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If you've looked into independent wrestling for even a second then I'm sure you've run across one of the best known groups: The Ugly Ducklings. Made up of Colby Corino, Rob Killjoy, Lance Lude and of course, Coach Mikey, the Ugly Ducklings are just about everywhere in wrestling. Unfortunately, Lance Lude is currently battling cancer, but Ducks Fly Together, and that's why on Friday 4/30 the independent wrestling community is coming together for a special benefit show for Lance. If you can make it to the show in Burlington, NC, your ticket will fully go to Lance's treatment, and if you watch the show on IWTV the streaming revenue will also go to him. I'm very excited that this will be the first wrestling event I've gotten to attend since January 2020, and hope you all support it as well. In addition to being for a great cause, the show has a stacked card, so let's take a look.

six man tag

Viva Las Amish vs The King's Gate

I mean the show is put on by The Ugly Ducklings. You can't have a show hosted by a six man tag team that doesn't have a six man tag match right? These guys are definitely making a name for themselves on the East Coast, so this should be pretty good.

dawsons vs monster squad

Dawsons vs Monster Squad

If you keep up with the Mid-Atlantic scene then I'm sure you've run into the Dawsons. I saw them at that rock festival show I never shut up about, and again at Wrestlecade. Seeing them again is going to feel like the good ol days when I could leave the house, but I've not seen the Monster Squad before. I've watched a couple matches now and I'm very excited to see more, so this should be a fun tag match.

wrestling prodigies vs ugly ducklings

The Wrestling Prodigies vs The Ugly Ducklings

This match is going to be the main event, and it's hard to argue with that. The Ugly Ducklings could easily get the big feel good victory here, or put over the up-and-coming Prodigies. Either way, this should be a fantastic match that showcases why the Ugly Ducklings love tag team wrestling so much.


Diego Hill vs Jaden Newman vs Lucky Ali vs Chip Day vs Mason Myles vs Savannah Evans

My first six person scramble match in person! Finally! I mean I saw a ladder match, but a true scramble is different. Each of these wrestlers has been killing it lately. I guess I predict Newman to take it, but it's a scramble, we're all winners just getting to watch it. This will probably be the show opener, and it's a great way to start.

nolan vs timmy lou

Nolan Edward vs Timmy Lou Retton

Without a doubt this is my pick for match of the night, and if you're at all familiar with my indie talent showcase column then you know why. Timmy Lou Retton is easily one of my favorite wrestlers on the indie scene, having had great matches recently with everyone from Colby Corino to Trish Adora. And just last week of course was my Nolan Edward indie talent showcase article, so ya, I'm a little excited. These two have been killing it lately and this match could be a true s

fatal four way

Graham Bell vs JD Drake vs Jon Davis vs Hoodfoot Mo Atlas

Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap. When this match was announced I immediately bought my ticket. Four big, hardhitting hosses that are going to kick the crap out of each other. Jon Davis has been doing this forever, and recently had a great showing at Showcase of the Independents. Graham Bell is one I've kept my eye on: his bazooka entrance definitely caught my attention, but his work in the ring kept me watching. If you read my UWFi Contenders Series column then you're very familiar with Hoodfoot at this point, and he might just be my pick for this match. Finally, JD Drake might be the best known name on the entire card, having been putting on great matches on AEW lately including challenging Darby Allin for the TNT Title. This is going to be epic.

mike vs carter

Darius Carter vs White Mike

Darius Carter has been on an absolute tear lately, between debuting his new faction at Cassandro Cup, to being the runner up in Frogsport, he seems to be riding high. He takes on White Mike, the other half of the Gymnasty Boys with Timmy Lou Retton, so I think we all know who I'm rooting for here.

So there's our card. Tickets are still available for the show, and if you can't make it be sure to catch the replay on IWTV!

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