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Today we're looking at a rising star finally getting national attention: Bojack. 

Bojack started wrestling in 2017 in North Carolina, and that's still the area where he's best known. He spent the first few years as a tag team guy, but in 2021 he got his big break as a singles champion and he has made the most of that opportunity. Every match of his title reign has become must see, and he's gone from a future star to today's headliner. We're going to take a look at his career, how he's risen up the ranks to become a dominant champion, his debut outside North Carolina, and of course, his best matches. 


Bojack starts wrestling in 2017 in Ring Wars Carolina having one match. It was a small start but a start. And with Bojack more than some other wrestlers we have looked at recently, I need to mention that this is based on Cagematch. There are certainly Bojack matches in places such as Palmetto Championship Wrestling that aren't listed there, but as far as I can tell, Ring Wars Carolina is where he started. In 2018, Bojack debuted in Premier Wrestling Federation, which is what I'd call his home promotion. From the beginning he went a tear through the company, only having his first singles loss in the Legacy Cup X finals. He would soon rebound though, by winning the Tag Team Championships with James Anthony as The Administration. They would have two runs with the belt before finally losing them for the last time in January 2020. Meanwhile, he also spent a lot of time teaming in FireStar Pro Wrestling with Prince Mutima where they became champions. 

bojack 2

Once Bojack split with James Anthony he went on another singles run similar to his first one in PWF. This one would lead to Championship gold in 2021, as he won the PWF Heavyweight Championship. During the Oceanic XII Round Robin tournament, Bojack had an opportunity outside the tournament to get a title shot at the Heavyweight Belt. Him winning that turned out to be for the best, as Bojack would lose the tournament, with Colby Corino winning(more on that later). Bojack turned that shot against Mason Myles into a title run, and his reign has been amazing. While the match with Myles is not here, every defense since is. That's five matches and I've put all five on this list. With how dominant he's been in the last few months, it's hard to picture who's going to beat him. 

Back in October, Bojack was chosen with five others to represent PWF at IWTV's Untitled Mixtape show. PWF had just one match to make an impression, and boy did they. Bojack was on the winning team with BK Westbrook and Diego Hill, and only two weeks later they debuted as a team on Beyond Wrestling. That's huge for Bojack, as not only is he getting seen by more people on IWTV, he's being seen by more people in person. Bojack is now making an impression with crowds in New England. Making your name in a new market can be huge, and it's fantastic for Bojack. So with all that being said, let's take a look at some matches. 

#10: Bojack vs Antonio Ace vs Metalhead 

This was a fun triple threat, because it was more a handicap match. Metalhead and Ace both tried to take down Bojack before turning on each other. Once Bojack was down, the others had a nice little stretch of match. He was able to get back in the ring though, and do what we will see a lot of in this list. Bojack is fantastic at just throwing people as far as the wind will carry them, and Antonio Ace can be thrown quite far. Metalhead gets hit with more of the power moves here while Ace is just gone. My favorite spot of the match, and one that made me genuinely laugh out loud, is when Metalhead decides to start repeatedly headbutting Bojack. Bojack barely flinches from these, and you could easily convince someone that Metalhead was just headbutting a wall. It is only now in my writing that I realize his name must be Metalhead because of his headbutts. Bojack then decimates both wrestlers and pins Metalhead for the win. It's a great introduction to Bojack, and gives a taste of what's to come. 

bojack tag team

#9: Bojack, Diego Hill, and BK Westbrook vs Donnie Ray, Antonio Ace, and Chance Rizer 

This match started something special, as it's the first time I've seen Bojack wrestling outside North Carolina. Not just that, but on an IWTV Mixtape show, where several companies get to each put on a showcase match. This was Premier Wrestling Federation's offering, and who knew that it would make a great team? Bojack, Diego Hill, and BK Westbrook aren't usually a team, but after winning here, the three of them teamed again to make their Beyond Wrestling debut. Taking nothing away from Antonio, Donnie, and Chance, who are all also consistent names in North Carolina, but our winning trio just meshed well. Now, it does take a while for Bojack to actually enter this match, hence it is fairly low on the list, but once he does, everyone realizes why he's gaining so much steam lately. It's a very great showcase match, and based on how quickly Bojack and co. debuted in Beyond after, it did the job. 


#8: The Administration vs The Monkey Club

 We need to talk about Bojack's tag team with James Anthony as The Administration. We already saw Metalhead earlier on this list and here he's teaming with Bobby Wohlfert as The Monkey Club. The Administration are the Tag Team Champions in this match, and they do a great job looking like the dominant champions. It was my first time seeing James Anthony, and I was quite the fan of his work here. It's weird seeing Bojack as an established tag star given his current singles run. I don't mean that as a diss towards Anthony, but rather Bojack is such an island of one now, that it's hard to picture him as a character coexisting with anyone. The match builds up to the hot tag for Bojack, which really is the best way to utilize Bojack in tag team matches. They come out on top maintaining their belts after a great foot on the leg spot that sees the decision reversed, and they live to fight another day. 

#7: Bojack vs Jay Malachi 

Jay Malachi is like 16 in this match, and that alone deserves mention. There's a reason that Malachi and his partner are called the Wrestling Prodigies though, and he puts up a great fight here. Only a couple minutes into the match it looks like Malachi might get counted out, and given what awaited him in the ring, maybe he should have taken the count out. Once Malachi is back in the ring Bojack wastes no time beating the crap out of him. He throws him into corners and quickly follows those up with splashes. When Malachi attempts to hit a springboard move Bojack simply catches him and slams him down. That's the kind of pace this match keeps, and so when Malachi even stuns Bojack the crowd loses it. Bojack really dominates this match, and that's what makes those big moments where Malachi hits power moves so important. For example, I mentioned the springboard cutter; it takes three attempts for Malachi to finally hit it, and I think that if it weren't for the failed attempts, the crowd would not have cared as much. The match ends with a DQ that builds up Malachi as the underdog and showcases Bojack as a heel. 

bojack vs ice cream

#6: Bojack vs Colby Corino 

So this match came about from Colby cashing in his Oceanic Championship after his match with his father that he saw here. This match was highly anticipated, and it certainly did not disappoint. This was Bojack's biggest challenge to date, as Colby was on an absolute tear and showed no signs of slowing down. Like most great Bojack matches, an opening section of Colby relying on agility before Bojack shows he's just as agile really sets the tone. Colby makes the mistake then of trying to outpower Bojack with a series of kicks. Bojack barely stumbles from those kicks, but a tornado DDT out of the ring from Corino finally takes him down to a knee. Colby spends the entire match fighting from underneath, trying to overcome the monster that is Bojack. It's a challenge that no one has been able to meet since Bojack won the title, but Colby probably came the closest. While all of Bojack's challengers have been good, this was the first one to have plenty of build up. As mentioned, this match was the result of Colby cashing in his Oceanic Championship, and given what happened in his match against his father, it's shocking to see Bojack steamroll through him here. I'm not always a fan of underdogs getting stopped at the last hurdle, but similar to what we looked at last week with Maki Itoh facing Miyu Yamashita, I think it worked here. This was a great match in a feud I hope keeps going. 

bojack vs noah hossman

#5: Bojack vs Noah Hossman 

This was my first time seeing Noah Hossman, and he seems the perfect type of wrestler to put in there with Bojack. Hossman is able to get Bojack on the ground quicker than any other wrestler I've seen, and Bojack resents that fact. Hossman gets cocky, which is the one thing you don't want to do when facing the Dreadlock Demolition machine. Bojack returns the favor just yeeting him across the ring with shoulder tackles, but from a strength perspective, this match is pretty even. It's kind of an outlier compared to other matches in this title reign, and in this list overall. It was kind of refreshing to see Bojack doubting himself as Hossman manhandles him the way he usually does to other people. Bojack does ultimately get the win, but it's not in the dominant fashion he usually does. When he gets the win the crowd goes absolutely wild because his reign actually seemed in jeopardy for a couple moments there. A short match but very effective and enough to get me interested in Noah Hossman. 

demolition derby

#4: Bojack vs Diego Hill vs Flex Simmons vs Colby Corino vs Devin Worthy vs Antonio Ace 

This was a fun one. At first it seemed it would just be a six man scramble, but Colby Corino came out as New ColbyJack and brought an entire shopping cart of weapons with him. That gave the entire match a different feeling, and what a fun feeling it was. Everyone was flying around the ring constantly, except for the one hiding up in the rafters. Bojack's first big spot in the match saw Colby enter the ring and try to team up with Bojack, until Bojack let Colby know in no uncertain terms that an alliance would not be happening. The match went a mile a minute as none of the six showed any mercy. Every person was in it to win it, and all had a good chance to win. Bojack eliminated Devin Worthy early on after a powerbomb through the table, and immediately became the biggest threat. He suplexed Diego Hill onto a ladder soon after that, and at that point he became the crowd's favorite to win. Colby also hits one of the grossest brainbusters I've ever seen as he drops him on unfolded chairs after leaping off said chairs. This match is just nasty and I love every second of it. It came down to Antonio Ace and Bojack, and the entire crowd wanted Bojack to win. Some had wanted Colby, but after Ace eliminated him the crowd united. Bojack managed to eliminate Ace, and it was truly the right decision. 

colby corino

#3: Bojack vs John Skyler

 Taking place at Colby Corino's 25th Anniversary show, just about an hour before Colby faced off with his father, we get this awesome hidden gem. The Dark Order member tries to bargain with Bojack before the match, but he's more than happy to kick the crap out of the TV man. Bojack starts the match with a big elbow and doesn't slow down from there. Even when Silver is able to get a little bit of momentum, Bojack only gets staggered: he doesn't go down. My favorite part of the match is when Silver tries to lock in a sleeper hold but Bojack just throws him back into the corner. Silver's not a small dude at all, and he's about the same height as Bojack, yet when Bojack throws him around Silver looks miniscule. Silver tries to hit multiple ripcord lariats and Bojack just eats them all. He late into the match hits something very similar to Cesaro's Very European Uppercut, but Silver still kicks out. After a big Bojack bomb, it takes getting his foot to the rope for Silver to survive. When Bojack finally wins the entire crowd loves it. A great title defense in a great reign. 


#2: Bojack vs Jigsaw

 This was an unexpected match, and also the newest one on the list. When I saw this was announced I knew it would be good, and thankfully it lived up to my expectations. Jigsaw has been wrestling for almost twenty years now, and I'm here for Bojack facing indie legends. Bojack opens the match with a handshake, showing that he still has that respect, even though he plans on absolutely annihilating the man. Bojack hits some silky smooth sequences including a powerslam into a senton. Jigsaw then makes the greatest mistake one can when facing Bojack by trying to chop him. Bojack doesn't even flinch, and in that moment Jigsaw realizes it's going to take a lot more to take down the champ. After a dropkick to the knee, Jigsaw finally gets some momentum allowing him to take down not only Bojack, but a decent portion of the audience as well. Jigsaw holds his own, as any legend of the indie scene like himself should, but Bojack is the master of resilience. Jigsaw hits some phenomenal flurries of attacks that couldn't be more early ROH if they were in the 2300 arena, but Bojack always is able to find one big power move to swing momentum back his way. Every time that Jigsaw impresses me, with a kick to counter a ripcord lariat for example, Bojack pulls out something even more devastating. The entire match seems to exist just to make me feel foolish for being impressed. I say to myself "that's the coolest part of the match," and then Bojack very quickly corrects me. Bojack gets the win in this fantastic match, and it raises the question of who can stop Bojack. 

bojack vs retton

#1: Bojack vs T.I.M.

We've talked about The Infinite Man before, and he makes for a perfect challenger to Bojack's title. This was Bojack's first defense, and he wasn't going to let his reign end that quick. T.I.M. spent the early parts of the match using his speed to his advantage. He's able to fly around the ring and flip his way out of any circumstance. When Bojack flips himself over the top rope to avoid ramming into the turnbuckle, T.I.M. realizes what he's gotten into. T.I.M. is incredibly resilient throughout the match, but Bojack is just unstoppable. The highlight of the match is when T.I.M. is standing on the apron and Bojack is up on the second rope inside the ring, and manages to lift him into a superplex. Throughout all of the abuse he takes, T.I.M. doesn't lay down and quit. One one hand, I admire his tenacity, but on the other hand, do you really want to get into a slapping contest with Bojack? The pacing of this match is fantastic, and slowly builds to bigger and bigger spots as Bojack tries to establish his reign. The match reaches the boiling point when Diego Hill comes out to ringside, and ends up arguing with T.I.M., and then Bojack. T.I.M. uses the distraction to go up to the balcony and throw himself onto Bojack. The match continues and T.I.M. dodges a top rope moonsault before going for the pin. Diego Hill interferes and ultimately results in Bojack hitting the big powerbomb for the win. This is a match I need to see again.

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