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She's made a few appearences on AEW Dark, but unfortunately it's going to be a bit before we see Lindsay Snow in the ring again as she recovers from surgery. She's a great talent though, and in my humble opinion, there's no better time than when someone is out with injury to go back and see their backlog. Lindsay Snow is a particularly interesting wrestler as writing this article has taught me. Some days she's a lovable babyface being hurt by the mean heels until she rallies for the big win and makes the crowd cheer, including the little kids. Other days she's competing in no ring deathmatches spreading blood all around the fight pit she's in, tearing it up with no remorse.  I'm a pretty big fan at this point of Snow, and I want to take you all down the rabbit hole into all the different styles of Lindsay Snow. We'll start with a look at her style and career before moving into a top ten match list.

lindsay snow

The biggest thing to know about Lindsay Snow is that she is truly a do-at-all type of person. She's an experienced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor, tattoo artist, kickboxer, all on top of being a wrestler. Snow does whatever she wants, and that's what I appreciate about her. I genuinely never know what she'll do next, and that helps her in the ring as well as life. Like I said, I've seen Snow in all kinds of matches, and I think it's that "do anything I want" attitude that leads to that. No one is going to put Lindsay Snow in a box, and as such, the matches I've chosen for this list feel like the most diverse list I've ever put together in terms of style. I've decided to include a couple of clips of Lindsay competing in BJJ as well as her wrestling matches, because I think it's awesome to see how she works in both environment: seeing her take her BJJ style and incorporate it into her wrestling is even better after watching some Jiu-Jitsu competition. But as I said, Lindsay is also a wrestler, and she's been doing it a few years at this point.

Snow made her debut in 2016, and her first match listed on cagematch comes from Ring Warriors, and within the year she was already fighting in places like Full Throttle Pro, FEST, and Shine. That's pretty good for a rookie year, and she already faced competitors like Brandi Lauren(now Skyler Story in NXT), Lacey Lane, Kiera Hogan, and Santana Garret. As her career continued she would wrestle in places like Southern Honor, GCW, NWA, RISE, Queens of Combat, and of course, AEW. So far she's won the Full Throttle Ladies Championship and USA Pro Women's Championship, one match of which we'll actually see on this list. In 2020 Lindsay Snow won the first ever Bloodsport Women's Tournament, and I think that's what truly elevated her to the next level. She won two matches that show to take that crown, and managed to stand out on a stacked card. For those who don't know, Bloodsport is a shoot style show with no ropes as matches have to end by submission or TKO. From there, Snow has even done a little bit of Deathmatch, which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's certainly my cup, and seeing her make that transition was a big reason why I wanted to do this article. At the moment, she's out with injury, healing from surgery, and she can be seen cheering people on in the crowd of AEW Dark and Elevation, and I for one can't wait for her to step into the ring again. With that background laid, let's look at the matches she's had so far, and which ones best represent Snow.

heidi katrina

#10:Lindsay Snow vs Heidi Katrina

 I had to include a good solid submission win for Snow here. This whole match is just a showcase that Snow is one of the best on the scene. Katrina is another great talent and she's able to hold her own here. The chain sequences here are excellent as they put in lockups one after another. Katrina hits some good kicks here that really showcases her power. It's a good back and forth match that shows Snow can do just as well in traditional matches as hardcore encounters. Snow hits a spinning back elbow off the turnbuckles into a running knee that I thought would be the match ender. It all comes down to sunset flip into a pin attempt by Snow and when Heidi kicks out Snow immediately moves into a clinch that wins the match. Definitely worth the watch.

lindsay snow vs savannah evans

#9:Lindsay Snow vs Savannah Evans

 I had to include this because it's one of the few times Lindsay has gotten to be in a hardcore match with another woman. We get all the classic cane spots here such as the choke with the cane across the neck, and a good old hit to the back. The match is a lot more nuanced than you'd expect, focusing a lot more on submissions with Snow taking advantage of the can to get out of tough spots. We hit a stretch where Snow is just hitting Evns with shot after shot and watching that you can see the Lindsay Snow that would end up in the deathmatch world. Evans ultimately gets the win, but this is truly a glimpse into Snow's future.

#8:Lindsay Snow vs Stormie Lee

  A fun "conspiracy theory" match, as Stormie is convinced that Lindsay cheated in their last match where Lee lost her belt in a triple threat, and throughout this match is convinced that Snow is still cheating. Lee gets some rather interesting offense in here, especially as she has Snow tied up in the ropes. It's a good match made better by the story telling. It's fairly straightforward in terms of its storytelling, but does a great job at building in terms of its stakes. Snow ultimately gets the win here, but Lee looks really good in this match and I want to see more of her.

lindsay snow and shannon moore

#7:Lindsay Snow and Shannon Moore vs Dani Jordyn and Alan Angels

  We got not one, but two of these "Lindsay Snow and legend vs Dani Jordyn and a partner" matches, and they're both so much fun I had to include both. Dark Order's 5 Alan Angels and AEW mainstay Dani Jordyn were a pretty established team in Southern Honor, and of course Shannon Moore is well known for his time in WCW as part of 3 Count. Snow isn't the wrestler I first think of for teaming with the legend to get a big pop, but she plays the babyface partner role well here, hitting some wonderful chops, and a dive so beautiful it's the thumbnail for the show on IWTV. All four wrestlers put in a very good showing here, and this is the kind of fun tag match I love on an indie show. Due to the nature of the match, Snow is in the ring for a lot longer than Moore, and as such really gets to shine. It's a great role for her as she absolutely cleans house. There's a reason they didn't just want to put Snow alongside legends in two different matches, but that they trusted her in that role. Snow can keep the team looking strong, play a good babyface, and get people excited. And that kind of trust has to be earned, and Snow definitely showed why she earned it.

#6:Lindsay Snow vs Avery Taylor

  Avery Taylor comes out already being a heel to the kids, and that's how you immediately get a crowd against you. I'm used to Snow playing the monster heel, so it was great to see her as the super strong babyface. I had never seen Avery Taylor before, and really liked what I saw out of her in this match. I expected it to be a lot more one sided, but Snow actually takes some big bumps here, getting a couple hope spots in the process. She hits a great clothesline combo into an elbow then a bulldog in a very babyface build up sequence. It's the same Lindsay in terms of her in ring style, but I am very much not used to underdog hero Snow that won't stay down. I'm used to no ring deathmatch Lindsay, so this match was truly a breath of fresh air for me. Another submission win for Lindsay but frankly I don't know what to call this move, except awesome.

#5:Lindsay Snow vs Fantasy

  I love finding great matches in local gyms. It always makes me excited for the next time I go to a small local venue that there could be a diamond in the rough. A fairly standard match in terms of pacing and style, Snow really gets to showcase her strikes. Snow's chops play super well in the gym as they echo well. We also get a great sense of Snow's submission based wrestling as she is able to kick straight out of a sunset flip into an ankle lock. She wins with the submission and that locks it on again, showing that she's such a natural heel. She even starts the match with the same aggression: climbing a turnbuckle to get the crowd hyped, and as Fantasy does the same Snow stays perched, readying for attack. She hits a crossbody and lays in so many elbows the ref has to deadlift her off Fantasy so the match can actually start. Very fun, very frantic, a good match showcasing Snow's style

lindsay snow bloodsport

#4:Lindsay Snow vs Alysin Kay

  The match to crown the first ever Bloodsport Women's tournament winner, this match may only be a few minutes long, but it's incredibly important. In this match, Snow proved that not only do women belong in shoot style wrestling, but that she's the one to lead that charge. We have women like Janai Kai on Bloodsport 6 now, and I think that this match really opened a door that desperately needed kicking down. The match itself functions more like a Jiu-Jitsu match than your standard wrestling affair, and is really a breath of fresh air. Lindsay is relentless in manipulating Kay throughout this match: every movement designed to give Snow just one more inch of control. For many people, myself included, this was their first time hearing of Lindsay Snow, and she certainly doesn't disappoint.

#3:Lindsay Snow vs Thunder Rosa

  I could have gone with their AEW Dark match, but since Thunder Rosa wins both I figured let's go with the bigger better title. It's obvious Snow will lose before the bell even rings as she grabs and holds up the NWA Women's Championship. We all know the rules of wrestling, and if you showboat holding a belt you haven't won, you aren't going to get it. They get into possibly the best collar and elbow tie up I've ever seen to just start the match, and you know immediately it's going to be amazing. The match has some great chain grappling, as Lindsay really busts out that Ju-Jitsu background. Snow's clothesline is one of my favorites, between her and Adora the women of the indies are showing off what a good clothesline can do. Rosa may get the win, but in this fight Snow isn't a jobber, she's a final boss putting on a great show against one of the best women wrestling today. One top of that, Snow hits a freaking muscle buster that would make Samoa Joe proud. It's a scary move and when she does make it on a big weekly show expect that muscle buster to get protected as a finisher. This is not only one of my favorite Snow matches, but it's one my favorite Thunder Rosa matches, and while not a bloodbath, this hard hitting fight is sure to scratch that itch of wanting more brutal Thunder Rosa after her match with Britt Baker.

snow and dreamer

#2:The New Era vs Lindsay Snow and Tommy Dreamer

  Alright, so I know you all haven't heard about this new upstart Tommy Dreamer yet, but this kid has real spark in him. In all seriousness, as good as Lindsay was in her tag match with Shannon Moore, teaming with Tommy Dreamer just seems so much more natural. When I saw she teamed with Moore I was confused but excited, but when I saw she teamed with Dreamer I screamed words of joy my editor would prefer I not say in this column. And this match lived up to those expletives. There are some comedy spots as Snow tells Dreamer to jump off the top rope and a hesitant Tommy ends up jumping off the bottom rope, but there's also lots of the hard hitting action you would expect. Credit has to be given to Jordyn as well, who is one of the top heels of Southern Honor at the time. So, technically this is actually two matches but I put them together as one entry. Dani Jordyn gets a dirty pin with her foot on the ropes, and the Southern Honor General Manager comes out to restart the match: under EXTREME RULES!! Since the two matches are back to back I figured you all would be okay with me combining them. During the second match we get to see Tommy and Lindsay getting a little more hardcore: not the most hardcore we'll see Lindsay mind you, but hardcore nevertheless. The comedy of this match really does come down to Tommy's face and his shock at how violent Lindsay gets. It's downright hilarious seeing Tommy afraid of his partner, but also a great passing of the torch that she can bear his legacy of violence. It should be pretty obvious at this point that I just love this match.

cutter vs snow

#1:Lindsay Snow vs Neil Diamond Cutter

  Finally, we come to the match I hinted at up. Lindsay Snow steps into No Peace Underground against one of the best kept secrets in deathmatch wrestling, Neil Diamond Cutter. Cutter was the very first Prince of the Deathmatch back in 2010(you might have seen that old clip of Jon Moxley singing Sweet Caroline, that's where it comes from). He had stepped away from wrestling for four years before slowly building back up to become one of the biggest names in the scene. Before the match, the commentators say that Lindsay doesn't usually dabble in deathmatch, which is only part true. This match really feels like the culmination of everything we've seen on this list, and like the end of a character arc. We've seen her fight in Singapore Cane matches, a hardcore match alongside the innovator of violence himself, Tommy Dreamer, Bloodsport, she fought in a battle royal at No Peace Underground, and it all led to this. Snow is bleeding only two minutes into the match, and the violence doesn't let up from there. I will be the first to admit, that this match isn't for the faint of heart. It's a genuine deathmatch, but has a lot more traditional wrestling than a lot of people expect out of deathmatch. A lot of that comes from Lindsay, but Cutter is no slouch either. The match ends with a massive back body drop through a tower of lightubes, wood, barbed wire, chairs and more as Cutter takes that insane hit and Lindsay gets the win.

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