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For a long time, TNA (now Impact Wrestling) have always been compared to the Original ECW and not just because of their underdog status, rather the company has been compared to ECW for the amount of brutality, violence and bloodshed that their wrestlers have been able to endure as well as dish out over the years.

Impact's history is filled with men and sometimes women literally putting their blood, sweat and tears into their work and today will be looking at the most horrific and stomach churning Impact matches that are filled to the brim with a lot of the red stuff.

Also for the criteria of this list I wouldn't be ranking these matches solely for how great some of them are but instead I'll be ranking them for the amount blood that's being shown throughout and other key moments that make these matches almost difficult to watch.  

Honorable Mentions 

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards: Barbed Wire Massacre 4 (Hard To Kill 2021)

Raven vs. Rhino (Unbreakable 2005)

Christian Cage vs. Rhino (Bound For Glory 2006)

Sami Callihan vs. Pentagon Jr. (Slammiversary 2018)

Abyss vs. Raven vs. Brother Runt (No Surrender 2006)

Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn: Russian Chain Match (NWA TNA PPV#52)

Sting vs. Abyss: Last Rites Match (Destination X 2007) 

Raven vs. The Sandman: Clockwork Orange House of Fun (NWA TNA PPV #32)

Christian Cage vs. Rhino: Barbed Wire Six Sides Of Steel Match (Impact! 11/16/2006)

Raven vs. Vamprio: Bloody Gallows Of Retribution Match (NWA TNA PPV #68)

Abyss vs. Judas Mesias: Barbed Wire Massacre 2 (Against All Odds 2008)

The Gathering vs. Abyss, Kevin Northcutt Joe Legend: Six Man Tag Team Steel Cage Match (NWA TNA PPV# 75) 

Almost All Of The Lethal Lockdown Matches 


10. Abyss vs. Sabu: Barbed Wire Massacre (Turning Point 2005)

So let's say your in charge of TNA Wrestling in December of 2005, the company is about have it's very first Turning Point event on pay per view and the card includes matches like Team 3D vs. AMW in a tables match, Christian Cage vs. Monty Brown in a number contender's match and Samoa Joe and AJ Styles in their prime fighting for the X Division do you set the tone for what fans can expect for the show right off the bat? The answer: You have a 6 foot 8, 350 pound weapon of mass destruction versus a ECW legend in the first ever barbed wire massacre match,

This ended up being the case as Turning Point '05 kicked off with Sabu taking on 'The Monster' Abyss in a match where the ring ropes were replaced with barbed wire and the most of the weapons themselves were covered in barbed wire.


To the surprise of no one it didn't take long for blood start showing in this match with Sabu heading into the barbed wire forehead first after a kick out by Abyss. The Monster would also get bloodied as well thanks to a foreign object that Sabu had stored in his pants which he used to cut open one of Abyss' arms an almost leaving part of the appendage soaked in red much like various parts of the ring.

While it may be shocking to believe that a match between Sabu and Abyss never mind a fricken Barbed Wire Massacre match could rank so low on a list like this, the violence being shown with the barbed wire objects and the amount of blood being shown here just gets it onto the list and spoiler alert this wouldn't be the last time The Monster will be mentioned.

Turning Point 2005: Barbed Wire Massacre - YouTube


9. New Jack vs. The Sandman: Hard 10 Tournament Finals (NWA TNA PPV# 52)

While the rules and execution of the Hard 10 Tournament are more convoluted then the Claire Lynch storyline, the final match which sees ECW legends, New Jack and The Sandman is definitely one of the better one's to come out of it and also one of the bloodiest.

New Jack wastes no time in this match as he forces Sandman bleed after hitting him with a folk and a staple gun to his head but of course ECW's resident kendo stick expert would return the favor by bashing Jack over the head with a trash can lid before bending it in half and using the pointy edge of the lid to cut open the Original Gangsta.


After a few more minutes of beating each other in the head with weapons (most of which are provided by the crowd by the way) both Jack and Sandman travel all across the building until they reach up levels of the TNA Asylum. 

Sure the match itself only went six minutes and it basically boiled down to two guys beating each others brain cells out with weapons but it certainly provided enough blood to make it onto this list especially New Jack, whose face was so bloody that Mike Tenay called it a 'Crimson Mask'.



8. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode: Street Fight (Bound For Glory 2012)

The rivalry between "The Cowboy" James Storm and Bobby Roode is about as legendary as their run as Beer Money Inc and while their cage match at Lockdown almost made this list, I've opted to go for their street fight at BFG 2012.

Following Bobby Roode's betrayal on Storm the year prior and Roode screwing his former partner out of advancing in the BFG series, the feud ultimately led to both men facing off against each other in a street fight and it certainly was bloody.


The first one to get busted open was James Storm after being sling shoted into the steel post on the outside of the ring, and throughout the entirety of the match The Cowboy's face would continue to get covered more and more by the red stuff as you can see in the photo above, not to mention there were a few times when Storm's equilibrium got off balance because the loss of blood.

Bobby himself wasn't too far away from getting busted open either as Storm would hit a draping DDT on the walk ramp before The Cowboy took a trash can lid and proceed to repeatedly bash The It Factor over the head causing the blood itself to spurt out even more before Roode drops to the floor like a sack of shit. 

I wouldn't go too much into detail about the rest of the match as I've already done a retro review article on BFG 2012 (link to which will be posted below), but at the end of the day it was wildly entertaining, chaotic and easily one of the best TNA PPV matches in 2012.

WNW Retro Review First Watch: Bound For Glory 2012 - WWE Wrestling News World

Bound for Glory 2012: FULL PAY-PER-VIEW! | IMPACT Wrestling Full Events - YouTube


7. AMW vs. Triple X: Steel Cage Match (Turning Point 2004)

I've talked about this match a number of times on this site, mostly do to how great the match is and of course that hurricanrana by 'Primetime' Elix Skipper; However this isn't what I'll be focusing on today but rather all of the bloody mayhem that went along with it.

The bloodshed began in this match with both Harris and Storm sending Christopher Daniels head first into the steel cage and this is just in the first few minutes of the bout and this whole thing goes on for more than 20 minutes


Throughout the match Daniels' face continues to get redder as the blood flows from head and completely covering his face and much like James Storm in the previous entry Daniels showed signs of wobbliness throughout due to the blood loss.

Speaking of James Storm, The Cowboy would be the next one to get cut open after Daniels takes a key that he brought with him along with some handcuffs and viciously jams that key right in Storms face but his partner would get it worse after being launched into the steel cage and having his faces rubbed nonstop into the cage causing him to bleed like a stuffed pig.


Elix Skipper surprisingly is the only one to not get busted open in this match but as we all know what Skipper lacked in showing the red stuff in this match, he made up for with that legendary hurricanrana from the top of the cage onto Chris Harris.

By the end of the match the ring absolutely filthy with blood, sweat and a few tears as the competitors put everything they could into this contest including a lot of blood.

Turning Point 2004: America's Most Wanted vs. Triple X - Steel Cage Match - YouTube


6. Abyss vs. Matt Morgan: Doomsday Chamber Of Blood Match (Lockdown 2009) 

Another match involving Abyss, another opportunity for the red stuff to get spilled, This time he takes on his former tag team partner Matt Morgan in a Doomsday Chamber of Blood match at Lockdown 2009.

The match starts off pretty regularly with the two big guys brawling with each other inside the six sides of steel that is until Abyss gets hit in the face with a steel chair following a big boot by Morgan which causes The Monster to start bleeding from his forehead and as the matches continues that very same blood starting getting everywhere from the ring matt to Abyss' white prison outfit but the brutality gets taken one step further when 'The Blueprint introduces the black bag he brought with him in the ring.


Inside that bag are huge sharp pieces of glasses which Morgan attempts to use by pushing Abyss' face and head closer to it but he tries to hold off and the sequence where Morgan is squeezing The Monster's head as blood starts leaking from the head onto the broken glass is a sicken as you possibly imagine.

Abyss would get the chance to cut open his opponent as he took a small piece of that broken glass and rather than stabbing it into The Blueprint's head he instead rammed into square into Morgan's skull causing the blood flow to happen almost immediately much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

The match itself maybe nothing too special but the grotesque image of blood seeping from Abyss' head onto the glass plus the blood spilled across the ring and how Morgan himself got busted open gets it onto this list.

Lockdown 2009: FULL PAY-PER-VIEW! | IMPACT Wrestling Full Events - YouTube


5.  Justin Incredible vs. Jerry Lynn: Last Man Standing Match (NWA TNA PPV #54)

Once again we go to early years of TNA/Impact for are next entry as another pair of ECW Originals face off in a brutal and bloody contest.

Back in June of 2003, Justin Credible would feud with former Tag Team and X Division champion Jerry Lynn which saw the duo fighting each other in backstage brawls and even a Russian Chain match before it ultimately culminated in a last man standing match...of course this being TNA in the early days the rules were a bit convoluted as both men would have to either pin or make the person submit before the referee can start the 10 count.

The action in this match was fast paced from the opening bell as both men proceeded to fight in and outside of the ring as Lynn gets busted open after getting sent head first into the steel steps turning his blonde almost completely red with blood but Lynn would return the favor as Credible would get busted open soon afterwards.


At one point in the match, both Lynn and Credible deliver some hard knife edge chops that can not only be heard throughout the TNA Asylum but were so powerful that you see a combination of sweat and blood come off of their chest with each's as disgusting as it is impressive.

When it was all said and done the ring was covered in blood with both men equally covered in the red stuff as the fans in attendance and at home watched two kings of hardcore wrestling put each other through hell for their amusement...and I can only imagine for one hell of a paycheck.

jerry lynn vs justin credible street fight - YouTube

jerry lynn vs justin credible russian chain match - YouTube

jerry lynn vs justin credible last man standing - YouTube


4. Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair: Last Man Standing Match (Impact Before The Glory)

The animosity between 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair and 'The Hardcore Legend' Mick Foley was well known to some back the time both legends faced each in a brutal 'I Quit' at Summerslam 2006 with Flair managing to defeat Foley thanks to Melina Perez literally throwing in the towel for Mick.

Smash cut to four years later and the 16 time world champion and Mrs. Foley's baby boy would face each other again this time in a last man standing match inside a TNA Wrestling ring just days before Bound For Glory 2010...oh yeah and there's a stipulation that the loser of this match has to kiss the winners ass.

While neither man were in the prime of the career by this point in time as Foley was in his mid 40's and Flair was in his early 60's, they were able to still go in the ring as this match shows with Mick getting cut early on in the match due to Flair reinjuring an previously bandaged area with a few punches to the skull, causing 'The Hardcore Legend' to be busted open right above his right eye.


Never afraid to bleed the red stuff in his matches, Flair would also sport a crimson mask in this match after Mick Foley uses his trademark barbed wire baseball bat on The Nature Boy; From here both men are just beating the heck out of each other with half of their faces, Foley's white shirt and Flair's white hair being covered in blood.


By the end of the match, both men and the ring itself looked like a scene out of a homicide investigation with broken weapons, a trail of blood and two bleeding bodies left in it's wake...Oh yeah and that promise of the loser kissing the winner's ass it didn't happen, no surprise

Say what you will about Flair's time in Impact and he certainly has over the years, but he did have a few impressive moments and few good matches as well and this is one of those matches.

Ric Flair vs Mick Foley: LAST MAN STANDING (IMPACT Before The Glory) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube


3. Abyss and Raven vs. Black Reign and Rellik: 10,000 Tacks Match (Turning Point 2007)

The Monster is back for his third time on the bloody carousel as we fast forward to Turning Point 2007 where Abyss teamed with his on again/off again rival Raven to take on the deranged team of Rellik (That's killer spelled backwards) and Black Reign aka (Dustin Rhodes) in a 10,000 tacks match which basically is a no holds barred match with the usage of thumbtacks.

While the action goes all over the place in this match, the moments in which bloodshed does indeed happen take place inside the ring with the first instants of this being when Abyss takes Black Reign's weapon 'Darkness Falls' aka a hammer with a spike attached and cuts open the former Goldust right on top of his head as his blood gets on both the matt and even some of the ring ropes.


Abyss would get his bloody come upping's soon afterwards after being sent head first into a steel chair set up in the corner not to mention a few punches to the head and some biting on Black Reign's part. 

Rellik meanwhile would cause Raven to bleed from mouth after shoving some thumbtacks into his mouth and repeatedly hit him with his forearm possibly causing some internal bleeding; Abyss would end up hitting the chokeslam onto to Rellik into a batch of thumbtacks causing small trickles of blood to come from Rellik's back along with some tacks embedded into his flesh.

The tagline to this pay per view was "Silent Night...Bloody Night" and by the end of this match, the company certainly delivered on that.

Raven & Abyss vs Black Reign & Rellik: 10, 000 TACKS MATCH | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube


2. Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven (Hardcore Justice 2010)

Another pair of hardcore legends make it onto this list as Raven returns for his second appearance but this time his going one-on-one with his long time rival, Tommy Dreamer at the very first Hardcore Justice event with Mick Foley as the special guest referee.

Despite Raven no longer in the ring shape he once was and Dreamer working this match with an MCL injury, both men put out all the stops and had a surprising great match even at this stage in the game but of course what we focusing on here is the blood and god lord there was a lot of it.

The bleeding starts when Raven hits a drop toehold onto the New York native where Dreamer's head hits the top of a steel chair set up in the ring and the blood loss is so massive that it actually starts covering the right side of Tommy's face before it goes everywhere including the ring steps and his forearms.

Raven vs Dreamer

Raven would soon get busted open as well as he would get blasted in the head with a fan made sign which turns out to be an actual 'Dead End' sign; Tommy would continue to bust Raven open with forearm shots to the face, biting him on the exposed wound and even applying a crossface like submission onto Raven while using a piece of barbed wire wrapped around Raven's mouth and jaw area...Well they don't call Tommy Dreamer 'The Innovator of Violence' for nothing.

To add more insult to injury, Raven even handcuffs Dreamer's hands behind his back at one point and begins wailing a number of unprotected chair shots to head of Tommy right in front of Tommy's wife and kids (something Mick Foley unfortunately knows about all to well).

Dreamer Drops Raven With a DDT While Handcuffed (TNA Hardcore Justice 2010) | Classic IMPACT Moments - YouTube


1. James Storm vs. Chris Harris: Texas Death Match (Sacrifice 2007)

If you want to know how bloody the number one entry is, when I first saw this match years ago a disclaimer popped up in the beginning that said "The following is rated MA for Mature Audiences Only, Viewer Discretion is Advised."  That is how violent this match is.

The hatred between Chris Harris and James Storm after the latter broke a beer bottle over the formers head would ultimately culminated in the first ever Texas Death Match in company history and it's quite appropriate the pay per view in which this match takes place is called Sacrifice because lord have mercy did both men sacrifice a lot for this contest.


The Cowboy would let his vicious side show when he took a steel chair and clobbered Harris right in the head and face whilst 'The Wildcat' was hanging upside down leaving his former partner bleeding all over the corner.

Storm himself would get busted open as well as much like his bout with Bobby Roode at BFG 2012 Harris hit a slingshot like maneuver send 'The Cowboy' face first but this time into a wooden table that was previously set up.

So you know how I mentioned during the BFG match that Storm looked like he was off balanced due to the blood loss, well let's just say that James Storm in this match looked like he was near to death in a various moments in the match as his face was covered in thick amounts of his own blood, heck there were times that Storm was completely motionless and it felt like you were watching a man die on live TV with the only thing left being a blue jeans wearing, blood soaked caucus with only a pool of his own blood just right beside him

The action and the story being told in this match was amazing but it's the loss of blood by both men (especially James Storm) that makes this match the most bloodiest in Impact Wrestling History.

James Storm vs Chris Harris: Texas Death Match (Sacrifice 2007) | Match of the Month - YouTube


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