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Paradigm Pro Wrestling's UWFI Contender Series returns tonight with the debut of season two! I did a write up of season one, so you know I'm excited for this new season. Tonight we have a big six match card so let's jump in!

Before getting to the actual matches, let's talk about UWFI rules. From Paradigm themselves, "As implied by the name of the series, all of these fights will be contested under UWFi Rules. A modernized version of the ruleset of the now defunct Union of Professional Wrestling Forces International promotion in Japan, UWFi Rules are essentially a hybrid of traditional professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. The key difference is that under UWFi rules, there are no pinfalls - matches may only be won via knock-out, TKO, submission, or points" I went into more detail on the rules in our season one review, and the show itself should give a rundown of the rules as well. This show is fast paced, high energy, and hard hitting: certainly a good watch.

AKIRA vs Hoodfoot

Hoodfoot vs Akira

The first of the huge triple main events will open up the show, and it's a doozy. "Hoodfoot" Mo Atlas vs "The Death Samurai" Akira. I absolutely love Akira, but between this and his upcoming fight with Shlak I'm worried about my boy. Hoodfoot is undefeated in UWFI rules matches, currently 9-0, and is also putting his title on the line. I don't see Akira winning, but if he does I will be cheering and running around the house with my autographed bloody cheese grater(long story).

Dominic Garrini vs Matthew Justice

Dominic Garrini vs Matthew Justice

I am beyond excited for this match. Garrini is going to dominating my TV tonight as he is also in the big Chain Ropes Match on MLW, but I'm even more excited for this main event. Whoever wins this could truly call himself the face of UWFI Rules, and I expect this to end in under three minutes. I don't mean it will be a squash: I mean they'll strike each other so hard and so fast one of them will get knocked out that quick. This is going to be scary good as they give it everything they've got, and you aren't going to want to miss this.

Gary Jay vs Derek Neal

Gary Jay vs Derek Neal

Derek Neal, the current New South Champion, really needs this win to stay competitive in UWFI Rules, and Gary Jay needs to win to show he's still the stiffest hitter around. Truly, both men need this win, and as such they're going to push each other to the limits as they work the third main event of this episode. Expect this to end by TKO, no submissions needed.

Jordan Blade vs Austin Connelly

Jordan Blade vs Austin Connelly

Both of these fighters made their mark last season, but Blade has been a bit of a tear lately all over the country, and even has a match this upcoming Sunday at Cassandro Cup. I really like what I've seen of Connelly so far though, and a big win here could change the course of their career in Paradigm.

Isaiah Broner vs FLash Thompson

Isaiah Broner vs Flash Thompson

Former boxer Isaiah Broner has only had two UWFI fights so far, and is 1-1. This match is really going to be important to help establish the pecking order going forward. Broner is the type of person who can excel under UWFI Rules, so we'll see if he can hold his own with Flash Thompson. Thompson not only has more UWFI Rules matches under his belt, but was a big part of Paradigm Pro's No Hook. So Flash has been quite busy for Paradigm, and a loss here wouldn't really derail him: my pick is Broner to go over.

Nick King vs Robert Martyr

Robert Martyr vs Nick King

And finally we have 1-1 Robert Martyr taking on the debuting Nick King. I feel like Martyr will probably pick up the win making him 2-1, as few people win their UWFI debut. I expect a good showing out of king though.

So that's the rundown for tonight's episode, I'll leave you all with the details from Paradigm themselves "Season Two of the UWFi Rules Contenders Series premieres tonight at 10 PM ET / 7PM PT on IndependentWrestling.TV, the world’s largest library of independent wrestling. Subsequent episodes will premiere every Wednesday thereafter on IWTV at 10 PM ET / 7PM PT. The streaming service IWTV is available on Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, iOS, Google Play and more. New users can use promo code PARADIGM for a free trial"

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