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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Impact Wrestling News Update courtesy of Wrestling News World.

We've got some news faces showing up on Impact, an international star returning back to the States, some of the fall out of NWA Empowerrr and of course some of the biggest takeaways from this week's episode of Impact...So with all that said, let's get into it.

IMPACT Trading Cards Series 2

An Update On The Impact Wrestling Series 2 Trading Cards

We kick things off by following up with news regarding the second series of Impact Wrestling's Trading Cards that were released earlier this week.

Much like this first series, these new trading cards have already sold out with Impact announcing this on their Twitter account less than 24 hours after making the card available to the public, not only that but Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling, Scott D'Amore announced that same day that another series of Trading Cards will be made available in the foreseeable future.

Between the T-Shirts, Trading Cards, DVDs and doing great number with their pay per views this year, Impact Wrestling have been slowly stepping up their game especially when it comes to merchandise. 

Zicky Dice

Zicky Dice Signs With Impact Wrestling

A lot news has been surrounding various wrestlers possibly signing with Impact with names like Bray Wyatt most recently making the rounds this week however a week or two before that, another wrestler with an over-the- top gimmick was also talked about as it's been reported that Zicky Dice has officially signed with Impact Wrestling.

Zicky Dice, best known to some for his time as the TV Champion for Billy Corgan's NWA Promotion left the promotion in 2020 and after wrestling in other places like AEW dark and MLW, Dice has supposedly signed a multi year deal with Impact Wrestling.

What the future will hold for both Dice and Impact is something will have to wait and see.

REPORT: Zicky Dice signs with IMPACT Wrestling (

Len Asper

Len Asper's Distribution Deal Tweet

For those unaware the man I'll be talking about in this piece, Leonard 'Len' Asper is a Canadian lawyer, businessman as well as the founder, president and CEO of Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the organization who are the financial packers of Impact Wrestling.

While Asper's doesn't post a lot of stuff on Twitter, he did make an announcement that has gotten Impact fans very interested.


In the tweet above, Asper mentions that a big new distribution deal will be coming to Impact Wrestling soon, which has gotten many fans and journalists alike to speculate on what this could be.

While Asper's doesn't post much on social media, when he does it's usually something of importance when it comes to Impact and this news about a future distribution deal is no acceptations.

Scott and Jade

Scott D'Amore's Easter Eggs

Scott D'Amore has intentionally spilled the beans on some news on who might be showing up on Impact in the foreseeable future.

In a video posted to her Twitter account, Jade Chung (pro wrestler and significant other to Josh Alexander) is seen at a baseball game where she, Josh, George The Iceman and D'Amore can be seen enjoying the game when the EVP of Impact  mentions that Buddy Murphy will be appearing Thursday Night on Impact only to mention that the company is on the road to 'Braun For Glory' before ending by saying  "That's called an eastern egg kids."

Clearly the former Coach of Team Canada is making it clear or teasing fans that the two former WWE stars: Buddy Murphy and Braun Strowman will be coming to Impact Wrestling which has gotten a lot fans excited to see if this will be the case. 

NailsAndNY - Egomaniac on Twitter: "If you’re not following @JadeChung11 on Twitch, you’re missing moments like this 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 ‘That’s called an Easter Egg, Kids’ @ScottDAmore @IamGeorgeIceman @Walking_Weapon #WalkingWeapon #JadeChung #IMPACTonAXSTV" / Twitter

And now it's time to talk about some the news involving the current and old stars of Impact in other promotions with the recurring segment 'Outside The Impact Zone'.

Outside The Impact Zone

Killer Kelly

Earlier this week Portuguese wrestler, Killer Kelly posted on her Twitter account with a photo of her with an American Flag in her mouth with words 'I'm Back' posted on top; This has led to many people believing that this means that the former NXT UK star is heading back to the United States although for how long is currently unknown.

Kelly has been busy since being let go by the WWE as she's appeared in numerous promotions most notably Impact Wrestling in late 2020 when she took part in a tag team tournament that would determine the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions at Hard To Kill earlier this year.

Killer Kelly vs Kylie Rae

While it's unclear if she'll be returning to Impact this time around, she will be competing against former Impact Wrestling star, Kylie Rae for Black Wrestling Pro on Saturday September 4th.


Last night on NWA Empowerrr former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Allsyin Kay (Sienna) and Marti Belle known by their team name as 'The Hex' where able to advance to in a tournament to crown new NWA Women's Tag Team Champions and after defeating AEW's Red Velvet and Kilynn King, Marti and Allsyin become the new champions and the first NWA Women's tag champions in 37 years since Joyce Grable and Wendi Richter back in 1984.

Deonna Wins At NWA Empowerrr

The Virtuosa, Deonna Purrazzo successfully retained her Knockouts Championship against Melina in a hard fought match with Purrazzo adding another name to her list of legendary female  wrestlers she's beaten this year.

Her performance in the match was so good that even former WWE Women's Champion and MMA star, Ronda Rousey congratulated her much to Deonna's delight.


Awesome Kong Retires

In one of the more shocking and surprising moments on the night, former TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong appeared at NWA Empowerrr which soon led to her long time rival, Gail Kim to come down to the ring; Kong would give a speech announcing that she would be retiring from pro wrestling before embracing Gail with a hug in a very emotional moment as it signaled the end of a legendary career for Awesome Kong.

And will end today's news update with biggest takeaways from this week's previous episode of Impact.

Impact Wrestling Takeaways

Sami and Eddie

Following his match with Chris Sabin to start off the show, Sami Callihan was attacked by Moose who is still upset following the events at Emergence regarding the number one contender's match; Fortunately for Callihan, Eddie Edwards comes in to save Sami from Moose and despite Edwards helping Callihan out much like what 'The Draw' did for Eddie weeks back, both men have made it clear that they are not friends.

Alexander's Open Challenge

In a backstage interview, reigning X Division Champion Josh Alexander tells Gia Miller that his issuing an open challenge to any former X Division to face him for his title next week on Impact, with fans continuing to speculate as to whom this person might be.

Ace Talks With Scott

Following an in-ring segment that included Tommy Dreamer putting over Impact World Champion Christian Cage, Tommy saying that he and Christian would face off one more time and 'The Instant Classic' meeting his challenger for the world title weeks before Victory Road, Ace Austin confronts Scott D'Amore backstage.

Scott tells Ace that next week he'll be facing off against Tommy Dreamer with the stipulation being that if Tommy wins, then the world title match at Victory Road in September will be a three way bout.

Su Yung Scares Brandi Lauren

In a backstage segment, Gia Miller interviews Brandi Lauren aka the former Ava Storie when both ladies are scared by the presence of Su Yung and Undead Kimber Lee; While Gia successfully makes a run for it, Brandi isn't so lucky as she's attacked and taken away by Kimber and Su with her fate left unknown.

Good Bros Destroy Willie Mack

In the main event, Rich Swan and Willie Mack pull off the upset by defeating Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson but The Good Brothers would get the last laugh as they would beat up both Swann and Mack with latter being put through a table outside of the ring to end the show.

The bottom line though, Swann and Mack pinned the Impact World Tag Team Champions and with Victory Road just days, those two could very well be next in line to fight the Good Bros for the titles. 

That will do it for this week's edition of the Impact Wrestling News Update, be sure to come back next week as I talk about more interesting news, updates and results relating to Impact Wrestling.

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