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Hello and welcome to another edition of the Impact Wrestling News Update, I'll be honest there isn't much to talk about aside from this week's episode of Impact, but there certainly is some news to talk about albeit some saddening somewhat reluctantly I say...let's get into it.


The Passing Of Daffney

As I'm sure your all well aware of the tragic news regarding former WCW and TNA Wrestling star, Daffney who was found dead on Thursday at the young age of 46 after making a video on Instagram a day or so ago where she talks about doing harm to herself among other troubling things seen and discussed in the video

It was reported that Shannon Spruill (Daffney's real name) was missing for some time after the video leading many to wonder where she was. By the time Spruill was discovered it was unfortunately too late as she discovered dead leaving her friends, family and the wrestling world in shock, horror and mourning.

An outgoing level of sadness, remembrance and tweets regarding the importance of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention sweep the internet as the unexpected death of the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion left many speechless and even led to other companies like AEW and WWE, who never worked with Daffney posted via tweets their feelings on her passing.

We here at Wrestling News World give our coincides to friends and family of Daffney Unger at this time and we can only hope her tragic death and the deaths of other wrestlers at a young age will be a example to the importance of one's mental health and why it's also essential to speak to someone about your feelings to avoid incidents like these in the future.

In memory of Daffney Unger, here are a list of some of her most memorable matches and moments with TNA Wrestling from 2008-10

RIP Daffney aka The Scream Queen

Daffney's TNA Wrestling Matches and Moments

Daffney vs Awesome kong (25,000$ Challenge) - YouTube

TNA: The Beautiful People & "Mrs. Palin" - YouTube

TNA: The Beautiful People - and "Ms. Palin" - YouTube

TNA: The Beautiful People Get Mucked - YouTube

The Beautiful People Get Revenge - YouTube

TNA: Daffney Is Taylor's Secret Admirer - YouTube

TNA: Dr. Stevie with Daffney - YouTube

Dr. Stevie With Abyss and Daffney - YouTube

TNA: Dr. Stevie With Abyss & Daffney - YouTube

First-Ever Knockouts MONSTER'S BALL Match! (Sacrifice 2009) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Hermie's Hotseat: Daffney - YouTube

Taylor Wilde & Abyss vs Daffney & Raven - Monster's Ball Match (Slammiversary, 2009) - YouTube

Tara vs Daffney - Knockouts Championship (Destination X, 2010) - YouTube


Acey Romero Asks For His Release

It was announced on Monday that the wrestler known as Acey Romero asked for his release from the company after months of being off of TV mostly due to testing positive for Covid-19.

During his time with the company, Romero became a member of the Impact Wrestling roster and not a moment too soon as Romero's first match as an official Impact Wrestler saw Acey take part in a five way ladder match for the X Division Championship with the most notably moment being Tessa Blanchard tipping over the ladder whilst Romero is on it leading to him crashing both outside of the ring and into a table that was previously set up.

Romero would form a tag team with fellow indie wrestler, Larry D and be called Triple XL or XXXL with pair wrestling against teams like The Rascalz and The Good Brothers and even took part in the well remember 'Wrestle House' segments that ran in 2020 featuring names like Taya Valkyrie, Crazzy Steve, Kylie Rae, Cody Deaner, Tommy Dreamer and Johnny Swinger among others.

Aside from losing a remarkable 100 pounds during the pandemic, Romero's last match would see him and Larry D beating Swinger and Hernandez in a match on Behind The Impact (BTI) which they won; Soon afterwards it was revealed Acey got Covid and spent time away before asking for his release.

It's unknown at this time where Acey Romero will show up next but with the major surge of momentum pro wrestling has been facing for the last several months, his opportunities are endless.  

Tessa Blanchard Dumps Acey Romero THROUGH A TABLE! | IMPACT Wrestling Best Of 2019 - YouTube

Checking In With: Acey Romero - YouTube

XXXL vs Hernandez & Johnny Swinger: FULL MATCH (BTI May 20, 2021) | IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches - YouTube

Impact Wrestling's Wrestle House (Complete Season)

IMPACT's All-New Reality Show: WRESTLE HOUSE! | IMPACT! Highlights July 21, 2020 - YouTube

No news this week for 'Outside Of The Impact Zone' so let's go straight into this week's Impact Wrestling Takeaways.

Impact Wrestling Takeaways

Tasha and Evans Attack Havok

Before a tag team match between Decay's Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus against Fallah Bahh and No Way, Tasha Steelz dressed in a disguise attacks Rosemary before Savannah Evans proceeds to attack Havok on the stage, thereby taking them out of the equation.

Even still, Decay were able to pick up the win in a match that saw Fallah Bahh actually get booed (the seeds for a future heel turn perhaps); Backstage Fallah and No Way encounter TJP which at first looked like things were going to escalate since No Way replaced TJP as Bahh's tag team partner but things were settled out between all three so much so they TJP invited Fallah and No Way to Swinger's Palace next week.

Morrissey and Moose

In a backstage interview, W. Morrisey talks about the recent developments regarding the Eddie Edwards/Sami Callihan dynamic as it relates to both men openly admitting to not being friends when sudden Moose appears and tells Morrisey that he actually agrees with his philosophy about having no friends in this business which leads to both men setting up a plan.

Later that night, Moose calls out Eddie Edwards which eventually leads to Morrisey coming out and the two big men absolutely destroy Edwards as a level of payback after the previous couple of weeks.

EY and Rhino

In promo that has become identifiable with Eric Young, the leader of Violent by Design is seen speaking to a chained up Rhino, telling him that 'The sickness is coming back' this prompts a series of flash cuts and various shot with the rest of VBD with it all culminating with Rhino being chained up to a pipe in a dark and unknown room with 'The War Machine' screaming 'Help Me' as the screen goes to black.

Jake Crist Returns To Impact

Speaking of Black, defending X Division Champion Josh Alexander enters the ring to see which former X Division champion will accept his open challenge from the previous week.

As it turns out the former champion in question is none other then 'The Man In Black', 'The Golden Draw' himself Jake Crist returned to Impact almost a year after being let go by the company; despite the positive reception he got by the fans and his work inside the ring, Alexander was able to beat Crist and retain his title. 

Sabin vs Alexander Confirmed

Backstage interviewer, Gia Miller speaks with Alexander after his match and 'The Walking Weapon' says that his ready to take any other former X Division Champions when former eight time X Division Champion, Chris Sabin comes out and issues a challenge to Alexander for the X Division Title at Victory Road which Josh gladly accepts.

Manny Lemon and Zicky Dice

Following Sam Beale's announcement last week of Brian Myers looking for new talent to mentor, it ultimately comes down to two men: Manny Lemons and Zicky Dice; Myers talks to Zicky Dice and ask him a set of questions with the final response to the last question making Brian angry, however just before the former TNA Tag Team Champion was about 'Cut' Dice, Sam Beale convinces Myers to reconsider.

Myers concludes by telling the two remaining prospects "See ya next week".

Brandi Lauren Becomes Undead

After last week's attack by Su Yung and an Undead Kimber Lee, it's now been confirmed this week in via video package that Brandi Lauren as become an Undead Maid of Honor and a face painted soldier for The Undead Bride, Su Yung.

Ace Austin Wins

In the main event, 'The One True Ace' Ace Austin defeats Tommy Dreamer in a hard fought match in order to keep Dreamer out of the world title match come Victory Road.

Ace Austin vs Christian Cage

And with this win, it's officially confirmed that 'The Inevitable' Ace Austin will know take on 'The Instant Classic' Christian Cage for the Impact World Championship at Victory Road on Saturday September 18th on the Impact Plus App.

Well that's it for this week's Impact Wrestling News Update, If you enjoyed this article then be sure to follow me on Twitter @hakeemfullerton and for more wrestling related content, be sure to follow, Wrestling News World on Twitter @wnwnews. 

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