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We are on the road to Slammiversary and while the ride to get there was riddled with ups and downs, you can't say the experience was boring especially when you consider how Impact Wrestling's 2022 has been up to this point.

As we get closer to celebrating 20 years of Impact Wrestling's existence at Slammiversary, I think it's important to look back at the last several months that led us to this point and see which moments up to this point could be considered some of the best.

With that said, here are the Top 10 Impact Wrestling Moments of 2022...So far.

Honorable mentions

Tasha Steelz wins the Knockouts Championship

Kaleb with a K Gets Fired by The Influence

Taya Valkyrie Returns/ Wins the Reina Da Reinas Championship

Mickie James Announced to Take Part in the Royal Rumble

Matt Cardona turn heel

10. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green Turn Heel 

Following a successful title defense against Lady Frost on an episode of BTI, Matt Cardona wanted a shot at Jordynne Grace's Digital Media Championship after failing to win the Impact World Championship at the Hard To Kill Pay Per View; Jordynne was more than happy to accept the challenge and on the February 3rd edition of Impact with Cardona being quite reluctant to get physical with the former Knockouts Champion throughout much of the contest.

After numerous pinfall attempts in the match Cardona was through out of the ring right in front of the ring announcers table where the DMC belt was place and after staring at the belt for more than a hot minute, Matt Cardona does the unthinkable and wallops Jordynne in the face with a steel chair during a mid flight collision through the ropes leading to Cardona hitting the Radio Silence to become the new Digital Media Champion all while giving the fans in attendance the middle finger.

While Cardona's turn to the dark side was unexpected, the same can't be said for his wife Chelsea Green as the seeds for her heel turn were months in the making...

Chelsea Green Turns Heel

After months of being Mickie James' ally and being told not to help her out in her rematch against Tasha Steelz for the Knockouts World Championship, Chelsea decided to heed her instructions and refused to her even when things were looking bleak for the former champion.

This led to Green setting up a steel chair inside the ring and watched as Mickie was getting decimated by the Bourcia Badass to remain the champion; Soon afterwards, an emotional Mickie James slaps Chelsea for not helping her when she needed it leading to a brawl between the two women until Matt Cardona got involved and helped his wife take out Mickie with extra assistance of Chelsea's case revealing her previous injury to be a ruse.

The married couple would soon help Brian Meyers during his feud with W. Morrissey this leading to rise of the Major Players in Impact Wrestling. 

SHOCKING TURN of events! | Matt CARDONA WORLD CHAMPION at LAST! | Feb 3, 2022 - YouTube

Matt CARDONA trolls ex-champion hard! | IMPACT! Feb 10, 2022 - YouTube

Tasha STEELZ vs MICKIE JAMES 2 | BRUTAL street fight! SHOCKING finish! | IMPACT! March 24, 2022 - YouTube

Morrissey Destroyed By Brian Myers, Matt Cardona And Chelsea Green! - YouTube

Scott Sends Josh Home

9. Scott D'Amore Sends Josh Alexander Home 

On the February 19th edition of Impact, "The Walking Weapon" Josh Alexander entered the ring giving a very passionate speech where he talks about his love for the Impact brand and how is looking to get his rematch for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship after No Surrender.

Suddenly the unannounced arrival of Big Kon (The former Konnor in the WWE) led to Alexander believing that the former NXT Tag Team Champion was just another obstacle that he had to face on his road to winning back the world title, so Josh called for a referee to match this official and in less than 60 seconds after bell rang Alexander made the former the NXT star tap out to the ankle lock.  

Despite winning his match, Josh refused to let go of the hold leading to the referee, security and Impact executive producer, Scott D'Amore to come in and calm Alexander but to no avail; D'Amore tries to persuade Josh to just wait a little while longer for his title rematch, but Alexander refused to wait and told Scott that if he didn't get what he wanted than he (Scott) will be looking at the soon to be hottest free agent in professional wrestling.

Left with no choice, Scott tells Josh that his being dismissed until he came get his emotions in check leading to the crowd sounding disappointed with this news as a disgruntled Alexander soon exits the ring...but of course as you already know this wouldn't be the last time we see of the Walking Weapon.

"GO HOME!" JOSH ALEXANDER suspended by FURIOUS Scott D'AMORE | Feb 10, 2022 - YouTube

Sami Callihan Returns

8. The Return of the Death Machine 

Sami Callihan is up there with names like Eddie Edwards, Rosemary, and Moose as individuals who could rightfully be seen as the four major figures both in and outside of the Impact Wrestling locker room and as such when they appear on-screen, they tend to get the biggest reactions from the crowds.

Such was the case at the Under Siege event, when Moose came to the ring and attempted to hold the show hostage if he didn't get another opportunity at reclaiming his Impact World Championship.

Suddenly, the lights went out when the screen showed a graphic that teased something was coming soon for weeks and when the graphic stopped at a photo of Moose, a few letters were revealed on screen show the name: Sami Callihan.

The lights came back on and Callihan proceeded to beat up the man he claimed responsible for taking him out of action for months by hitting Moose with a baseball bat and hitting a massive piledriver dropping the self-proclaimed wrestling god to the matt.

While Sami's come back to the ring was exciting, it wasn't the only return that got fans talking on that night.


7. Mia Yim Returns at Under Siege 

An hour or so before Sami's big return, Deonna Purrazzo unsuccessfully challenged her archnemesis Taya Valkyrie for the AAA Reina Da Reinas Championship and this soon led to 'The Virtuosa' assaulting Taya until the lights went off in the building.

While most fans (myself included) expected that it be Rosemary coming in to save her former friend Taya, it turned out not to be the case as a group of masked figures stood on the entrance ramp with the titantron revealing the name Mia Yim on the screen before the former NXT and TNA Superstar emerged from back to a ruckus ovation from the crowd.

Yim then headed to the ring to confront Deonna and at first the virtuosa appeared to be uninterested before attacking Mia from behind, but she was able to overcome leading to Purrazzo to run out of the ring as Yim helps Taya back to her feet as the crowd applause both women.

Mia Yim's return to Impact was a shocker to many and following reports regarding her status, it appears she'll be reappearing more on Impact in the following months.

Deonna wins the ROH Women's Title

6. Deonna Purrazzo Wins the ROH Women's Championship

Speaking of Deonna Purrazzo and the Reina Da Reinas Championship, The Virtuosa decided to start off the new year by doing something she's known for...making some history.

On the final PPV under the original Ring of Honor banner, Rok-C (now known as Roxanne Perez in NXT 2.0) defeated Williow Nightengale to become the new ROH Women's champion when the familiar music of the then Reina Da Reinas Champion, Deonna Purrazzo began to play in the building; Deonna confronted Rok-C and asked for a winner takes all match between herself and the newly crowd ROH Women's Champion to which the young upstart accepted.

That match would take place in the main event of the January 13th edition of Impact, with both ladies going back and forth with their offense as many close calls sprang throughout the contest, but of course since news broke that Rok-C would be one of many wrestlers to be signed by the WWE many expected how this would all turn out and sure enough Rok-C verbally quit the match leading to a new champion being crowned.

So to recap, the wrestling world on this night not only got to see the ROH Women's Champion take on the AAA Reina Da Reinas Champion inside an Impact Wrestling ring, but it also resulted in Deonna Purrazzo being the first woman in history to hold the ROH and AAA Women's championships at the same time despite not being signed to either promotion...quite an achievement .

DEONNA Purrazzo vs ROK-C! | CHAMP vs CHAMP | TITLE vs TITLE and ROH INVADE | IMPACT! Jan 13, 2022 - YouTube

Josh Alexander Returns

5. Josh Alexander's Major Announcements 

As mentioned earlier on in this list, Scott D'Amore decided to send Josh Alexander home in order for the former X Division champion to get his act together and also served as a way to write Alexander off of TV for a little while.

However, what many probably didn't realize was Josh's contract that he had signed all the way back in 2018 was coming up and no word was given as on whether he would re-sign with Impact. Things took an even shocking turn when Alexander mentioned that his U.S. work visa expired meaning that he would be unable to enter the United States until the matter was sorted out which could take quite a while to do.

This led to some fans getting bend out of shape over the possibility that Impact management might have led one of their top stars to not only jump ship to another promotion but that they allowed the work visa of said top star to expire...If anyone still felt that way going into the Sacrifice event, then they were in for a colossal surprise.

After Moose defeated Heath in the main event at Sacrifice to retain the Impact World Championship (seriously was there ever any doubt), the cameras cut away from the ring for just a few moments but when their directed back into the ring, Josh Alexander has rushed the ring from behind and drops Moose on his head with his signature C4 Spike finisher.

Josh then grabs the microphone and tells that the crowd he has a contract in his hands which is a signed multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling, putting any ideas of him leaving to rest. He then mentions that he has another contract in his possession which says that Josh will have his World Title rematch against Moose in the main event of this year's Rebellion pay per view...A tremendous way to close out what was an impressive show.

Briscoes Impact Tag Champs

4. The Briscoes Win the Impact World Tag Titles

Mark and Jay Briscoe (no relation to the former WWF tag champions Jack or Jerry) are best known for their time in Ring of Honor where the brothers dominated the tag team screen for many years whilst winning the tag titles a whopping 12 times.

So when news broke that AEW head honcho Tony Khan purchased ROH and planned to relaunch the brand under his control, most expected the Briscoes to join pro wrestling's favorite t-shirt company and have some absolute classic tag team bouts with many of the wrestlers in All Elite Wrestling.

However, when this didn't happen most began to speculate that the Briscoes would end up in Impact after it was revealed by Dem Boys that they plan to make more appearances for the company following their tag team match with the Good Brothers at the Multiverse of Matches event.

The Briscoes made their return to Impact on the April 28th episode where they interrupted Violent By Design as they were looking to get some gold around their waist but after Heath and Rhino proclaimed that they also wanted a shot for the tag titles a number one contender's match was made with the Mark and Jay getting a shot at VBD's tag team titles at the Under Siege event.

As you can probably already tell from the title of this entry, the Briscoes won with Dem Boys being one of a small number of teams to have held tag title gold in Impact, ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

BY DESIGN! | Leader ERIC YOUNG sets off VIOLENT CHAIN REACTION! | IMPACT! April 28, 2022 - YouTube

SHOCK RETURN! | The BRISCOE BROTHERS back in the IMPACT Zone! | IMPACT! April 28, 2022 - YouTube

Jay White Turns on G.O.D.

3. Jay White Turns on G.O.D. 

On the subject of NJPW, let's take talk about the Bullet Club, pro wrestling's modern-day version of the nWo who've made their presence felt since Impact and New Japan rekindled their partnership with each other at the very end of No Surrender 2021. 

Fast forward a year later and New Japan would end up making more headlines as one of its most popular groups would end up doing the unthinkable.

At this year's No Surrender event, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa of the G.O.D (or Guerillas of Destiny) took on Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows for the Impact World Tag Team Titles in a very emotional and hard hitting match.

However, it's the final moments of this tag team match that's gotten the most attention and rightfully so as Bullet Club member and former X Division Champion, Chris Bey distracted the referee during a pinfall attempt which appeared to be an accident; Then suddenly Bullet Club kingpin, Jay White snuck into the ring and hit his finishing move onto Tama leading to the Good Brother's to hit their signature tag finisher into order to get the three count and retain the titles.

The moment in itself was shocking as was the sight of seeing Anderson and Gallows giving the 'Too Sweet' hand signs to White and Bey in the middle of the ring as this pretty much confirmed that the G.O.D. were O-U-T when it came to the Bullet Club.

honor-no-more-faction (1)

2. We Are Honor...No More 

When the news hit in late 2021 that Ring of Honor would be going on hiatus and that every wrestler was released from their contracts, it was truly a watershed moment in the wrestling world as something like this hadn't happen since foreclosure of ECW and WCW in 2001.

This led wrestling fans and journalists speculating where these newly released stars would end up going as some ended up promotions like MLW, WWE or joining AEW as part of the ROH relaunch, however a few notably ROH stars decided to go a different route and made their way to Impact Wrestling.

At the Hard To Kill pay per view earlier this year, Team Impact (Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Chris Sabin, Rhino and Heath) defeated the Good Brothers and Violent By Design in very a competitive hardcore war, but the action didn't stop after the bell rang as a number of former ROH stars in the form of Mike and Maria Kanellis Bennett, Vincent, Matt Taven and PCO stormed the ring and left Team Impact laid out in the ring, leaving many to wonder just what the heck was going on and could this be some sort of an invasion angle.

The group later revealing themselves as Honor No More would make numerous appearances on Impact television where they continued to cause bedlam for the locker room and even added Kenny King into the mix with things taking a shocking and unexpected turn as they gained access into the building after Eddie Edwards turned on the Impact Locker Room and revealed himself to be the leader of the group.

While the jury is still out on what will be the long term impact (no pun intended) the group will have in grand scheme of things, it is safe to say that their presence had added a certain level of intrigue when it came to Impact's storytelling going forward. 

Josh Alexander Wins The Impact World Title

1. Josh Alexander Wins the Impact World Championship

You knew this one was coming...

After losing the Impact World Title in seven seconds to Moose in the final few moments of Bound For Glory 2021, Josh Alexander was understandably pissed at the former football star turn pro wrestler who screw him out of the opportunity he worked so hard.

Following a six month period which saw Josh battling wrestlers like Jonah, Minoru Suzuki, Charile Haas, Madman Fulton and Big Kon before being sent home and then returned weeks later, the Walking Weapon was geared to challenge Moose for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship at Rebellion.

The storytelling that had been built up to this match as well as the action itself was on point as both Alexander and Moose put each other through hell just to get the better of one another, Josh even hit a freaking Styles Clash onto Moose during the match which was a shocking thing to see as Alexander has never used that move before in his entire time in Impact.

The end came with Alexander dropping Moose on his head with the C4 Spike in order to win and become a two time Impact World Champion but this time the celebration or the reign wasn't cut short in a matter of seconds.

A feel good moment for one of Impact's homegrown stars and is easily the number one pick for the top Impact Wrestling moment of 2022 so far.

What other moments do you think I should've added onto this list? Let me know in the comments section of this article and if you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow Wrestling News World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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