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The latter half of this decade may have been a troubling one for the company but it did provide Impact fans with some incredible action and storylines especially from the Knockouts.

Many of the ladies who occupied the Knockouts locker room at the time managed to standout due to their in-ring skills, character work or a combination of both with many of them doing some of the best work in their entire wrestling careers.

With that in mind, here are the Top Five Impact Wrestling Knockouts of the late 2010's.

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Honorable Mentions

Jade/Mia Yim

Marti Belle


Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Kiera Hogan

Su Yung

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5. Allie

Like Brooke Tessmacher or Taryn Terrell before her, Allie was an unknown to may Impact fans when she first showed up but by the end her time with the promotion she became a well known and establishment member of the roster.

Allie first appeared in Impact under her real name Laura Dennis when she competed as a heel against none other then Gail Kim at Knockouts Knockdown 2015 but was unsuccessful, months later she would return to Impact a heel but with blonde hair and a more upbeat attitude.


In 2016, Allie would officially appear on Impact as the assistant to then Knockouts authority figure, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and soon would get cheers from the crowd mostly due to Maria's treatment of Allie on Impact as well as conspiring with Laurel Van Ness to make certain that Allie couldn't be in a relationship with Braxton Sutter.

This would all change when during the wedding of LVN and Sutter, Braxton professed his love for Allie which then led to Allie quitting her role as Maria's secretary and kissing Sutton in the middle of the ring.

Allie would have two reigns with the Knockouts Championship with the second being the best as Allie was able to defeat her rivals like Laurel Van Ness, Sienna and Su Yung before losing her title to the latter and getting involved in the "Undead Realm Storyline" which would culminate with her getting killed by Su with Freddy Kruger's razor sharped glove, but for info regarding that be sure to check the link below on the Top 10 Undead Realm Storyline Moments.

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rosemary-e1558700580437 (1)

Allie also has a number of YouTube channels, one of which is called 'Allie's World' with the channel mainly focusing on the crazy and at times supernatural adventures of her and Rosemary in a recurring series called "Masters of the Multiverse". 

Overall, Allie was a good wrestler who got over with her charm and character at a time when the company desperately needed stars like that to keep the fans interested, plus the memorable segments she's been a part of like the Undead Realm stuff and the wedding angle helped to really make her stand out from the rest.

Allie Theme Song and Entrance Video | IMPACT Wrestling Theme Songs - YouTube

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Allie's World - YouTube


4. Sienna

From one member of Maria's Lady Squad to another...

Sienna also known as Allysin Kay became one of the most accomplished female wrestlers during her time in the company which started off with her very first match against Gail Kim at Knockouts Knockdown 2016 all the way to becoming the muscle of Maria Kanellis-Bennett in the Lady Squad to being the woman who retired Velvet Sky from Impact Wrestling in 2016 to becoming the new Knockouts Champion at  year's Slammiversary event.

sienna (1)

Speaking of the Knockouts Championship, Sienna became a two time KO champion much like Allie but in Sienna's case she became a two time champion after defeating Rosemary in a unification match at Slammiversary 2017 as she was walking into this match as the GFW Women's champion making Sienna the only woman in the company's history to not only be GFW Women's and Knockouts Champion but the only woman to win the Knockouts title in two consecutive years at the same pay per view.

Her matches with names like Rosemary and Gail Kim are easily some of the best during her run in the company and while she would leave the company in 2018 and be brought up in 2020 as one of many names to called out Tessa Blanchard on Twitter over issues regarding her behavior amongst female wrestlers, Sienna's work in the ring was truly impeccable and she made the best out of everything she was given during her time in Impact.

Sienna Theme Song and Entrance Video | IMPACT Wrestling Theme Songs - YouTube

Allysin Kay vs. Gail Kim - video Dailymotion

720pHD iMPACT Wrestling 06 21 16 Sienna vs Gail Kim 2 - YouTube

Sienna Fight Network Adaptation | August 1st, 2017 - YouTube

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(720pHD): iMPACT Wrestling 05.03.16: Maria, Jade & Sienna - YouTube

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iMPACT Wrestling 2016.06.12 • Jade vs. Sienna vs. Gail Kim - YouTube

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Raquel vs. Sienna - TNA Xplosion - YouTube

Allie vs. Sienna: Knockouts Championship: Match in 4 | IMPACT! Highlights Mar. 22 2018 - YouTube


3. Tessa Blanchard

Speaking of Tessa Blanchard, it's time to talk about her run within the company from 2018-19.

Tessa first appeared at the Redemption pay per view doing commentary for a match-up between Keira Hogan and Taya Valkyrie but soon got in the ring with Keira in a short lived feud which helped to establish the kind of persona Tessa would have within the company as a cocky ,self assured woman with a massive chip on her shoulder.

Blanchard would go on to wrestle names like Taya, Jordynne Grace, Su Yung, Gisele Shaw, Allie and even become the Knockouts Champion defending the title multiple times until she lost the belt due to her constant engagement with special guest referee for that match, Gail Kim. 

Tessa vs Gail

Tessa's tension with Gail would cause the Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer to come out of retirement to have a match at the Rebellion pay per view which saw Gail tapping out to Blanchard before the young third generation star surprisingly turned babyface on everyone by extending her hand out to Gail as a sign of respect.

Following this, Blanchard would move onto wrestling the male side of the Impact roster with her most notably opponent being Sami Callihan which resulted in matches at Slammiversary and Unbreakable leading all the way into 2020.

Sure, Tessa Blanchard is seen as a polarizing figure for many wrestling fans for a number of reasons especially amongst Impact fans, but her determination and willingness to succeed is undeniable and her work in the Knockouts Division and wrestling Sami Callihan in 2019 are impressive.  

Tessa Blanchard Debuts at Redemption! | IMPACT Wrestling Redemption Highlights - YouTube

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Taya Valkyrie

2. Taya Valkyrie

So the number one and two spots could easily be switched around in my opinion but for my list the former Queen of Slam Town gets the runner-up spot.

Taya first arrived in Impact during the GFW era in 2017 under her Lucha Royalty gimmick which was a hangover from her time in Lucha Underground; Taya would get into a feud with Rosemary that lasted from late 2017 until early 2018 when Rosemary was able to defeat Valkyrie and temporally take her off of TV, mostly due to Taya needing to take care of some other business.

Taya and Johnny

Taya would return to Impact at Bound For Glory 2018 to unsuccessfully challenge Tessa Blanchard for the Knockouts Championship but also started to have her relationship with John Morrison aka Johnny Impact being mentioned on Impact television.

Taya would be able to defeat Tessa for the Knockouts Championship at the Homecoming pay per view in 2019 thanks to Tessa getting in the face of special guest referee, Gail Kim as previously mentioned and from her Taya would go on to cement her legacy as a legend within the Knockouts Division.

January 2019-2020, Taya Valkyrie would become the longest reigning Champion in company history never mind the longest reigning Knockouts Champion at about 377 days; During her reign Taya defended the belt against names like Tessa, Jordynne Grace, Su Yung, Jessicka Havok, Rosemary, Tenille Dashwood and ODB while also taking part in street fights and monster ball's matches and even turning heel alongside her husband on an episode of Impact before changing her gimmick into a self absorbed fashionista/celebrity.

While Taya would leave Impact in early 2021 after outing herself as the culprit who shot former referee and manager, John E. Bravo on his wedding day...It's a long story and the subject for a future article; Valkyrie's body of work and dedication to the brand for last several years has helped to make her one the best female athletes of this or any other generation.

Taya Valkyrie Has Arrived in GFW on IMPACT | #IMPACTICYMI September 7th, 2017 - YouTube

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Taya Valkyrie's NEW "Wera Loca" Theme Song and Entrance Video! | IMPACT Wrestling Theme Songs - YouTube


1. Rosemary

Were you expecting someone else...

One of the longest tenured females to still be wrestling on the Impact roster, Holly Letkeman aka Rosemary has become one of the most recognizable faces in all of modern day Impact Wrestling history and her success arguably unmatched.

First debuting in January of 2016 in a macabre, Harley Quinn like outfit Rosemary would cut a promo using cryptic sentences to freak out everyone before uttering her famous line of Decay...Decay...Decay!!!! which soon before forward 'The Monster' Abyss and Crazzy Steve.


This would lead to the rise of Decay, a face painted trio who looked to scare and destroy anyone who got in their way and this popularity that the group accumulated allowed them to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions on April 26th 2016 a title reign that not only saw them taking on The Hardy Boyz in a number of matches but their reign would last 197 days.

By the end of 2016, however Rosemary would bring to break out on her own and soon began feuding with names like Gail Kim and defeating Jade (Mia Yim) in an instant classic of a steel cage match which Rosemary won the vacant Knockouts Championship...Talk about capping off an impressive first year in the company.

Rosemary would defend her title against Jade, Santana Garrett, Sienna before losing the belt at Slammiversary 2017 as previously mentioned ending Rosemary's 266 day title reign which is the third longest reign with the title for any Knockout holding the belt once.

Taya and Rosemary

Rosemary would soon get into a rival with a debuting Taya in 2017 but by 2019 the two would become reluctant allies and latter friends and tag team partners with Rosemary changing her appearance to appear more fashionable and goth like; Although an ACL injury who sideline her much of her in ring career, she would remain very popular with the majority of the fans.

What also helps to get Rosemary the number one spot in addition to everything I've mentioned, is her loyalty to company; Throughout much of her time in TNA/Impact she could have easily jumped ship to the WWE and make a whole lot of money or head off to AEW when she could get more name recognition but instead she decided to stay the company in good times and bad which is quite honorable as you rarely see stars not under a WWE contract nowadays stick around in a promotion for too long.

Her skills on the mic and inside the ring, not to mention her loyalty to the company, immense popularity and ability to change up her appearance while at the same time remaining fresh and relevant with the current product is why the Mother of the Hivlings, The Demon Assassin herself Rosemary takes the one spot as the best Impact Wrestling Knockout of the late 2010's.

Introducing The Decay! - YouTube

(720pHD): iMPACT Wrestling 09.29.16: Reby Hardy vs Rosemary - YouTube

Rosemary vs. Jade 6 Sides of Steel | IMPACT Dec. 1, 2016 - YouTube

⚔ 720pHD TNA Impact One Night Only- December 12-12-16- Rosemary vs Jade.mp4 - YouTube

Rosemary vs Jade - Monster's Ball: FULL MATCH | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Laurel Van Ness w Sienna vs Rosemary - YouTube

Rosemary vs. Amber Nova Xplosion Exclusive Knockouts Match | Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 - YouTube

Rosemary Theme Song "Left Behind" and Entrance Video | IMPACT Wrestling Theme Songs - YouTube

So do you agree or disagree with my list? Who is your favorite Impact Wrestling Knockout of the late 2010's be sure to let me know on Twitter or the comments section of this article.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow Wrestling News World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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