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We haven't covered a tag team here in a while, so I wanted to pick one that would be incredibly fun and remind me of why I love tag team wrestling. And I can't think of a team more energetic than the Sea Stars. That being said, both wrestlers have also been making waves(haha, waves. Sea, waves.) as singles wrestlers, so I wanted to do this list slightly differently. I've included eight tag team matches and one singles match for each Sea Star. What makes this even more unique to other Indie Talent Showcase articles is that these two aren't just tag partners, they're sisters.

Ashley Vox began to wrestle in 2014, and her sister Delmi Exo followed in 2015. Immediately they began tagging because I mean? Why not! We have many great brother tag teams, but not many sister teams. Very quickly they found themselves wrestling all over the country. In 2016 alone they wrestled in Chikara, Rise, WWR, Blitzkreig Pro, Beyond and more. They found find their way to all the big all women's promotions: QOC, Shimmer, Shine, WWR and Rise as mentioned before. They would find themselves everywhere, and become known as one of the best women's tag teams in the country. They truly became known as one of the best tag teams in the country full stop though, when they beat LAX in their final indie appearance. As of late, the Sea Stars have made Limitless their home, but have made showings for both Impact and AEW recently.

sea stars

They've become the BattleClub Pro Tag Team Champions, Shimmer Tag Team Champions, and Sabotage Tag Team Champions. They continue to win tag titles, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them pick up more soon. They come out to the ring to "Hooked on a Feeling"(hook, fish, get it?) and the crowd absolutely loves it. They are usually the babyfaces, but can play heel better than you'd expect. No matter what though, their matches are always a good time. So without further ado, let's get to the top ten.

#10:Sea Stars vs Diamond Dogs

 I love Luke Langley and Graham Bell, but I actually had never seen them together as the Diamond Dogs. I'm most familiar with the Diamond Downward Dog Luke Langley teaming with Mike Sydal, while Graham Bell I'm used to as a singles wrestler carrying a bazooka. Turns out, they make a great tag team, and the Sea Stars absolutely deserve the win here. The Sea Stars have never shied away from intergender matches, and this one is one of my favorites(we'll get to the other one later) and it's easy to see why. The Sea Stars are very much outsized in this match, but their strength shines. You don't expect that amount of power out of them, but they can beat up just about anyone. Not just by outspeeding them, but by outpowering them. Their tag team moves are great as well. Lots of big moves, splashes off the top rope, and ultimately they stack up Langley together for the win. Delmi is quite the grappler, and Ashley hits some big power moves. This match is fast paced, energetic, and delightful.


#9:Sea Stars vs Veda Scott and Dust

 the Summit was such an amazing show. Four different companies coming together for an all women's show. This match wasn't actually advertised. It was supposed to be Dust vs Delmi Exo and then Veda Scott vs Ashley Vox, but Dust jumped Delmi before the match. Vox came out to save her sister(or seastar as the commentary points out) leading to Scott running out as well. As such, they made it a tag match, which instantly spelled trouble for Dust and Scott as they had never teamed together. Dust continues pushing the limits of five counts in the ropes, being aggressive the entire time. The commentary does a great job here putting emphasis on when the original singles opponents are in the ring pointing out that's who they studied for. Vox is able to take a lot of punishment in this match before finally getting the hot tag to Exo. Exo is all over the ring here, hitting baseball slide dropkicks, missle dropkicks, polish hammers taking out Scott and Dust throughout the match. After Veda hits a beautiful muscle buster the Sea Stars lock in a double fish hook followed by double knees and an assisted senton for the win. 

sea stars vs scrunchie squad

#8:Sea Stars vs Scrunchie Squad

  this is the most recent match on this list but it definitely earns its spot here. If you aren't keeping up with the New England independent scene you may not know about the sheer power of the scrunchie. The scrunchie is all, the scrunchie knows all, and the scrunchie beats all. The leader of the scrunchie squad is Becca, sometimes referred to as Basic Becca. One of the biggest stories right now in Limitless Wrestling is Becca trying to grow the scrunchie squad and in this match she has brought in Davienne. The Sea Stars are usually the faces, but again, the scrunchie beats all. Here they are the heels and they revel in it. Both Becca and Davienne are fantastic, and in fact both have had singles matches recently with Delmi Exo. The first thing that caught my eye in this match was Vox's kicks. She literally sends a scrunchie flying early on as she kicks Becca so hard. The Sea Stars have had many homes in wrestling, but they really do thrive in Limitless. At this point the Sea Stars are starting to become one of the more experienced women's tag teams in independent wrestling, and new teams have to face them as kind of a measuring stick, but they're still in their prime. As such they are facing just about everyone and dominating over them. Matches like this show that the Sea Stars are absolutely fantastic, but that scrunchie squad has a bright future ahead of them. You expect comedy from someone called the scrunchie squad, but this match is just hard hitting professional wrestling bell to bell.

#7:Sea Stars vs Edith Surreal and Solo Darling

 Solo and Edith aren't usually a tag team but this match makes me wish they were. Solo is one of the best women on the independent scene, both inside and outside the ring. There's a great spot in this match where Edith reaches over the ropes to grab Solo who's in a fireman's carry on Delmi's shoulders. Eventually Solo reverses it into a crucifix pin before tagging in Edith. Edith and Delmi absolutely need a singles match together after this, as their stretch of the match is fantastic. When Vox eventually comes in for the save the entire pacing of the match shifts. It becomes a fast and furious battle until the ending that does keep the match a little lower on this list with Edith's regular partner being kidnapped. It kept this match from truly reaching the heights it could, and a rematch of these two teams could be even higher on the list. That being said, what we did get was fantastic. Some really innovative offense from Edith and Solo in this match, but it really does set up the eventual grudge match between Ephemora and Milk Chocolate. It's still a great match, but with a couple more minutes and a clean finish it could have been top five.

#6:Delmi Exo vs Basic Becca

 Taking place on the season two finale of The Road from Limitless Wrestling, Becca kicked off the season fighting Vox, and looked to finish it with Exo. These two put on a clinic, and showcase why they always end up in the ring together. Becca's kicks are top notch in this match, and frankly I think the leader of the Scrunchie Squad would do well in Bloodsport. Delmi catches a Pele kick into a knee bar in a spot that frankly I want to see a lot more often. It was really innovative to see. They end up trading strikes, and I give Becca a lot of credit for keeping up with Delmi who is quite the strong striker. The two hit a double clothesline leading to a double pin. 

#5:Last Creature Standing: Ashley Vox vs Kris Statlander

  taking place at Limitless Wrestling, this match shows that women's wrestling has never been afraid of getting bloody and taking the big moves TV wouldn't allow the women to do. Taking nothing away from Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa, a revolutionary match that changed television, matches like this show the women could always do it, but certain executives, specifically men, said no. I truly hope we get to see this match again with the same intensity of violence on TV. Even just five minutes in Ashley is bleeding quite a bit. Kris is absolutely brutal in this fight, and it absolutely is a fight. Vox just throws a chair at Statlander and you know this isn't going to go easy. The fight doesn't let from there. Vox gets gored through a door before Statlander removes a turnbuckle pad. As often happens, Statlander is the one to hit the exposed buckle from a hurricarana. It's in that moment you believe Vox can do it. That's what's so amazing: she does. Vox gets the biggest win of her singles career here. The match goes 25 minutes, and you want another 25. It's a fantastic match start to finish. If you like things a little brutal, this is the match to watch.

#4:Sea Stars vs Bad Company

 I love this match! Masha Slamovich is going to be a true star very soon, and Violette is nothing to sneeze at either. This match was part of a tournament for the Battleclub Pro Tag Team Championship and these four wanted it bad. Delmi and Masha's test of strength is just a great showcase of the power those two women have. What's great is this match wasn't just thrown together. Masha and Violette feuded before teaming out of respect of each other's power, while the Sea Stars were rising and had the number one match on this list. There's some hard hitting moves in this match which you should expect from these women like standing on hair. Masha is genuinely terrifying in the ring, and once she has a few more matches she will absolutely get an Indie Talent Showcase. The story in this match is fantastic as well, as Masha's arrogance is what costs them the match. Delmi hits her beautiful dropkick here again which you already know I'm a fan of. This match is fantastic and one day we'll see these four main eventing and be shocked to find this from early on in their career.

#3:Sea Stars and Solo Darling vs Allie Kat, Laynie Luck and Nadi

  So this match is just like all my favorite women. Nadi was the only one here new to me, but Laynie Luck the party unicorn is amazing, and of course Allie Kat(now Allie Katch) is an icon. Solo Darling as I've said is just an amazing human inside and outside the ring. This is just a very fun match showing off six incredibly talented wrestlers. Like a match we'll see later, this has some great comedy involving a squirt bottle as they spray Allie Kat(get it, cats don't like water). Solo and the Stars function much better while Nadi throws her partners in defenseless so she doesn't have to fight Solo. There's big moves all around and it's just a good fun time. It's a lot of what you expect in a six person match as everyone is in and out of the ring constantly. Delmi impressed me the most in this match as she suplexes people left and right and is surprisingly the powerhouse of the team. Solo finally gets the submission win to end just a truly great match.

#2:Sea Stars and Shark Boy vs Platinum Hunnies and Anthony Greene

  I mean if you want to have a good time just watch this match. It takes place at the beach: the waves are literally like ten feet behind the crowd. Anthony Greene, Ava Everett, and Angel Sinclair all come out Baywatch style as lifeguards, and yes, we do get slow motion. This match was part of Anthony Greene(now August Grey on 205 Live) going on his Retro-bution tour, where he tried to wrestle as many industry wrestling veterans as he could, and this one happened to be a big six person tag. The Sea Stars work really well here, and the commentary is having a great time. It is literally impossible to watch this match without smiling between Delmi Exo punching a slow motion Anthony Greene, the sheer amount of fish hook submissions, lines from commentary like "the Sea Stars have the home field advantage," "ya cause we're at the sea!" "no...because we're in Rhode Island," and of course, people literally getting thrown into the Ocean.. What makes this match so great though is that it's not just comedy. It has wonderful tag team wrestling, and you really get a sense in this match of how well the Sea Stars work together. They are able to just target and isolate one member of the other team and tag in and out consistently. The image at the end of the match of Shark Boy and the absolutely soaking wet Sea Stars, because again, they wrestle in the Atlantic freaking Ocean, standing tall, is a wonderful sight from a very special match.

#1:Sea stars vs LAX

  This match absolutely had to be number one. Taking place at Battle Pro's Anything You Can Do, an all intergender show, this is a dream match. The Sea Stars have always sought to prove they're the best tag team regardless of gender, and spoilers alert, they do it here. This was Santana and Ortiz's last indie match, and it's a half hour war from two amazing teams. In the early part of the match LAX dominates as Ortiz starts clawing the eyes, back, etc, but Vox gets her fish hook in until they kick her finger against the ropes. Delmi Exo gets just thrown into the crowd at one point as the whole match breaks down. Delmi finally gets in the ring and hits a great double missle dropkick, and that was the first moment I thought they could do it. When they finally get the win its such a special moment and I'm glad everyone gets to see it.


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