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By this point you all know the story. I went to a House of Hardcore show that wasn't great for two reasons. First reason: it was almost 100 degrees and we were on steel chairs outdoor with no shade. Second reason: not really much hardcore wrestling at a House of Hardcore show(Don't worry Dreamer I know it's Virginia law) but some good came out of it. I got a picture of an apple Carlito threw, and I saw the Gymnasty Boys for the first time! White Mike is fantastic, but today we are here to talk about the other half of the former team, Infinite Timmy Lou Retton. It seems that the Mid-Atlantic's best kept secret is becoming known nationwide as a singles star, and I couldn't be happier. Between his Super 8 showing and his recent matches at Action with AC Mack, Retton is becoming known as a great wrestler, not just a great tag wrestler. Of course, we'll be looking at his Tag Team work as well, beginning with a summary of his career, then moving into a top ten matches. 


Retton's career began in 2014. He was part of Gouge wrestling, and quickly became the champion. He won their North Carolina title in only his 11th match listed on cagematch. What I find interesting is he was already putting on twenty minute draws. To be doing that so early in your career means that whoever was booking Gouge at the time saw something, and I give them all the credit in the world cause they were absolutely right. As 2014 rolled over into 2015 it seems all of the Carolinas opened up to Retton as he began showing up in AML, PWX, PWF and more. It was actually early in 2015 that Retton would first step in the ring with Colby Corino, a young man that Retton would become very used to fighting over the coming years. In these early years he would face everyone from Chase Owens and Rob Kiljoy to 2 Cold Scorpio and Shane Mercer. From 2015 to 2017 Retton had plenty of big matches, but in December of 2017 he found something that would take him to a national stage: a tag partner. White Mike joined up with Retton and together they became the Gymnasty Boys. Retton brought the gymnastics background: something you can still see in his wrestling today. While White Mike, well he brought the nasty. He's a sleazy, sleazy boy and he still has that attitude to this day. Between birthday spankings and wearing a robe that I hope to God I never have to see under a blacklight, White Mike's nastiness is never in question. But then again, neither is his wrestling ability, and they would make a fantastic team. In 2018 alone they wrestled in Freelance, IWA-Mid South(more on that later) Glory Pro, CZW, Paradigm and Action just to name a few. For their entire run though All, there is one tag team that Gymnasty Boys could truly call their greatest Rivals: The Ugly Ducklings. Lance Lude, Rob Kiljoy, Colby Corino, and Coach Mikey. If you've ever seen Mid-Atlantic wrestling at all, you've seen them. If you've watched much indie tag team wrestling at all, you've seen them. At least according to Cagematch, the Ugly Ducklings were the first opponents of the Gymnasty Boyz. In some form or another, these teams have been in the ring together 37 times. 37 times in just about three years. How else do you define rivals if not these two teams. Personally I don't think they ever had a bad match together, but I picked my personal favorite for this list. In addition I suggest the match where the Gymnasty Boys team with George South, as well as the big fatal four way tag matches they find themselves in. All in all, the Gymnasty Boyz would become 10 time Tag Team Champions all around the nation, and would win three tournaments as well. With all of that legacy, in late 2020, they parted ways while staying friends. The two would carry on in different directions, and since then Retton's name has only grown. 

timmy lou retton

Retton has had singles matches before. As we saw he's been wrestling since 2014, but this time around it seems it's finally clicking. A Pan-Afrikan Global Diaspora Championship match with Trish Adora, a Super 8 match with Matt Makowski, a fantastic debut for Blitzkreig Pro against Mark Sterling. All of a sudden it seems everyone knows about Timmy Lou Retton. I personally couldn't be happier, and if you want to see what The Infinite brings to the table, these are the matches to watch.

#10:Timmy Lou Retton vs Jake Parnell(Warhorse)

 We don't talk about Warhorse enough here, but he was IWTV Champion for so long for a reason. Warhorse does something that not enough of Retton's opponents do: he copies Retton. He does a cartwheel, only for Retton to do one better. This kind of back and forth based on his gimmick seems like something that would pop up more often, but it works delightfully well. These two work well together in the ring and it really feels like fantasy booking, but I'm so glad it happened. This is no underdog Timmy Lou Retton, this is two fan favorites putting on a big showcase match with the crowd split right down the middle. Retton's finish to this match is absolutely gorgeous, and despite having interference from White Mike, he definitely deserved the win here.

#9:Gymnasty Boys vs Ugly Ducklings No Ring

 I told you I'd include an Ugly Ducklings vs Gymnasty Boys on this list somewhere, and while there is probably a better technical match out there, I had to go with this insanity from Casanova Valentine's Murdermania. I love no ring deathmatches, and if you've never seen a no ring match, it's basically a mosh pit with baby oil. These guys just absolutely beat the crap out of each other all through a bar, and if you're not into non-traditional wrestling, you're going to hate this, but if you want to see something truly unique that shows that Retton can do it all, watch this beauty of a fight.

calvin tankman

#8:Timmy Lou Retton vs Calvin Tankman

 If you only associate IWA Mid-South with deathmatch, I mean I get it, but you are truly missing out. Do you know how many amazing matches happen there all the time? This singles competition between two breakout stars should be enough to convince you, as Tankman and Retton go to war together. I absolutely love Heavyweight Hustle, and long before he was main eventing MLW, he was proving himself here. Retton shows his gymnastic ability well here, and is matched against another surprisingly agile opponent. Tankman definitely dominates the bulk of this match, but as we see in quite a few matches of his, Retton makes for an incredible underdog. He seems down and out when he begins hitting some strong strikes before dodging Tankman's rebuttal. Retton hits multiple of his cartwheel spinning back elbows, and if you haven't seen it before it's incredibly impressive. Tankman ultimately takes the win, but Retton puts on a tremendous showing here, and I'd love to see a rematch.

#7:Timmy Lou Retton vs Willie Mack

 Taking place at AML's Viva La Lucha, this was the first match between these two, and it lived up to the hype. AML is Retton's stomping ground, and despite Mack being nationally known by this point, the crowd is still firmly behind Retton. Lots of big suplexes out on the concrete, and the crowd does begin to turn just a little bit. I mean it's hard to not cheer for Willie Mack. But Retton quickly reminds the crowd why they love him. The man is doing cartwheels ten minutes into the match, after taking some crazy bumps outside the ring. Willie puts on a tremendous showing though, with power move after power move, and the match begins to look like several others on this list: where Retton faces a now nationally known star and comes up just short. Always a bridesmaid never the bride so to speak. But Mack just can't keep him down. Even a standing moonsault doesn't put him away. Mack probably would have won with a stunner, but Retton ends up rolling out of the ring after the move. Eventually Retton dodges a splash and hits a great floatover DDT taking the win. It's a huge win for Retton, and established just how good they are in the ring together. The match could have easily been more one sided, but the pacing was good, Retton got to play underdog despite still being the local favorite, and didn't just win on a rollup but a very impressive move. It was a fantastic match between two fantastic wrestlers.

retton vs mack

#6:Timmy Lou Retton vs AC Mack

 The newest match on this list, and holy crap is it good. AC Mack is one of the faces of Action Wrestling, and this was Retton's singles debut. Opening up the show with these two was certainly a decision. As I think they easily stole the show. I think Mack winning was probably the right decision, but Retton put on a fantastic performance here. It's a pretty strike heavy affair, and one that hopefully will see some followups. Retton shows that he is an adept fighter, as no movement is wasted in this match. He showcases an innovative offense here, and the crowd is just beginning to realize how amazing he is. Mack hits a fantastic dive here that really pops the crowd, and it's hard to not cheer even as you sit at home. This match happened as I was working on this list, and it worked its way into this list.

This covers the next two entries

This covers the next two entries

#5:Gymnasty Boys vs FireArms

 Trey Miguel and Myron Reed came into this match the IWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions. Both the belts, and the 2018 Candido Cup were on the line. Not only did the Gymnasty Boys come into this after fighting the Rejects, but the match opens with a sneak attack by FireArms. All four of these men can just fly around the ring, and this match is the opposite of the semifinals that Gymnasty Boys went through. It was just utter chaos as it seems every minute a new tag team move is being invented. White Mike hits a freaking spanish fly in this match, and it's impossible to not cheer. The match builds well, and everyone get to shine in this match. It has the proper tension for a main event tournament final title match, and lives up to that build. These four wrestlers just work so well together, and as happy as I am that Myron and Trey have gained that national recognition, this match shows that the Gymnasty Boys belong there too. It's a hard hitting match that I think everyone thought FireArms would win. Seeing the Gymnasty Boys pull out the win is just so great, but all that being said, I still prefer the semifinal match.

#4:Gymnasty Boys vs The Rejects

 The Duke of Hardcore John Wayne Murdoch and By God Reed Bentley: The Rejects. They're best known for their deathmatch work, but they are just truly great wrestlers, which they've been proving recently in Paradigm. Taking place in the semifinals of the Candido Cup, this is two of my favorite tag teams facing off. Bentley and Retton trade clotheslines and elbows to open the match, and again, add them in a UWFi rules match to my wishlist. This match is no disqualification, and White Mike with a door around his neck is a great sight. The thing though, is this is tame for the Rejects. Seeing the Gymnasty Boys go extreme is delightful, but they actually win here. The fact that they beat probably the best known deathmatch tag team in the world today is an amazing feat. Murdoch gets yeeted into a shopping cart by White Mike, who really shows how far he's willing to step outside his comfort zone in this match. The Gymnasty boys pull off some great tag team moves in this match, just showing how well they flow as a team, less than a year into their run together. This whole match feels like something out of the Twilight Zone, and is the kind of match that exemplifies why I love tournaments. This is the first of only two matches these teams would have together(the second being in Paradigm in 2019) but this first one just came out of nowhere, and I don't think anyone was expecting it. At one point Retton hits Bentley with a light bulb covered bat and a light bulb goes flying. It doesn't even break, it just bounces off his back. Ultimately, the carnies interfere before Retton hits his freaking gorgeous moonsault, sending the Gymnasty Boys to the finals and the Rejects to feud with the Carnies. This is a match I didn't know I needed, but if you want to see the Gymnasty Boys getting deathmatch nasty, you can't go wrong with this match.

#3:Timmy Lou Retton vs Colby Corino

 All of their clashes are great, but I'm going with the one from Summer Bash 2016(that being said the one from April 2021 for the AML Prestige Title is worth your time too) as it truly felt like a special attraction. They've spent so much time together over the course of their careers, and it truly shows in their matches. In this match Colby places heel from the very beginning. I sound like a broken record, but Retton makes such a good underdog. The thing that goes into being an underdog the most though, is your opponent underestimating you. If the other wrestler doesn't think you have a chance, the crowd will react. Colby is going for pins and submissions almost immediately because he believes his one sneak attack is all it will take. Seeing Corino treat Retton like he's absolutely nothing in terms of a threat, makes it all the sweeter when he pulls out his cartwheel spinning elbow and a Pele kick. The crowd is led to believe Retton is down for the count, and then he shows them something incredible. This match is a clinic in how to tell a very simple, but very satisfying story. Colby Corino really shines here, but Retton reminds us all just how hard it is to beat the Infinite. To top it off, he wins with that gorgeous moonsault of his.


#2:Timmy Lou Retton vs Fred Yehi

  Holy crap this match is good. It has quite a bit of chain wrestling to start off with, and it's quite good. This match is during this new era of Timmy Lou Retton's singles run, but already he is looking like a star. He is able to find a counter and reversal for every single hold Yehi knows, and from the bell he looks like a million dollars. Some truly great sequences in this match as the pair of wrestlers try to one up each other constantly, and neither can keep momentum for long. These two are just perfectly matched, and it's hard to believe this match took place in such a small venue. This is a match that could main event for thousands of fans, and no one would be disappointed. Here it is though put on by Total Psychopathic Wrestling. Their streaming service is completely free as a roku channel, so if you have access to it you owe it to yourself to check them out to see matches like this absolute hidden gem. Retton takes Yehi to his absolute limit here, and I truly think if we get a rematch that Retton will come out on top. It's a fantastic match from bell to bell. At one point Yehi is just pulling on Retton's ear while he has him in a body scissor, and it's that kind of simple but effective work that makes this match shine. This match is also the longest on the list, and easily shows that Retton can hang in there with the best on the independent scene. Retton lands a beautiful Spanish Fly that gets countered into a brutal series of strikes by Yehi that call for referee stoppage. This match is just incredible, but there's one match just a little better.


#1:Timmy Lou Retton vs Chris Bey

  This is the first time I've actually updated an article, as this match just blew me away so much I had to go back and add it in. Now, this match isn't streaming yet, but knowing AML it will soon enough and when it does you absolutely must see this fight. I mean it's Retton vs Bey, and it delivers on every front. The breakneck speed at which they work is incredibly impressive, and despite it being for a regional belt and the whole point being AML vs the indie scene, I really thought Bey might win. Retton showed that he can hang with the very best in this match, and it was a dream match. I can only hope that this match goes up streaming soon, but even if it doesn't this match deserves to be here. Retton hit an absolutely gorgeous standing Spanish Fly that made my jaw drop. Keep your eyes peeled on Highspots Wrestling Network and soon enough we can all see this gorgeous work. 

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