ladders available to inflict pain on each other including moments with Hardy hitting a Neckbreaker on Anderson on the ladder and then kicking that same ladder into Anderson's downstairs area moments later.

Jeff Hardy's creativity for violence and years of experience in matches like this was an obvious factor going in but Anderson's resiliency and physicality in this match was impressive throughout as both men could be seen in absolute pain and agony even before this bout reached it's mid point.

In the end, Hardy is able to grab the title and become a two time TNA World Heavyweight Champion; Although many of us know what happens to Jeff Hardy when he wrestles again on pay per view a month later, his performance in this match was a every bit exciting as it was painful for both Anderson and Hardy. 

Against All Odds 2011: Ladder Match - Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson - YouTube


6. Lethal Consequences vs. Beer Money Inc. For The TNA Tag Team Championships (Against All Odds 2009)

One of the more overlooked matches to make this list, sees the forgotten pairing of Consequences Creed (aka Xavier Woods in the WWE) and 'Black Machismo' Jay Lethal taking on Robert Roode and James Storm aka Beer Money Inc. for the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

On the January 8th 2009 edition of Impact, Creed and Lethal cashed in their Feast or Fired briefcase to become TNA Tag Team Champions for the first time in their careers, unfortunately the reign didn't last long as Beer Money would win the titles back at the Genesis PPV leading to a rematch taking place at Against All Odds.

I mentioned earlier how this match was overlooked and I certainly mean it as the action throughout this match was awesome thanks to the contrast in styles between the high flying team of Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed and the more power based style of action by Storm and Roode.

This match is also filled with hilarious moments like Storm and Roode getting...'a little too close for comfort' at one point in the corner and even Roode drinking his partner's beer only for Storm shove him and the beer ending up right in the cowboy's face is some funny stuff.

When it's all said and done, Beer Money Inc (thanks to some interference by manager Jacqueline Moore) were able to retain their Tag Team Titles in an underrated barn burner of a match.

Beer Money vs Lethal Consequences: FULL MATCH (Against All Odds 2009) | IMPACT Full Matches - YouTube

Abyss vs Hardy

5. Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss In A Full Metal Mayhem Match (Against All Odds 2005)

After being attacked by 'The Monster' following a match with Scott Hall at Final Resolution, Jeff Hardy and Abyss we scheduled to face each other in the first ever Full Metal Mayhem match with the objective being that you have to climb the ladder and retrieve an envelope that will give the winner a future shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Hardy used his speed and agility throughout the entire match in addition to using the weapons around the ring while Abyss relied on his strength as well as the weapons to slow down 'The Charismatic Enigma' but thanks to the reactions of the crowd and Jeff Hardy's never say die attitude, he just kept fighting.

Highlights from this match include Jeff Hardy hitting the "Poetry In Motion" move onto the outside of the ring numerous times, Abyss hitting a belly-to-back suplex whilst caught in between the ropes which sent Hardy crashing horribly onto the concreate and wooden tables and of course the big spot where Jeff Hardy hits a Swanton Bomb from of the top of the stage onto Abyss through a table.

In the end despite all of Jeff Hardy's risking taking efforts in this match, it was Abyss who was able to climb the ladder and become the new number one contender for the NWA World Championship but as history has shown Abyss and Jeff Hardy's paths would cross again throughout the rest of their time in TNA.

Jeff Hardy vs Abyss, Full Metal Mayhem - TNA Against All Odds 2005 - YouTube


4. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels In A 30 Minute Iron Match For The X Division Championship (Against All Odds 2005)

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are two men who need no introduction when it comes to TNA/Impact fans as there matches over the years have become the stuff of legend and this 30 minute bout for the X Division Title at Against All Odds 2005 is no exception, in fact this match was the very first time both men faced each other one-on-one in TNA.

The first few minutes of the match sees both men go from basic chain grappling to repetitive quick pin attempts to a few rest holds to wear down each other and even a few moments of AJ Styles flying around the ring.

Daniels focuses his efforts on the ribs and mid section of AJ which led to him picking up the first fall in the match while 'The Phenomenal One' would target his opponent's left arm and head with the hopes of slowing him down; As to be expected for a match like this it was a battle of endurance between Daniels and AJ as the time continued to tick away with both men wonder what more do they need to do to put the other man away.

The match finishes in a draw, however Daniels refuses to end the match like this or leave without the X Division Championship, so he calls out Dusty Rhodes (who was an authority figure at the time) to have the match go sudden death to which 'The American Dream' agrees too.

Unfortunately for the fallen angel, AJ Styles would pick up the win and retain his X Division Title in the process; The feud between both men would continue for the rest of the year leading to another iron man match at the very first Bound For Glory PPV, but that's a match worth talking about for another day. 

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels TNA Against All Odds (2005) - YouTube

Abyss vs Judas

3. Abyss vs. Judas Mesias: Barbed Wire Massacre 2 (Against All Odds 2008)

'The Monster' Abyss appears again on this list as he competes in another hardcore match at Against All Odds but this time it's against his own family.

After months of hyping up his arrival, Father James Mitchell's other son Judas Mesias debuts in TNA with the aim of maiming and destroying Abyss after 'The Monster' decided to become his own man and turn away from the Sinister Minister.

As to be expected from a match like this, the action was violent, bloody and most certainly not pretty as both Mesias and Abyss would inflict unrelenting damage onto each other with the barbed wire that was substituted for ring ropes as well as the barbed wired boards and steel chairs.

In the end, Abyss would defeat Judas Mesias after hitting him with a Blackhole Slam onto the barbed wire board thereby ending this dysfunctional family feud once and for all.

Abyss vs. Judas Mesias- Barbed Wire Massacre 2- TNA Against All Odds 2008 (FULL MATCH) - video Dailymotion


2. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson (Against All Odds 2010)

At Against All Odds 2010, a tournament called "The 8 Card Stud" would see a number of wrestlers take part with the winner facing off against the TNA World Heavyweight Champion at Lockdown.

After defeating Kurt Angle and Abyss, the cocky newcomer to the company Mr. Anderson advanced to the finals where he would face off against "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero who himself defeated Desmond Wolfe and Matt Morgan to make it to the finals.

Unfortunately for Dinero, he would be the victim of a backstage attack by Scott Hall and Sean Waltman during an interview which left him injured.

When it came time for the finals of the tournament Mr. Anderson, the referee and the fans in attendance awaited for the arrival of The Pope but he didn't show up so this would lead to the referee counting him out which would have seen Anderson win by forfeit; However with just time to spare, The Pope would come down the ramp only to be attacked by Anderson before getting into the ring.

Most of the match would see Anderson getting the upper hand on his much more injured opponent but The Pope was able to fight back although the previous backstage attack and the fact that Pope already wrestled in two matches left him at a disadvantage.

Towards the end of the match, Anderson decided to indulge in his own ego and call for his signature microphone to come down where he bragged for a few minutes before hitting his 'Mic Check' finisher on Dinero, much to everyone's disbelief including Mr. Anderson, The Pope kicked out; Annoyed and visibly anger, Anderson decided to rush Dinero into the corner but this backfired and resulted in The Pope hitting running double knees to back finisher called "The D'Angelo Dinero Express" or The DDE to win the match and the whole tournament.

cage vs jarrett

1. Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett For The NWA World Heavyweight Championship (Against All Odds 2006)

Unsurprisingly the bout between "The Instant Classic" and "The King Of The Mountain" for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Against All Odds 2006 takes the top spot on this list with the end result leading to one of the best moments company history.

Upon making his debut in TNA, Christian Cage made it clear as day what his intentions were and that was to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. After months of build up and trash talking on both sides the match was set to take place at Against All Odds with many wondering if Jarrett's reign of terror over the world title would come to an end.

The crowd was ruckus from beginning to end and the intensity was massive in this match as both Cage and Jarrett were aggressive towards each other while also finding ways to counter each others moves and in some moments even using each others finishers.

Now this match is far from perfect as the endless amount of shenanigans in the third act of this match saw everything from outside interference by Gail Kim, an attempt at recreating The Montreal Screwjob complete with Earl Hebner, a number of ref bumps and a steel chair and guitar being used as a weapon on Double J's part.

Thankfully for the fans and the future of the company going forward, the match didn't end in a screwy finish as the previous title matches involving Jarrett but rather it ended with Christian hitting 'The Unprettier' onto Double J to score the three count and become the new NWA World Champion.

Jeff Jarrett vs Christian Cage (Against All Odds 2006) | Match of the Month - YouTube

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