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Hello Everyone and welcome to another edition of WNW Retro Review.

We are just days away from this year's Bound For Glory event and to celebrate the occasion I'll be reviewing Bound For Glory 2012 which occurred on October 14th 2012 at the Grand Canyon University Arena (or the GCU Arena for short) in Phoenix Arizona.

Around 2,900 fans were in attendance for this event which is actually down from the previous two Bound For Glory events in 2011 and 2010 which did around 3,500 people.

So what exactly is going on in TNA in 2012, well as it turns out a lot of stuff ranging from a mysterious masked biker gang invading the Impact Zone on a weekly basis, a few cases of former tag team partners becoming bitter enemies and the rise of Austin Aries as a big player in the company coincides with the redemption arc of one Jeffery Nero ya a lot has been going on.

Now I have always held the belief that 2012 while certainly not perfect for a few reasons that I will mention throughout this review, I do think that this year was the last good year in the company's history as the following years up till 2018 would see storylines that were good to meh and a few great matches that sadly got lost in the shuffle...But with all that out of the way let's get to the review. 


Rob Van Dam vs. Zema Ion For The TNA X Division Championship

Your opening contest at Bound For Glory, sees 'The Whole F'n Show' Rob Van Dam taking on Zema Ion for the X Division Championship.

Context: So in the weeks leading into this match, RVD has been busy competing in the Bound For Glory Series and challenging for the TV Title both unsuccessfully until General Manager, Hulk Hogan gave Van Dam the opportunity to pick his opponent at BFG and he chose the X Division Champion, Zema Ion.

Speaking of Zema Ion, what a wild and unpredictable year it has been for him; In February of 2012 Ion inadvertently injured Jesse Sorensen in a match at the Against All Odds pay per view which took the latter out with a serious injury, fast forward all the way to July when Zema wins an Ultimate X match to win the then vacant X Division Championship and since then his been putting people on the shelves with kayfabe injures and now his set to defend the belt against the most seasoned wrestler his ever faced before.

The action begins with both men exchanging holds, series of kicks by Van Dam rock the champion but not for long as Ion starts taking control capped off with a twisting corkscrew like maneuver which leads to the pin but only a two count. 

Zema takes some time to showboat and mock RVD but Van Dam makes him pay for it by dropping the champion on his "Yambag" as Taz calls it on commentary before hitting that signature RVD thrust kick sending Ion crashing to the outside.

A few shoulder tackles to the gut and a nasty looking tornedo DDT by Ion leads to a series of covers on RVD but only gets two, Zema sends Van Dam hard onto the outside hitting the guardrail followed immediately by a senton over the ropes hitting Van Dam and even himself upon another viewing.

Ion continues the offense on Van Dam inside the ring, the crowd who has been ruckus since the pay per view started, begin to chat "Zema Sucks" while also cheering for RVD; Another nasty looking sell by Van Dam after the champion slips out of an attempt at the monkey flip and answers back with an impressive missile dropkick, Ion goes for the cover again and once again his not able to put RVD away, Zema continues to work on Van Dam but RVD is able to turn things around with a mid air dropkick, The Rolling Thunder and finally The Five Star Frog Splash to get the win and Rob Van Dam is your new TNA X Division Champion.

Star Rating: 3.5 Stars Out of 5

The X Division has always been a great way to start off a pay per view and this was no exception and despite the fact he lost this match, Zema Ion really shined in this match but unfortunately he just wasn't able to pick the win.

Backstage with Jeremy Borash as he not only inquires the fans use the hashtag 'TNABFG'  on Facebook and Twitter but also is set to interview Magnus before his up-and-coming TV title match; Magnus referring to himself as 'The MacDaddy' for some reason but also says that Samoa Joe can't hide behind the politics of professional wrestling anymore and asks how will Joe recover from his loss tonight.

That match is up next as the first of several cases of tag team partners colliding with each other at BFG as Magnus challenges Samoa Joe for The TNA Television Championship


Magnus vs. Samoa Joe For The TNA Television Championship

Context: Magnus and Samoa Joe for those who don't know were a makeshift tag team who were put together as part of a tag team tournament and the duo actually worked well with one another winning the TNA Tag Team Titles and even the GHC Tag Team Titles at on point in time.

However soon after losing the tag belts to the Bad Influence, both Joe and Magnus would take part in the BFG series with neither man making it to the finals but Samoa Joe did capture championship gold when he defeated Mr. Anderson for the vacant TV title making Joe a Grand Slam Champion aka someone who's held the TNA X Division, Tag Team, TV and World that's the second belt being defended tonight that was previously vacated; Ultimately it's jealously on Magnus' part that led to the team disbanding and of course this match.

Joe and Magnus start circling the ring while also staring at each other before both start grappling all the way into the corner which Samoa is able to capitalize with a running splash and enzuigiri to head of Magnus...Classic Samoa Joe on display.

Magnus able to capitalize on a distracted Samoa Joe to take control of the offense in this match and continues on with a clothesline, a few kicks, blatantly choking Joe whilst on the ring ropes and hitting a Michinoku driver for the cover but only get two.

Joe is able to get back onto his feet and retaliates with an atomic drop that Magnus sells in cartoonish fashion followed by a big boot, a senton and snap slam into the cover by Joe but the ref only counts two. The crowd in Arizona are pleased with what their seeing in this match as they chant "This Is Awesome", Joe powerbombs Magnus to the mat before turning it into an STF only moments later to then transitioning that into another submission with Joe trapping both of Magnus' arms and applying the pressure on the shoulders of his former tag partner.

Magnus is able to get his foot onto the ropes to break the hold, Joe sets him up on the top turnbuckle but Magnus hits a knee right into the face of Samoa Joe and jumps off the ropes with a diving elbow but can't go for the pin due to exhaustion.

Both Joe and Magnus are on their feet by this point and Joe applies the rear naked choke onto Magnus but Magnus is able to get out of the hold not once but twice in the span of a few minutes; Magnus hits the chop block onto one of Joe's legs and looks to be going for a figure four leglock but Joe is able to recover and apply the rear naked choke, Magnus taps out and Samoa Joe remains the Television Championship.

Star Rating: 3 Stars Out of 5

This match had a much different pace compared the opening contest, this match felt a lot more methodical, not slow or boring mind you but the pace certainly felt slowed down and I mean that in a nice way.

The chemistry that Magnus and Joe have in this match showed but this feud would continue for a little while longer until Magnus was attacked by Aces and Eights with a ballpeen hammer which took Magnus off of TV for quite sometime with a kayfabe injury.

Backstage, JB interviews Bobby Roode and the IT Factor of professional wrestling mentions how this hatred between himself and Storm has been going on for a while and how 'The Cowboy' has never beaten him in a match but Roode also tells King Mo not to get in his way.

So we come to the next chapter in tag team partners facing each other saga with a very anticipation street fight between the Bobby Roode and James Storm with King Mo as the special guest enforcer 


Bobby Roode vs. James Storm: Falls Count Anywhere Match (W/ King Mo as Special Guest Referee)

Context: So going back all the way to BFG 2011, Roode lost in the main event against Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the next night on Impact Storm gets a title opportunity against Angle for the world title which sees Storm winning the belt in a matter of seconds leading to him becoming world champion for the very first time but that's short lived when Roode gets a shot at the belt and breaks a beer bottle over Storm's head to begin his reign as the then longest reign world champion in company history.

Roode Wins

By Lockdown 2012, Storm came so close to winning but Roode somehow found a way to escape with the title which led to Storm taking some time off.

By the time No Surrender 2012 rolls around, Storm is taking on Bully Ray in the semi finals of the BFG series when Bobby Roode, who also disappeared off of TV for a bit returns to screw over his tag team partner and after weeks of in ring and backstage fights between both men a decision was made to make this newest signee to the Impact roster and Bellator fighter, King Mo as the special guest enforcer for Roode and Storm's street fight.

The action begins with fists flying by both men with Storm getting the advantage over Roode capped off with a big back body drop before the cowboy gets sent to the outside of the ring but answers back with a swift kick to Bobby's face sending him from the ring apron to out of the ring.

Both men take the fight outside but stop due to Roode and Storm having a brief face-to-face confrontation with King Mo; Storm regains control with a side Russian leg sweep onto one of the barricades and motions that his gonna put Roode threw the announcer table with his signature "Eye of the Storm" but Roode is able to reverse it and instead hits Storm with a slingshot move that sends storm face first into the steel post which causes the cowboy to start bleeding.

Bobby proceeds to bring out the weapons including a steel chair that he uses to wallop his former partner in the back but it's that same steel chair that distracts Bobby long enough for Storm to hit the It Factor with a kendo stick; Chants of "Holy Shit" can be heard in the crowd mostly due to the disgusting display that is James Storm's face covered in blood and James (although wobbly from the blood loss) uses the kendo stick and hits a trash can placed near Bobby's downstairs area...Bobby's selling in this moment is as tremendous as it is comical.

TNA chants start to ring out as Roode sends Storm to the walk ramp, Roode plans to use the trash can but a shoulder tackle by Storm to the gut of Roode sends the trash can flying offscreen and Storm drops Bobby onto the walk ramp with a draping DDT  off the ropes, the look on King Mo's face following that and the amount of blood on the cowboy's face tells the story.

Storm takes a steel crutch given to him by a fan and uses it as a weapon, Roode at this point has been busted open and both men start hammering the shit out of each other with trash can lids which leads to another shot of King Mo looking super impressed by the display of violence being shown in this match. A trash can shot sends Roode down but not for long as hits a spinebuster on Storm onto the walk ramp. The action then heads back to the announce table with Roode spearing Storm off of one tables into another with both men being knocked down.

Roode manages to get Storm into the ring for the first cover in the match (were 10 minutes into the bout mind you) and the cowboy kicks out. Roode starts to shove referee Earl Hebner in the corner which leads to King Mo coming in to break it up but Roode starts to shove Mo with leads to the King shoving right back and when Roode turns around he gets hit with a codebreaker by Storm and a last call superkick before going for the cover and somehow Bobby kicked out.

Bobby sends Storm head first into the steel chair Roode set up earlier and goes for the cover but gets only a two count, frustration starts to set in for the It factor as he sets Storm onto the top turnbuckle before rolling out of that ring and bringing in a bag of thumbtacks that get scattered all over the ring. 

Storm and Roode begin fighting on top but the It factor gets sent back first into the thumbtacks and then get hits with a driving elbow into a cover but Roode kicks out at two; A low blow by Roode drops storm to the ground and Bobby (whose boots, back and trunks are covered in thumbtacks) grabs the signature beer bottle of Storm's but as Roode is planning on using it, Storm responds with a low blow of his own and cracks a beer bottle onto Bobby's head, bringing him down to his knees.

Storm utters some words to Roode who is out on his feet and a last call superkick onto the tacks leads to the cover, the three count and a victory for James Storm.

Star Rating: 5 Stars Out of 5

I mean wow...what a match between these two men from the violence, the amount of blood (mostly on Storm's end), the over the top selling by Roode and so much more made this match of year for me never mind match of the night...It's just a shame this hype the fans are feeling after this street fight comes to an end thanks to the next match.

While you would think this street fight would be the end of the rivalry that's not the case as both Storm and Roode would compete in a three way number one contender's match along with AJ Styles at the Turning Point pay per view the following month which Storm won only to then lose that opportunity to Roode on the following episode of Impact with that title match set to take place at that year's Final Resolution event.

Backstage JB interviews a pre 'King of Dong Style' Joey Ryan who is set to do battle with Al Snow, Ryan mentions how he should have been handed a TNA contract before he even competed in Gut Check and that he has the homefield advantage with BFG taking place at the west coast and that his bringing sleazy back to Bound For Glory.


Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

Context: So the backstory for this match is convoluted at best but then again this is TNA under the Hogan/Bischoff era so let me explain.

In may, Joey Ryan took part in Gut Check aka TNA's version of WWE's Tough Enough and despite a roaring reception from the crowd Ryan was denied a TNA contract thanks to Bruce Pritchard and Taz who cut a vicious promo on Ryan after telling no to getting a contract.  

In the months that followed, Ryan would be seen showing up as a fan in the crowd which resulted in moments like him punching Al Snow in the face and throwing a drink on him; Soon afterwards Snow would slap the taste out of Ryan's mouth which led to a kayfabe lawsuit and Ryan getting a contract with Impact...the only thing is that contract was only for one day and if Ryan wanted a full fledged contract with TNA then he'll have to beat Al Snow at Bound For Glory.

Now you might be asking where is the convoluted aspect of this whole thing? Well what makes this whole storyline so nonsensical is the fact that both Taz and Bruce were the judges who said no to Ryan and Al Snow was the one who said yes, so wouldn't it have made better sense for Snow to be one of the judges who said no as opposed to Brother Love or the former ECW wrestler who can't compete anymore. I mean at least it would explain the reasoning for Ryan's actions towards Snow but then again maybe they just wanted the wrestler who got "87% of the fans approval" to be the heel but it all comes off so confusing.

The match starts off with Ryan trying to distant himself from Snow before Al challenges Joey to some traditional ground and pound style of wrestling to which Snow outmaneuvers him and gets a "You Still Got It" chant from the crowd.

Snow begins working on Ryan with a few slaps to the face, a hip toss and a bodyslam but soon Joey starts to take over and it's at this moment you realize that the crowd that was exploding with cheers in the street fight are sitting in their seats and they are quiet, they could care less about what they are seeing right now.

A bodyslam by Snow and a painful looking driver onto Ryan leads to a two count and the crowd is chanting for head and Al goes underneath the ring and a grabs a giant doll head which gets the biggest reaction in the entire match.

Referee Brian Stiffler stops Al from using head which allows Ryan to take back control and even kisses the doll head...because sleazy I guess.

Matt Morgan

Al Snow traps Joey Ryan with part of the ring apron and just as his about to grab the doll head he gets a Carbine Footprint by Matt Morgan, who then shoves Snow back into the ring allowing Joey Ryan to win and get a full fledged contract with TNA Wrestling

Star Rating: 1 Star Out of 5

Man talk about a change of pace, the company had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands with that street fight and for this match to be the one that followed it is insane as it pretty much slowed down the momentum that the show had and the match itself was boring and uninteresting overall.

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan would shake hands after this match thus confirming their partnership and the two men would be a tag team for the rest of 2012 until early 2013.

Ryan himself would actually stay signed with TNA until he was released in July of 2013 along with a host of other wrestlers at which point Ryan returned to the Indies where he would eventually become "The King of Dong Style".


Ryan would return to the company and get re-signed ironically at BFG seven years later where he wrestled names like Ken Shamrock and Acey Romero before creating the faction called "Cancel Culture" along with RVD, Van Dam's girlfriend and wrestler Katie Forbes and Jake Crist until the group disbanded mere months into its existence following Ryan's departure amidst the #MeToo Movement that was surging in pro wrestling in 2020. 

Backstage with JB again as he interviews the TNA World Tag Team Champions, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian aka The Bad Influence, JB tries to read a question written by a fan off of Twitter but Kazarian doesn't want to hear it while also calling Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez 'Nacho Libre'; Daniels chimes in and mentions how he and Kazarian are the best tag team "In the Biz-A-Ness" and that they are going eat their competition up before washing them down with a nice beverage hinting at his green appletini drink.


AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. The Bad Influence vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez For The TNA World Tag Team Championships

Context: In early 2012, Daniels and Kazarian became a tag team we know today as the Bad Influence and they really come to together due to their distain with AJ Styles brought on by Daniels' jealously over Styles being the golden child of the company and not him, so they begin smear campaign against Styles in the form of Claire Lynch but I'll talk about that another time.

While this is going on, Kurt Angle and AJ have become a tag team due to Kaz and Daniels getting into their business and this leads to Kurt and AJ even becoming the TNA Tag Champions at Slammiversary that same year but that doesn't last too long as the Bad Influence regain the tag belts.

Around the same time in July, Chavo Guerrero Jr. has made his debut in TNA and soon afterwards forms a partnership with Hernandez and they become a tag team. 

Both Kurt and AJ face off against Chavo and Hernandez to see who will be the new number one contender for the tag team titles on the go home episode of Impact but that match doesn't have a winner thanks to the bad influence but general manager Hulk Hogan comes out and announces that at BFG Kaz and Daniels have to defend those tag team titles in a three way match.

A lockup and a flurry offense between AJ and Chavo start off the match with a series of tags between Kurt, Daniels and AJ until Chavo hits a back suplex on Styles allowing him to tag in Hernandez; A bearhug by Hernandez turns into a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex, a number of quick tags by all three teams with each member of the team getting their shots in and even some tag team combinations as well.

Bad Influence attempt to cut the ring in half to prevent any frequent tags but a paella kick by AJ rocks Kazarian down to the matt, Styles tags in Kurt and he is a house of fire dropping everyone off the ring apron, delivers a release German Suplex on Daniels and then hits two German Suplexes on Kaz until Daniels tries to break it up but gets an ankle lock for his trouble, that doesn't last long as Kazarian tries to break it up but gets hit with a third German Suplex.

Kaz and Daniels try to stop the offense by Kurt but too no avail as Kurt fights back and heads to the top rope to hit a release belly-to-belly suplex taking the tag champs down for the cover but Chavo comes in at the last minute to break it. 

From here a series of moves occur from a another German suplex by Angle, a slingshot DDT by Kazarian, Hernandez with the pounce or as Tazz calls it on commentary "The Get Off Me", Phenomenal Forearm by Styles and a palm thrust into an STO by The Fallen Angel. Daniels sends Kurt Angle out and hits the BME (Best Moonsault Ever) on the outside, Hernandez takes flight and takes Daniels down as the crowd chants "This is Awesome" and "TNA".

Kazarian hits the ugliest looking hurricanrana you will ever see as the sound his body makes as he hits the floor is gnarly; AJ bounces off the top rope twice as his lands right onto Daniels and Hernandez on the outside, Chavo attempts 'The Three Amigos' on Kurt Angle but the Olympic Gold Medalist stops that with the another release German Suplex and he sends Hernandez back outside thanks to some help from AJ.

Kazarian somehow is still competing and sends Kurt out and drops AJ before Daniels goes for another BME but only gets a two count; Actions continues to break down as AJ attempts the Styles Clash but gets sent out but not before Hernandez tags himself in, hits the border toss on Daniels which is then followed up with a frog splash by Chavo, Hernandez goes for the pin and just like that we have new TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Christy Hemme meets with the new tag champions for a quick interview, Chavo dedicates their win to Phoenix Arizona, his uncle Eddie and all the people in attendance. 

Star Rating: Stars 4 Out of 5

This was a barn burner of a tag team match and props to everyone involved, the negative I have about this match is that nasty hurricanrana/landing by Kazarian I am honestly amazed that he was able to get back into ring and compete after that.

We conclude our series of former tag partners facing off at BFG with our next match for the Knockouts Championship, it's Tara taking on Brooke Tessmacher.


Tara vs. Brooke Tessmacher For The TNA Knockouts Championship

Context: The issues between Tara and Tessmacher began when Tessmacher calls out her friend, mentor and tag team partner, Tara on Open Fight Night in a nontitle match which Tara wins and results in her getting a title opportunity at the next pay per view, No Surrender.

Tessmacher is able to pull off the upset on Tara, who seems visibly upset over the loss and on the follow episodes of Impact Tara congrats Brooke until she turns on her and claims she isn't here to make friends but to become the new Knockouts Champion. 

Tara gets another shot at Brooke's title after winning a number one contender's match and also mentions that she's dating a big time celebrity from California who's responsible for her new change of heart and that he'll be at Bound For Glory.

The referee for this match is Taryn Terrell, yes this was her first job in TNA as referee for the knockouts and her performance here is a mixed bag to say the least as Tessmacher goes for two pinning attempts in the first few minutes by Taryn is a little too slow to go and make the count.

Tessmacher does a spinning head scissors that drops Tara and the match heads to the outside for a little bit with Tara beginning to take control after using Taryn as a human shield. Tara brings Tessmacher back into the ring and starts imposing her will against the champion with a number power moves before going for the cover but only getting a one count.

Tessmacher gets sent into the corner but is able to get the boot up, goes for another head scissors and turns that into a DDT; Both ladies are just slamming each others face into the ring mat at this point before Tessmacher is able to regain control with a serious of clothlines, elbows and a jumping hurricanrana from the top rope that drops Tara down to the ground.

Brooke tries to go for her finisher but Tara is able to block it before setting Brooke on top of the turnbuckle; Tessmacher shoves Tara off and goes for a diving elbow but she misses it, allowing Tara to hit the widows peak before going for the cover and Tara is once again your new TNA Knockouts Champion.

Star Rating: 3 Stars Out of 5

Now, first off let me say that this match wasn't too bad but the slow reaction time of referee Taryn Terrell does take away somewhat from the match and this is in no way of me hating on Taryn, she's one of my favorite Knockouts of this time period but sadly her refereeing wasn't too good but the match itself was a good display between Tara and Tessmacher.

After the match, Tara grabs the microphone and tells the fans that her title win wasn't for them but for her 'boo', her Hollywood boyfriend who according to her is bigger than Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and George Clooney it's Big Brother's own Jessie Godderz...and the crowd goes silent.


Tara tells Jessie to take off his shirt off and the two of them get affectionate as the fans starts chanting "Who Are You?" to Jessie, a guy in a red Sting shirt pretends to act like his puking and Mike Tenay asked if we can switched to something more important while the crowd remains uninterested.

I mean wow, the fans in Arizona could not give the slightest ounce of a fuck about any of this as the crowd didn't care about this reveal or who the celebrity was which isn't too surprising as most wrestling fans don't care too much about celebrities in their wrestling shows unless your WWE and it's Wrestlemania.

It is really jarring to see the reaction of Jessie's debut in TNA especially when you consider what the fan sentiment about Jessie Godderz would be like just a few years later as a well established wrestler on the roster but man this reaction was brutal to look back at but thankfully public opinion on Jessie has changed since his debut and work in the ring continues on in places like Ohio Valley Wrestling.

We get a recap of the Hall of Fame ceremony that took place the night before with a number of guests like Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter and Lex Luger telling the crowd personal stories regarding Sting before The Icon steps up and speaks to crowd as his proud to be the first inductee into the TNA/Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame and I love that last line delivered by Dixie when she says "Who's ready for a few more years." in regards to Sting because holy crap was Dixie right about that as were in 2021 and Sting is still competing in the ring...madness.


Aces & Eights vs. Bully Ray and Sting

In your semi main event, it's the newly inducted TNA Hall of Famer Sting teaming up with Bully Ray to take on Aces & Eights in a No Disqualification tag team match.

Context: So many of you may have heard of the masked biker group known as Aces & Eights, there one of the most best while at the same time most infamous factions in TNA Wrestling history.

In June the group first appeared attacking Sting on an episode of Impact and from there the group would go on to terrorize Hulk Hogan and the rest of the Impact locker room for months which included mind games, kidnapping Joseph Parks, sneak attacks with ballpeen hammers and a massive brawl that spread all around Universal Studios in one of the best closing segments in TNA history at the time.

During an episode of Impact, both Sting and Hogan were ambushed and taken to the clubhouse of Aces & Eights thanks to a female member of Aces & Eights who was never brought again, fun fact that female Aces & Eights member was future AEW star, Leva Bates.

Anyway, when Hogan and Sting are sent to the clubhouse, a shadowy member of Aces and Eights who has his back turned to them for some reason (and whose played by Eric Bischoff with a voice syntonizer) makes a proposal that at BFG a tag team match takes place with the stipulation being if Sting and his partner who later becomes Bully Ray defeats the bikers then the gang is gone but if Aces & Eights win then they get full access to the Impact Zone and they can come in and out however they please.

Shaq and Hulk TNA

One last bit I want to mention is that in the build up to this showdown, the company teased that NBA legend, Shaquille O'Neal would come in and help Hulk Hogan take on Ace & Eights as shown in an opening segment that started off an episode of Impact... and it never happened Shaq didn't come down to the ring and fight, he wasn't a part of the huge brawl that occurred at the end of that episode of Impact I mentioned and it's never been brought up or explained as to why this was the case but then again that's TNA Wrestling during the Hogan era for ya Brother.

Both Sting and Bully Ray come out with face paint on, which is a nice touch and Aces & Eights come out with a disheveled looking Joseph Parks who they handcuff to the guard rail before the action begins outside of the ring.

It's just pure brawling all on the outside of the ring between both teams and even Bully kicks one of the masked bikers in the nuts...that was funny; The Aces & Eight members are constantly adjusting their masks with almost ever punch they deliver and bump they take in this match which almost became a drinking game to see how many times bikers adjusted their masks throughout the match.

Bully grabs a broken piece of the table from the street fight and smashes it over the head of one of the bikers which leads to a "We Want Tables" chant from the crowd but the bikers are able to recover and take out Bully and Sting thereby swinging the momentum into their favor. The action finally heads into the ring where the bikers proceed the pummel Sting while also going for a few pinning attempts but The Icon kicks out.

A missed elbow drop by one of the bikers allows Sting to recover and finally tags in Bully Ray who is unloading on both members of Aces & Eights, a steel chair is brought in by one of the bikers but Bully is able to grab it until a long haired member of Aces & Eights comes in and hits Bully with a low blow and spits something into the air while the commentators say that some of that whatever it was got onto Joseph Parks.

Joseph Parks starts shaking the guard rail and the handcuffs until he manages to use some unexpected strength and break free from the cuffs which gets a pop from the crowd; Parks gets into the ring and starts punching the the long haired biker of Aces & Eights before their fight gets sent all the way to the back.

Sneak attack by the two bikers soon gets thwarted by Bully who then puts one of them on top of his shoulders and Sting heads to the top and hits the doomsday device which gets another pop from the crowd. 

A nice panning out shot by the production team showing the crowd as Sting yells out "Get The Tables!!!" to which Bully Ray is more then happy to do; The table gets set up in the middle of the ring but one of the bikers yank Sting from the ring and starts pummeling him meanwhile a heavily masked Aces & Eights member comes in a hits a half assed Sky High like maneuver on Bully through the table which allows the other biker who is legal in this match to pin Bully for the three count and now officially Aces & Eights have access to the Impact Zone.

More Aces & Eights members come into the ring and start causing mayhem when suddenly 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan comes out to a large pop and starts dropping the Aces & Eights members until only the heavily masked biker is left standing in the ring; Sting holds him as Hogan rips off the mask and the man behind it is none other then Brother Devon, Bully Ray's former tag team partner.


Sting, Hogan, Bully, the commentary team practically everybody is shocked at this revelation leaving everyone stunned and baffled as he leaves the ring whilst fans chant "You Sold Out".

Star Rating: 2.5 Stars Out of 5

The hype surrounding this match was amazing looking back at it for this review however the action itself was fine nothing too special, it felt like the kind of wild brawl/tag match you could seen on an episode of Impact at the time; The moments during and after the match were amazing especially the Devon face reveal and the reactions of Hogan, Sting and Bully.

As per the stipulation, Aces & Eights do have access to the Impact Zone with Devon as the defacto face of the group with the head games and attacks continuing on until more members get revealed with Doc Gallows, Mike Knox/Knux, Wes Bisco, Garrett Bischoff and D'lo Brown being members of the gang and even Bully Ray himself gets revealed to be the president of Aces & Eights but I'll talk about that part for another time.

Backstage one last time with JB who interviews the world champion Austin Aries getting set to defend his world championship in a matter of moments. Aries mentions how Jeff Hardy has been working his ass off to get this title back as a way to close the book on his redemption story but to do that he has to go through 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived'

Hardy vs. Aries

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship

In your main event, the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy takes on Austin Aries for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. 

Context: At Bound For Glory 2010, Jeff Hardy famously turned heel and become TNA World Champion for the very first time in his career however Hardy's problems with drugs and alcohol would end up tarnishing his reputation especially when they were played out in front of a live pay per view audience at Victory Road 2011.

A few months later at BFG 2011, Jeff Hardy returned and began his road to redemption where he would ask for one more shot to prove himself and after feuds with Jeff Jarrett, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle and Bully Ray, the charismatic enigma despite coming into the match hurt defeated Bully at No Surrender 2012 to win the BFG Series and get this opportunity for the title.

Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, Austin Aries has been running rough shot over the X Division with a smug smile on his face before cashing in and vacating the X Division title for an opportunity at the world championship at Destination X which led to the creation of 'Option C' you might of heard of it.

Aries manages to get the biggest win of his entire career and defeats Bobby Roode to become the new TNA World Champion, however Aries snaps on the go home episode of Impact when he attacks Hardy and drops him on his head with a brainbuster.

Aries reasoning behind it stems both from jealousy and being sick and tired of being told what to think, how to act or being told to embrace the fans; Aries ultimately tells Hardy that "The only failure is going to be you, because until you beat me the only failure is the one you see in the mirror, when you paint that silly makeup."

After the ring introductions and an overwhelming amount of support for the champion despite being a heel, the match begins as Aries and Hardy having an intense lockup in the corner until Jeff gives a big shovel to Aries, series of grappling moves by both men but Hardy gets out and slaps the heck out of the champion.

Aries responds and shovels Jeff Hardy back but Hardy comes back and starts attacking A Double as you can hear the crowd is at best split between both men with their reactions, either that or their in more support of Aries than Hardy in this match.  

A sunset flip into a pinning attempt gets reversed by Aries with a vicious dropkick; Aries takes some time to showboat and pander to the crowd; Aries tries to get in the ring but Hardy kicks the middle rope causing Aries to get hit in the downstairs area. The action moves to the outside with Aries getting whipped into the guard rail allowing Hardy to launch himself into A Double before bringing the champion back in the ring for a pin but only gets two.

A whisper in the wind attempt by Hardy but nobody home, Aries capitalizes with a number of knee strikes to the back of the challenger, Hardy is able to recover and goes to the top but gets Aries' knees into the mid section as Aries goes for the cover but only a two count.

Aries continues on the attack as the fans are loudly divided with dueling chants of "Let's Go Aries"/"Let's Go Hardy"; Corkscrew like move by Aries leads to the cover but again only a two count, Aries has a headlock on Hardy and plans to turn into the signature submission move 'The Last Chancery' but Hardy is able to hook one of the legs of the champion preventing this from happening.

Hardy flying off the ropes and then slams Aries with a move I can't even describe but it was fricken awesome while at the same time must have been painful for Aries to take. Hardy continues to work on the champion as he goes for another whisper in the wind into a cover but Aries just manages to kick out.

There's a chant of "Hardy Sucks" coming from the Austin Aries fanbase, Hardy uses his leg strength and sends Aries out of the ring, Hardy goes for the springboard but Aries rolls out and gets back in the ring to deliver one heck of a suicide dive onto Jeff Hardy; Referee Brian Hebner is making the count as Aries sits back in the corner but not for long as Aries goes for another Suicide Dive on Jeff before rolling him back in the ring for a cover but Hardy kicks out.

Aries' face has some blood all over it from that previous dive as he goes for the cover again but gets two; Aries finally applies 'The Last Chancery" but Hardy is able to get his foot on the bottom rope; a faint chant of "This is wrestling" from the crowd as Aries takes Hardy to the outside and hit a neckbreaker off the ropes with Hardy's head hitting the part of the walk ramp and the ring apron...god that looked nasty.

A huge missile dropkick by the champion drops the challenger but not for long; both men just running on fumes as they punch each other to the cheers and boos from the fans. A twist of fate out of nowhere leads to the cover by Hardy but Aries kicks out, Hardy heads to the top but Aries stops him and hits a snap hurricanrana from the top rope...oh shit that was awesome.

Another dropkick by Aries as he signals for his brainbuster finisher and connects, Aries goes for the pin but somehow someway Hardy kicks out; double foot stop from the top attempt doesn't connect, Hardy hits a mini stunner and then the twist of fate as he rips off his shirt and you know what comes next as Hardy heads to the top and hits the Swanton bomb onto Aries for the three count.


And just like that ladies & gentlemen, Jeff Hardy has gotten his redemption as he is your new TNA World Heavyweight.

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars Out of 5

The first half of this match was meh to me, mostly because it felt like both guys were trying to get some chemistry together but once the match got into second and third gear, the match was amazing.

Not only that but the action and bumps both men took in this match was vicious, hard to watch and painful in equal measure as you could tell both men were really hurting or out of it whilst somehow still be able to go until the final few moments.

Of course this feud would not end here as Austin Aries would invoke his rematch clause setting the stage for their ladder match at next month's Turning Point pay per view and well as the three way elimination bout for the world title with Bobby Roode at Genesis 2013. 

Grade: A


  • X Division Title Match
  • TV Title Match
  • Roode vs. Storm
  • Knockouts Title Match
  • Tag Team Title Match
  • Aries vs. Hardy


  • Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow
  • Kazarian's Hurricanrana
  • Taryn Terrell's Refereeing
  • Reaction To Jessie Godderz

I really enjoyed watching this Bound For Glory, I felt all of the title matches really delivered, the street fight is easily one of the all time best but the Snow/Ryan bout is easily one of the worse matches on the card and the no DQ tag match was fine but it isn't really a con as I did enjoy it but it's not enough for it to be a pro.

The other things I had issues with was the crowd reaction to Jessie but I think it's because I found so jarring especially when you think of how good he will be as the years go by, Taryn Terrell's refereeing wasn't so good either and that hurricanrana by Frankie Kazarian was ugly, I'm amazed he was able to get back in the ring after that.

Overall despite my complaints, this is a show I would advise any wrestling fan to watch and much like BFG 2021, this show had a lot of hype and build around it and for the most part this event did deliver.

If you'd like to see this event for yourself here's link to it down below:

Bound for Glory 2012: FULL PAY-PER-VIEW! | IMPACT Wrestling Full Events - YouTube

So what are you thoughts about BFG 2012? Also are you going to be watch Bound For Glory 2021 on October 23rd? If so, let me know what matches your looking forward to and why.

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