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Tag team wrestling doesn't always get the credit it deserves. AEW and Impact are rightfully being celebrated for their tag divisions now, but the indie scene is full of incredibly talented tag teams, many of which are heading to these tag focused companies. One team that is still dominating the indie scene has been putting on amazing tag matches for years: the Besties in the Worl. For the first time here at indie talent showcase, we're looking at not one, but two wrestlers, in our very first tag team edition of indie talent showcase. We'll go into what makes the Besties in the World so lovable, take a look at their career, and then a top ten match list.

besties 2

The Besties in the World first teamed together back in 2010, but that's not where their story begins. Davey Vega began training in 2006 according to Cagematch, and Matt Fitchett was not his first partner. For years before the Besties became Besties Vega teamed with the Stiff Robo-Ginger Gary Jay. In 2009, while Vega was still teaming with Jay, Fitchett began his training, partly under Vega. For the first few months of Fitchett's career he crossed paths with Vega in the ring on opposite sides, before one day they randomly teamed in 2010. That began what has now been an 11 year run as a tag team, and although they occasionally have singles matches, they truly are best known together. Any team that's been together for that long is bound to know each other well and function well in the ring, and the Besties are no exception. They are a very good team, and that shows in the sheer number of championships they've racked up over the years. All that being said, some people still dismiss them as just an entrance music. The Besties in the World come out to Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savagegarden, and ya, it has definitely helped their visibility. They have t-shirts walking you through their choreography, the whole crowd sings along, the song will be in your head for the rest of the day, but while it might first make you take notice, their work in the ring speaks for itself. I admit, I first noticed the Besties because their gimmick caught my attention, but now I get excited every single time they're on the card. They bring a certain energy and pizazz that I can't wait for you all to see.

besties in the world

This article is going to focus a lot on the Midwest scene of wrestling, and if you've never watched Chicago focused indie wrestling, let me briefly run down how it goes. Between Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana, wrestlers tend to be in every promotion in that area, or at least cross over a lot. Cross promoted shows are fairly common, and you'll see people holding titles in several companies in the area. Because so much talent is in the area, a company like Warrior Wrestling can run a card every 3 months in a Catholic high school gym, and bring in names like Minoru Suzuki and Will Ospreay. A lot of the matches we'll be looking at later, and a lot of the companies where the Besties have worked, are out of this scene. Early on in their career we see the Besties(known then as Sex Bob-ombs, shout out to Scott Pilgrim) in places like AAW, AIW which you may remember from my Lee Moriarty article, St. Louis Anarchy, and Metro Pro. In these early years they become three time Metro Pro Tag Team Champions and one time AAW Champions. They truly began reaching the next level in 2017 when they became the first ever Glory Pro United Glory Champions. A four team tournament took place at the United Glory show, which saw the Besties beat the Fraternity and then Alpha Class to win the titles. Glory Pro would become a home for Vega and Fitchett as they would face off with so many teams including big names like The North and the Lucha Brothers along with more local teams like The Space Pirates and The Boys from Jollyville. Over the next few years they would win belts all over the indie scene like the AAW belts again, the Wrestling Revolver Tag Team Championships, the Fight Club Pro Tag Team Championships, the Zero 1 Tag Team Championships, the Alpha 1 Tag Team Championships, the Black Label Pro Tag Team Championships, and even the Evolve Tag Team Championships. Outside of the title scene they've competed in places like Progress, Journey Pro, and Riptide. As you can see, they've done a lot over the last few years, and have been in the ring with many of the top tag teams out there. They've received their fair share of indie love, but deserve to be known by every single Tag Team wrestling fan there is. So I've gathered just ten of what I think are their best matches, representing who they are, what they can do, and why they remind me how great tag wrestling is.

#10: Besties in the World vs Mexablood

 Bandido and Flamita fighting the Besties! I knew from the moment I saw this match existed that it would be great, and I was absolutely right. This match never slows down as the four of them go at breakneck speed, managing to be one of highest-octane Besties matches I've seen. The back and forth really works in this match's favor, lending it a feel closer to a Lucha match than a typical American indy fight. Honestly the speed of this match makes it hard to say much so just watch it yourself to see what I mean. 

besties vs manhausen

#9: Besties in the World vs Danhausen and Ethan Page

 Nobody thought that the Besties would win. They were brand new to Black Label Pro, and name two people with more momentum than Ethan Page and Danhausen. Yet, the Besties were ready for a fight. They put everything they had into this match, and it paid off. This match has the normal Danhausen spots: tequila, jar of teeth, you know the drill, but with big strikers like Page and Fitchett you knew this would be a hard hitting match. Tag team maneuvers abound as they celebrate the return of Black Label Pro. This was a huge win for the Besties, but I think some their defenses of the belts are better which is they are a little higher on this list. Credit must be given to Fitchett here after the match as the ref goes to hand him the blue belt. Black Label Pro has one red and one blue tag belts, and Fitchett makes sure to grab the red belt to match his tights as Vega gets the blue belt to match his tights. It was a little thing that made for a great moment and visual.

besties vs gymnasty boyz

#8: Besties in the World vs Gym Nasty Boyz 

Somehow I always end up mentioning that House of Hardcore show at the rock concert huh? The best thing that came out of sitting on those burning hot seats was my first time seeing the Gym Nasty Boyz of Timmy Lou Retton and White Mike. So to see them doing well on this scale competing against a team as well known and respected as the Besties makes me happy. This match has a little comedy to accompany the excellent wrestling. See, it's Fitchett's birthday, and as such, White Mike spends most of the match trying to give him his birthday spankings. The four men all sit in chairs in the ring to trade punches that ends up with everyone getting a smooch. The whole match is very over the top, and that's what I love about it. In between all the antics they still put on a very good match and most importantly, an entertaining match. This match is very much a guilty pleasure of mine, as it's two teams I love that I never expected to see together. Surprising matches are my favorites, and this one was certainly a surprise.

besties vs infinity and beyond

#7: Besties in the World vs To Infinity and Beyond

 To Infinity and Beyond is another wonderful team that doesn't get enough credit. Everything Black Label Pro did in 2020 was enjoyable, and their tag division was absolutely a bright spot. Colin Delaney and Cheech make up To Infinity and Beyond and they are a stellar team. This match is one took place on Turbo Graps 16 part 2, and managed to steal the show despite being on a very stacked card. The four men in this match pull off some excellent spots, my absolute favorite of which is when all four men take turns chopping each other. The match really builds itself around Vega and Cheech taking the brunt of the attack, but staying in the ring longer than they need to just trying to put the other guy away. Vega hits a super interesting hot tag, as he gets just enough energy to drive Cheech into the corner and collapses against the middle rope. Colin tags himself in, but pinning Cheech into the corner was the only way Vega could get to Delaney. The storytelling in this match shows that a tag match is a completely different beast than just a singles match with double the people. It's a wonderful showcase of just how deep the roster is in wrestling today.

#6: Besties in the World vs Alpha Class

 The earliest match on this list, and the one that I believe truly elevated the Besties. This was their second match of the night as they competed in the finals for the first ever United Glory Championships. The storytelling in this match is excellent, as the Besties function as underdog babyfaces against the dominant Alpha Class, made up of Danny Adams and Paco Gonzales. As the match wears on, Adams begins getting frustrated with Gonzales leading to their eventual loss. This match also showcases what I believe to be the Besties' dynamic of Fitchett being the better striker with Vega being the better grappler. The pair spend a solid twenty minutes showing that they can hang with anyone, and deserve to be semi-main eventing a show headlined by Fenix(we'll get there). Despite being an earlier match on this list, you can already tell how well put together the team is, and that they have been working together for quite a long time. This is a huge win for them, and a true turning point in their career.

besties evolve

#5: Besties in the World vs Leon Ruff and AR Fox

 So far the biggest win of their career: the Besties become Evolve Tag Team Champions. As of this writing, they still hold the belts, and they earned this win by fighting tooth and nail. Vega counters a crossbody with a knee strike that leaves them both lying flat on their back. AR Fox has been a staple of the indie scene for well over a decade at this point, and was the very first Evolve Champion. This match is the Besties at their high flyingest as no one's feet stay on the ground for more than a second. Watching this match, even knowing who wins, there are so many moments where you're absolutely convinced that Leon Ruff and AR Fox will pull out the win. The match keeps everyone going full speed ahead and will have you cheering. All four men pull out utterly ridiculous dives and flips just innovating on top of their own innovations. Over the last year I've just felt dissappointed to angry about Evolve as bad management, and much worse, abuse, has reared its head. Going forward I don't know what Evolve will look like, but with the Besties as Tag Team champions I have some hope. 

besties vs north

#4:The North vs Besties in the World

 Coming at Glory Pro's Steel Cage Challenge: an all steel cage show, this match was excellent! The North are one of the most talented teams in the world, but this match is actually where Fitchett reveals himself as a great storyteller. He begins the match during their Truly, Madly, Deeply entrance laying on top of the steel cage itself for "I wanna lay like this forever," which Vega thought was too cocky. That cockiness of Fitchett, more like eagerness to be in a cage match, would become a consistent part of this match. Later on, Fitchett would leave the cage, incredibly happy to get to do the escape the cage spot. What Fitchett failed to realize was that both members had to leave the cage to win. Vega was trapped as Fitchett kept attempting to reenter the cage and was kept at bay. It was Fitchett's eagerness that cost his team the win, and that storytelling is something you wouldn't expect out of this match. I expected a super-indy showcase of spot after spot with cage work, and there's nothing wrong with that, but what I got was a very well told story that was more detailed than anything I usually see in the independent scene. 

besties vs lucha bros

#3: Besties in the World vs Lucha Brothers

 So this is actually the second match between the two teams, and I included this one over the first because of the ending. The first match is also worth watching, but it's very much your standard "world renowned team comes to regional indie company and the local heroes put on a good showing but ultimately lose to the big names and everyone takes a bow" indie match. There's nothing wrong with that, but here, the local guys actually win. In this rematch Vega and Fitchett manage to beat Fenix and Penta clean, and the crowd freaking loses it. This match is fairly short, but there is not a wasted second. The Lucha Brothers are considered one of the best tag teams in the world for a reason, and to get a clean win over them tells you everything you need to know about the Besties in the World. Some truly amazing spots in this match like Fenix running along the ropes kicking Vega in the head, the Besties lock in a tag submission on Penta only for Fenix to break it up with what I can only describe as a missle split-leg dropkick, and the single greatest "Zero Miedo" spot as it is responded to with "Zero, F you" and a middle finger to Penta. The absolute highlight sees Vega going for a pin on Fenix and Penta leaps off Vega's back into a Canadian Destroyer on Fitchett. Seriously, this is one of not only favorite Besties matches, but one of my favorite Lucha Bros matches.

space pirates

#2: Besties in the World vs Space Pirates

 Time to really spotlight some Midwest talent here. Space Pirates are the team of Space Monkey and Shane Sabre, and everybody loves them. Space Monkey is an absolute staple of indie wrestling, and despite being known for some comedic antics, is a genuinely good wrestler. Shane Sabre, while a pirate, is also a very talented wrestler and as a team they are impossible to hate. This match is not only a title match, it's a title vs title match, as Besties in the World defend their United Glory Championships, and the Space Pirates defend their Alpha 1 Tag Team Championships. This was the show opening, and as Besties in the World are known to do, they spend a good twenty minutes showcasing their talent. This match is a great combination of serious chain grapples and tag maneuvers alongside comedy. Like many of the best Space Monkey matches, someone does indeed slip on a banana peel, but that doesn't keep the Besties off their game for too long. Two teams that people sometimes underestimate are on their A game in a statement to the indie scene that they are teams to be taken seriously. It's hard to think of a better match to showcase the Midwest scene than this.

besties in the world vs violence is forever

#1: Violence is Forever vs Besties in the World

 If you weren't expecting this to be on the list then you must be new here! Hi, I'm Justin and every week I post an indie talent showcase! This is now the fourth out of six indie talent showcases to include Violence is Forever, and for good reason. Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku are one of the best teams out there, pulling off amazing chain grapple sequences and mind boggling strikes in equal measure. This match was for the Black Label Pro Tag Team Championships, and Violence is Forever have a certain strength and physicality that the Besties aren't used to. As you see in other matches on this list, they tend to be a little lighter on their feet, but, like all good teams, the Besties adapt. They pull some almost heel maneuvers here as they get more aggressive. At one point they put Kevin Ku in a tree of woe with one of them leaning on his shins to keep him in place while the other lays into him with kick after kick. It takes a lot to make Violence is Forever the plucky babyface underdogs, but somehow the Besties do it. They kick a down Kevin Ku and seem to take joy in it. This is absolutely not the match you'd expect out of these two teams, but that is what makes it must see. Ku plays the injury to his leg so well, and the crowd loses it at the end. This match is only predictable in one way: that it's freaking amazing.

So that's the Besties in the World: a great team that despite a decade under their belt still seems to have their whole life ahead of them. Keep an eye on these two as they continue to grow and showcase their talent. I for one get excited for every match they're announced for. 

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