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When the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Championship was introduced, it quickly became known as one of the prettiest belts in wrestling. Unfortunately, I've seen many people talking about the Title without mentioning the woman holding it. Trish Adora is quickly rising through the ranks of indie wrestling, and she has been one of my favorite first champions in recent history. Adora has become a must see talent wherever she goes, and having now joined Beyond Wrestling is getting more exposure than ever. She didn't just come out of nowhere though. She has been absolutely killing it for years now, and has a backlog of matches more than worth seeing. Adora has a wonderful story leading her to wrestling, and has forged a new championship lineage, cemented her own legacy, and had matches that will always be remembered. This is the indie talent showcase, and this is the Afro Punk, Trish Adora.

Adora grew up loving wrestling. She has talked about watching it with her brothers before even knowing what was happening on the screen. When she grew up, she joined the army and served for eight years. It was only when she got out that she decided to go into professional wrestling. She did, however, have a sports background, having played rugby. Adora has great ring psychology, as she should. She was trained the Dudley boys at Team 3D Academy in Florida, and has been a very quick study. She made her pro wrestling debut in 2016 and has truly earned her spot and recognition. Adora has wonderful mat work and striking, having one of the scariest clotheslines in wrestling. Her finisher, the incredibly named Lariat Tubman, is so good and is my new favorite clothesline finisher. My favorite thing about Adora though is how contagious her attitude is. Watch an interview with her and the first thing you will notice is the joy she bubbles with when talking about what she loves. In the documentary on her I've linked below, you can truly see her passion for wrestling, and that translates into the ring.

So let's talk about her work in the ring. She has wrestled in companies including: EVE, NXT, Beyond, F1GHT Club, Hoodslam, Queens of Combat, Evolve, Shine, ROH, Generation Championship Wrestling, and Game Changer Wrestling. Trish Adora became the first Generation Championship Wrestling Women's Champion in the first title win of her career. It was around this time she also had a match with Kairi Sane on NXT. Soon after, she began her time at Hoodslam, specifically its GLAM subseries. In the above documentary, Adora talks about how her time in Hoodslam reinvigerated her love of wrestling. At the time she wasn't too sure about her direction, but her time in that ring brought that passion back to the surface. When you watch her Hoodslam matches it shows. You see a woman just excelling at what she does, and you can't help but smile as she puts in some great work. I made sure to include one of her Hoodslam matches below, but all of them are worth watching. Hoodslam is worth watching. Just go watch Hoodslam. The moment that Adora became a viral hit, however, came in February 2020 as she became the first Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion. An interesting note about Adora's career so far is that she has only ever been the first champion. Every belt she's held is one she was the inaugural holder of. Of course, this statistic won't last forever, but for now it's a fascinating fact that highlights that Adora is a trendsetter.

Talking about the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Championship brings us into the current era of Trish Adora as she is still champion. She has defended that belt against everyone from Sugar Dunkerton and Ashton Starr to Don't Die Miles and Timmy Lou Retton. She had a defense against Jonathan Gresham scheduled that had to be postponed but I'm still hype for the eventual match. Trish recently made history again by being the first woman to compete in an intergender 60 minute ironmatch which she did against Tony Deppen. Adora will continue breaking new ground in wrestling, and I for one get excited the moment I see her name on a card. So that being said, let's take a look at some matches.

trish vs eel

#10:Trish Adora vs Eel O'Neil 

This was the quarterfinal match in the PAWDWC tournament and was Trish's first match of the day. While it gets overshadowed by her finals performance and the shanagins in her semifinal match, it's still a good showing that kicks her day off right. It's the best of all four quarterfinal matches in my opinion, and easily earned it's spot on this list. 

trish vs oliver

#9:Trish Adora vs Jordan Oliver

 This is the most recent match on the list and wow it made them both look amazing. This was Adora's first match on weekly Beyond TV and she and Oliver grabbed the world's attention. It went at a rapid pace and showed why they are both world champion caliber. Like I've said before, Oliver is much more technical than people give him credit, and Adora is great in grapple situations. I was hype for this match from the moment it was announced and it definitely lived up to the excitement. Adora hits some killer submissions in this match including a wonderful cattle mutilation and I'd go as far as to say she has my favorite cattle mutilation since Daniel Bryan. Go out and watch this match to see Trish grab a big one as she continues dominating Beyond Wrestling.

#8:Trish Adora vs Lindsay Snow

  I can't believe this is the first time I've ever mentioned Lindsay Snow because it's a long overdue. Like I've said Trish is a good mat technician, but Snow is a freaking purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is one of the roughest hitting fights in the list, and key word there is fight. There are plenty of matches that impress me on this list, but this one probably had the most holy crap moments per minute. Trish really cranks back on the submissions here, and shows that her submissions are just as fearsome as her grapples and her strikes. She wins a little dirty grabbing the tights, and God do I hope we get a rematch some day.

#7:Trish Adora vs Mercedez Blaze

  A match from Pro Wrestling EVE, this is the only UK match included in this list. I wanted to include this not only because it's a good match, but to show that Adora has already gone all over the place. Mercedez came out of this match the winner, but I think of Adora's EVE matches this one is the best. This is actually the only match that Trish loses, as the rest are either wins or draws. I included this to show Adora's selling like when she takes a dropkick and spins down into a turnbuckle. She can take a hit and make it look brutal, and making your opponent look good is a great skill in wrestling. Make sure to watch this one.

trish adora vs ashton starr

#6:Trish Adora vs Ashton Starr

 This was Adora's first defense of the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Championship and she talks about it in the documentary above. Ashton Starr is a rising star in the indie scene and a participant in the upcoming Cassandro Cup. This match has some amazing sequences and although there are good striking moments like Starr hitting a damn good spear, it's the chain grappling that stands out here. Watching the two of them lock up hands and then just not let go for a solid minute as they counter hold after hold is incredible. This was at the first Butch vs Gore show and was the opening match so it had a lot riding on its shoulders and it didn't dissapoint. Trish is a strong wrestler and the way she is able to just throw people around the ring never ceases to amaze me. Even her collar and elbow tie ups are impressive as far as their ferocity. Watch this match to see just why the belt is held in such high regard.

#5:Trish Adora vs Queen Aminata

 From what I could find this is the only time so far Adora has defended the PAWDWC against another woman. That being said, this match wasn't even listed on Cagematch and I had to hunt it down. The amount of legacy going on this match is wonderful as it is the first Generation Championship Wrestling Women's Champion vs the second. While that belt is not on the line, the PAWDWC is. This has one of my favorite tests of strength in any match as they play with the expectations. This was a very fun match that shows off just how good indie wrestling is. I hadn't seen Queen Aminata before this match but she puts in a great performance. She has a killer swinging neckbreaker and I can't wait to see more of her. But it's Trish who pulls out the win in this match. The PAWDWC is an intergender belt, and matches like this will help cement that status rather than it being seen as a men's belt Trish happened to win. It's worth watching and Aminata shows that she is one to keep an eye on. More than anything, this match taught me I can't always rely on cagematch for finding matches.

trish timmy

#4:Trish Adora vs Timmy Lou Retton

 So there's a little bit of personal bias with this pick so please forgive me but I yelled so loud when this match was announced. If you haven't seem him before, Timmy Lou Retton is a great athletic talent commonly seen as one half of the Gymnasty Boys with White Mike. It was actually as the Gymnasty Boys that I first saw Timmy Lou at that House of Hardcore show at the rock festival I always bring up. Honestly, first seeing them is a highlight of that day for me. Seeing how well Retton has done for himself has always made me happy, and he earned this world title match. What I love most is the storytelling in this match. In the prematch promo, Retton says he will get Adora on the ground, stretch her arms behind her and break her in half...which is exactly what happens to him as Trish Adora makes him tap out. That kind of poetic justice is my jam in pro wrestling. He plays a great heel building up Adora as a face, which I think she is best as. She has such a wonderful energy when she's the face, and she plays the underdog so well. She is able to retain her title once again and keep her reign alive.

dark sheik

#3:Trish Adora vs Dark Sheik

  Like I said, Hoodslam is amazing, and that's due in large part to Dark Sheik. I will absolutely be doing an article at her at some point but she does not get enough credit for amazing a technical wizard. This match let the two of them go for it and ended in a double pin. That's right, for the second week in a row I'm including a draw. This one though as a result of everyone thinking they had the pin. Adora gives Sheik and Hoodslam a lot of credit for reviving her love and passion of wrestling, and this match is a highlight of that run. The counters and reversals are wonderful. Dark Sheik being the owner of the company gives it a big fight feel on top of it being the main event, and I don't to spoil too many spots because the match is so good seeing unfold. I will say that it is no DQ and that leads to some great moments. Seeing someone wrestle someone they look up to always produces a special match, and this is no exception.

trish adora

#2:Trish Adora vs Darius Lockhart vs Mr. Grim

 The match that gave us our very first Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling Champion. So the whole tournament for this belt has an undercurrent of the wildcards. These were given out at an earlier F1ght Club show and are literal UNO wildcards. Imagine if Money in the Bank let you join any match you wanted midmatch, but was also a physical UNO card, and now you get it. Darius Lockhart used a wildcard to join Mr. Grim's semifinal match and win. He wasn't even in the top eight, but I was able to sneak his way in. This match started as Darius vs Trish, but Mr. Grim joined midmatch using a stolen wildcard to put himself back in the running. This is what I think makes Trish's tournament run so good. She is the only person who got to this final without playing a wildcard. That has to count for something as far making her the underdog in this match who still manages to win. And wow does that crowd erupt when she wins. It's a hard fought victory and one of the biggest feel good wins in wrestling recently. This match genuinely changed not only her career, but wrestling. 

#1:Trish Adora vs Tony Deppen

 Like this had to be number one. I debated putting the match with Grim and lockhart as number one, but it just had to be this one. Both matches made history, but this one is just a better match. For the first time ever, we have an intergender 60 minute iron match, and Trish absolutely shows why this was overdue. The story going into this match is that Pro Wrestling Illustrated said they would sponsor this match for any company that would do it and Beyond Wrestling jumped at the chance. This was Adora's first ever appearance for Beyond and seems to be starting a brand new chapter for her. It takes a whopping 50 minutes for the first pinfall of this match to happen, but it's not an empty 50 minutes. Trish and Tony take each other to the limit as Tony competes in his second iron match in less than a month. This is one of my favorite iron matches to ever happen, and has one of the best endings. I knew from the moment they announced this it would be special, and it truly is. Trish showed her that she belongs on the biggest stages you can find, and that she is one to be taken serious. This match is must see and so far is my match of 2021. Seriously if you only ever listen to one thing I say, watch this match.

So that's Trish Adora! She's definitely going places fast and I can't wait to see what she does next. When the world fully opens up one day I'll be right there cheering for on, but for now I hope this will do it!

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