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The X Division has been the cornerstone of TNA/Impact Wrestling for many years since the very beginning; Much the Knockouts Division when it was first started, the X Division was able to give wrestling fans something they weren't getting from the WWE and that's allowing wrestlers who probably wouldn't have gotten far due to their look and height the opportunity to show how talented they truly are.

In 2005, the company created Destination X as a new pay per view that initially was set to focus mainly on the X Division but ended being more diversified by including other divisions into the event.

It wouldn't be until the Hogan/Bischoff era surprisingly enough when the PPV would becoming more focused on the X Division (if you don't count the 2010 event). Over the years this event has given fans some of the most memorable moments in the company's history (both good and bad), and today I'll be going over the Top Ten Destination X Moments in Impact Wrestling.


10. That Monty Brown vs. Trytan Match (Destination X 2005)

'The Alpha Male' Monty Brown was a huge fan favorite during his time in TNA Wrestling, however his run with the promotion has had a few moments worth forgetting and this is certainly one of them.

At the inaugural Destination X pay per view in 2005 Brown was scheduled to take on a guy by the name of Trytan, who had been a thorn in the Alpha Male's side for a quite some time and their animosity would come to ahead at this event.

To say this bout was the drizzling shits would probably be an insult to crap as the match from beginning to end was horrendous, plus the ending to the whole match was strange as hell due to Trytan not evening being involved in the outcome.

The match as well as the botch filled moments throughout are memorable for all of the wrong reasons but if you'd like to learn more about Trytan and this match as a whole be sure to check out my article on the 10 TNA/Impact Wrestling Signings That Flopped, linked down below.

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Super Eric

9. Here Comes Super Eric!!! (Destination X 2008)

For modern Impact fans, the name 'Super Eric' might remind you of one of those after credit hype videos that Impact aired in 2020 in the lead up to that year's Slammiversary event which saw the company teasing the return of Eric Young's alter ego but to understand who Super Eric was you'd have to go all the way back to 2008.

In early 2008, Eric Young had began a feud with Rellik (that's killer spelled backwards) where EY would feel afraid to confront him and Rellik's partner in crime, Black Reign (aka Dustin Rhodes); Soon afterwards, Frankie Kazarian began to get involved in this feud as Kaz had a previous PPV match with Reign at Final Resolution that same year.

At Destination X, a tag team match was set between Rellik and Reign against Kazarian and EY where everything seemed to go smoothly at first but as the match went on Eric began to get more and more afraid of his ghoulish looking opponents and he even ran away to the backstage area, leaving his partner all alone to carry on the least at first.

Towards the end of the match, some unknown music began to play and suddenly a figure wearing a red cape and donning a mask and bodysuit similar to the attire EY wore previously came down to the ring and continued the match. 

This masked figure was later revealed to be 'Super Eric' a hero like persona for Eric Young that was brave enough to take on the wrestlers EY couldn't.

Super Eric would hit a Super Death Valley Driver on both Black Reign and Rellik to pick up the win for his team, however this wouldn't be the last of Super Eric teaming with Kazarian in the company but that's a story for another day.

Dezmond Xavier Wins The Super X Cup

8. Dezmond Xavier Wins The 2017 Super X Cup (Destination X 2017)

While you may know him for his work as one third of The Rascalz in the Impact or even as one half of MSK in the WWE, Dezmond Xavier first appeared in a mainstream capacity due to his involvement in the 2017 Super X Cup Tournament.

In the lead up to Destination X 2017, the company bought back the famous Super X Cup Tournament to not only revitalized the X Division but to introduce the world to wrestlers who would become future stars in the business; These names included ACH, Sammy Guevara, Drago, Taiji Ishimori, the previously mentioned Dezmond Xavier and more.   

dhepklixuai-6nn (1)

After making through the quarterfinals and semifinals of the tournament, the match was set to see Dezmond Xavier taking on Pro Wrestling Noah's own, Taiji Ishmori for the prestigious Super X Cup trophy.

The action throughout this match was impressive from top to bottom and in the end it was Xavier would picked up the win and became the first man to win the Super X Cup Tournament in nine years, sure this would be the peak of Xavier's success in his three year run with Impact, but it certainly became an important moment in the career of the future rascal. 

IMPACT Wrestling - Dezmond Xavier vs. Taiji Ishimori - IMPACT August 17, 2017 | Facebook

Huge Win For The #SuperXCup Champion, Dezmond Xavier at #DestX | #LastWord - YouTube

Dezmond Xavier Ready to Make The Next Steps in his Career | #FirstLook September 7th, 2017 - YouTube


7. Austin Aries Wins A TNA Wrestling Contract (Destination X 2011)

It might be hard to believe it considering all controversy surrounding him following his exit at Bound For Glory 2018, but their was a time when people saw Austin Aries as the future of professional wrestling if not one of the best wrestlers of the early to mid 2010's.

But long before his polarizing work shoot departure from the company, Austin Aries has made his return to Impact Wrestling in 2011 where he and a number of other former TNA X Division wrestlers from the past and present took part in an elimination style tournament which would all culminate at that year's Destination X event.


The final four participants: Zema Ion, Jack Evans, Low Ki and Austin Aries would all face off at Destination X to see which man would get signed to a TNA contract.

With the amount of talent involved in this match, it's not to surprising to hear that the action throughout was lighting fast and energetic, but as you can tell from the title of this entry, Austin Aries would hit the brainbuster on Low Ki securing the win and becoming the newest member of the TNA Wrestling roster.

Austin Aries vs. Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Zema Ion - TNA Destination X 2011 - video Dailymotion


6. Brian Kendrick Wins The X Division Championship (Destination X 2011)

Just a few minutes following the previous entry, the semi main event pitted Brian Kendrick (Yup, he was in TNA) against 'The Monster' Abyss for the X Division Championship.

After defeating Kazarian for the title on an episode of Impact, Abyss (who was a member of Immortal) decided to do Eric Bischoff's bidding in destroying the X Division once and all, even going so far as to claim that the division is dead and that the belt should be called 'The Xtreme Championship'.

Kendrick who has become a stable of the X Division since his debut back at Genesis 2010 was looking to finally become the champion after failing to do so in his feud with Douglas Williams the previous year.

After failing with Frankie Kazarian to regain the title at that year's Slammiversary event, Kendrick would get another opportunity at Destination X with the idea that if Brian lost, the future of the X Division would look very bleak. 

brian-kendrick (1)

The match was a classic case of David vs. Goliath with Kendrick being able to use his speed to outmaneuver his much stronger and larger opponent. 

In the final moments of the match, Kendrick socked Eric Bischoff in the face (wouldn't we all in kayfabe) which led to the other members of Immortal coming out and soon the entire X division roster would emerge to help even the odds which gave Kendrick the opportunity he needed to pin Abyss and become the new TNA X Division Champion much to cheers of the roster and fans in attendance.

TNA Destination X 2011 Brian Kendrick vs Abyss - video Dailymotion

zema-ion-3 (1)

5. Zema Ion Wins The X Division Championship (Destination X 2012)

Although he failed to get a contract with TNA the previous year, Zema Ion would soon find his way onto the roster and became a dastardly heel along the way.

Following his match with Jesse Sorensen getting cut short due to a injury Jesse suffered following a high risk move by Ion at Against All Odds, the pro wrestler from Philippines began to adopt a more braggadocios attitude and well as an obsession with his hair. 

At Destination X 2012, four men who had previously competed in qualifying matches: Ion, Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt and Mason Andrews (aka Scorpio Sky) advanced later that night to compete in an Ultimate X match for the vacant X Division title.

Despite dislocating his shoulder only to pop it back into place, Sonjay Dutt seemed to be the fans on favorite to win but after getting sprayed in the face with some hair products, Zema Ion would go on to climb the X structure and became the new TNA X Division Champion.

Ultimate X - TNA Destination X 2012 - YouTube

moosetna (1)

4. The Debut Of Moose (Destination X 2016)

Though his a major star among the Impact Wrestling fanbase today, that wasn't the case when the former football star turned pro wrestler by the name of Moose arrived in TNA at Destination X 2016.

Due to losing the X Division Championship back to Eddie Edwards, Mike Bennett was furious about the whole thing and threatened to ruin the up-and-coming Destination X event in anyway possible.

Bennett's threat came to a whole in the main event against Eddie Edwards and Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Championship when Moose walked down to the ring and began attacking everyone from Eddie to Davey Richards to Lashley before Bennett and Moose were left standing tall over their enemies.

While the fan reaction to this moment was mild at best, Moose would soon go on to become one of the best wrestlers within the company for next number of years.

TNA: Impact Wrestling July 12th 2016 Ending - YouTube

cornette-gfw-696x392 (1)

3. Jim Cornette Fires Bruce Prichard (Destination X 2017)

Polarizing and controversial are just some words to describe James 'Jim' Cornette as he his been praised for his work as a booker, manager and authority figure just as much as his been vilified and despised by wrestling fans due to his outspoken nature on topics regarding modern pro wrestling or for the sake of this list: TNA/Impact.

Cornette's shoot videos criticizing Dixie Carter, Vince Russo and the company itself (despite no longer being an employee since 2009) has got him love from those troll Impact constantly and hatred from diehard TNA/Impact fans, which makes the events at Destination X 2017 all the more surprising.


During an onscreen segment in 2017 then authority figure, Bruce Prichard was going to give the vacated GFW World Title to Bobby Lashley when Jim Cornette emerged to the shock of fans at home and in attendance but also to the absolute disgust of commentary Josh Matthews.

After exchanging a few words, some staff members came from the back to escort Prichard out of the ring upon the confirmation that Cornette was new authority figure and that Bruce himself has just been fired; As Prichard was seen leaving the building much to jubilation of the fans in attendance, Cornette would a cut a promo in where he announced that next week a 'Gaunlet For The Gold' match  would take place to crown a new world champion.

The match and the title by the way was won by Eli Drake.

Jim Cornette Returns to GFW & Fires Bruce Prichard | #IMPACTICYMI August 17th, 2017 - YouTube

Jim Cornette Announces Gauntlet For The Gold NEXT WEEK | #IMPACTICYMI August 17th, 2017 - YouTube

Chris Sabin World Champion

2. Chris Sabin Wins The TNA World Championship (Destination X 2013)​

After an interesting if not a bit convoluted way to get this point in time, Chris Sabin cashed in 'Option C' at Destination X 2013 to get a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship which at the time was held by the leader of Aces & Eights, Bully Ray.

By this point in the company's history, Aces & Eight were beginning to lose their grip over the power and control they had as the Main Event Mafia reformed (some what) and many of their key members where beginning to go, still the group remain relatively strong going into this match with Bully doing everything in his power to ground his more high flying opponent.

By the end of it all, Mr. Anderson (who was a member of the group) passed a ballpein hammer for Bully to use but instead Sabin got the hammer and used it during a powerbomb attempt by Bully thus allowing Chris Sabin to get the three count and become the new TNA World Champion for the very first time in his career.

This moment itself would have been number one on this list, if the reign itself was so disappointing according to fans and even Sabin himself, but nonetheless there is one title change at Destination X  that does deserve the top spot...

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin - July 18, 2013 - YouTube

Austin Aries Wins The World Title

1. Austin Aries Wins The TNA World Heavyweight Championship (Destination X 2012)

A year after getting a contract back with the company, Austin Aries would go one to main event the next Destination X pay per view but this time for an even bigger prize.

Aries would spend much of late 2011 and mid 2012 as X Division Champion before being given a chance to fight for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, this of course would lead to the creation of 'Option C' and the match between Aries and then world champion, Bobby Roode was set.

So I've already explained this match in detail a number of months of ago in my article on the Top 10 Best TNA/Impact Matches of the 2010's but long story short, Austin Aries would win the biggest match of his career and become the new TNA World Heavyweight with confetti raining from the sky and the fans loudly cheering Austin Aries'.

Regardless of what you may think of the man, it can't be argued that this was not only a great match to cap off the pay per view but is arguably one of the best moments in Destination X  and for that, it takes the number one spot on this list.

Top 10 Best TNA/Impact Matches In The 2010's - WWE Wrestling News World

Bobby Roode Vs Austin Aries TNA Destination X 2012 World Championship Match - video Dailymotion

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