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It's so close, Impact Wrestling's 20th year of existence and the new year of 2022 is just around the corner...but until then we have some time to reflect.

2021 has certainly been the most news grabbing and transformative year for Impact Wrestling with great matches, new and returning faces and a lot of twist and turns along the way.

I have an article on the Top 10 Best Things About Impact Wrestling coming up next week, so look out for that when gets published; But as the titles show, today I will be going over what I believe were the Top 10 Impact Wrestling Moments In 2021

Also, if you'd like to see some of these moments yourself, I've posted some if not most of the link down below each entry.

Honorable Mentions

Matt Hardy Returns and Private Party Appear On Impact

Madison Rayne Announces Her Retirement On The Hard To Kill Pre-Show

Ace Austin Wins The Super X Cup

Cousin Jake Becomes Jake Something

Moose "Quits" At Genesis

Taya Valkyrie "Gets Arrested" 

Black Taurus and Havok Join Of Decay

Rhino Joins VBD 

Nevaeh Turns on Havok

Trey Miguel Returns

Deonna Purrazzo Ends Jazz's career in Impact

Taylor Wilde Returns  

VBD Become The Impact World Tag Team Champions

Melina's Impact Wrestling Debut

Masha Slamovich and Mike Bailey Gets Signed To Impact Wrestling

Mercedes Martinez Wins The Knockouts Knockdown Tournament 

Everything About Wrestle House 2


Christopher Daniels Returned To Impact

10. The Fallen Angel Returns

Kicking off this list is the unexpected return of former X Division and Tag Team Champion, Christopher Daniels.

On the September 23rd edition of Impact, Josh Alexander had successfully defeated Ace Austin in the main event when Ace's bodyguard, Madman Fulton attacked Alexander leading to then Impact World Champion Christian Cage to come in and save Josh, but it didn't last long.

Just as it appeared that Ace and Fulton were going to perform a tag team maneuver on Alexander, some familiar music began to play throughout Skyward Studios and that music belonged to one half of the Bad Influence, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels who made the save for Cage and Alexander while also making his first appearance in an Impact Wrestling ring since 2014.

Daniels would go to mention in backstage interviews that he was looking to become the Impact World Champion but once the news broke that the AEW/Impact partnership would be put on ice after Bound For Glory those plans never came to pass which is why Daniels' return ranks so low on this list.

At the very least though we got to see a former TNA Original return to Impact, and Daniels was able to at least compete against Madman Fulton in singles action before his world title pursuit angle was dropped.

HOLY S*%&! DANIELS RETURNS TO IMPACT! | Alexander vs Austin | IMPACT! Highlights Sept 23, 2021 - YouTube

Savannah Evans' Impact Debut

9. Savannah Evans Debuts/ Fire N Flava Implode

The duo of Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz aka Fire N Flava were one of the most over teams in the Knockouts Division at a time when the tag division was beginning to take form once again upon the return of the Knockouts Tag Team Championships at this year's Hard To Kill PPV.

Hogan and Steelz would go on to become the first KO Tag Team Champions in seven years and defend the titles against Kimber Lee and Susan, Nevaeh and Havok and even regaining them from Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering a month after losing them before losing the tag belts for the second time on the pre-show of this year's Slammiversary event.

On the August 5th edition of Impact, Fire N Flava went on to have an amazing match with Grace and Ellering but were unsuccessful in picking up the win; After the match, a very teary-eyed Kiera Hogan could be seen talking with a very pissed off Tasha Steelz when the cameras suddenly showed a woman wearing a camouflaged jumpsuit and Timberlands standing in the ring.


The woman would later be revealed as Savannah Evans and she went on to destroy 'The Hottest Flame' all while Tasha stood by with her arms folded, looking on at 'The Cannibals' handwork before both Evans and Steelz left the ring with each other signifying the end of Fire N Flava.

While a matchup between the former tag partners never occurred on Impact as Hogan would be gone from the company about a week later, Tasha and Kiera did have a match with each other to blow off their feud at an independent promotion known as Hybrid Wrestling.

If you wish to see that match and the rest of the card for that event the links are below:

Two former KNOCKOUTS tag champions collide | IMPACT! Highlights August 5, 2021 - YouTube

Hybrid Wrestling: Aces Low - YouTube


8. AMW Reunites

For those of you who know your TNA/Impact Wrestling History, you know that Chris Harris and James Storm aka America's Most Wanted are one of the most revered tag teams in all of company history and considering the amount of great tag teams to have competed for this company over the years that's saying something.

In 2006, James Storm would turn heel on Harris affectively ending their almost five year run together leaving Storm to reach major success in Impact while Harris's career would take a much different turn, nevertheless no one expected to see a reunion between The Cowboy and The Wildcat...until 2021.

On the March 30th edition of Impact, James Storm was being interviewed for his up-and-coming 1000th match in Impact when a surprise from Storm's past returns in the form of Chris Harris who embraces the Cowboy with a hug thereby putting the blood feud that had been around Storm and Harris to rest.

In the main event, James Storm would go on to win his 1000th match against Eric Young before heading up to the ramp and can be visible seen saying the words: "Thank You Bob Ryder", Bob Ryder was a long-time backstage employee for TNA/Impact Wrestling who has passed away in November of 2020, so James Storm deciding to dedicate his win and the match itself to the beloved backstage figure is simply amazing.

TNA: The End Of America's Most Wanted - YouTube

America's Most Wanted REUNITE Before James Storm's 1000th Match! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 30, 2021 - YouTube

James Storm's 1000th Match Goes OFF THE RAILS! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 30, 2021 - YouTube

Rich Swann wins the TNA World Title

7. Rich Swann Becomes The Unified Impact World Champion

With everything that has been going on within the company in last several months, it's kind of easy to forget several things that occurred earlier in the year, case in point: Rich Swann's time as World Champion.

After beating Eric Young for the Impact World Championship at BFG 2020 and defending the belt against names like Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock and Chris Bey, Rich Swann was set on a collision course with "TNA World Heavyweight Champion" Moose eventually leading to an earth shattering announcement on the go home episode of Impact before Sacrifice.

In the announcement, Executive VP Scott D'Amore said that at Sacrifice the match between Moose and Swann will be a unification match with winner going on to defend that newly Unified Impact World Titles at Rebellion in the main event.

The match between Moose and Swann was certainly match of the year quality with Swann having to rely on his speed to outmaneuver his opponent, while Moose had to impose his strength and viciousness to ground the high flying champion.

By the end of it all, Swann pulled off the biggest win of his entire career and defeated Moose to become the first ever Unified Impact World Champion at Sacrifice....However Swann wouldn't have much time to enjoy his title victory because he was schedule to defend his titles at Rebellion against...Well, will get to that.

5 Most HISTORIC Title Matches in IMPACT Wrestling! | IMPACT Plus Top 5 - YouTube

cage retires the tna world title

6. Christian Cage Retires The TNA World Championship

It's safe to say that when the year started, no one expected Christian Cage to return to active competition never mind return to Impact Wrestling but as 2021 has proven you can always expect the unexpected.

After winning the Impact World Championship on the debut episode of AEW Rampage, Christian made his return to Impact for the first time since Slammiversary 2012; Cage soaks in the emotion of returning to the company that made him a star after famously leaving WWE in 2005 and mentions how great it is to be the champion once again which leads to a chant of 'You Deserve It." from the crowd.

Christian goes on the mention that he talked with Scott D'Amore and the other Impact executives and they've agreed that it's time to retire the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and officially make the Impact World Championship the number one prize to fight for in the company.

Cage then hands off the belt to ring announcer, David Penzer who then takes the belt to the back as fans chant 'TNA TNA TNA TNA'; The moment itself was a nice bit on closure for the history of the TNA World Title while at the same time making it clear as day that the Impact World Title is the belt that should be seen as the one of most prestigious belts in the company's history and the fact it was done by one of the most popular stars during the SPIKE TV era in TNA makes it all the more better.  

Christian Cage BACK FOR THE PEEPS! | IMPACT! Highlights August 19, 2021 - YouTube

FinJuice Are Coming To Impact

5. The NJPW/FinJuice Announcement

As No Surrender 2021 was coming to a close, a video package aired after the end credits which show a montage of images of a metropolitan Japan while also showing some NJPW footage and two people walking closer to the screen.

The New Japan logo appears and the camera pans up to show David Finlay and Juice Robinson aka FinJuice looking straight and posing for the camera as the video comes to a close. 

Now if you're like me when you first saw this you probably thought that some NJPW show was airing immediately after No Surrender on FITE TV, but as the reports came in a day or two later it confirmed that New Japan and Impact Wrestling are working together again.

This video package made it clear that the partnership was happening as well as heralding the arrival of FinJuice who have gone on to make quite a name for themselves when it comes to Impact's tag team division.

NJPW's Juice Robinson & David Finlay Coming to IMPACT Wrestling?! - YouTube

Chris Bey and Jay White

4. Chris Bey Joins The Bullet Club

'The Ultimate Finesser' Chris Bey certainly has had quite a time in Impact Wrestling since signing with the promotion in 2020 but no one, not even Bey could have expected what was going to happen to him on the August 5th edition of Impact.

On this night, Chris Bey was accompanied by the leader of the Bullet Club, Jay White who proposed an offer to the former X Division Champion to join the club, but first he needed to prove himself in a match against Juice Robinson.

Whilst the action between Bey and Robinson was amazing from beginning to end, it's the event after the match that are the most important for this entry. 

After picking up the victory, both White and Bey are at the entrance ramp when Jay pulls out a Bullet Club T-shirt and hands it off to Chris Bey signifying Bey's inclusion into the Club and the reaction on the former X Division Champion's face upon getting the shirt and giving the leader of the Bullet Club the 'Too Sweet' hand sign makes this moment all the more compelling. 

Desperate Chris Bey SQUEEZES Juice Robinson | IMPACT! Highlights August 5, 2021 - YouTube

Omega Become Unfied World Champion

3. Kenny Omega Wins The Unified Impact World Championship

Remember earlier when I said that I would mention the person that Rich Swann would defend his newly won Unified Impact World Championship against...Well here's your answer.

For the first time in recent modern American Pro Wrestling History, two world champions from two major companies were going to fight each other in the main event of this year's Rebellion pay per view in a unification bout between Rich Swann and the All Elite Wrestling world champion, Kenny Omega.

The action between both men wasn't always the cleanest in certain spots but it was easily a match of the year contender for 2021 just from the historic significance alone.

As you can tell from the title of this entry, Rich Swann didn't become the first African American wrestler to win the AEW Championship but instead Kenny Omega became the first and only wrestler in history to hold the AAA, TNA, AEW and Impact World Championships all at the same time.

While Omega's time as Unified champion was divisive for a small section of Impact fans, his run in Impact led to even more fans watching the product once again or for the first time which has helped the company greatly as a result.

Kenny Omega is IMPACT World Champion! The Roster LASHES OUT Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling! - YouTube


2. Jonah's Destructive Debut 

Mere moments before the full metal mayhem match for the Impact World Championship, Josh Alexander came out to the ring and announced that he was angry but focused after losing the world title and mentioned that he would be sitting at ringside for this main event at Turning Point.

Suddenly some strange music began to play with the screen revealing the words 'Jonah'; Immediately afterwards Jonah aka the former Bronson Reed in WWE, attacks Josh from behind and starts pummeling him with punches before unleashing a series on seatons to the mid-section and back of the walking weapon.

In pain and spewing blood from his mouth, Josh Alexander is tended to by the Impact security and referees as Jonah decides to head up the entrance ramp...until, he turns around and heads to the top rope where Jonah delivers a ring rattling splash so big that it knocks almost all of the refs out of the ring.

Jonah culminates it by taking some of Josh Alexander's blood and wiping it across his shirt with the words 'Top Dog' written on it....Talk about making one hell of a first impression.

JONAH Makes a VIOLENT Debut! | Turning Point, Nov 20, 2021 - YouTube

Josh Alexander Wins The Impact World Championship

1.  Bound For Glory's Shocking Conclusion

Man...the final few months of 2021 haven't been too good for "The Walking Weapon"; Before he was getting crushed by Jonah at Turning Point and coughing up his own blood, there was this unexpected moment at this year's Bound For Glory.

After cashing in Option C to fight for the Impact World Championship in the main event at Bound For Glory, Josh Alexander and Christian Cage exchanged words and punches with each other leading to their classic encounter.

In the closing moments of the match, Josh relentlessly keeps his hold on the ankle lock submission in order to make Christian Cage tap out and become the new Impact World Champion. The images of Josh and his wife and son embracing each other after a hard fought victory coupled with the reaction from the fans and the commentary of Matt Striker and D'lo Brown during this moment makes it so special....and then it happens.

Moose Wins The Impact World Championship

Moose, who won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match earlier in the night decided to cash in his trophy to get a shot at the world title right this very moment much to the shock, enjoyment and anger of many in attendance and those watching at home; Despite Josh's wife and son still being the ring, referee Brian Hebner rang the bell to start match and one spear and three count later we have a new Impact world champion for the second time.

The reaction by fans were split to say the least with fans rejoicing over the fact that Moose finally became the World Champion while others were pissed that Josh Alexander was robbed of this special moment, but either way it helped to establish how much of an opportunist, Moose is and popular of a babyface Josh Alexander now is as a result of this.

From the emotions going into and after the Alexander vs. Cage match to Moose's shocking cash in and to the reactions of the crowd and the commentary team throughout makes this undoubtedly one of the best Impact Wrestling moments of 2021.

Christian Cage Vs Josh Alexander Impact world championship match 2021/10/23#impactwrestling - YouTube

So, what do you think was the Best Impact Wrestling Moments of 2021? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to look out next week for my article on the Top 10 Best Things About Impact Wrestling in 2021.

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