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The show opens with a recap from the NWA World Championship match between Ron “The Truth” Killings and Champion Jeff Jarrett that ended in controversy at the two year anniversary show. We now wait a decision from the TNA Director of Authority Vince Russo as to who is the NWA Champion.

Commentary: Mike Tenay and Don West

Amazing Red, Chris Sabin, and Primetime vs Kazarian, Nosawa, and Miyamoto: 

The bell rings and we are underway. Kazarian and Amazing Red start off the match. Kazarian gets the upper hand in Red as he kicks him in the midsection then lays in the forearm shots to the face before shooting him into the ropes only for Red to counter it and sends Kazarian into the ropes. Kazarian comes off the ropes and gets taken down with multiple armdrag takedowns into a dropkick. Red then ducks the clothesline attempt from Kazarian leading to a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown. Red then kicks him in the chest and looks to whip him into the ropes but Kazarian reverses it and sends Red into the ropes. Red then comes off the ropes looking for Code Red but Kazarian counters and flips over by his head and lands face first. Kazarian then rolls out and tags in Nosawa. Nosawa comes in and lays the boots to Red before hitting him with a right and then whips him into the ropes. Red comes off the ropes and looks for a wheelbarrow move but Nosawa buts on the brakes leading to an armdrag takedown from Red. Red then hits a spinning heel kick before dragging Nosawa to his corner and tags out to Chris Sabin who hits him with a forearm shot to the face. The finish of the match sees the match break down into complete chaos but in the end Primetime was able to hit the Play of the Day for the pinfall victory. 

Winners: Amazing Red, Chris Sabin and Primetime via Play of the Day

We then learn after the match that reality star Jonny Fairplay will make his TNA debut next week.

Monty Brown vs “Irish” Pat Kenney:

The bell rings and we are underway. They lock up and Brown has the advantage early as he locks in a sideheadlock. Kenney looks to shoot him off the ropes but Brown maintains the hold. Kenney then lays in some shots to the midsection of Brown and finally shoots him off into the ropes. Brown comes off the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Brown then hits the ropes and leaps over Kenney who drops down leading to multiple armdrag takedowns as Brown comes off the ropes and Brwon slides to the floor for a breather. Kenney then slingshots over the top with crossbody taking down Brown before rolling him back into the ring. Brown immediately gets back to his feet and takes down Kenney with a punch to the face leading to a complete mugging as he lays in the boots and ground and pound. The finish of the match sees Monty Brown hit Kenney with The Pounce for the pinfall victory and maintains his undefeated streak.

Winner: Monty Brown via The Pounce

Team Canada vs America’s Most Wanted: 

The bell rings and we are underway. Petey Williams and James Storm start off the match. Both men pander to the crowd for a bit as the crowd loudly chants USA which angers Team Canada and leads to Petey slamming Storm. Storm then quickly takes down Williams with multiple clotheslines before gaining control of the arm and hitting him with a chop to the chest before dragging him back to his corner and tagging out to Chris Harris. Harris then comes in and drops an elbow on the arm of Petey before gaining control of his arm. Petey then grabs the hair of Harris as he pushes him back into the ropes and hits him with a knee to the midsection. Petey then looks for an Irish whip but Harris reverses it sending Petey into the ropes who gets a blind tag from Roode. Petey comes off the ropes and Harris slams him to the mat with a HUGE hip toss before being drilled with a clothesline from Roode. The finish of the match sees Scott D’Amore distract the referee and opens the door for The Naturals to sneak in and throw powder into the face of Harris then hit him with a steel chair as Petey covers him  for the pinfall victory. 

Winners: Team Canada via Pinfall 

We then see Jeff Jarrett make his way to the ring and said that during the title match that Ron Killings used a guitar which was illegal and wants his title back. He calls out Vince Russo but gets Larry Zybsko. Larry says that the decision over the world title will happen Wednesday on PPV. Jarrett then hits Larry with the guitar which leads to a brawl between 3 Live Kru and Jarrett’s mercenaries. 

We then get a recap from a press conference with Hulk Hogan in Japan. Hogan said that he had unfinished business in America and has never won the NWA World Title. Jeff Jarrett crashed the conference and attacks both Hulk and Jimmy. 

We then see Mike Tenay and Don West run down the card for the weekly Wednesday PPV. 

Abyss and Dallas vs D’Lo Brown and AJ Styles:

The bell rings and brawl ensues on the outside of ring. D’Lo brawls with Abyss as they make their way into the ring while Styles is tangled up with Dallas. Back in the ring Abyss has D’Lo in the corner and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle before following him in for a broncobuster but comes up short as Brown moves out of the way. Back in the floor Styles is still taking it to Dallas with a shot to the face knocking him back up against the guardrail. Dallas looks to fight back with a shot to the midsection but Styles is able to put a stop to that with multiple shots to the face of Dallas. In the ring Brown has control of the monster Abyss going for a suplex but Abyss puts a stop to it and goes for one of his own only for Brown to land on his feet. Styles has now entered the ring and they both kick Abyss in the midsection and pull him down to the mat by his hair. Styles then knocks Dallas off the apron before hitting the ropes and D’Lo slamming him into Abyss. Brown goes for the cover and only gets a one count as he moves out of the way and Dallas drops an elbow on Abyss. The finish of the match sees AJ Styles counter Dallas’ finisher into a roll up for the pinfall victory. After the match Monty Brown runs down to the ring and he teams up with Abyss as they beat down D’Lo. Kid Kash has now entered the ring as he and Dallas are attacking Styles. 

My Grade: C

This was an average show for IMPACT and nothing really special happened here. The only match from this show I recommend watching is the tag team match between America’s Most Wanted and Team Canada. This was a very good match and the crowd was very much behind it. The crowd was firmly in the corner of AMW as they loudly chanted USA. Even though we didn’t get a clean finish it was still a great match. 

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