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Finally, after all this time, months of Indie Talent Showcase, it's time for Daddy. I genuinely forgot that I hadn't done a column on Effy yet as it just seems so obvious. He's everywhere on the independent scene, and it seems everyone loves him both in and out of the ring. Effy truly is a jack of all trades, having comedy matches, technical clinics, tag team work, deathmatches, all of it. In addition, what made me admire Effy before I even saw him in a ring, is he's undeniably Effy. No other wrestler is like him because no other wrestler is him. He isn't afraid to be himself, and how can you not love that. An outspoken member of the LGBTQ+ community, Effy has been pushing incredibly hard for inclusion in wrestling, and nowhere is that effort more apparent than in his Big Gay series of shows: Effy's Big Gay Brunch, and Effy's Big Gay Block. We're going to look at Effy, his in ring style, and some of his best matches.

Effy's Entrance Music

I can't remember when I first saw Effy, but I remember instantly falling in love. I mean it's not hard to see why. As a pansexual man mostly only out to people online, seeing Effy was cathartic. Here comes a man in a studded, hot pink, leather jacket, with fishnets and trunks that say Daddy on the crotch strutting to the ring to Elton John music, and I was starstruck. At first I was worried this would be some kind of poor taste stereotype, after all, I had seen mid 2000's WWE, but that's the amazing thing, Effy is sincere. Everything about him just comes across so genuine, and at the end of the day, Effy is a great professional wrestler. The thing about Effy is that sometimes he's silly, sometimes he's dead serious, and it's not always in the matches you'd expect. Some matches where you'd expect a very serious match go more silly, and vice versa. He really does a great job at showcasing every type of wrestling in one, and not just anyone can do that.


Effy began wrestling in 2015, winning the NWA Southeastern Title very soon after, then known as Effy Gibbes. He would begin winning various titles and traveling heavily in the Southern United States.  By 2018 he was fighting in SUP, Freelance, FEST, No Peace Underground and more, making his name all over the United States, and proudly being himself while doing it. Effy would just continue to grow, truly becoming a staple of the independent wrestling scene, adding GCW, Black Label Pro, PTPW, New South, Southern Honor, Paradigm, Butch Vs Gore, Beyond, Camp Leapfrog, Action, and more to his list of promotions he's fought in. Seeing Effy on an indie show became a mark that the show would be good, and Effy would always deliver. In 2020, that mark of excellence went a step farther, as Effy stamped his name onto his own show: Effy's Big Gay Brunch. The first Brunch show happened at the 2020 Collective, and was main evented by Cassandro vs Sonny Kiss in a truly special match. Effy would revive the event as Effy's Big Gay Block, part of GCW's Fight Forever 24 hour livestream wrestling show, where he took on Billy Dixon. The Brunch would return as part of the 2021 Collective over Wrestlemania weekend, and given how positive the reception to these events has been, it seems likely that they will continue. These events are all about the LGBTQ+ community, and they shine a spotlight on some truly talented wrestlers that deserve to be on many, many more events, and slowly, we're seeing that happen. So all that being said, let's look at some matches.

effy vs brian myers

#10:Effy vs Brian Myers

Taking place as part of the first round of the 2020 Turbo Graps 16 tournament, this match was probably not on everyone's radar, but it would be one of the best first round matches for the tournament. Myers and Effy are more similar than I think people would assume. They both have been written off as comedy wrestlers, but before Myers would prove in Impact that that was a load of crap, he did it here, as he and Effy put on a clinic. The match was so good you wanted both of them to move on into the next round of Turbo Graps. The back and forth was great, and the sequences of just pure wrestling were jawdropping. I mean, you should watch all of Turbo Graps 16, but this match in particular is one to watch out for.

bussy vs kings of the district

#9:Team Bussy vs Kings of the District

  Taking place at Cassandro Cup(an amazing show you need to watch on IWTV) this match saw Eel O'Neil and Jordan Blade taking on Allie Kat and Effy. I absolutely adore Effy and Allie Kat as Team Bussy, because they remind me of Sokka and Aang in Avatar: The Last Airbender. On their own Allie Kat or Effy are a huge threat, put them together and they combine the biggest goofballs possible. Team Bussy has yet to win a single match, and you know what? I love that. They are almost the anti-Two Man Power Trip, and I love that they are just two friends hanging out together. I could have picked any Team Bussy match for that reason, but Kings of the District are a wonderful team, and deserve to be seen. I've mentioned both individually, especially Jordan Blade through my UWFi Contenders Series coverage, but as a team they are absolutely killer. It was later on this same show they joined with Darius Carter, Molly McCoy, and Killian McMurphy to form Best Business Bureau.

#8:Effy vs Darby Allin

 This comes all the way from 2018, which in indie terms feels like years ago. Long before there were Big Gay Brunches and All Elite Wrestling, these two met in Blueprint Pro Wrestling. The most shocking thing of all, Effy wins! Given where the next few years would go, you'd expect Darby to come out on top here: he was already a big name in Evolve, but Effy showed he doesn't give a crap who you are, he'll give it his all. This is a pure wrestling match through and through, and both men show everything have. Effy hits a big fallaway slam, Darby hits a corkscrew springboard move, and Effy goes for a powerbomb that Darby turns into a double stomp. It's not only one of my favorite Effy matches, but one of my favorite Darby Allin matches as well, and that's saying something. It's worth going out of your way to watch, and frankly is just as good as any of Darby's open challenge matches from AEW. The match comes to an end when Darby decides not to hit Effy with the title, so Effy lowblows Darby and wins with a headlock takeover. It's such a screw you to everyone, and I absolutely love it. Watch this match!

#7:Effy vs Ricky Starks

 Here we have another Effy vs an AEW star match, and this one is fantastic. We have some great spots, such as Effy on his knees, coaxing Ricky into shaking his ass, only to go for a rollup. Effy locks in a modified Tarantula on the ropes, and in fact, goes for a few rope-assisted submission moves. Of course, Ricky Starks is Ricky Starks, and he is quite the athlete himself. It's a great back-and-forth match as both men try desperately to get the big win. The biggest reason I put this match so high is that Effy truly wins the match. No low blows, no shenanigans: a tombstone piledriver, a top rope elbow drop, pin. The match is just pure professional wrestler, and they both put on truly great performances. It's hard hitting, hard fought, and at times, hard to watch as you expect these men to just stay down but they keep kicking out. This is a great match for Effy, and it truly speaks for itself, so go ahead and watch it. I'll wait.

#6:Effy vs Danhausen

 The wonderful team now known as Gaytanic Panic first met in this great singles matchhausen. Have you ever wanted to see Effy feel up Danhausen only for Danhausen to bite Effy's handhausen? Look, this match is Effy for Danhausen, to an extent, it's exactly what you're expecting. It's a little more acrobatic than I predicted, but still it's Effy vs Danhausen. It's Daddy vs a demon, and it's a solid match. Effy hits his signature nipple bite, and a beautiful takedown I don't even know what to call it. That's something that doesn't get said enough about Effy, he's an innovative wrestler. He hits moves you wouldn't expect in ways you haven't seen before, and that makes his matches thrilling. He's not just entertaining, he's impressive. It's also one of, if not, the first times we see Danhausen use his jar of teeth. If you don't watch Black Label Pro, then you are missing on Sarah Joy Shockey's wonderful commentary like when she sees Danhausen's jar of teeth and gives us the amazing line "I hope that's rice-a-roni...the San Fransisco treat." When wanting to understand the mythos of Effy, Danhausen, and Gaytanic Panic, this match is a great introduction to two of the most delightful wrestlers today.

effy vs gangrel

#5:Effy vs Gangrel

 Holy crap this match has a lot of sex jokes in it. It's Effy vs literal vampire Gangrel. He wants to get sucked. Effy really wants Gangrel to suck him. It's all he wants. It's all he has ever wanted is to get sucked by Gangrel. That's the match. Well, not really. It's a good match with genuine wrestling, but you can't help but smile at the entire concept of the match, as Effy keeps sticking his neck out for Gangrel, wanting to become an immortal vampire himself and live forever. It was a highly anticipated match, and it delivered. The best part is that Effy wins with a rollup like the sneaky little Daddy he is. Gangrel is not passive in this match either, he is confused as to why anyone would want to carry the weight of being a vampire, and is refusing to beat him. He doesn't want Effy to get what he wants, but this weakens his offense as his literal fangs no longer benefit him. This match does have its fair share of "traditional wrestling" but more than anything this is fun. This is a fun time, and you will have fun while watching it. Isn't that what wrestling is always supposed to be? I know there's a place for serious, emotional storytelling in wrestling, but wrestling has always been there in my times of need, and this fun match is what I need in those times.

butch vs gore

#4:Effy vs Faye Jackson

 This is not the first time we've looked at Butch vs Gore on this column, as we looked at the opening contest of Trish Adora vs Ashton Starr in the Trish Adora showcase. This match is for the 51st State Championship(see I'm okay with wrestling being serious and making a statement!) and wow what a match up. Before getting into the actual match I just want to say God bless Faye Jackson. She retired recently, and while I am 100% behind whatever decision she makes for herself, the wrestling industry is worse without her, and she will be missed. This match sees two of the most sex positive wrestlers in the world facing off, and a lot of the early match comes down to Faye Jackson's rear end. Effy tries to do a shoulder tackle, but is met with a twerking Faye everytime. Faye Jackson is trying to beat Effy with the power of the twerk, and for much of the match, it works. Eventually Effy is able to get control of the match, and it turns into a more traditional fight. Effy finally gets the win to end what was a truly great match.

wrld on gcw

#3:Effy vs Matthew Justice

  This was one of the first Effy matches I saw, and I was shocked to see Effy involved in deathmatch work. This took place at GCW's The WRLD on GCW part 1, and if you haven't seen the show you need to take the time to go watch it. Along with this match we have Nick Gage vs Ophidian and Blake Christian vs Joey Janela. Back to this match, Effy gets in some great comedy spots, like when he's on his knees in front of Justice and quite tempted to engage in non-wrestling activity. This is a common element in sillier Effy matches: he gets distracted by his opponent's beauty, and it never gets old, because Effy always snaps out of it and gets serious again. This match has quite a bit of steel chair spanking, and Effy echoing the BDSM scene in deathmatches always feels sincere and reclaiming rather than uncomfortable. There is a notion that people in the LGBTQ+ community are soft or weak, but not only is that just objectively false, there is a large crossover with the BDSM scene, and what's the difference between getting hot candle wax poured on you in bed vs getting hot candle wax poured on you in bed. Effy showcases that in his deathmatches, and it feels incredible to see someone reclaiming this, and his opponent's aren't grossed out like certain 2000's WWE storylines, it just makes their job harder because he likes the pain. Whether you like it because you refuse to flinch(hi Nolan) or you just enjoy the pain, anyone who isn't afraid of being hurt is a tough competitor in deathmatch. I could have chosen any deathmatch with Effy, but I love this fight with Justice as it's just so flawless and the big spots are fantastic. The ending with Justice diving off a balcony is fantastic, and this was a great introduction to Effy for me, and could be for anyone else.

effy vs ace perry

#2:Effy vs Ace Perry

 There are several 2021 matches on this list, but this one is the newest. Taking place at Effy's Big Gay Brunch, this was a soul on a pole match. That's right, Effy had ownership of Ace Perry's soul, and Ace wanted it back. Ace came out wearing a beautiful dress right out of Midsommer. The match kept that strange tone the entire time, and frankly, is the best "on a pole" match I've seen. I mean that's not a very high bar, but still, these two absolutely beat the hell out of each other. Heel Effy isn't seen quite as often(but he will make another appearance on this list) but wow can he be a good heel. This match is such a underdog face story, where winning isn't ultimately what matters. The closest match I can think of is the "I Respect You" match from Zelo, where Simon Grimm gave up the match out of respect for Pat Monix. That's not quite what happens here, but the story is similar. The match is framed as Ace Perry having struggled the last year to truly live up to his potential because he doesn't have his soul. He wants his soul back so he excel, and he feels like it's Effy who's held him back. This match is an all out war as the pair do anything to win. Effy fights dirty here, and it's kind of jarring at first if you're not used to it, and Ace plays the scrappy underdog so well. Ultimately, Effy wins and gives a wonderful speech, before finally giving Perry his soul back. It's a very special and surprisingly sweet moment to end an epic match with an incredibly odd stipulation.

effy vs still life

#1:Effy vs Edith Surreal

  This match is truly special to me, and showcases just how good independent wrestling can be. The story for this match built over the entire show, and not enough wrestling shows, yet alone indie shows, do that. This takes place at Camp Lovefrog: the Camp Leapfrog Valentine's Day special, as Edith Surreal, then known as Still Life with Apricots and Pears, is in charge. She is booking the very best show she can, as her friend Effy is helping. Over the course of the show it becomes obvious that Effy isn't interested in helping, and wants to spoil the show because he isn't the center of attention. This builds over the entire show until Surreal finally figures it out and confronts him. Yes, it's about the show, but more importantly it's about feeling betrayed, and the emotion poured into both this confrontation and the match that followed is palpable. When the actual match started you just knew you were watching something special. I still think it's the best match in Camp Leapfrog's short history. I told you that we would be seeing heel Effy again, and here he is. These two fight in a just truly brutal, stiff match. No silliness, no gimmicks, just two former friends turned bitter rivals in an emotionally charged fight. I didn't expect a Valentine's Day show to end with something so hardhitting, but over the past year these two have shown just how good they are. This match has honestly been one of my favorites of 2021, and has shown that Camp Leapfrog isn't just a silly fun time(not that there's anything wrong with that), but that they can put on truly classic matches. If you're going to watch this match I'd suggest just watching all of Camp Lovefrog, but at least see the segments involving Edith and Effy that set this up. I truly love everything about this match, and I wish I could watch it again for the first time.

Effy is truly a darling of the indie scene. Everyone loves Daddy, and he's riding incredibly high right now. I can't wait to see what he does next, so let's start making brunch plans now.

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