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It seems like Blake Christian is a name people can’t stop talking about, and when I first saw him in Warrior Wrestling I had no idea just how big he would become. Blake has become one of the hottest talent in the world, and in today’s indie talent showcase we’re going to breakdown just who this kid is, what makes him so good, and run through some must see matches of his.

The man

The man

I call him kid to cover up the fact that comparatively I’ve done nothing with my life as this international superstar is only two months older than me being born July 22, 1997. At only 23 he has already wrestled for NJPW, Impact, GCW and more, putting in wonderful matches against all kinds of opponents. He’s from Missouri and is fairly private as a person. His twitter profile is all business: no gushing about movies, just gushing about hurracarranas. One thing we do know is that Eddie Guerrero is one of, if not his all time, favorite wrestlers. Which, of course, makes perfect sense if you watch his matches. Christian is a high flyer, but while his critics will say he just flips, he has some amazing mat work as well. Christian can just as easily lock in a good submission as land a moonsault, and that’s what gives his matches such a unique flair.

the wrestler

the wrestler

Christian first hit the scene in 2019 in Paradigm Pro Wrestling, who I’ve written about before, at Turn My Swag On, and The Reject’s Invitational. He would later wrestle for IWA Mid-South before his big debut at Game Changer Wrestler Lights Out where he beat KTB. That was the moment it all changed as he began climbing the ladder of the indie scene. He would pick up his first tournament win at Fight or Die’s 2019 Young Guns tournament beating 17 others. 2020 started so well for him as clips went viral leading people to call him the next Ospreay. On the way to Wrestlemania weekend the plan became clear: he would face Ospreay in a triple threat alongside his close friend and tag team partner Alex Zayne. The plan was for this to happen at Joey Janela’s Spring Break, and as such he faced Janela in an amazing 20 minute match for GCW. Now, we all know what happened, and it looks like it will be a very long time before we see that match that could have been, but even losing that marque match didn’t stop Christian’s 2020. After coming in second in the GCW Acid Cup 2, Christian would have several matches both teaming with Zayne and fighting on his own against the likes of Myron Reed, Christian Casanova, Nick Gage, Jordan Oliver, Tre Lamar and Alex Zayne himself. In August of 2020 Christian’s career would take a huge step as he teamed with PJ Black and Misterioso to beat ACH, Alex Zayne and TJP in NJPW Strong. The back half of 2020 for Christian would be defined by his NJPW work including the Super J cup where he beat Rey Horus and faced El Phantasmo. Meanwhile back in GCW he began one of the best feuds of his life with the 25 year old piece of gold.

the matches

the matches

The Lio Rush vs Blake Christian feud became must see from the moment the bell rang. At So Much Fun, Blake managed to beat Lio Rush because Rush got cocky. He could have gone for the win but insisted on showing off, leading to a roll up. This broke Lio leading to the return of his blackheart character. At Slime Season “all heart” Blake Christian faced “blackheart” Lio Rush and again, Christian picked up the win; this time due to Rush focusing too heavily on vengeance. Finally, in 2021 at Fight Forever they fought in a three stages of hell match that ended with Lio finally putting away Blake in a coffin. All three matches are amazing and will be held as the pinnacle of the early years of Blake Christian’s career. Through early 2021 Christian would make appearances for Impact including being the runner up against Ace Austin at Super X Cup and wrestling in the first ever triple threat revolver. Now that it seems Christian is heading to a big company full time, let’s take a look at some of his best matches from his indie days.

violence is forever vs blake and zayne

 10:Violence is Forever vs Alex Zayne and Blake Christian.

This match is just incredibly good tag team wrestling. This match shows that the whole “Blake just flips” thing is complete nonsense. Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku make for great opponents here, and frankly this match reminded me why I love tag team wrestling. Both teams are on their A games and act like one wrestler. They put together some amazing sequences, and even though Zayne and Christian come up short it’s an excellent display of why they quickly become one of the most sought after teams in indie wrestling.

tre lamar vs blake christian vs lee moriarty

9: Tre Lamar vs Lee Moriarty vs Blake Christian.

An unnannouced match that managed to steal the show, there isn't even a graphic for this one. These are three of the best wrestlers on the scene right now, and putting them in a triple threat was a wonderful idea. They put on a great display and was one of the early matches to show that Blake can move with the fluidity of Will Ospreay. Christian matches up very well with these two, who had already been feuding. Inserting a third wrestler into an established series can sometimes throw off the flow but Christian here shows the more the merrier.

lio rush vs blake christian three

 8:Lio Rush vs Blake Christian 3.

This is still a great match, it really is, the problems with production are what put it this low. Two main things go wrong in this match: the audio is out of sync, and the ref gets confused as to the rules. As I mentioned earlier this was a three stages of hell match, and the second stage was a red doors match. You had to put your opponent through a red door, but the ref called the second fall after a black door was broken. Then a red door was broken but their was confusion as to who broke it, and the whole thing broke the immersion. All that being said, the actual wrestling was wonderful, and the last few minutes of the coffin match segment were amazing storytelling leading to Lio Rush donning a barbed wire crown of thorns. The match is very good and worth watching, if for nothing else to see how the feud ends. As long as you know going in there are tech issues, it’s a great match.

rey horus vs blake christian

 7:Rey Horus vs Blake Christian.

Seeing Blake Christian competing in the world famous, prestigious super J cup meant the world to me. This opening round match showed off Blake’s high flying against a bonafide Lucha star and was possibly the best match of the tournament. It was snappy and strong, showing off why both of them are worth watching. This match made me imagine Blake against all of the NJPW Junior Heavyweight division, and a match that makes you hungry for more is always good.

ace austin blake christian carlos romo

 6: Blake Christian vs Ace Austin vs Carlos Romo.

This match is close to my heart, as it was the first Blake Christian match I ever saw. This took place at Warrior Wrestling 7 and honestly I was here for Romo. I went into the match excited to see Carlos Romo and Ace Austin but had no idea who this third guy was. At the end of the match all I wanted was more Blake Christian. Looking back it’s still a great match, but Blake was able to grab my attention when I was foaming at the mouth to see Ace Austin’s gambit routine, and that’s impressive.

the north vs blake christian and alex zayne

5: The North vs Alex Zayne and Blake Christian.

 I had to make sure we had at least two tag team matches on this list, and this one was absolutely stellar. The North(Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) ran roughshod over Impact wrestling for well over a year, but it’s this match from Glory Pro that’s my favorite of theirs. The clash of styles worked very well, bringing out the best in all four men. It was part of a very long weekend at the Collective for Christian(which also saw him wrestle his girlfriend Elayna black, now Cora Jade in NXT) and if he was tired you couldn’t even tell. Zayne and Christian were a great team, and this was my favorite match of theirs.

blake christian vs jd drake

 4: Blake Christian vs Alex Zayne vs Ethan Page vs JD Drake.

Also happening at the Collective, this match was a number one contender match for the Black Label Pro Heavyweight Championship. Yet again, we see Ethan Page and Alex Zayne in the ring with Christian, along with JD Drake’s first appearance on this list. Unfortunately, Christian would never get that title match as Slamilton was postponed, but in this match he proved why he deserved it. The action was fast and frenetic, and proved that Christian is one of the best wrestlers in the world, full stop. Blake Christian had spent a lot of time in scramble matches before this, and it shows. He knows how to handle himself in a multiman match. The top three matches are probably kinda obvious, but I really wanted to make sure Christian’s time at the Collective was covered well.

lio rush vs blake christian one

3:Blake Christian vs Lio Rush 1

Like I said, this feud is easily the best of Blake’s career. This match was booked as a dream match but turned into a nightmare. No one knew going in that this would end with Blake being locked in a coffin, but that was still months away at this point. This match was just about who is the best wrestler. Blake and Lio go counter for counter for counter. Sequences can last over a minute in this match as they just refuse to let the other get even a second of control. For 15 minutes the match was even until Lio just didn’t know when to quit. Lio had the match won but insisted on hitting one more big move: one more pretty spot that could go viral to make sure the internet was talking about him again instead of Christian. Christian countered this move though, and was able to steal the win from Rush. It was hubris that cost Rush in this match, and it utterly broke his psyche. Had the feud ended here, this match would have still been amazing, but they just had to go and top it.

lio rush vs blake christian two

2:Blake Christian vs Lio Rush 2.

 “My baby shot me down.” Those words sung by Nancy Sinatra rang through the small building as Blackheart Lio Rush emerged from the smoke. It was a chilling start to one of the best matches there is, and in particular, Lio Rush’s best ever match.This Rush wasn’t grinning at the camera and trying to go viral, this Rush, black contact lenses and all, just wanted to hurt Blake. While of course they still pulled off some great high flying, this match showed the strength and athletic ability of both wrestlers as it got grim. It was strong-style kicks and punches as Lio just wanted to ruin Blake. I put this match on par with great tragedies of Shakespeare as this time Lio learned from his mistake and wouldn’t let his hubris cost him. Instead, it was his anger. These two went blow for blow for 30 minutes before finally Lio had the match won. Just like before, he could have gone for the pin. He continued attacking Blake though, this time not to show him up, but to put him down. It was this extra time spent that allowed Blake to once again eek out a victory. I had chills after this match. I couldn’t stop talking about its meaning and symbolism for hours. It capped off an amazing show, and has stayed in my mind for months at this point. No matter where Christian goes, I don’t think I will ever feel the way I felt watching this match again. This was the greatest win of Christian’s career, but I think in defeat, he put on just one match better.

blake christian vs kylie rae

 1:Blake Christian vs Kylie Rae

Sometimes in wrestling, the greatest shame is that two wrestlers meet just once. They put on a match that transcends wrestling and simply stands alone as a work of art and storytelling, and they will never get a chance to recreate or exceed that magic. Blake Christian and Kylie Rae had that magic. This is not just my favorite Blake Christian match, not just my favorite Kylie Rae match, not just my favorite intergender match, this was my match of 2020. Kylie Rae came into this match as the BLP Midwest Champion, and Blake had his eyes on the prize. Blake hadn’t been in an intergender match before, and as such he was hesitant. I want to be clear though, this wasn’t the old bull of “I won’t fight a girl” or any of that. This was a much more nuanced take. Blake was happy to wrestle, but he held back in strikes. He was fine to grapple but didn’t want to kick Kylie’s head off. He incorporated this naturally into the match, and for the first few minutes, you don’t even notice. Kylie does. For context, I’m a 23 white guy, and as progressive as I see myself, I didn’t notice at first the sexism in Blake’s offense. He was wrestling her sure, but he was holding back part of his offense. He could have gone the whole match like that and no one say anything. But Kylie knew what was going on. She knew that if she won like that a man could complain “well I went easy on her.” Was that Blake’s intention? Considering he was wrestling as a face, probably not, but I think that’s the point. Sexism is so built in to our society that even in a match like this we see it. Kylie wasn’t going to stand for that, so she proceeds to smack the living crap out of him. Kylie is screaming, begging with every chop and kick for Blake to do something, to hit her, to treat her like a threat: Blake obliges. Blake finally kicks her head clean off her shoulders and the match kicks up a gear. These two go as hard as they can, not leaving anything behind: no excuses, no crap, just fighting. The storytelling in this match is second to none, and shows just how amazing both of these wrestlers are. The fact that we’ll never get a rematch breaks my heart, but sometimes magic is fleeting, and I’m so glad these two got to make magic in that ring.

So that’s Blake Christian. Wherever he goes from here, he’s gonna kill it, and I know everyone is rooting for him. His time on the indie scene has been short but excellent, and if this is what he can do now, just you wait to see where this kid heads. Thanks all heart.

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