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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Impact Wrestling News Update, where I give the news regarding Impact Wrestling that has occurred this week and whoa what a week it has been for Impact.

From Injuries to wrestlers being scheduled for future title matches to a run down of some of major things that happened on this week's episode of Impact and so much more, let's get into it.


Acey Romero Tests Positive For COVID-19

Let's start things off with some bad news as it was revealed early this week that Acey Romero, one of the tag team XXXL or Triple XL tested positive for Covid-19.

Acey revealed that he tested positive for Covid during an interview for the House of Hardcore Podcast; Romero also mention he test positive 11 days ago, but news of this wasn't mentioned until recently.

Romero has said to have experienced things like a high fever, pains in his body and three bad days with one them being very unpleasant.

However, he seems to be doing better as mentioned in various reports as well as Acey himself on the HOH podcast.

We here at Wrestling News World, wish Acey Romero a speedy recovery and a return to the ring alongside his tag team partner, Larry D in near future.

Acey Romero Reveals Positive COVID-19 Test (


Eddie Edwards Is Out Of Action With Appendicitis 

While one Impact wrestler is taken out of action for a little bit with Covid-19, another is put on the sidelines after experiencing a bout of appendicitis.

The wrestler in question is former TNA/Impact World Heavyweight Champion, Eddie Edwards, who is coming from an impressive win at the Under Siege Impact Special last Saturday when he, David Finlay and Juice Robinson where able to beat the team of the Impact and AEW Champion, Kenny Omega and Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of the Good Brothers in six man tag team action.

Days after the match, it was discovered that Edwards was suffering from appendicitis or inflammation of the appendix and as such he'll be out of action for the foreseeable future.

Now it's not entirely sure how bad the injury is or how long he'll be out of action for, but just like the previously mentioned Acey Romero we here are Wrestling News World wish Eddie Edwards a full and speedy recovery.

Eddie Edwards Reportedly Dealing With Appendicitis - Wrestling Inc.

Impact and AXS

Impact Wrestling Now Airs In Iraq

Now we transition to the more light hearted and positive news in this article today, as it was announced early this week that Impact Wrestling will expanding it's international TV reach by now airing their content in Iraq.

According a report posted on the Impact Wrestling website, Anthem Sports and Entertainment (Impact's financial backers) now have the rights to air the weekly episodes of Impact along with other Impact Wrestling related material on UTV which broadcast in areas in the Middle East and North Africa.

Some of the places that will now be able to watch Impact Wrestling due to this deal include:

  • Iraq
  • Syria 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Morocco 
  • Algeria
  • Egypt 
  • Kuwait
  • Sudan 
  • And more...

This unsurprisingly helps to get Impact's weekly and monthly product out for more of the world to see in addition to the other TV deals the company has in the U.S. (naturally), Canada, U.K., Russia and India.

Say what you will about Impact Wrestling but you can't say that people aren't watching to product.

IMPACT Wrestling Partners with UTV in Iraq – IMPACT Wrestling

Alexander vs Slade

X Division Title Match Announced For IWC

Early this week it was announced that reigning and defending Impact Wrestling X Division Champion, Josh Alexander will be defending his title against pro wrestler, Spencer Slade at an event titled "Wrestling At The Ballpark" for ICW or the International Wrestling Cartel promotion.

The event will take place at the Wild Things Park in Washington Pennsylvania at 7:00pm on Saturday May 29th.

Something like this isn't new to Impact as a month or so ago, Deonna Purrazzo successfully defended her Knockouts Championship against Rok-C in another promotion.

So, if you or someone you know is interested in watching pro wrestling from a non mainstream company, then be sure to go to the company's website linked below to see how. - The International Wrestling Cartel

triplemania (1)

Triplemania Date and Matches Revealed

Speaking of Deonna Purrazzo it's time to talk about so more international news related to Impact as early this week, it was announced that Triplemania, one of the biggest wrestling yearly events in Lucha Libre history will be happening on August 14th with a limited capacity crowd.

Of the two matches that have been announced so far both of them include either Impact titles at stake or people who are currently wrestling on Impact's weekly program.

faby-vs-deonna purrazzo

The first of these two matches announced for Triplemania sees Faby Apache taking on Deonna Purrazzo in a title vs. title.

As I mentioned weeks ago in another Impact News article, Deonna Purrazzo attended and did commentary to a match where Faby Apache once again becoming the Reina de Reinas women's champion for Triple A; following the match Deonna issued a challenge for a title vs. title, winner takes all match at Triplemania, which was accepted by Faby before Deonna attacked her.



The second match for this year's Triplemanaia, sees Andrade 'Cien' Almas challenging Kenny Omega for the Triple A Mega Championship.

On the same night, Deonna made the challenge for the title vs. title match, Andrade who was recently released by the WWE issued a challenge to Kenny Omega for the Mega Championship, to which Omega, alongside Don Callis would accept just a few weeks later via a video posted on Twitter.

As more and more places begin to open up around the world, Impact's recently alliance with promotions both big and small are starting to pay off with some of their champions scheduled for high profiled matches in Mexico on August 14th.

Andrade challenges Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship at Triplemania 29!! - YouTube

(1) Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide on Twitter: "⚠️ Atención ⚠️ @KennyOmegamanX tiene un mensaje para @AndradeElIdolo rumbo a #TriplemaniaXXIX 👀" / Twitter


News Regarding Don Callis' Status With Impact Wrestling

I briefly mentioned Don Callis in the previous entry but now it's time to talk more about the so called 'Invisible Hand' of pro wrestling.

While reports on this topic were started a month or so ago, many fans are beginning to wonder what the future holds for Don Callis as his not listed on Anthem Sports and Entertainments website where all of Anthem's employees are featured.

This has led to endless amounts of speculation as to whether Callis will be stepping down from his position as one of the Executive Producers for Impact Wrestling or will he be a permanent on-screen/managerial figure for Kenny Omega.

Now I cannot confirm or deny if these stories are true, but they have garnered a lot of attention as of late by the media and wrestling fans, so I can do is report on what is known right now and wait like everyone lese to see what's gonna happen next.

Backstage Update on Don Callis in Impact Wrestling, Role Reportedly Changing in Company | 411MANIA

Major Talking Points From This Week's Episode Of Impact

And finally I will be ending the Impact Wrestling News Update with something a little different as I'll be mentioning some of the biggest talk points (in my opinion) to come  out of this week's episode of Impact.


The new number one contender to Kenny Omega's Impact/TNA World Championships, Moose came out to the ring to cut a promo until he was cut off by Callis and Omega which would eventually lead to The Good Brothers coming to the ring as well as unexpected guest in the form of Sami Callihan, who by all intents and purposes was screwed out of the contender's spot thanks to Gallows and Anderson.

Callihan would help to clear the ring of Omega, Callis and the Good Bros before both Moose and Sami stared at each other which lead to a backstage segment with Moose telling Sami that he didn't need his help and Sami responding simply that whether Moose or Omega is the champion, he'll be coming to take back what's his.

With reports of Omega appearing for a single day for the recent tapings including the impact plus special and the fact Moose's contract is up soon means that going into Against All Odds anything could happen.

Kenny Omega & Moose SQUARE OFF! | IMPACT! Highlights May 20, 2021 - YouTube

Violent By Design

After successfully putting away Ace Austin and Madman Fulton in a tag team title defense, FinJuice looked ready to pack it up and head back to Japan to fill out some obligations, which they will...but a whole lot lighter.

In the final minutes of this week's episode of Impact, Violent By Design came to the ring and Rhino cashed in his Bound For Glory trophy, which gave him a shot at any title of his choosing. In the end the match didn't take too long at Rhino and Joe Doering would pick up the win and become the new Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions.

With these shocking turn of events, it safe to imagine that FinJuice will be asking for their rematch but with them in Japan for next month or two, that rematch will most probably happened at Slammiversary but will have to wait and see.

NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS in Shocking Finish! | IMPACT! Highlights May 20, 2021 - YouTube

kojima NJPW

During this week's episode of Impact, it was announced that New Japan Pro Wrestling superstar, Kojima will be making his Impact Wrestling debut next week.

Like everything and everyone involved in NJPW, I know very little about Kojima but considering how successful and impressive both FinJuice and El Phantasmo have been since arriving in Impact, the bar is high regards to what Kojima can bring to the table especially since he had a match with Joe Doering more than a decade ago...and if you can stand toe-to-toe with Joe freakin Doering then you know your the real deal.

(1) IMPACT on Twitter: "BREAKING: @njpwglobal LEGEND @cozy_lariat is coming to IMPACT NEXT WEEK! #IMPACTonAXSTV" / Twitter


After the end credits rolled for this week's episode of Impact, a video package hyping up Slammiversary 2021 was shown with some of the same imagery as the previous hype video except an unseen narrator is reporting the news about the recently announced wrestlers who were let go by the WWE (similar to what Impact did for last year's Slammiversary PPV) and then cut to various images of wrestlers who might be appearing for the event like Chelsea Green, The Great Muta, Naito, Mickie James and Samoa Joe.

However if you slow down this new video package you can see some more images have been added in which include a set of I's (hinting at The IIconics), a quick greyish looking graphic with the word 'yes' in big black letters (hinting at Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson) and finally another quick graphic showing the words 'Forgotten' (hinting at Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler of The Forgotten Sons).

Whether any of these new names actually appear at Slammiversary or sign with Impact at all is unknown at the time as many of those released by the WWE still have a 90 day no compete clause still active.

But much like Slammiversary 2020, the surprise element of who will show up on the pay per view is still effective.

(1) IMPACT on Twitter: "We are on the road to #Slammiversary on July 17th where our world changes again." / Twitter

Will that's it for this week's Impact Wrestling News Update, I did mention there was a lot of news to cover. So thank you for reading and remember that Impact Wrestling's Against All Odds event will be happening on June 12th at 8pm eastern time on the Impact Plus App.

If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow, Wrestling New World on Twitter @wnwnews.

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