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Welcome back to another edition of the Impact Wrestling News Update, we are days removed from the historic Rebellion Pay Per View where AEW Champion, Kenny Omega became TNA/Impact Wrestling Champion, plus following the events of the first episode of Impact after Rebellion and some other Impact related news that came out this week, I've got a lot of things to talk about so let's get into it... 


Jordynne Grace's New Project

The first bit of news today regards the Knockouts or more specifically Jordynne Grace, as one half of the current Knockouts Tag Team Champions wanted to spread a positive message regarding body image and body positivity.

Around the time of Wrestlemania Weekend, Grace and along with 10 other wrestlers took part in a photo shoot with the aim of focus on the issue of body image something that wrestlers particularly female wrestlers have been criticized over by "fans" and other people involved in wrestling for 'not looking a certain way'.

According to an article by Sports Illustrated, the project was funded by Grace herself as the shoot would include wrestlers like Faye Jackson, Lady Frost, Holidead, Dillion McQueen among many others, but for more information regarding the whole project be sure to check the link below.

Impact Wrestling: Jordynne Grace's body positivity photo project - Sports Illustrated


Mickie James Wanting An All Female Show

Speaking of criticizing females in pro wrestling, we look at another news story regarding a former TNA Knockouts Champion in Mickie James. Since her unexpected release from the WWE in April Mickie has revealed some controversies that she's experienced regarding her old promotion from up north and while the whole trash bag debacle is a story in of itself, I'll be talking the time James' suggested an idea for an all female brand but was denied.

On the 50th episode of the YouTube show  'GAW' or Grown Ass Women which is hosted by former TNA Knockouts Tara and SoCal Val, Mickie James explains that she proposed an idea for of an all female branded show which could be used to give other females wrestlers in the WWE the screen time their clearly not getting on either RAW or Smackdown.

However those plans never happened as James mentions that a male WWE Official to her that "They're never gonna do it...Ever, Women's wrestling doesn't make any money. The Evolution pay per view- the lowest rated pay per view ever in the history of WWE PPV's. So I mean I get what you're trying to do, but I don't understand why you're fighting so hard for it. You should just kind of play the cards you're dealt with and then see if there's a way to incorporate that within a different show rather than fight for it to be its own show."

So if you ever wonder why the WWE never did another Evolution PPV, there's your answer; I don't think I need to explain how bafflingly ridiculous that claim that 'women's wrestling doesn't make money' is as the Knockouts Division has proven that female wrestling can be successful especially when you give them their own show as seen by the numerous Knockouts Knockdown pay per views TNA/Impact have done from mid to late 2010's.

Nevertheless with other companies like Impact, ROH and AEW embracing female wrestling there's a safe bet that an all female show could happen but when? Well only time will tell.

🌻 on Twitter: "Mickie tried to pitch an all female show but.." / Twitter

iceman (1)

Exclusive Intel By The Iceman

Impact fans know George The Iceman for much of his current work on Impact's pre-show before every Thursday Night also known as 'Behind-The-Impact' or BTI where he gives out the scoops on exclusive info thereby making the addition hour of Impact a must see. 

Well as it turns out The Iceman revealed and hinted at some more exclusive news this week not on Impact television but a YouTube channel that focuses mainly on Impact Wrestling.

Minutes after this week's episode of Impact came to an end, The Iceman was the special guest host for the Total Nonstop Impact YouTube channel where he talks about a number of things including a new show that's in the works involving himself and current X Division Champion, Josh Alexander; While he doesn't go into specifics on what the show is about, he does mention that it's in the works.

The Iceman goes even further with the exclusive intel by mentioning that Impact is working on obtaining another partnership with a wrestling promotion, but again he doesn't go into details; So it's safe to say that things are heating up when it comes to Impact.

Again if you'd like to see the interview and everything that comes after that, I've posted the link down below.

IMPACT Wrestling 4.29.21 | REBELLION FALLOUT Review | Guest: GEORGE ICEMAN | TNI - YouTube


Slammiversary Deja Vu?

Before the historic title vs. title match that occurred at Rebellion, wrestling fans were informed that this year's Slammiversary event is happening in July although the exactly date hasn't been confirmed just yet.

In a video package that Impact has been showing since Rebellion, it shows names like Tetsuya Naito, Kazuchika Okada, The GHC World Champion The Great Muta, Mickie James, Samoa Joe, Laurel Van Ness (Chelsea Green) and even images of the Australian and Mexican flag before ending with the tag line 'Our World Changes Again'.

This for those who don't know is a reference to last year's Slammiversary when dozens of wrestlers were let go in by the WWE in 2020 and Impact teased throughout their shows and even after the credits aired with teases and promos hyping up the event and it looks like this year will include that same element after the recent releases of some the previously mentioned, Joe, James and LVN.

To see the hype videos and teases that Impact Wrestling did for Slammiversary 2020/21, as well as my article talking about WWE's Infamous Black Wednesday incident check the links down below.

WWE's Black Wednesday: The Exodus That Affected Pro Wrestling - WWE Wrestling News World

Slammiversary 2020 Goes Down July 18th LIVE on Pay Per View! - YouTube

Every Single Slammiversary Mystery Tease! | IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2020 LIVE TONIGHT on PPV! - YouTube

IMPACT Wrestling SLAMMIVERSARY Live on PPV This July! - YouTube

Slammiversary 2021

Important Dates For Future Impact Events

Speaking of Slammiversary as previously mentioned that event will be airing on pay per view in July but that wasn't the only show Impact hyped up before the main event at Rebellion 2021.

impact against-all-odds

Against All Odds returns as an Impact Plus Special on June the 12th which will be the first time the event has reappeared on Impact programming since the 2019 episode of the same name and exactly nine years since the last time the event was aired on pay per view back in 2012.

Under Siege

Lastly, a new Impact Plus Special gets revealed when 'Under Siege' airs on Saturday May the 15th on the Impact Plus App among other devices and to Impact's credit they didn't waste anytime setting up the matches for this up-and-coming event which brings me to next news topic.

under-siege (1)

The Card For Impact's Under Siege Event (So Far)

On the post Rebellion episode of Impact, Scott D'Amore makes a six qualifying matches to determine who will be competing in a six way number one contender's match for a shot at the Impact World Championship.

In the first match Jake Something lost to a returning Chris Bey in an super competitive match thanks to some interference from Rohit Raju

In the second match, Matt Cardona defies the odds and the knee injury he suffered at Rebellion to beat his rival, Brian Myers and advance.

And the third qualifying match of the night, Sami Callihan advances to the six way via DQ after Kenny Omega, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson jumped him and later Eddie Edwards, David Finlay and Juice Robinson before the show came to an end.

Other matches announced so far for Under Siege:

  • Willie Mack vs. W. Morrissey
  • Fire N' Flava vs. Ellering & Grace For The Knockouts Tag Team Championships
  • Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers vs. Eddie Edwards and FinJuice


NJPW Wrestler Appears For Impacts Next Week

And finally we end with the confirmation that New Japan Pro Wrestling star and Bullet Club member, El Phantasmo will be making his Impact Wrestling debut next week on Thursday.

El Phantasmo, for those unaware is a British wrestler who's best known for his work in Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW), All Star Wrestling and of course NJPW where Phantasmo has had many accolades which include him winning the 2019 and 2020 J-Cup Tournament (the latter  tournament famously including Chris Bey), and winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles two times with former X Division Champion, Taiji Ishimori.

It's unknown at the time if he'll be competing at the up-and-coming Under Siege event but one thing is for sure, this only adds more intrigue not only to future Impact episodes but also shows the partnerships that Impact have been working on for quite some time are paying off.

Well that's it for this week's Impact Wrestling News Update, I know this one was a bit longer than usual update articles but there was a lot to talk about regarding Impact this week and I'm sure there's more news that I probably didn't have enough time to mention but be sure look out for another Impact News Update article on Saturday at 1pm eastern time.

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