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From March 2018 to March of 2020, Impact Wrestling ran a storyline involving the knockouts which included alliances, betrayals, returns, supernatural elements and a whole lot of death. 

Known as The Undead Realm Storyline" referring to the area of the same name which a majority of the madness took place, those two years saw Impact fans (both die hard and new) witness things that can best be described as something you will never see anywhere else in pro wrestling.

So in honor of Halloween, I'll be counting down the Top 10 Moments to occur in the Undead Realm storyline and of course if you'd like to see these moments for yourself, I'll post the links to these moments down below each entry.

coffin (1)

10. Su Yung Burns Rosemary's Coffin

Upon making her debut in early 2018, Su Yung added a new element of creepiness and mystery to the Knockouts locker and the first person to feel her wrath was the Knockouts Champion at the time, Allie.

Despite retaining her title against 'The Undead Bride' at the Redemption pay per view a month earlier, Allie continued to be the target of Su and her hoard of undead bridesmaids.

Soon afterwards, Rosemary who was Allie's friend confronted Su Yung which lead to the two supernatural beings facing off the next week on Impact. Ultimately Su was able to get the better of Rosemary and locked her away inside a coffin right in front a petrified and restrained Allie.

Su and her Bridesmaids would later conduct a funeral of sorts for Rosemary before 'The Undead Bride' spewed out red mist which then turned into fire and caused the coffin to burn seemingly killing Rosemary...But not for long.

The Mysterious Su Yung Debuts To Annihilate Allie | IMPACT! Highlights Mar. 22 2018 - YouTube

 Rosemary vs Su Yung Devolves Into CARNAGE | IMPACT! Highlights May 3 2018 - YouTube

Su Yung Holds a FUNERAL For Rosemary! | IMPACT! Highlights May 17, 2018 - YouTube


9. Playing Mind Games With Madison Rayne

When she wasn't torturing Allie on an almost weekly basis, Su and her zombified ladies found time scary the living hell out of Madison Rayne.

Su by this point in time was the Knockouts Champion and after playing a series of psychological games with the former Knockouts Champion which also lead to Su's famous catchphrase "Your Time Has Come.", a match was made between both Rayne and Su for the Knockouts Championship at that year's Slammiversary pay per view.


While the 'Locker Room Leader' was able to put up quite the fight against Su and her army of darkness, it just wasn't enough and Madison would pass out via the mandible claw before being trapped inside a coffin herself and dragged away never to be seen least until she makes her return to Impact in 2019 with no explanation as to how she escaped Su, the bridesmaids or the coffin but that's a discussion for another day. 

Su Yung Eerily Interrupts Madison Rayne's Interview | IMPACT! Highlights July 12, 2018 - YouTube

Madison Rayne is Haunted & Stalked by Su Yung | IMPACT! Highlights July 12, 2018 - YouTube

Madison Rayne is Trapped in a NIGHTMARE with Su Yung! | IMPACT! Highlights July 19, 2018 - YouTube

Su Yung's HAUNTING Special Entrance at Slammiversary 2018 - YouTube


8. Rosemary Returns At Bound For Glory and Homecoming

At Bound For Glory 2018, Allie made the decision confront Su Yung inside the Undead Realm to rescue Kiera Hogan who was taken by Su on an episode of Impact.

The segment inside the Undead Realm in all honest looks and feels like either the best or worse B level horror movie to take place in all of pro wrestling with the atmosphere and camera work.

Towards the end of the segment, Rosemary emerges from out of nowhere and attacks the undead hoard of bridesmaids which give Allie and Kiera enough time to make their escape. 

Fast forward a few months later and at Homecoming 2019, Rosemary would return from the Undead Realm to stop Su and her minions to save Kiera but her friend Allie by this time had changed drastically but more on that later.

Allie goes to the Ündead Realm 2018 - YouTube

ROSEMARY RETURNS to Confront Allie! | IMPACT Wrestling Homecoming Highlights - YouTube


7. Su Yung Wins Her 1st Knockouts Championship

Following the "demise" and coffin burning of Rosemary, Allie became more and more consumed with emotions and when it was announced that Allie would be defending her Knockouts Championship against Su Yung again but this time in a "Last Rites Match" at Under Pressure, Allie decided to invoke the help of an old friend.

Looking to use Su's own mind games against her, Allie came to the ring dressed in all black complete with a painted face that looks exactly like Rosemary's, signaling that Allie was using the sprit of her friend to get a psychological edge over the Undead Bride and by all accounts it worked with Su looking shocked in disbelief over the transformation...believe me Allie's entrance going into this match needs to be seen to be believed.

Despite these mind games and fighting vigorously against the odds, Allie would be put away inside the coffin by Su's mandible claw thus allowing the Undead Bride to become Knockouts Champion for the very first time just two months after her debut.

While her second reign with the belt was more memorable than her first, the imagine of Su holding the belt on top of her opponent trapped inside a coffin as her Undead Bridesmaids look up at her in praise is just awesome.

Allie is Haunted by the Memory of Rosemary | IMPACT! Highlights May 10 2018 - YouTube

Allie Unleashes Her Dark Side vs Su Yung at Under Pressure | IMPACT First Look May 31, 2018 - YouTube

Allie's Special Demonic Entrance at UNDER PRESSURE | IMPACT! Highlights May 31, 2018 - YouTube

Allie vs Su Yung: Last Rites Match for the Knockouts Championship | IMPACT! Highlights May 31, 2018 - YouTube

Kiera Hogan

6. Kiera Hogan Walks Out On Rosemary

Following the death of a key character in this storyline (more on that later), Rosemary and Kiera Hogan began to show animosity towards each other with Rosemary constantly telling Kiera Hogan to stay out her business when it comes to this dark war.

Undeterred, Kiera would continue to provide support until the "Girl On Fire" and the "Demon Assassin" decided to have a match with each other on the May 3rd 2019 edition of Impact, which saw Kiera win via disqualification thanks to the interference of Su and her undead bridesmaids. 

As the undead wrestlers begin their assault on Rosemary, Kiera gets back up to her feet and sees what's happening; While at first it looks like she'll try to step in and save Rosemary, Kiera remembering what Rosemary said about staying out of her business decides to follow her advice and basically backs up the entrance ramp leaving the "Demon Assassin" at the mercy of the undead hoard and turning heel in the process.

This moment was not only used as a way to write Kiera Hogan out of the Undead Realm storyline but it would also set up a feud between her and Jordynne Grace as well as setting up a character change that would show even more during Kiera's partnership with Tasha Steelz as part of Fire N' Flava.

Kiera Hogan ABANDONS Rosemary When Su Yung Attacks! | IMPACT! Highlights May 3, 2019 - YouTube

havok (1)

5. The Kaiju Queen Returns

By the summer of 2019, Rosemary had defeated Su Yung in an important tag team match which resulted in "The Undead Bride" getting chained and dragged around by "The Demon Assassin" however, Father James Mitchell (who also became key player in this storyline) wasn't too pleased with Rosemary's actions and he also wanted Su returned back to him and when negotiations didn't work, Mitchell tried a different tactic.

On the June 7th 2019 edition of Impact, Rosemary accompanied by a chained up Su took on Taya Valkyrie; The action however was soon interrupted when the sounds of sirens beginning to blast out in the arena only for the cameras to show that James Mitchell has bought back former Knockouts Champion, Jessicka Havok to destroy both Taya and Rosemary allowing the Sinister Minster to free Su Yung and create an unholy alliance between Mitchell, Su and Havok.


As to be expected the forces of Havok and Su could not be controlled for too long and at Slammiversary 2019 Havok, Rosemary, Su Yung and Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie fought in a monster's ball for the title.

While Taya would escape with the gold, the other three knockouts still had some unfinished business and would continue this supernatural rivalry along with James Mitchell for the rest of the year. 

Jessicka Havok Returns to Lay Waste to Rosemary & Taya! | IMPACT! Highlights June 7, 2019 - YouTube

The Knockouts Get EXTREME in Monster’s Ball at Slammiversary 2019! | Slammiversary 2019 Highlights - YouTube

Knockouts Go HARDCORE in Monster's Ball! (Slammiversary 2019) | Classic IMPACT Wrestling Moments - YouTube

Mitchell's FURIOUS Reaction to Monster's Ball at Slammiversary! | IMPACT! Highlights July 12, 2019 - YouTube


4. Havok Hangs Su Yung 

As mentioned moments earlier, the feud continued on with Havok and Su Yung coming to blows and Father Mitchell being unable to control the both of them as he had previously predicted.

During the September 20th 2019 edition of Impact, both Havok and Su fought each other following a match and the brawl would take them both all the way to the back of arena where Havok would grab some rope (conveniently tied up in a noose) and wrap it around Su's neck hanging her until no longer was moving.

It's later revealed before the end of the episode that Su didn't die which makes sense because she's already dead but no one expected what came next in the following weeks to come. 

susie (1)

A week or two after Su's hanging, a lady wearing a white dress could be seen walking the backstage arena when she soon introduces herself to Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake as 'Susie' a sweet, light hearted alter ego of Su Yung.

For months on in, Rosemary would try to bring the old Su Yung back but was thwarted on numerous occasions by Havok and James Mitchell, who rather have Susie as a clueless shell of the undead bride.

Things came to ahead when during the February 4th 2020 edition of Impact, Rosemary took on Susie in a match which ended up with both ladies heading to the back. 

Su Yung Returns

Much like what Havok did to Su Yung in this same building back in 2019, Susie got hanged by Rosemary and soon was transformed back into Su Yung who proceeded to lay waste to several security guards, Rosemary and Havok who came just a moment too late to stop the transformation.

James Mitchell would emerge to survey the carnage left behind as Rosemary creepily laughs at her actions while the sinister minster sarcastically congrats her and says that "Were All Doomed". 

Did Havok Just KILL Su Yung?! | IMPACT! Highlights Sep 20, 2019 - YouTube

Rosemary DESTROYS Susie & Resurrects SU YUNG! | IMPACT! Highlights Feb 4, 2020 - YouTube


3. Making A Deal With The Devil

After Su and her bridesmaids stuffed Kiera Hogan inside a coffin, Allie becomes distraught over losing Rosemary and now Kiera. In a last attempt to get them back Allie meets with Father James Mitchell and strikes a deal with him that would allow Allie to enter the Undead Realm to rescue Kiera but Mitchell warns her that if she sees her 'soul' down there, don't touch it.

Allie's rescue attempt would taken place at Bound For Glory which I previously discussed but while Allie and Kiera were able to escape, Allie ended up touching her soul down in the Undead Realm and as you can imagine this would lead to major consequences.

Allie Soul

Almost a month following her deal with Mitchell, Allie would soon become more violent in the ring and her blond hair would soon become black and during a backstage segment, Allie agrees to honor the deal she made with Mitchell which ultimately sees The Bunny grabbing both Su's and Mitchell's hands before leaving to the Undead Realm.

Allie would return to the ring, but it would be with a different look and attitude to go along with it.


Now referred to as "Dark Allie" The Bunny wore outfits that were as black as her soul and continued to pummel and attack her opponents and friends with zero disregard for their feelings or her actions.

Su Yung would control Dark Allie to inflict pain on others until Rosemary's return at Homecoming 2019, slowly leading to Allie remembering her old self.

Su Yung Stuffs Kiera Hogan in a COFFIN! | IMPACT! Highlights Oct 4, 2018 - YouTube

Allie Makes a Deal With the Devil | IMPACT! Highlights Oct 11, 2018 - YouTube

Father James Mitchell OWNS Allie's Soul! | IMPACT! Highlights Nov 8, 2018 - YouTube

Allie & Su Yung DESTROY Kiera Hogan | IMPACT! Highlights Dec 6, 2018 - YouTube

havok-vs-su (1)

2. Su Yung vs. Havok: The Final Battle

On the March 24th 2020 edition of Impact, Su Yung decides to end her feud with Havok by traveling down to the Undead Realm.

Once there, Havok along with Father Mitchell await Su Yung inside a macabre looking dungeon filled with chains, weapons and host of other undead figures including a wrestler named 'Beast The Butcher' who a one point attacks Su but soon pays for it by getting slashed in the neck by the Undead Bride.

As the action between Havok and Su continue, Mitchell is seen sitting in his throne chair cackling away like his the Emperor from Star Wars.

Just when it appears that Su might defeat Havok, Mitchell then interferes and ask Su to join him again while at the same time turns on Havok; Ultimately Mitchell turns on the both of them and banishes them both to 'The Wastelands' which is in the middle of a dessert...yes, you heard me right both Havok and Su Yung were a point stuck in the middle of an actual dessert in this cinematic battle...Sure why the hell not. 

mtc1mtg3nzyxnjgxmtq3nze2 (1)

Thanks to the timely intervention of Rosemary, both Su and Havok return back to the Undead Realm much to the befuddlement of James Mitchell who tries to bargain with the both them however Havok takes the knife away from Su and uses it to stab Mitchell in the heart killing him almost instantly.

As if this couldn't get any crazier, Mitchell is then seen being transported to an arena that I guess resembles heaven which include images of kitty cats and Abyss holding a bag of thumbtacks for some reason...but perhaps the best way to describe this whole 'match' never this storyline is best summed up by Mitchell's final words in the episode: "Who Booked This S##T".

VIOLENT CLIMAX in the Undead Realm Between Su Yung & Havok! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 24, 2020 - YouTube

allie (1)

1. Allie's Death

In attempt to get her back, Rosemary and Allie's friend, Kiera Hogan went into the Undead Realm in order to get Allie's soul back and make her whole again. 

Both Kiera and Rosemary are met with animosity from Father James Mitchell, Su Yung and her bridesmaids and a dark hooded figure later revealed to be Kevin Sullivan as the man who runs the Undead Realm (and also is Rosemary's father).

Kiera gets captured by James Mitchell leaving Rosemary all by herself; Su Yung, seizing her opportunity attempts to kill Rosemary after turning her filthy blood soaked glove into Freddy Kruger's razor sharped glove (How Impact didn't get sued over that is a mystery), she charges at Rosemary only for Dark Allie to shove the demon assassin out of the way and get stabbed in the neck by the razor glove instead.

To the shock of almost everyone including the fans, Rosemary grabs her friends body in anger and saddest as soft music begins to play as a bleeding Allie says to both Kiera and Rosemary in a softly spoken voice that she's whole again before vanishing into thin air and becoming one with the force...I guess 

To see one of your favorite wrestler leave the company you watch on a weekly basis is sad enough but to watch them "die" is something else, especially when you get invested into their character as well as seeing their highs and lows throughout their journey.

Emotional, tear jerking and one heck of a way to right to write off a wrestler from the company; It's easily one of the most memorable moments from the Undead Realm Storyline...RIP Allie aka The Bunny in Impact (2016-19). 

Allie Dies in Rosemary's Arms! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar 29, 2019 - YouTube

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