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After an ending that left me absolutely flabbergasted, we're back for another episode of UWFi Rules Contenders Series. For the very first time, we have a UWFi episode where "Hoodfoot" Mo Atlas isn't Heavy Hitters Champion. Despite being episode four of the season, this really feels like a new point in the show. We have six big matches including one that has been hyped since the season one finale. Let's get right into what to expect on tonight's new UWFi Contenders Series.

Blade vs Max

Max the Impaler vs Jordan Blade

This is our main event and holy crap is it a big one. With Max the Impaler, they're a scary beast in the ring having had big matches in places like H20 and New South. They're a big threat to anyone thinking of challenging them, but they have Jordan Blade to face. The Ankle Breaker Jordan Blade is 2-1 for a reason, having an extensive background ranging from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Powerlifting, and has really shined as a submission expert. This match was teased at the season one finale as a big fight for this season, and after months of waiting it's finally time, and I truly can't call this one. Blade? Maybe? I could see Max winning to showcase their power and tie them at 1-1, but Blade has just been on such a tear lately all over the country. Ultimately, the audience wins here. 

Bass Jr vs Neal

Derek Neal vs Ron Bass Jr

Well, after last week my whole "debuting fighters never win in UWFi rules because it takes time to adapt to the format" thing is kind of shot, so who the heck knows anymore? My whole life is upside down! That being said, I'm really excited to see Bass Jr here; being the son of "The Outlaw" Ron Bass, he's a hard hitter, and a pretty big name on the indie scene. Seeing him show up here is pretty awesome, but he takes on Derek Neal. I always find it hard to bet against the King's Road Slayer, and I think he'll take the win here in our co-main event. 

Mathis vs Garrini

Dominic Garrini vs Ron Mathis

I have to pull for UWFicon Dom Garrini on this one, as if he wins he will have the most wins under UWFi rules of anyone: passing Hoodfoot. I have a softspot for Mathis though, as we all know my love of his Masters of Pain 2015 run in IWA East Coast. Mathis is a legend, especially over in the world of deathmatch, but Garrini is quickly becoming one of the best known grapplers and shoot style fighters on the indie scene, and I think it's time he takes that top spot. He's a great wrestler through and through, and there's a reason Paradigm had him along with Robert Martyr in a UWFi match at IWTV Family Reunion: he's one of the best ways to show what UWFi rules matches are. 

Flash vs Yoya

Yoya vs Flash Thompson

Flash is becoming one of the biggest mainstays of UWFi contenders series, while Yoya is becoming a rising star between his matches here and Bloodsport. Yoya's becoming a fan favorite but has only had one win so far, and I think a win here would really go a long way in helping boost him. Thompson is currently tied 4-4 so a loss here wouldn't be too bad for him. It should be a very good fight though as their differing styles will work well together.

Broner vs Tangra

Damyan Tangra vs Isaiah Broner

We have another debut here with Tangra being a Muay Thai fighter and Jiu-Jitsu competitor. I'll admit to having not seen him before, but based on that description alone I'm quite excited. He takes on Isaiah Broner, a former Golden Gloves champion. This match really showcases what I love about UWFi Contenders Series as people of all different fighting backgrounds meet in the ring. This should probably go Broner's way, but I wouldn't be shocked in Tangra picked up a win here.

Connelly vs Heeter

Austin Connelly vs Hardway Heeter

And finally we have two wrestlers who have been putting in great work on UWFi Contenders Series, but neither of whom have picked up a win yet. Obviously, that ends tonight, as one of them will get their first win. Both men very much deserve it, so it all comes down to who can get that knockout, and although it's not the main event, the stakes are incredibly high.

So that's episode four! Like I said, we're really in a new era of UWFi rules, and though it's not a new season, tonight is all about rebirth and second chances.

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